First Time

by urstlkr

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, BiSexual, BDSM, DomSub, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: It all seemed like crazy talk between Jan and I, until it happened. We got ourselves so worked up over time, it was inevitable. It was still crazy, but with two willing to serve me, how could I say no.

How she found him I had no idea, all that mattered was that he was here for the reasons she indicated. I'd know soon enough if it was true.

'Get your clothes off, both of you.'

Jan moved first, obeying as she always did. In the faint light from the hotel far across the fields I watched her slip off her shoes and begin unsnapping her pants. Interesting that she went for the pants first.

He was a little slower, perhaps making up his mind if this is really what he wanted to do. I sat on the tailgate of the truck patiently. Either he would do it or he wouldn't, and if not I'd send him packing and have a little fun with Jan. It may have been the tequila we were shooting a few minutes ago, or maybe he just built up the courage, but as he watched Jan remove her pants he reached for his shirt and began to fish it out of his jeans.

His name was Trace, or so he claimed. It didn't matter. I was going to get to know him, that's for sure, but not personally. Jan had found him for me, he had actually shown up, and as I watched him fumble with his shirt I knew one of my long held, most secret fantasies was to become reality. Once he submitted there would be no turning back.

Jan's overly large breasts sprung free as she removed her bra, and now she stood naked, staring at me defiantly as if to say she was ready for any demand. We would see. She turned to watch Trace peel off his shirt, moving much slower. If I allowed them to speak I'm sure she would tell him to hurry up. She knew what she had coming and she wanted it bad. Like an obedient slut she held her tongue and watched Trace now stumble over his belt. He was nervous, but he certainly hadn't stopped.

I had made it clear that if she found someone for our little game, he could not be a fag. Gays made me want to puke, and I knew she felt the same way. This situation called for a real man who was willing to suck a cock. Trace looked to be upper twenties, his shoulders broad, his arms and chest muscular. He had a flat chiseled stomach that I could only envy. Girls had to find him hot, yet he was here under my control. I would find out later how she located this guy.

Finally he was naked and it took all his will power not to cover himself with his hands. I ignored his nakedness, knowing he expected me to be looking at him. If I was interested, he had no need to know at the moment, and neither did Jan. But I did notice his flaccid cock was circumcised and above average in size, at least soft. Good.

'Took you long enough. You look scared. Wanna leave?'

The harshness of my tone seemed to catch him off guard and he hesitated before shaking his head no. I turned my attention to Jan, ignoring him.

'Come here.'

The fact that I was fully dressed now created a contrast that made it clear who was in charge. I liked it. Never intimidated, Jan stepped right up to me until she was standing between my knees as I dangled my feet off the tailgate.

I reached into a bag and pulled out an old necktie. Jan's eyes sparkled with delight, her hopes and dreams confirmed.

'Hands in front.'

She complied immediately, and within a minute I had her wrists tightly bound. I reached out pinched her nipple hard, and she closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip.

'Step away. You're next.'

Trace wasn't nearly as eager, but he moved to take up the position previously occupied by Jan. He was a big guy, and obviously an exercise fanatic.

'You know what to do.'

Reluctantly he put his hands together and I wondered once more if he would make it through this. The time for changing his mind was soon coming to an end. As I bound his wrists with another tie, I could look past his hands and see that his cock had swollen somewhat. So he was turned on by what he was doing. He was already bending to my will.

'Stand next to the other slut.'

I stood and stretched my legs, taking my time, making them nervous. Finally I stepped right up to them.

'You will do as I say without question. From this point forward you're nothing but fuck toys for my enjoyment.'

Trace saw Jan hang her head compliantly and quickly did the same. His cock was continuing to stiffen, slowly but surely.

'This is your last chance to turn back.'

Jan shook her head no, and Trace again followed her lead. I reached out and grabbed Trace's bound wrists, knowing Jan would not bolt when she saw what I had in mind, but I wasn't so sure about him. So he was first so he couldn't have the luxury of second thoughts. I led him up under a big oak tree a short distance away. Earlier in the day I had hanged two lengths of rope from tree limbs in preparation for this moment. His eyes widened when I slipped the rope between his wrists, around the binding, but he said nothing as I forced his hands over his head. He was taller than I and I stood on an over-turned trash barrel to secure him in place. Now he was mine.

In a matter of minutes I had Jan similarly secured, though as short as she was it was much simpler. Then I stepped back and admired my work. I had two defenseless sex toys bound and hanging from their wrists, their bodies naked and open to my every whim. You could see for hundreds of yards across the fields, and hear the noises from the hotel and the nearby highway, and though it was unlikely anyone would see us, I knew this only enhanced their feeling of exposure and helplessness, a feeling I designed to exploit.

Walking back to the truck I retrieved two more ties, using these to blindfold my fuck toys. Then I took out four old-fashioned wooden clothes pins. It was no surprise that Jan shuddered in excitement when she felt the harsh bit of the clothes pin on her left nipple. I knew she was a pain junky and I clamped it directly on her nipple for maximum effect. When I put the second one in place she moaned out loud.

