The Tables Are Turned

by urstlkr

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, BiSexual, DomSub, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After the first time we had sex, I told myself once was enough. But my urge to dominate leads me into a situation where I find I want to try more.

'I'm telling you, if he was here, he'd do whatever I told him to do.'

We were at the bar having a drink, talking dirty as usual of late, both of us smiling at our mock argument, wanting to be right. For all her submissiveness, Jan could be a stubborn bitch and I had to set her straight from time to time.

'I'm just not so sure.' Her eyes sparkled at her next words. 'I doubt he'd give in as easy as me.'

'You're wrong. In many ways the two of you are exactly alike.'

'I really don't think he'd do the things you make me do.'

She was referring to the fact that I could order her to the parking lot right now and have her suck my cock. She wouldn't resist. In fact she'd be grateful to have my cock in her mouth no matter the circumstance. It was a known fact between us that made me arrogant, perhaps more so than I should have been.

Exasperated, I stared at her wondering how she could be so dense. 'I know these things. He's a cock slut just like you.'

People could hear us if they tried, the risk not bothering either of us, even though her sister was waiting on us. To be frank it amused me her sister found our friendship annoying, and at the moment I was more focused on Jan shaking her head in disagreement.

'You can't tell that from one crazy night.'

I'd had enough of this. 'Call him and tell him to come over here. I'll prove it.'

She stared at me, and I could see she had anticipated this dare. Picking her cell phone up off the bar, she turned and walked out the side door to the parking lot.

When she returned five minutes later, she sat down on her stool without a word. Her look told me I won the first round.


'He'll be here in about twenty minutes.'

'Now who was right?'

'That proves nothing.'

'We'll see.' We ordered another round of drinks, my mind racing. It had been a week since the night I met Trace. The thought of what we did and what might happen made my cock swell, but more than anything I was determined to be right. Or more precisely, I wanted to proved Jan wrong. That was my nature, I always like to win.

The drinks came and I tried to change the subject. 'When are you going to get me more pictures of A? 'A' was our code name for a certain young girl we both knew.

'I just sent you new ones.'

'You know what I mean. I want naked, or at least partially naked. You said you could get it done.'

'Be patient, I will.'

It was hard to be patient. In fact I could hardly wait. But Jan would come through eventually; she never let me down no matter how bitchy she could be. Like now, when she changed the subject back.

'What does it matter, I know you have other interests now.'

'Like what?' I was defiant, but wary.

'I saw how much you love having a cock in your mouth.'

I resisted the urge to look around to see if anyone was listening, but I could feel the blood rush into my cheeks. Why the hell was I blushing?

'And you were in heaven with your tongue up his ass.'

She was being too bold. I was speechless.

'There's no faking what I saw in you that night. You loved it. I'll bet you even want him to fuck you.'

In a way it angered me that she was taking control. That was my job. But I remained silent. My mouth had gone dry. My cock had swelled. I couldn't find my voice. There was too much truth in what she said.

'I knew it.'

She said it softly, confidently, triumphantly. In the end it was my uncharacteristic silence that gave me away. I hated being so transparent.

'Maybe I should order YOU to the parking lot.'

She had always been my sex toy, but now she seemed to revel at having some level of control over me. I continued my silence, momentarily stymied by the unwanted feeling welling up within me.

She smiled, her eyes sparkling once again, this time with a hint of evil.

Trace walked in the side door before I could recover, and I used it to my advantage.

'Get yourself a drink and join us.'

He did as he was told despite my unfriendly nature, acting somewhat shyly, and I smirked at Jan. Just like that I was back on top.

We made small talk as we downed the drinks, Jan and I testing the waters and Trace studiously ignoring any reference to our previous meeting. I began to have doubts, and Jan's confidence began to grow. We couldn't have that. Finishing my drink, I stood.

'Let's go.'

It was a command and Jan got to her feet reflexively. She couldn't resist if she wanted to. Trace hesitated. 'Where to?'

'Does it matter?'

Instead of rising to my challenge, he rose from his stool. I won another round. Walking to the door I ignored them as they followed.

