Show Me Mine

by Karen Spencer

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, Size, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ten years before Karen was a newlywed teacher, Alan a senior in high school. The teenage crush he had for her was obvious to both the bride teacher and her new husband. What was also obvious over the years was that Karen never lost interest in the boy. Her husband wondered, given the chance, what if?


It took him a while to spot her. In the shadows of the bonfire facial features were hard to identify, especially with that many people around.

Not to mention the ten years that had passed since he had last seen her. A person could change a lot in ten years. A whole lot.

But she hadn't.


As soon as she stepped out of the night shadows and closer to the security tape around the bonfire he instantly recognized her. The recent photos he had seen of her had not been touched up or exaggerated. She looked amazingly like she did in 1997. He had forgotten how tall she was. She was probably five nine.

Alan still wasn't about to make a fool of himself. He tapped the shoulder of a young boy standing close by.

"Who's the lady in the red sweat shirt and jeans over there?"

The kid looked and replied.

"Are you talking about Mrs. Spencer?"

"O-o-o-h-h-h, that's right. Mrs. Spencer" Alan tried to pass it off as if it just hit him.

"Pretty damned hot to be forty, huh?" The little punk obviously had more than a passing interest.

"She's gorgeous. She taught me more than ten years ago." She was thirty-eight but Alan wasn't going to bring it up. He just wanted positive identification.

There wasn't a lot of time to waste. Making sure the kid wasn't paying any attention he slipped through the crowd to "bump" into her.

It was the last Thursday night in October and the big bonfire was part of the rituals of high school homecoming in the little town. Alan's class was being honored at its tenth anniversary. He had seen a few of his old classmates but wanted to avoid them for a while. He had no real interest in them. At the moment he was on a mission and her name was Karen Spencer.

He had identified her. Now he had to introduce himself. He had mentally practiced it, rehearsed it. He wanted to be suave, not the bumpkin he was when he left years ago.

Karen took one look at Alan as he approached and immediately recognized him. She had seen the list of ex students that had responded to the homecoming invitations and knew he was on it. She couldn't quite understand the intimate air of excitement that she had been experiencing since seeing his name but it was definitely there.

And now, so was he. And was he ever! After ten years he had matured from being just a teenage athletic "hunk" to a really attractive man.

Zing! There it was, right between her legs. Even after ten years the thoughts of him still caused it. The fact that for years her husband loved to cultivate and tease her with erotic thoughts about Alan didn't help to quell it.

She wanted to act surprised to see him, to be really clever or something. So she laughed, looked about and then said in a low voice, "You want your camera back, Alan? I still have it. I'm afraid the batteries are dead."

Once she said it she felt really stupid! How ridiculous! She was acting like a teenager.

Not to mention the batteries weren't dead, not as many times as she had changed them!

Alan cringed. So much for her not recognizing him. At the very end of his senior year two of his best friends had talked him into hiding a camera on some boxes under her desk one day when she was wearing a really short skirt. The little camera was digital, remotely operated and should have silently gone off without a hitch.

One dropped ballpoint pen ended that. Karen never once said a word, choosing to ignore it at the time and then calmly confiscated the camera after the class was over. Not once did she ever mention it the rest of that year and he certainly wasn't about to ask for it.

"How did you know?" Alan sheepishly asked. So much for being suave.

Karen laughed. She loved his discomfort. It helped shake her personal jitters.

"Kids talk, Alan. Kids talk."

She was lying. Nobody had ever said a word. But for all his abilities in the classroom and on the athletic field back then she had known that Alan was still a big trickster, bordering on troublemaker.

Besides, his obvious attention to her his senior year couldn't be dismissed. That he was infatuated by the young teacher was extremely transparent to her. That wasn't new. It was quite common for a kid to have a crush on a teacher, especially a young beautiful one.

