Who's First

by Dual Writer

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Dual Writer

Humor Sex Story: A fun quickie about a horny couple that cheats.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating   Swinging   Safe Sex   .


I wonder who started first. Which one of us was the first to try out some strange?

We met at a party that was full of sexy people wanting to fool around with other sexy people. It wasn't a swinger's party but it could have been with a slight push.

The host was my closest friend who was always trying to hook me up with one of his wife's friends. His wife was very easy on the eyes, as were all their friends they had introduced to me too. This time the intro took.

When I saw Jason's wife Mink (a nickname that I'll explain later) was talking to a really hot looking dirty blonde. Mink was in her usual teasing attire of a low cut dress that showed most of her nice big tatas while the new chick was wearing a satiny blouse open enough to give the hint of some firm b cups. When she looked up as Jason was going to introduce us, it became obvious that she was braless as she was leaning forward a little and Jason and I got a shot down her blouse of an entire tit, complete with an erect nipple.

"Janice, Tom, Tom, Janice" went the introduction by Jason.

Mink pushed a little, "Janice is a very good friend of mine Tom. We've known each other since grade school. You two should get to know each other, you're both gym rats and sports nuts."

Mink then did the thing that drives me and most other guys crazy. She leaned back looking up at me and licked her lips three hundred and sixty degrees with her tongue then with both hands she caressed herself from her waist up to cup and squeeze her breasts before giving you one of her zingers.

"You know Tom, Jason thinks Janice gives better head than even me. He even thinks she deserves my nickname more than me."

Instead of being embarrassed with what Mink said, Janice just looked up at Jason and I and smiled.

I said the only thing that came to mind, "I'm in love."

Janice and Mink laughed a low pitched gravely laugh that made my insides tingle.

Jason gave his push, "hang out with us after I kick all these people out. You can visit a while."

The party flowed along in honor of one of the guys Jason worked with that had accomplished some task that was noteworthy. People drank, couples danced, most stood around and chatted. Every time Janice and I ran into each other, she would come up against my side, put a hand on my back and lean a tit into my arm usually making sure I was going to stay after the party.

By eleven thirty Jason was helping people out the door. Most of the attendees were couples with small children at home with a baby sitter. Mink, Jason, Janice and myself did a quick clean up and straightening out of the living room, dining room and kitchen. We ended up in the living room, the lights turned down low with some fresh drinks. Mink was on the couch next to me and Janice was sitting next to Jason on the loveseat opposite us.

Mink was doing her usual teasing. She was leaning against me, pushing one her big boobs into my arm with her hand on my thigh gently stroking me with her fingertips touching my growing erection.

I noticed Janice was imitating Mink while looking at me with that look women can have. You know the one that says, 'I'm getting away with this, aren't I something?'

Now I have to tell you about Mink's nickname. When Jason and Mink were going together, I knew her as Martha or Marty. Some of her friends still call her that. But Jason had gone out with her for a total of two weeks when he announced that he had to call her Mink as she fucked like a mink. The next time I was with them together and he called her Mink, she looked at me with a sexy look and asked, "don't you think that is so sexy that Jason calls me Mink? I love it." To this day if someone comments that Mink is an unusual name, she speaks right up, "my husband gave it to me. He says I fuck like a mink."

Before they got married we got drunk one night and ended up in bed together. Mink gave a practical demonstration of why her nickname should be Mink. She wore both of us out and was trying to suck us both up for another round.

Since their wedding four years ago, I've been invited back several times so Mink could wear Jason and I out. They didn't want to get involved in the swinging groups because they didn't think they were safe, health wise. They're probably right. Me? I wasn't involved because one: I didn't personally know anyone that was a swinger and two: I couldn't stay interested in one girl long enough to have that kind of relationship.

Anyway, we were sitting, chatting with Mink and Janice teasing us guys when Mink said to Janice, "Tom is the only guy that Jason and I invite to stay over just like you're the only girl that I invite to stay over."

As Mink was saying this she was now being more obvious by caressing my bulging dick. Across from us, Janice had unzipped Jason and was digging to get his dick out of his pants.

Mink stood up and said, "oh hell, let's just get comfortable."

She pulled her dress off to display her only other apparel was a pair of thigh high stockings. Damn I love big titted naked ladies.

Janice stood next to Mink and unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor then unbutton her skirt and let it fall too. She too only wore a pair of thigh highs. Damn I love little titted naked ladies.

Mink had sparse platinum pubic hair while Janice had little blonde fuzzies. Mink spoke up, "okay guys, get 'em off. We're ready and you ain't."

Jason and I grinned at each other. We both had polos on so the were instantly pulled over our heads. We both were pushing off our shoes while we unbuckled an unzipped dropping our pants and kicking them away. Almost as a dance step we both reached down and pulled out socks off one at a time to then stand up presenting ourselves, complete with protruding dicks to the girls.