Tonight I was in a big SUV and it was perfect for my purposes. My cock was stiffening at the thought of having the two of them at my disposal once again, and my confidence was soaring. Jan got in the passenger seat and Trace hopped in the back. The middle row of seats was folded down and he sat well behind us.

'Where are we going?'

.'No talking.' My words were intentionally harsh, partly to remind them both of the other night, partly because I didn't want to explain myself.

In silence I drove to a nearby shopping center, parking under a tree well out in the huge lot. There was a lot of activity, but it was fairly secure, just bold enough to make one think. Without a word I cut off the engine, stepped out of the vehicle, then re-entered in the back seat. Sitting across from Trace I leaned back against the glass and spread my legs.

'Suck my cock Trace.'

By now he obviously anticipated this, but yet he looked shocked by my lack of subtlety. He couldn't know I was out to prove a point. He scanned the parking lot, his eyes wide. Jan watched over the seat, mild amusement on her face. I was in my element.

'You've been thinking about my cock since the other night, haven't you?'

He didn't answer, but he didn't have to. Even Jan noticed the involuntary change in expression, the silent confession.

'I knew it. I want it in your mouth again. Now!'


Not a refusal. Not a maybe. Not a hint of denial. Just fear of being so bold.

'Who's going to see us? Later tonight you'll lay in bed thinking about sucking my cock in a public parking lot and will be glad you did it.'

He swallowed hard. I looked at Jan, and she knew. Now I was the triumphant one.

'You need some help?' I began to loosen my belt, then opened my pants. Reaching into my shorts, I slowly withdrew my cock. It was swollen but not completely hard. He stared as I displayed myself, unable to help his reaction. Jan was staring as well.

Holding my now hard cock in one hand, I leaned forward and hooked my other behind Trace's neck. He offered only token resistance as I pulled him towards me. Guiding his lips to my cock, I felt the first contact, and then I slipped between his lips. He took it without question. Jan watched in amazement and joy, no longer concerned that I was right and she was wrong, for she really liked this. Nevertheless when she finally felt my gaze on her and looked up, I gave her my best 'I told you so' look. She mouthed the words 'you win'. I had no idea at the time that I was the one being manipulated.

Now that he was committed, Trace shifted to get comfortable and then sucked my cock as eagerly as he had the first time. He may have been a man's man in his day-to-day life, but he was definitely a cock slut for me. His mouth felt wonderful and I leaned back against the car door and closed my eyes, savoring it, the scratching of his beard on my thighs reminding me this was not Jan. I let myself simply enjoy the sensations while Jan enjoyed the show. When she suggested to Trace that he remove my pants it hardly registered, and while barely losing contact with my cock he slipped my shoes to the floor and took my pants and underwear off of me. This was much bolder than the previous parking lot blowjobs I had from Jan, but to be honest I moved to the larger shopping center lot just so I could let my guard down. And now naked from the waist down, I had done just that.

It was a heady feeling getting a blow job in a public place, more so when it was another guy sucking me off. Having an audience made it even nastier, even more erotic. As he licked my balls I wondered why I had spent so many years denying I wanted this.

I felt movement and opened my eyes to see Jan slipping over the seat. Her face was flushed and I smiled, knowing I had been right about Trace and seeing how much it excited her. The next time I opened my eyes it was due to a moan from Trace. Jan was pulling his hard cock from his pants. I watched as she started to wrestle his pants down, but the pleasure of his mouth caused me to close my eyes once more.

His big cock was thick and hard, and the brief glimpse of it burned in my mind. Over the past few days I had convinced myself that the previous weekend was a one time event, a daring diversion fulfilling a long held fantasy that was now satisfied. Trace sucking on me was one thing, my cock was worthy of the attention, and it was an act that fit my type A personality. My reciprocation could not and should not be expected. But as I felt his warm mouth once more on my balls, I found myself inexplicably wanting another look.

When I opened my eyes, I saw he also was now naked from the waist down. Jan was holding his cock, pointing it at me, her eyes on my face. I looked away defiantly, annoyed that she had seemingly read my mind.

Feeling as if I suddenly had no control whatsoever, my eyes were drawn back and I found myself staring at his hardness in Jan's hand. She stroked him gently, smiling at me.

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