Revenge, Inc.

by Dark Intentions

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, BDSM, Masturbation, Size, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: After the Feds started taking down the families and the godfathers were being sent to prison for the rest of their lives we sat down and analyzed our business. We decided that the gambling, prostitution, loan sharking and labor unions were making us way too visible. We needed to divest ourselves of those enterprises and become more invisible to the Feds. It was my idea to start Revenge, Inc.

Chapter 1

I sat in the parking lot and waited for the guard to walk to the door and open it. My crew was ready to perform their tasks as soon as the guard let us in. As soon as the door was opened we would then proceed to destroy Best For You Specialties, Inc. I looked at the can of dead roaches on the seat beside me and smiled. We would insert a roach into cups of yogurt and then put the infested cups of yogurt in different boxes that were ready for shipment in the huge refrigerators. The boxes would be shipped to grocery stores in many parts of the country. When many roaches were found by the purchasers and reported to the stores, the FDA would step in and shut down the plant for inspection. I'd make sure that it hit the papers. Best For You Specialties was on shaky financial ground and this would seal it's fate. They would never recover from this. Our client would get full value for the substantial amount of money this was costing him.

Our client had heard about us and he came to us for help. Best For You Specialties was making inroads into our client's main markets and it was beginning to hurt. We investigated the businessman and decided to accept him as a client. As usual, no contract was signed between our client and my organization and great pains were taken to ensure that nothing would tie our client to me or our organization.

The guard opened the door and my crew raced for the building. They ran to the packaging machinery and within three hours the infested cups of yogurt were in the boxes ready to be shipped around the country. My crew cleaned up thoroughly and when they were finished no one would know that we were in the plant. The guard let us out and we were gone in minutes.

The guard was to meet us tomorrow after he signed out at the end of his shift. He would drive to the abandoned building that we owned to pick up his ten thousand dollars. The problem was he would never be able to spend that money. His body would never be found and his wreck of a car would be shredded before the engine even got cold. We are very good at making certain people disappear.

The guard had been easy. These rent-a-cops were usually paid minimum wage or just a little more and they were always short of cash. For that reason they are always willing to make a little extra money. I made sure that I approached this guard while he was on his way to work; he always stopped and got a chocolate milk shake, with extra chocolate please, before he started his shift. I laid out the deal for him and he jumped at it. The way that I set the whole thing up he never had time to tell anyone about the plan so there would be no way to connect him to me.

The guard showed up right on time to collect his money and within an hour there was no trace of the guard or his car. It was if he had never existed. I had had the guard followed to make sure he hadn't talked to anyone after he signed off his shift at the plant. The client wasn't informed of what happened to the guard; some people get squeamish about murder. Very few clients would approve of how we make the bodies disappear.

After the Feds started taking down the families and the godfathers were being sent to prison for the rest of their lives we sat down and analyzed our business. We decided that the gambling, prostitution, loan sharking and labor unions were making us way too visible. We needed to divest ourselves of those enterprises and become more invisible to the Feds. It was my idea to start Revenge, Inc.

Revenge, Inc. is not really a corporation and it is just a business enterprise that we keep invisible to the general public. The people that need us hear about us through business associates or friends and occasionally we contact someone that we know we can help. There is a long process to get in touch with us for our safety and we thoroughly investigate everyone before we attempt to contact them. No client ever meets face to face. We always talk through third parties that never see us, from behind doors or walls or on scrambled phones that we supply the prospective client. The phones are used one time and then thrown away. There is no way to trace the phone to us. Thank God for pre-paid cellular. We always work with one person and one person only. That one person has a lot to lose so he is very careful to make sure he doesn't become known to others.

Our business has been very successful and the Feds don't even know we exist. We are good at what we do and the people that we take revenge on never know what happened to them. Some very well-known companies have been on the receiving end of our efforts. I guess that you think Enron was brought down in a matter of weeks because of the actions of a couple of corporate criminals. Think about it. Do you really think that it's possible to destroy a company in a matter of weeks? We worked on that one for a long while before we set the wheels in motion to bring down the company. All it took was a few well placed and knowledgeable people that we placed in important positions. We made a ton of money off of that one.

We don't always destroy a company. If a major corporation develops a superior product that gives them a leg up in the marketing we destroy the reputation of that product. The company will inevitably pull the disgraced product from the market and there's a level playing field again. If we can't destroy the reputation of a product we cause problems with the distribution and the company looses money on the product until they are forced to remove it from the market. A few well-placed stock holders are invaluable in a case like that. They keep raising hell until management is forced to remove the money loosing product from the market.

Often a company needs new management and a first class CEO is hired. There are always those who have no interest in seeing the competition succeed so we find something that the new CEO has done in his past that he's not too thrilled about others knowing. We make sure that everyone knows about it. If we can't find something we either set the CEO up or we fabricate something that he has trouble disproving. Even if he can prove it wrong people will remember and wonder. His effectiveness is destroyed.

Destruction of an entire corporation is rare. Usually we just cause enough damage to make the corporation less of a competitor. If we do destroy a corporation it is usually a small startup that has an excellent new product that can cause problems for an established corporation. We would never try to destroy a company like GMC, GE, IBM or Exxon. If we destroyed a company like that thousands would be put out of work and billions of dollars would be lost. An organization like ours has to be ethical. We have to think of the end result of our actions.

I guess I'm using the word destroyed a lot but that's what we do. It's a sound business practice. It's sound but illegal so we are very careful and each action that we take is rehearsed and rehearsed until we know it will work. We are so good at our jobs that know one has ever even suspected that we were involved in the problems that have befallen the companies that we have "tinkered" with. We have never had an unhappy client. If we ever did have an unhappy client we would "make them happy" very quickly. People talk and unhappy clients cause trouble.

Our clients are usually men but occasionally a woman climbing the corporate ladder contacts us. Women are a joy to work with because they know exactly what they want and what is needed to accomplish their goals. If a man is in the way of their progress they will usually have the offending party removed from competition and the man that was in the way will move on to another company and get another job and move on with his life. With a woman that is stopping another woman from getting up the next rung of the corporate ladder these women become more vicious than any man that I've ever worked with. It is not unusual for the woman that is in the way to be destroyed so completely that she can never get a meaningful job anywhere; some of them wind up working in 7-11 for the rest of their lives. Usually sex is involved in the rival's destruction somewhere. Some of the sexual perversions that these women want to be visited on her rival are things that I have never seen done to a woman before or something that I would never do to a woman except to satisfy a client. The women clients that I've worked with have changed my opinion of women. I never want a woman to be after my job.

The strangest case that I've ever worked on involved a teenager that was a rising actor. He started acting as a child and he was starting to get important roles that were catching the attention of major producers and directors. There was talk that his current film might earn him an Oscar or a Golden Globe. He wanted his parents to relinquish their control over his money. I checked on his finances and the parents were doing an excellent job. I couldn't find one instance where the parents had taken one penny that they had no right to. It took about six months to plant the evidence to get an indictment against them for embezzlement. They were charged and convicted. The jury, after reviewing the evidence, firmly believed that the parents had embezzled millions from the son. The parents will be in jail for many years. The teenager gained control of his assets and lost everything in two years. He had to file bankruptcy and no one will hire him now because he became difficult to work with after he got control of his money.

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