'Good, slut?' She nodded.

Jan had told me Trace confessed to liking pain when drunk one night. I'm sure that conversation was a key step in his ending up here, and tonight we would find out if he was bullshitting. But I didn't want to push him too far too quick, so I grabbed his nipple and positioned the clothes pin so it was half on the nipple and half on the skin below it. He jumped at my touch, but did not pull away; good sign. I could not help but notice how firm the muscles in his chest were. His skin didn't draw easily. When I let the clothes pin clamp down, he let out a little yelp of surprise and twisted away reflexively, but it was too late. His nipple was clamped and I could see the pain flash through the features in his face. I let him take a moment to adjust, then reached for the other nipple. He tensed but let me clamp it without resistance.

'You're going to make a good slut after all. I had my doubts.'

As I stepped away, his cock brushed my leg. He was now fully hard, and I was pleased to see quite large.

Next from my bag I pulled out my digital camera, taking my time, letting them sweat. They belonged to me now, so no need to rush. I surveyed the area and concluded I could take a few pictures without drawing attention; the activity at the hotel was minimal and we were well off the road in an area where anyone approaching us could be seen well in advance. Of course I don't know why I was worried. If someone came I could easily take off and just leave my toys to distract them.

I took the first photo from behind and they didn't seem to notice. But when I snapped one from the front the blindfolds didn't keep the flash from being apparent.


It was Trace. 'Did I give you permission to speak?'

He started to say something, but stopped himself. His cock was still hard as a rock. I took several more photos, then set the camera aside, not wanting to take the risk of drawing outsiders to my little manufactured playground and shortening my evening. Then I walked up to Jan and squeezed her pussy, feeling her wetness. She immediately tried to grind against my hand, but I pulled it away, not interested in her pleasure.

Now I know Jan fantasized desperately about two guys together, wanting so bad to see someone suck my cock and lick my ass. I also know she wanted to see me do the same, but I wasn't so sure I was ready to take that step. But looking at Trace's large cock sticking straight out, there was something about it that told me this was right. I reached out and wrapped my hand around his hardness, touching my first cock. He moaned appreciatively as I stroked him for a moment, and I'm sure Jan could surmise what might be happening, but I was glad she couldn't see. She had not yet done anything to earn that privilege.

'Have you ever sucked a cock before?'

The only sounds were the frogs and crickets, the cars on the distant highway, and the occasional slamming of a door at the hotel, so my voice disturbed the silence and made him jump.


'Don't lie to me, I want the truth.'

'N-no. Never.'

'But you've thought about it, haven't you?'

'No, no, I mean y-y-yes.' He was stammering.

'But you've never done it?'


'You won't be able to say that much longer, will you?'

It was a rhetorical question and he didn't answer. He simply hung his head in resignation between his upraised arms.

Stepping back over to the truck I picked up a braided cloth belt, solid enough to hurt but not as likely to leave tell-tale marks. The first time I laid it across Jan's ass she never saw it coming and the squeal from her lips was involuntary. I repeated the blow and at first she pulled away, straining at the rope, but then she pushed her ass out, inviting me to go on. I whipped Jan harshly for several minutes, until her ass was glowing red. Trace heard me step across the six feet of separation and tensed, preparing for the inevitable. But I hesitated, and still managed to catch him slightly off guard. I had never considered whipping another guy, but as I beat this stud I found it exhilarating. He was mine to do with as I please.

Jan's breasts were next, and I could see she relished the agony. Slowly, steadily, I covered her breasts with a criss-crossing maze of red stripes, then dropped to her sensitive stomach and marked her there as well. Then came her back. The clothes pins rose and fell to her heavy breathing, one barely hanging on, having been knocked partially free by the belt.

My first blow on Trace was across his clothes pins and he howled in misery. Without mercy I continued and he was helpless to stop me. His hard cock bobbed up and down as I beat him, a testament to what was going on in his mind.

I was a little out of breath and leaned against the tree, admiring my handiwork, my own cock hard in my shorts. Both of them were hanging against the ropes, panting, their bodies covered with red welts. I knew my next target and looked at Jan's bald pussy.

'Spread your legs wide, both of you.'

They did as I said, perhaps only Jan suspecting what was coming next. I didn't disappoint her. Getting to my feet, I swung the belt upwards and caught it flat against her pussy, the end wrapping up between her legs and slapping her ass. Her squeal was quite real. I landed several more blows from different angles, until her pussy was as red as the rest of her, and then dropped to her thighs, stepping around to get the tender back side.

Next I moved to Trace's thighs and he squirmed to get away. When I slapped his cock with the belt he yelped but stuck it back out there, so I slapped it several more times. Having this hard stud in our little game was really turning me on.