That she strongly returned the interest had to be cleverly and totally disguised. Although she had been a newlywed at the time she still couldn't ignore his lavish attention to her because he was a good-looking guy, student or not. The evening after she had confiscated his camera she secretly strolled through the digital photos that had been taken. Of the thirty two pictures on the camera not only were there eight very explicit photos of her open crotch but also several pictures of Alan and his friends that had not been cleared before the prank. It was obvious who owned the camera.

There had also been over a dozen more candid shots of her that made Karen's senses tingle in a place that they should not ... especially for a new bride. Alan definitely had more than a mild interest in her! Almost all the other snapshots had caught her in impromptu poses where she was displaying an abundant amount of breasts and legs.

Karen remembered that, at the time, she had smirked. It was too bad for him that his little scheme hadn't worked. She hadn't been wearing a stitch under that short skirt that day and in the eight photos taken under her desk her exposed pussy was very obvious albeit dimly lit. When she had put the camera aside that night ten years before she couldn't explain her shaking hands.

Maybe it was his obvious attention to her back then ... maybe it was his many attempts to photograph her. Whatever it was, he was the one student that she couldn't seem to forget even long after they had graduated. And her thoughts about him weren't always those appropriate for a married woman, teacher or not.

And now he was here. She wondered what really brought him back.

Alan shifted from foot to foot in the firelight. God, she was beautiful! The short cropped dark hair and perfect body was a reminder that she was a physical education teacher. Fifteen years of chasing teenagers on a playing field all day had kept her in shape.

Karen broke the awkward silence.

"Where has life taken you, Alan? The last I saw of you I believe you were college bound to Florida." She knew damned well where he had gone.

Alan thankfully took her lead. Yes, a football scholarship at a small school had produced a degree but no pro ball aspects. He had quickly found he was much smarter than he was fast. Married four years now, no children, work and live in Miami in the sporting goods industry.

And her?

Still married to Roger, the same Roger Spencer that coached him way back then. Roger was the head football coach now.

Nope, no kids here, either. Just never happened. Too late now.

Alan nodded and carefully watched what he said. He already knew all of this information and knew it would be very easy to give him away. He had to bite his tongue. He really wanted to blurt out, "How's your sex life?"

She could have answered, "You wouldn't believe me."

He would have said, "Yes, I think I do."

It was a good time for an intervention. Suddenly there were faces everywhere, smiling people from years past. It became a jumble of words, names, places.

Alan was as swallowed up as she. Then, noisy dispersal with the acknowledgements that they would all see each other at the game Friday night and again at the Homecoming dance Saturday night.

As they all left toward their cars Karen purposely slowed, allowing Alan to stay at her side. Some small chat, nothing major.

She was at her car. He hesitated as she got in, said good-bye and then he walked away. Was he missing an opportunity here?

A voice came out of her opened window.


He turned.

"I looked." Very softly spoken.

She laughed as she drove away. It was evil of her but he had reacted like a little boy when she first mentioned it an hour ago. She had gained confidence through his obvious embarrassment.

He blushed. She could have only meant one thing.

The photos in the camera!

Alan drove around the small town. There was no nightlife here and his room in a motel twenty miles away was not exactly a beacon for an early night. He tried to remember things and places. He finally gave up the façade. He knew exactly where he was going and why.

One slow pass and he could see her car in the driveway. These little towns never changed. Everybody still lived where they did ten years before. He parked his car down the street in a dark parking spot and slipped back in the darkness. Old habits came forward, old tendencies. This wasn't his first visual forage at their expense.

Ten years before in his youth, Alan had occasionally slipped around to the back of their small home and watched her. Them, really. Hidden in the darkness he had probably watched them a dozen times back then, mostly just watching as they got undressed. However, twice he caught them making love with the lights on. It was a wonder his young heart had survived it!

Tonight was no different. A blast from the past provided by a window not quite curtained all the way and soft voices barely filtering through the glass panes.

Karen undressed slowly. What a body! The few pounds she had put on over the years had made her voluptuous, not fat!

Alan let himself believe it was a show she was putting on just for him. Then Roger walked in.

