The Private Club

by smootchie

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: We go to a private club only intending to watch... but watch what happens

My fiance Kevin and I have been together for almost two years, we have decided to go to this private club where orgies and lots of sex take place. A friend of his had told him about it and we have always flirted with the idea of going. Talking about it together makes us both hot and we have great sex when we think about it. We trust each other and we both had agreed to do it before we were married. It will be fun and exciting, and we were confident that our relationship would not be affected. Besides we really only want to watch.

As we arrive I hold onto Kevin's hand tight, I am nervous because I have never experienced a place like this. I am an open minded person who enjoys sex, turning my man on by satisfying his fantasies and paying attention to his needs and wants, keeps our fires burning for one another. Kevin, being a healthy heterosexual, man keeps me on my toes, but he keeps me more than satisfied sexually and emotionally, therefore, I have it in my mind that tonight ... anything goes.

This club is much like a dance club you would go to in a city, with every room having a different theme. We find a room and take a seat on a red leather couch and watch a titillating orgy. There are three women and two men. Two gorgeous blonds are giving one guy a blow job. He is moaning and has one hand on each of their asses, rubbing, spanking, fingering, playing with their pussies. The other man has a women sitting on his face while he is eating her pussy. I watch her, she is in ecstasy rolling her head back and forth, licking her lips and moaning, her hands are rubbing her insanely large beautiful breasts pulling at her nipples. Finally, another guy walks over to her and starts licking her breasts.

Kevin puts his arm around me and reaches for my left breast, whispers in my ear,"Are you hot?"

I turn my head and kiss him hard. He puts his other hand in between my legs and I felt like I could almost have an orgasm right away.

A women comes over and asks, "Can I give you a lap dance?"

She has shoulder length black hair cut in a bob and high arching eyebrows, her eyes are the most amazing color of indigo blue, she has milky white skin, and she is short, she is strikingly beautiful and exotic looking to me. There is a mysterious and erotic essence about her that oozes sex, she has on a short black dress, and red heels. I watch as the skirt flows and she sways back and forth lifting her skirt just a little, with her question. I smile at Kevin urging him on and he says,"Yes."

She skips the dance and climbs onto his lap kissing him full on the mouth. I watch surprised at how turned on I actually am, I feel tingles of excitement. I sit up and closer to Kevin so that half my body is behind him. I watch for a moment, then with the same arm I have around him, I reach over to her and caress her cheek with my hand, while she is kissing Kevin. I kiss Kevin's neck and twirl my tongue in his ear. His left hand is exploring this women's ass and his other hand is rubbing the inside of my leg, I know he is teasing me. The women stops kissing Kevin and her and I look at each other for a moment. She leans over his shoulder and kisses me on the lips, I love this new feeling of kissing a women.

I have never kissed a women before, but Kevin and I have flirted about my curiosity, it always turns him on so quickly. Her mouth was so much softer than any man's, her tongue flickered around mine and danced in my mouth. It was the most erotic feeling to kiss a women and I loved how sexy it made me feel that Kevin was watching us and getting hard by it. Her hand caressed my cheek and my neck as she licked my lips one last time. She smiles at me in a way I know, I will never forget, leaving me so hot for more of her.

She turns her attention back to Kevin, she gets down on her knees in front of him and rubs his hard cock over his black dress pants. I can see how hard his 5 inch and very thick dick has grown. He rolls his head back to me and I kiss him hard and passionately on the mouth. I resumed kissing his ear and his neck while she undoes his button and zipper, very slowly teasing him. Her look was so sexy and erotic, I am as hot as Kevin is, feeling my clit swell and throb.

She pulls his pants down and he spreads his legs, she gives him one lick that started from his balls up to his cock head. He moans and turns his head to look at me, I lick his lips and we watch on together as she digs her tongue into the split of his hole where he cums. She twists her hand, rubbing his shaft and puts the head in her mouth going down on him the best she can. His thickness makes it hard to put him fully into her mouth, but she does it and it is beautiful to watch her mouth stretch with his dick in her mouth and those gorgeous eyes of hers, looking up at us. He moans and I lick his neck, and suck on his ear. She is slow and takes her time, like she is in no hurry and there is nothing she would rather be doing, than to be giving Kevin a blow job. The closer he comes to his climax the harder and more I kiss and lick him. He moans, "I'M GOING TO CUM!."

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