They were both breathing hard and sweating, and I figured it was enough. They'd carry these bruises for a while. I got the camera out and took a few more pictures of their abused bodies and then released the ropes, Jan first this time. They both dropped to their knees.

One by one I led them back to the truck and had them kneel in the grass. Releasing the bonds on their wrists, I left the blindfolds in place and simply admired my fuck toys for a minute. I stepped up to Jan and rubbed my crotch in her face, and she responded like the helpless whore that she is. But I had other things in mind and pushed her away roughly.

I peeled my shirt off and then removed the blindfold from Trace. Standing over him was such a feeling of power and he looked up with an expression that showed both arousal and uncertainty. I liked the uncertainty, it made my ownership of him, and what I was about to do, all the more pleasing.

'Take my pants off.'

Jan stiffened immediately. She wanted to see this so bad, and I could tell it took all her will power not to rip off her blindfold. It was fun to mistreat her and I let her suffer.

'What are you waiting on?'

Hesitantly, Trace reached up to the button on my shorts. His hands shook nervously and he struggled with the button, but he was ever compliant. This stud was going to suck my cock of his own free will. Finally the button was open, and then he worked the zipper down. Finally he reached up and pulled my pants and underwear down my thighs, over my knees and to my ankles, all the while studiously looking away from my hard cock. I stepped out of my shorts and stood over him naked.

When he finally looked up and came face to face with what he wanted, but was scared to admit, he was transfixed. My cock was as big as his and he stared at it only inches from his face.

'You know what's expected of you.'

Still he waited, but I could see he was going to do it, and I let him take his time. Perhaps he only wanted to savor his first time, or maybe he was building his courage, it didn't matter. He was about to be my slut. I looked down at the red ribbons across his body, the clothes pins hanging from his tortured nipples, and saw his cock was hard and purple. I knew then what I was going to do as well.

Finally he reached up and took me in his hand, tilting my cock downward, and ever so slowly leaned towards it. The warmth of his hand felt good around my hardness and I felt a drop of fluid ooze out the end of my cock. Jan stirred restlessly beside me, frustrated at being so close but left out.

'You know you want it. Don't you?'

He didn't answer, and I don't think he could. He reached out with his tongue and touched me for the first time and my cock twitched involuntarily, stretching a string of my pre-cum from his tongue to my cock head. And then as if he couldn't wait any longer he took me deeply into his mouth. As he closed around me his expression changed, and I could see he had wanted this for a very long time.

Having accepted his fate, having taken the final step, he sucked me eagerly now, letting his desire pour out. He held my cock firmly with the one hand, pumping me into his mouth, as his other came up and cupped my balls.

'He's sucking my cock slut. And he loves it.'

Jan stiffened, a soft whimper escaping from her lips.

'You want to see?'

Her voice was barely a whisper. 'Yes.'

'Then look.'

She ripped off the blindfold and then let out a low guttural moan. My cock was buried deep in Trace's mouth, and she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

'Oh God. Oh God. Oh Goooooooddd.'

She moved closer her hands awkward.

'God, can I touch myself?'

'Certainly, slut.'

Instantly her hands went to her pussy, her eyes never leaving my cock sliding in and out of Trace's mouth. Within a minute she groaned in orgasm, never looking away. Her red striped breasts were heaving, the clothes pins bobbing up and down, and her breath was ragged.

'You like?'

'Oh God yesssssss.'

'Then tell him.'

'Suck that big cock Trace. Oh God suck it you stud.'

The encouragement spurred Trace on and he sucked me deeply into his mouth, taking nearly all of me. I took his head in my hands and began to wantonly fuck his face, just like Jan had fantasized. It drove her wild. I was getting close, but I wasn't even close to ready, so I pulled back, extracting my wet cock from his slut mouth. Lifting it up I looked down on his momentarily disappointed face.

'Suck my balls with your whore mouth.'

All hesitation was now gone and he immediately went to task, licking my balls like there was no tomorrow.

'Take them in your mouth.'

He did as I instructed and I thought Jan was going to faint next to me, her hands furiously working her pussy. With one hand she reached up and pulled one of the clothes pins, stretching her nipple away from her body and groaning to what I knew for her was the sweet pleasure of pain. My pleasure was growing as well as my willing sex slave covered my balls with the warmth of his mouth.

I let him suck my balls for a long time, then decided to push him to the final limit. Stepping away I turned to the truck. Feeling the tailgate against my thighs, I bent over and lay my upper body down in the truck, my ass protruding out lewdly. Letting my cock and balls hang, I slid forward until the tailgate forced them down between my legs. Jan knew what I was up to and moaned with delight. I looked back over my shoulder.

'Alright fuck toy. Come show me some gratitude.'

There could be little doubt what I wanted, and he paused for only a moment. Then I felt his hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks. I felt his breath first, and then his tongue made contact with my asshole. I jumped with pleasure, my ass the most sensitive part of my body. Jan whimpered again.

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