"See anybody tonight?" He asked casually. He had been tied up in a coach's meeting.

"Yeah, lots of the older kids."

"Anybody in particular?"

She thought a second. She was hesitating for a reason. She couldn't quite decide whether or not to divulge this information.

"I saw Alan Baker," she finally volunteered. She was such a wimp! She never hid anything from Roger.

Alan watched eagerly for Roger's reaction. Not much there.

"Oh, yeah?" Roger had to casually hide his excitement.

He walked up behind Karen and slipped her bra off. It froze Alan in place. Did he get lucky tonight? Her breasts were even more beautiful than he remembered. Full, tight, tipped with massive nipples.

"So, did Alan touch you?"

Alan was startled!

Karen only turned her head away. It bothered her that Roger would bring Alan up at that very moment. Seeing the youngster who had become a handsome mature man had excited her and somehow Roger knew.

"Oh, cut it out. He was just a kid." Openly, she dismissed her husband's thoughts. What couldn't be ignored was the definite sensation between her legs. She hoped it wasn't apparent.

It was apparent. Very apparent. Roger could feel the sensual little undulations her body was making and wisely scaled back his explicit suggestions. Instead, he quietly let her react to any erotic sensations she harbored on her own at the moment. It was the right thing to do. She was already so absorbed with the emotions stirred up by her chance meeting with Alan that she didn't need Roger's lurid comments.

And it damned sure wasn't the first time Roger had brought him up!

For some reason, after the first few years of their marriage Roger began to mention Alan. She knew they had been pretty close as player and coach but it was uncanny when it happened. Without fail it was just as she was building to an orgasm that he would slip a little thought in, a little innuendo about Alan's senior year. The first time it happened she exploded, then turned him over and gave him her best fuck in years.

After that he did it often, always at the right time and always with wonderful results. It was easy for him to visualize his wife being ridden by the young buck to fulfill her demanding sexual consumption. And it certainly wasn't difficult for her to imagine herself with her legs wrapped around that young athletic body.

Oh, yeah! Ever since they had met, sweet Karen Spencer had always had a huge appetite for cock! But when he teased her about Alan it seemed to be especially voracious.

It wasn't as if Karen was totally without a clue. She knew how she reacted to the mention of Alan. But it was just some fun, an exciting stimulus for her and Roger when their sexual activities had started to wane. Just role-playing. Wasn't it?

But as she stood in front of her husband and a hidden Alan that Thursday night she knew that in the past six months Roger had begun to mention Alan more than just casually. She realized it had become more than just an every week thing. What surprised her about it all was that even with the increased episodes she would still have the same reactions. The mention of Alan caused her to fuck like a cheap whore! Now that he was here she certainly couldn't ignore the titillating sensations plundering her wet pussy.

Standing out in the dark Alan had no idea of what was passing through the heads of his two unwitting subjects. He knew what was passing though his own swollen head ... both it and the long cock on which it crowned was hard as a rock!

He waited in the chilly darkness and questioned himself. What in the world was he doing? To be caught would be devastating in many more ways than one! But he just couldn't move.

Alan watched as Roger's fingers found her nipples, teasing them until there was an audible submission. Then panties, the bikini briefs slipping to the floor. Black bush in abundance there. No razor was coming close to that thicket!

He pushed Karen against the bed and then gently down until she was on her back. Her legs were guided up, his hands slowly placing them on each of his shoulders.

The teasing began. Roger had hardly given Karen a chance to begin her usual whimpering before he made an announcement.

"You're soaking wet."

It was a statement loud enough for Alan to hear. He was as elated as Roger!

Karen silently acknowledged Roger's discovery. Yes, she was very wet. She wanted a cock very, very badly.

She knew it was not to be, that she would only be tantalized and teased instead. She still pleaded her case.

"Please, Roger. Not tonight." Her voice was soft, begging. She knew what was about to happen. She had been through it many, many times before in the past few years and every night for the past ten days.

