All the Good Men

by Kien Reti

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Even fag hags need love . . . even if they have to go to some extreme lengths to get it.-- Carries over a character from Carlos Malenkov's story, "Fools Gold." This is a story complete in itself, not a sequel.

" ... are either married or gay."

"You believe that, Mandy?"

"It's solid-gold bedrock truth, Jan. I've had the hots for this fine-looking guy for a good while now and, well, how should I put it? He should only be doing to women what's being done to him."

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"Ri-ight. He lets men stick their cocks straight up that sweet ass of his."


Mandy had kept her eye on Jim since he moved into the apartment directly below hers several months ago. With his well-muscled body and wholesome good looks he caught her eye all right. But, a sweet hello to him got only a perfunctory mini-smile back. Didn't he like her? Maybe he was just shy. Or maybe...

Damn. This just wouldn't do. She'd have to get to the bottom of this. Even if that meant extraordinary measures.

A wood augur drilled a 1/2" diameter hole in the hardwood floor and gave her a line of sight into Jim's bedroom. Directly into his bed, in fact. Covered with a small shag rug the hole shouldn't be visible from below. But, after dark, with the aid of a night-vision scope she'd be able to see what was happening when Jim had his nightly visitations. Visitations from men she suspected.

That Thursday night was her chance to test the setup. Jim's visitor had been there for half an hour and she could hear the familiar sounds from down below. The creak of mattress springs and...

In the ghostly-green display of the scope she could make out the faintly gleaming globes that had to be bare buttocks. Someone's sweet ass. Someone who was stark naked on hands and knees. And someone else was coming up from behind and, yes, inserting. Penetrating. Fucking. The rhythm of the thrusting was hypnotic in a weird sort of way. She could just barely catch the grunting sounds they made. It looked like the man behind was reaching around to grasp the penis of his partner. Oh yes, to bring him off while still inside him. One of her own lovers had done something like that to her clit while doing her from behind. He had claimed that her orgasmic pussy contractions made him explode. Could be Jim was making his partner explode. Inside him. Deep inside his pipework.

Jim was the bottom all right. No mistaking his build. Or the way he kissed the man who had just finished fucking him. Kissed him in a way that he'd never kiss her.


Damn, life was so unfair. Mandy would give anything to have Jim. To have him inside her. Even inside her own ass, if it came to that. She wasn't much into anal, but she might be willing with the right guy. Like Jim, for example. But how? How?

Mandy had once let a woman she worked with talk her into going to a live gay male sex show once. What the queers did to each other made her sick. It was all so squishy, so dirty, so totally perverted. The one guy's cock pushing into the crack between the other guy's hind cheeks and slowly disappearing into the hole. Ugh! But, you know, when you watched it happening for real, not as a performance, but in the heat of passion, it was different somehow. As if, as if there were something intense, something so hotly magical that it pulled you right into it, that it made you want to be part of it. And it made you wonder that if men could get such superheated pleasure from each other's bodies, from sticking it in to another guy's ass, even from taking it up the ass themselves ... well, then what did they even need women for?

From the secret journal of James Warlimont:

February 10.

I can't fucking believe it! That silly slut upstairs just drilled a hole through my ceiling. The little clumps of wood shavings on the floor would have given it away, even if I hadn't seen the raggedy circle up there. Does she think I'm stupid, or what?

She's had some kind of weird kind of fixation on me for a good while now. I've got an intuition about women, even if I am mostly terrified of them. Maybe she's got something like the hots for me ... Anyhow, it'll be interesting when she spies on Arnie tearing up my ass tonight. It turns me on thinking about it. Watched by a woman while sodomized! Wow! Am I turning into a pervert, or what?

It turned out that it wasn't that hard to make friends with Jim. All Mandy had to do was go slow, really slow, and not be pushy. Jim was really a very lonely person, just as she had suspected. He may have had an active sex life, but he had no one he could talk to. No real friends. It was kind of sad, really.

February 28.

I like her! She's soft and gentle in a way that makes me yearn for ... mothering, or something. Well, anyway, she's the first female I've managed to get that close to since that horrible experience with whats-her-cunt way back in high school. I don't even want to think about that.

It was like talking to a girlfriend, rather than to a guy, when she had one of her chitchats with him. There was none of the underlying sexual tension that would inevitably creep into a man-woman thing. The playacting. The put-on vulnerability and giggly flirtatiousness that was expected of the woman. The barely-controlled aggressiveness that the guy was supposed to show. It was all so very stupid and so often turned sour. But talking to a gay man -- a queer, by golly! -- felt so right. So comfortable. She liked the feeling, damn it! And if that made her some kind of a fag hag, well then, fuck it!

March 13.

She started to give me a good-night kiss on the cheek and then I turned my head and our lips met. It felt good! Her lips were so warm, and I felt ... I felt the blood thunder through my veins and...

... And he had kissed her back. And put his arms around her. And that should have been the start of something or other. But it wasn't.

March 15.

All right, so I couldn't get it up. Not surprising, considering how scared I am of women. But, this was the first time in I don't know how long that I wanted to get it up for a woman. To stick it into her. Into her pussy, by golly. And I couldn't!

Mandy felt let down. But, not ready to give up. Not yet.

What does it take to make a gay man hard. A man who gets his pleasure in taking it up the ass? Well, maybe giving it to him up the ass...

The next time that Mandy saw Jim, and there was a next time (she made damn sure of that!), she had a little surprise waiting. Actually, not such a little surprise. Under her jeans, making a suspicious bulge was...

March 21.

I don't know why I agreed to come visit her again. I'd made such a fool of myself last week and I thought she'd be glad to see the last of me. But, damn, she practically dragged my ass through the door of her apartment. And, there was something very fishy going on. Under her jeans, making a suspicious bulge was...

... a huge, fat lifelike dildo!

A dildo-equipped woman has one essential advantage over men when it comes to fucking someone in the ass. She can keep pumping steadily in and out for 20, 30, 45 minutes or more -- as long as her hip joints hold out...

March 21 (continued).

My ass was getting sore. Even with the lube dripping out of me it felt like I was getting friction burns. She was wearing my damn hole out! And when I finally begged for mercy after what must have been a fucking hour, even after coming a couple of times I still had the hardest hardon of my life. And then she grabbed it, bent over, and stuffed it right into herself from behind. Into her pussy!

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