Jason and I are both about six one. Jase weighs about two ten and I weigh about one ninety-five due to all the gym activity. We are both pretty buff with just dicks that were just slightly bigger than average at about eight inches each. Neither one of our dicks were straight, both of us with slightly upward curve.

Mink pushed me down to sit on the couch then told Janice, "come over here you nasty slut and show Tom how well you give head. I'm going to suck the first load out of my hubby. You can have some of him later."

Janice didn't give you head. She didn't give you a blowjob. She made love to your cock while looking up at you lovingly until I rewarded her by filling her mouth. I don't know how she did it but she had my thick cock in her mouth and was smiling at me. When she had sucked me dry, she pulled off and smiled at me so sexily that I just got harder in her hand.

"Ooh that's so nice. You just gave me your stuff and you're still hard, you're still hot for me huh?"

Instead of replying I pushed her from her knees to lay back on the floor. I kissed her while separating her legs with my knees. When I was planted myself on top of her, I began kissing on her face and worked down to her nipples. I sucked each one till she was withering under me. With one long lick, I scooted down to be face to cunt then licked all around her juicy lower lips.

With each lick from her butt hole to her clit Janice would shudder. When her legs came up to wrap around my head and neck, I focused on her clit while sliding a finger into her pussy to caress her g-spot area.

Janice came unglued. She bounced, she screamed, she laughed, she cried but most of all she squirted. Janice shot streams of juice out of her pussy like guys come shoots out but in more quantity. This was a first for me. After thirty seconds or so of coming that hard she pushed me away from her pussy and curled up in a ball. I moved up and held her kissing her forehead.

She began to relax then pushed me on my back and sat on my stomach. "Okay buddy. What did you do to me? That was the most intense thing that has ever happened to me. I want a lifetime of that. Wanna get married?"

"What did you say?" Mink asked raising her head with Jason's sperm running down her cheeks.

"God Mink, I hope Tom and I can get along, that's the best I've ever had and he hasn't even fucked me yet. I want to keep this guy forever."

We did fuck shortly after that. Then we swapped and Mink fucked me. You don't fuck Mink, she fucks you, period. If she's under you, her hips vibrate up to you. If she's on top, her pace is so fast, it's hard to control yourself. When she feels you coming, she'll switch around and suck you dry then keep sucking you to keep you up. She definitely earns her nickname.

Well, Janice and I did get married. The six months leading up to getting married was a non-stop sex marathon. We would go to the gym, work out then go home and fuck. We would fuck then go to the gym and weakly work out. Mostly just the two of us but fairly often we would visit with Jason and Mink so the girls could destroy Jase and I then do a couple of hours of mutually pleasuring each other while Jase and I watched.

Janice and I were a happily, sexily married for a couple of months when I had to travel to Montreal to assist in fixing a system problem. One of the techs I was assisting was a hot little dark hair French-Canadian that came onto me like a freight train. She invited herself to eat with me then had me in my room fucking her (with a condom) for the rest of the night. It took three days to fix the problem and I was fucked her two straight nights.

Flying back home I felt a little guilty but said to myself, that I had at least used a rubber so I shouldn't have caught anything. I was looking forward to my lusty wife, even though I had fucked non-stop for two nights.

At home, Janice was instantly in my arms and was instantly digging out my hardening cock. She gave me one of her signature blowjobs in the doorway then hauled me to the bedroom to fuck before we even considered eating anything other than each other.

While we ate we talked about what we had done while we were apart. She said she had gone out with some girls from work both nights and I said I had visited with the tech on the job. After we cleaned up the kitchen, we were right back in the bedroom working our way into a fucking frenzy.

This sort of activity continued for almost two years. I would go out of town and invariably run into some smoking hot babe that would fuck my lights out then come home to my sexy wife and fuck non- stop till my next trip. Usually it was only once every other week.

We still visited with Jason and Mink about every other weekend and had even discussed the possibility of finding other couples that we might play with. Janice had even asked me how I'd feel if she were to stumble into one of her old bed pals. I didn't really say anything one way or the other. My own guilt prevented me from acting indignant about her if she were to stray.

Then the old story. I came home early. When I got to the trouble sight, it was a CCBM, you know, "Came Clear by Magic." There was nothing else to do but get a return flight and head home since I'd rather be home than anywhere else.

I let myself into our apartment with the sounds of Janice's orgasm serenading me. The thought she might be masturbating came to mind but the assortment of men's clothes on the floor that were on the living room floor made me think she had help.

I stood there thinking about the situation. Should I be mad? I'd been boffing strange babes every trip out of town.

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