Roger proved her intuition to be right. As Alan watched from his dark perch Roger went through his routine, teasing her unmercifully, using his fingers and mouth with an expertise that even Alan appreciated.

Obviously, so did Karen. For all her protesting she relented, moaning softly under the touch, her body moving slowly in a rhythm with his hands and mouth. When his mouth found her clit she turned her head and moaned loudly, providing the hidden Alan a perfect view of her contorted expression.

Twenty minutes. The teasing went on for at least that long. Roger left little to want with his hands and mouth. Karen begged, desperately needing much more tonight than just hands and mouth.

Alan could only watch with a heart beating so hard surely it was audible. He had no idea when, during those twenty minutes, his hard cock came out and was sliding slowly in his hand.

Then, the gentle switch of positions. Alan didn't understand it at first. Roger planned it. Karen moaned about it. To her, it was pretty much a standard development. She knew it was coming while hoping it wasn't.

Roger slid around until he was positioned behind her head. Grasping each of her legs he pulled them up and back, allowing his big hands to keep sliding up until he had her by the ankles. Her feet were spread wide to each side of her shoulders.

Alan almost lost it! In the bright light, Karen's heavily thatched crotch was spread wide and totally exposed directly in front of him. There wasn't more than six feet from his face to her hungry pussy.

It was there! All of it!! The wetness, the fullness of her lips, the swollen redness of her clitoris. All of it for his most intense inspection.

Roger ignored her pussy as well as her awkward position. Instead, he concentrated on her upper torso and head, smothering her with his mouth and tongue until she couldn't ignore the barrage.

Alan was new to the game ... he couldn't imagine where this was going.

Roger did ... he routinely demanded it.

Karen did ... she always ultimately relented to it.

However, she didn't know that on this particular night and the month of nights preceding it she wasn't being just seduced or teased. Instead, she was being carefully primed.

Slowly, reluctantly, Karen's right hand moved. It started high on her knees first, fingertips brushing sensitive skin before moving. It was slow, deliberate. The long trip to her waiting pussy was antagonizing. Alan wondered if the long delay was for her enjoyment or Roger's. He let his mind wander and proposed recklessly that it was actually for him. He was pretty close to the truth!

When she reached that promise land Alan fully expected her fingers to quicken, her pussy to explode in self-induced ecstasy. Not so. Even though Alan's own wife would have hastened it under the same circumstances, Karen did not. This was a game that had been running for a long, long time. Years at the least. She knew what she was doing, what Roger wanted and expected of her.

Karen thought of Alan, wondering where he was at the time. She knew she could hold back ... Roger couldn't. After ten minutes of watching her moan and writhe under her self indulgence Roger suddenly released her ankles and stroked himself quickly into a semen shower that went over her head and covered her chest. Then, and only then, did she speed up.

Alan came. He couldn't possibly control it as he watched her perform a slow body dance that ended up as an uncontrolled thrashing about on the bed. The difference was that he had to remain quiet.

Not Karen Spencer!

She bellowed unladylike and moaned her pleasure.

Then, they lay perfectly still. None of them had left anything on the board.

Karen again thought of Alan. How odd that he was here.

Roger thought of Alan. He was here!

Alan quietly scampered to his car. Could he go further with this? He had two nights to go, two nights to strike.

"One night at a time, Alan," he thought. "One night at a time!"


It had been a good season so far. No losses in spite of some close games. Homecoming night against a good team packed the stands. Roger was on the field coaching. Alan and Karen both knew he would be tied up until the wee hours of the morning. Football season in Texas dictated that.

Alan had no idea how he would find Karen. Once he found her, what was he to do? Go plop himself down right beside her without so much as a "howdy?"

Worse still, here comes Dickheads one and two, his asshole buddies that kept him in trouble his senior year. Geez, he'd love to see them but why now?

A-a-a-h-h-h, fate! You wonderful thing.

"Alan!" Here it comes.

"Come on, good buddy! We're sitting up here with Karen Spencer."

Did I ever tell you guys how much I love you?

They didn't bother to tell him that Karen had pointed him out. She had been looking for him, a bazaar little tingle inside that belied her professionalism. If a teacher had any interest in a former student it should be about their experiences in life ... certainly not the sexual pull she was experiencing.

And for any of the other boys, that would have been the case. There were literally hundreds of "ex's" on campus that weekend but only one of them had stayed on Karen's mind long after they had graduated. Her thoughts of Alan were like the pictures on that camera ... they could be hidden away on a shelf but just a quick mental glimpse brought back some very vivid memories ... and the erotic sensations that went with them.

For the next two and a half hours, four football quarters plus a homecoming halftime, the happy conversation buzzed around them. "Kids" came. "Kids" went. All with a story, most with children. Big smiles, happy hugs. S-o-o-o-o happy for you!!!

Karen and Alan saw nobody, heard nobody except each other. Yet, neither of them was speaking to each other very much. It was as frustrating as it was sexually stimulating.

"Why him?" she thought. "How did he show up in my life again from out of nowhere?"

It was fate, she conceded. Just fate!

Not really, Karen. You would never know but ... not really!

But she was definitely inside Alan's head. He laughed and acknowledged much that night but he only absorbed one ... Karen Spencer.

She might as well have her legs around his neck. All he could think of was how she had tantalized and unknowingly erotically tortured him over ten years ago as a teenager. And now, after watching her and Roger last night, her grip on him was iron clad.

Occasionally she smiled at him in a special way that she hoped the others didn't notice. They didn't.

Alan did. He was like a sponge, soaking up her smoldering looks until it set him on fire. No getting up to go for coffee for him. How obvious was his hard, anyway?

Finally, the cheers ... the score ... the victory. Amazing how fast the stands can empty.

They remained, just the two of them. Not long ... that would be too obvious. Just minutes.

Alan finally broke away from the small talk to something with more direction.

"So, where does the hungry crowd go now after the games?" Back in his days it was the Dairy Queen.

Not so much these days. The kids, yes, but the diner near his motel twenty miles away was her own retreat. She'd meet him there. By the way, the place will be loaded with friends and neighbors. Be prepared to be swamped.

No Joke!!

Couldn't get a word in sideways in there. The food was good but they could hardly get it down with so much conversation. Deep down, Alan had to concede that he really loved these people. They were good folks! He had almost forgotten how fortunate he was to grow up in such an atmosphere.

After paying their check Alan offered to walk her to her car. He was surprised she had parked almost a block away in a rather dark area. He was also amazed how the temperature had dropped so rapidly. Damn! It was brisk out here for a Florida boy!

She laughed. His blood had become thin.

"Sissy! Get in while I warm the car up."

Amazing. After being with her the whole evening he had not really paid close attention to what she was wearing.

She was wearing a fairly long simple denim skirt that buttoned up the front and a rather heavy beige blouse. He wondered what was under that.

Not much.

After she had taken her bath earlier in the evening and started to select underwear, for some reason she pulled out some little silver panties and matching bra that she had never worn. Nothing but little patches of cloth held together by round string. It barely covered her crotch and the tops of her large nipples showed above the tiny patches. She slipped them on and put on her boot socks and brown boots. Before putting the skirt on she happened to look into the mirror on the door.

She looked pretty silly, wearing that flimsy underwear and boots up to the middle of her calf. She didn't move, though, and continued to look at herself for a long time. After a while her hesitant fingers began moving over her body, first the sensitive nipples and then down between her legs.

She was always so sensitive down there. Her fingers traced her lips very slowly through her panties, causing her hips to move as if they were trying to escape. She kept on touching, never taking her eyes off the mirror. It seemed that her heart rushed just a little as she turned slightly and looked at herself.

As she touched, her thoughts drifted to Alan. Through the years she had thought of him so often. She didn't exactly know why. Dozens of boys had tried to be familiar with her in the past. She wondered if she would see him that night. She wondered a lot of things about him.

How strange that a man his age would show up for a Homecoming well over a thousand miles away. His parents didn't even live there anymore. He didn't bring his wife ... probably a beautiful, sexy wife at that. He had mentioned the night before that his wife was only twenty three. You'd think he would be trying to show her off to his friends. That seemed to always be the case. In that small town "trophy" wives were rare.

Her thoughts went back to what she saw in the mirror. She wondered if Alan would like what she saw. She again turned slightly to look at herself. She was ten years older than Alan and he had a wife five years younger than him. Fifteen years total! She bet his wife had a body that was sexy like a teenager!

Surely she appeared old and weathered to the younger man.

Karen spent at least five minutes thinking about him, just touching her breast and pussy, not pressing hard or speeding up. She was slushy wet and just ached, but she made herself stop before she came. She was really proud of herself for the self-control because she always came so easy. She knew that she was extremely oversexed and Roger took advantage of her because of it. She knew that.

Her intent had been good but as it turned out when Karen left for the stadium a few minutes she was absolutely on fire. Her self-control had left her primed and vulnerable.

Especially now with just the two of them sitting alone in her darkened car. She had parked sort of behind a building and next to an abandoned tow truck so they were, for all practical purposes, hidden from the public.

It only took a few minutes for the car to warm up. Then it was nice. So was the company. For the first time, they were really alone.

In their own way, each of them was wrestling with that situation. For Karen, it was a little forbidden, sort of erotically dangerous.

For Alan, it was more in the category of "imperative."

They talked for over thirty minutes. The hum of the engine and the little heater fan was the only interference this time. Everything from education, sports, and world affairs was discussed.

The subject of each other's spouse was obviously avoided. It was if neither of them had a partner.

How the conversation got around to sex was a mystery but one in which both were curious. Karen really wondered about sex with a hot twenty three year old redhead but she wasn't about to blurt that out.

Alan wanted much more out of Karen ... much, much more.

Here goes nothing.

Slowly, he was able to slide in a question. A thought.

No matter what he had read or heard, just exactly how is the sex life of somebody in their thirties? He was soon to be there.

Karen laughed at his innocence. She wanted to tell the truth, that women in their thirties were a walking, talking fuck waiting to happen!

That wouldn't do.

"It depends on the man I'm with, mostly." That was honest enough.

Alan took what she gave him. He didn't need information ... he needed direction and he had just received some.

She had said, "It depends on the man I'm with, mostly." She didn't say "my" man or my "husband."

Was she speaking of herself, not women in general? Could she possibly be admitting that there had been those other than Roger?

He was going to run with it. It didn't take him long to at least hint about her own personal sex life. Karen's answer could have been the truth but it wasn't. She indicated that, like most couples, her sex life with Roger wasn't perfect but was still wonderful.

They both knew better. They both knew she could hardly stand Roger's teasing ... that at times she would go hungry for months for a gratifying cock!! And right now she was primed.

Alan's interest about her personal sex life was titillating to Karen. She would like to think she could brush it aside but the subject of the conversation left a tingling between her legs that was unwarranted but very nice. She was reassured by the fact that this was casual and innocent and he would be back on his way back home to Florida and his young wife within hours.

To some degree it was almost like high school flirting except they weren't in high school.

It became a little awkward and then it became silent for a while. Karen broke the ice.

"I guess I'd better go," she softly advised.

"Yeah, it's about that time," Alan lamented. He hadn't missed the tone of her announcement. If she were in a hurry to leave it wasn't apparent in her voice.

But what now? Just walk away. That was pretty much sure death.

This was it. No guts, no blue chips.

He reached over, lightly turned her face to his, and gave her a kiss so soft it was like a baby's.

Karen felt it all the way down to her toes, hitting every place in between. She just kind of laughed and said, "Thank you, sir."

It was a mistake that let him linger.

What she should have done was pull away. Instead, he took it as a possibility and did it again. Karen expected another little peck but was caught by surprise when it was full and warm. This time when he pulled away it wasn't completely as he kept gentle contact with her mouth and touched his tongue lightly just inside her lips.

Karen's body ignored her alarm, allowing her to respond, meeting his mouth with hers and returning his touch ever so lightly with her tongue. It was wrong, she knew, but it felt just so damned good. It had been such a long time that she had been carrying all those little illicit thoughts about him.

Alan knew better than to hesitate. He moved in. She wasn't going to be open for his attention forever.

Karen just gave in to his kisses, reluctant yet somehow willing. Any thoughts of the danger somehow skipped past her. As he started moving from her mouth to her ears and neck, she made a little whimper and put her hand behind his neck. As to whether or not she was a willing partner was no longer in doubt to him.

Roger's months of teasing and her own fingers from a few hours before had left her as a gift to be unwrapped.

Their kisses became like fire to both and Karen could feel her body move slowly to his touch. She was so engrossed with his mouth that she paid little attention to his hands removing the buttons of her blouse. Even though the car was running and it was warm inside, she still felt the little rush of cool air when he opened it.

Alan felt her moving in the seat a little and knew it certainly wasn't because she was uncomfortable. No, the deep kisses were definitely moving her. His mouth slid down from her neck to the top of her bra. Soft, slow, sweet, knowing as if he had done it for years, Karen felt his tongue and lips all over her, pushing the little silver patches down slightly with his mouth to get to her hard nipples. Alan was in no hurry and when it went on for what seemed an eternity even Karen could feel the slight rotation of her hips. She was soaking wet and yet had no power to pull back.

Alan unhooked the tiny clasp on the front of her bra and they became free for him ... large, firm, and beautiful. He lost no time to devour them, nibbling and sucking her nipples, going from one to another as if he was starved, sometimes stuffing his mouth like he was trying to get it all in. An overwhelmed Karen wondered if he did the same with his young wife. A little thought crossed her mind ... maybe he DIDN'T do it with her. Just because she was young and beautiful didn't necessarily mean she was receptive.

Karen's thoughts continued along those lines. Was Alan like her except for being male? Roger had a thing, a frame of mind she supposed, where on occasion he would not make love to her for a couple of months at a time even though he knew she had a ferocious sexual appetite. Instead, he would tease her mentally and physically until she was incredibly hungry and would do anything for relief. She would beg, do anything he asked.

Was Alan like that ... getting the same treatment from his young wife? Enough to drive him outside his marriage?

Had he been without sex as long as she? Karen may have wondered but she certainly wasn't about to express anything. Instead, she continued her silence and could think about nothing but his warm, busy mouth on her breasts and the havoc it was playing with the rest of her.

Alan moved from her nipples to her mouth and back to her nipples. She let

out a soft involuntary moan. Her hand increased pressure on his neck, her eyes were closed, and she mentally resigned herself to his wandering hand. She felt it low on her knee, massaging gently in little circles.

Alan was encouraged by the little responses he was seeing and hearing. He had to be careful with his touches, moving his hand slowly up her leg, very slowly, as if he was trying to save it for later. Thankfully, instead of any protesting there was only heavy breathing and little gyrations from her hips.

Alan unbuttoned a few buttons on the way up, pulling her skirt apart to the

point that when she finally looked down she could see her panties exposed,

their silver color shimmering in the pale light coming in the car. Alan saw them, too, and kept moving his hand slowly up her legs, his mouth alternating between

her mouth and breast.

Suddenly, Karen felt the contact of his fingertips through the thin cloth. She moaned and lifted her hips in surprise when it happened. Even though she knew it was coming she just couldn't help it.

Alan tried to be more careful with his own reactions. He wanted to allow his passion to flow freely but knew he could do nothing to spoil the success. This was all very dicey and he didn't want to blow it.

He slowly moved his fingers over the top of the miniscule cloth, ever so slightly, no pressure. Karen arched her back slightly from his touch, his teasing fingers. He ran them slowly up and down her swollen pussy lips, first one then the other, the full length. She knew any time those fingers would make contact with her clit and she eagerly anticipated it. What seemed like torture when done by Roger was instead pure anticipation with Alan.

He never touched her clit.

Instead, he slipped his fingers under the cloth and continued to tease her lips ever so lightly. Karen's hips were openly moving now, her legs spread slightly, no pretenses, and she was mewing like a kitten. Any ideas of stopping his advances were long gone.

Finally, he slipped a large finger deep inside. Alan was thrilled ... relieved.

Karen was soaked, sensitive, and hungry. She pushed forward at the same time that he thrust his finger hard into her. The deep penetration sent her reeling, moaning loudly. It felt so, so good. She spread herself slightly when he began moving his finger in and out, very slow, and very deep.

Alan kept his mouth on her all the time. The kisses had long since been very deep and hard, tongues locked in a sort of battle. His small groans and hard breathing was barely audible over hers but their senses were so in tune with the hand between her legs that all else was shut out anyway.

Karen's hips rotated and thrust, reacting to the hard strokes of his finger just as if she were being fucked. Then, through a vague haze, she realized he wasn't moving his hand. Instead, he was keeping it still and she was driving her hips onto it, basically fucking his finger.

It was a bit of a cheap shot but Alan had wanted to sense her reaction as to where they were at the time, to know how far he might be able to go with her. He didn't want to blow this. He found out right away.

To her dismay, within minutes Karen lost it!

It didn't creep upon her, wasn't a bit subtle. Instead, she erupted like a broken fire hydrant. She pulled her mouth away from his, threw her head back, and erupted in a loud, explosive orgasm. He had to keep up with her with his hand, becoming active again as he drove first one, then two fingers deep inside her while following her thrashing hips.

She couldn't seem to stop, lasting forever.

He didn't want her to.

Karen was embarrassed. She didn't know what she was saying to him while she was coming, and maybe she didn't want to know. While she was weakly trying to think herself out of the situation his fingers never stopped.

Minutes later a second wave hit her and they went through it all again. Mercifully, he pulled his finger out and went back to caressing her swollen lips again, never touching her clit. Instead, Alan brushed her sensitive lips, slowly stroked her wetness, and continued to give attention to her searching mouth and breasts.

Alan had to make a decision. Even if he wanted to he knew he couldn't take her right then. It had to wait ... it had to be timed perfectly or not at all. He took a chance that, for now, he would just steal her heart ... gently stroke her libido into preparation for a future submission.

For now, he knew she couldn't possibly be more primed. Hopefully he would return to claim her primed pussy the next evening.

Finally, he just whispered gently into her opened mouth.

"It's late. We should go."

It ended like that. It seemed so abrupt. She put herself back together, they hugged a little, exchanged some light kisses that heated up so fast Alan forced himself out of her car.

As he left Karen touched his arm.

"Thank you Alan."

That was all. Just "thank you."

It wasn't what she said but more how she said it. Breathless, softly, and totally in surrender.

What Karen really was telling him was, "I am burning inside. You have turned my passions loose as I have always dreamed you would. Thank you, thank you for being gentle and not pressing me."

Alan sensed her thoughts. He knew he could not have planned it better.

It was tomorrow night that he needed her total surrender, not tonight.

Karen had twenty miles to drive. When she got home and parked in the garage, she just sat out in the car thinking about what had happened and what she was going to do about it.

During the drive home a sense of remorse clouded her evening. She thought back over the past few years. This was not the first time that a man other than her husband had slipped his hand inside her panties. In the past few years there had been a couple of times when she was less than proud of herself, had come very close to an illicit submission after months of Roger's torturous teasing. After a month or so of being teased and tortured by Roger she had found herself in the right (or wrong) situation and had succumbed to another's touch. She had caught herself at the last minute each time and never went all the way.

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