Ebony in the Jewel of Desire - an Eros Shared World Story

by tenyari

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Orgy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Ebon skinned thief Ebony attempts to steal the jewel of desire to take her home, but the seeming end of her adventures is only the beginning. This story introduces the Eros Shared World project.

In the mist filled dusk, holding her hands against the wall of a wooden building on a hilly backstreet of the port city of Kumatos along the great western shore, Ebony had no idea who the man ramming his cock into her cunt from behind was. Nor to be honest, did she really give a dam.

"Oh yeah, fuck me harder!" she cried out. That was about the limit of her concerns in that moment. She looked back over her shoulder. It was her first look at him to be honest. Less than a minute ago she'd been standing there minding her own business, mentally preparing for the final moment of three long years of travel across the islands of Eros. Three long years all for this night, all to find a way home, back to a place she could no longer remember.

All she knew was that it wasn't here, not Eros. She was an Outsider, as her lack of memory suggested and countless mages had been keen to point out. Apparently it made her an ideal fuck - mages sought her out for the charge fucking an Outsider could give.

But this man was no mage, just another sailor with a good thick cock needing an available pussy. He'd walked up from behind as she'd been bent over strapping her knives into her garters, spread her ass cheeks, and quietly slid his dick right into her cunt without a word between them.

But that was Eros for her. The first time that happened to her had been quite a shock. People here rarely asked for the fuck, if you didn't want it you just pushed them out of your cunt or slid them off your dick and they'd move on for the next available thrill. Sex was such a normal part of the way things were here, nobody thought anything of it.

An exotic beauty like Ebony was always in high demand, with her tall graceful athletic body, dark mahogany skin, and bleach blond hair kept into pigtails. Add to this a nice inviting pink clit nearly always poking out from between her bare nether lips. Even more so after she'd had the hood pierced with a charming little golden loop to match the ones in the prominent nipples crowning her small teats. Like everyone else in Eros, Ebony wore little more than her birthday suit. Just two garters on each leg with knives in them, the piercings and the hairbands, and a small coin pouch on the garter of her right thigh. Otherwise, from head toetip, she was a naked beauty with come hither pink eyes and pouty fuck-me mouth.

Ebony rarely got more than a few blocks in any town on the Western Shore without being fucked or fondled or both.

So it really didn't matter who the sailor was, he didn't look all that much different from any of the other tan skinned locals; human, average height, strong muscles, rough hands from a life or work, tattoos denoting his class and profession, the smell of today's catch in his brown scraggy hair, and, most important to Ebony, a nice long thick and welcomingly hard cock. Even better, one that was presently ramming itself into her pussy at a good satisfying pace.

"Uh!" He grunted, shook and held himself, and the shot his load into her.

"Oh darn it honey," Ebony said. He'd come a little sooner than she'd have liked. The men here didn't last as long as the islanders. She was too exotic for them here. They fucked her more often, but rarely lasted long enough for her to cum.

At least this one had the decency to reach down and frig her fast and furiously, three fingers to the hilt, until she gave out her soft and high pitched gasp of relief. "Oh, oh oh..." she called out, steadying herself.

The sailor moved on, his dick soft and satiated. Even limp, it was at least two hand lengths long. If she wasn't leaving tonight, she might have tried to remember his face. Always good to know which men will make sure you get to cum. Now he was lost in the small crowd of people going to and fro. People who had barely stopped to care at the sight of him fucking her on the street like that.

"I've been in town too long," she thought. On her first night in the city, walking off the docks with her looks, it had been an orgy of cocks after her and a crowd of onlookers in the inn she'd picked to stay in. Everyone wanting to see the ebon skinned girl get fucked. As if the sight of a cock pulling back those pink lips from her dark skin was really all that different from the local girls they'd laid out beside her to compare.

Ebony turned from the wall and made her way up the hill. Her notoriety in this town would only make the task all that much more difficult. How exactly do you sneak into the largest temple in the city and steal the Jewel of Desire off its central alter in a place where you couldn't blend in with anyone and half the town must've been up your cunt by now?

The answer was to wait for nightfall. At least by then she'd have a prayer of a chance. And if all else failed, she had a tiny flask in her coin purse given to her by a sea witch for the price of a little tongue on clit action. It held the witch's nether juices, mixed with her spit, and was said to be just enough to conceal her presence for a few short minutes.

As full on night approached, Ebony made her way to the temple square. Some random coastal god of fishing. The statute outside looked like a merman with an obscenely large prick upon which many a local maiden would plant herself for good luck. One such young lass was at it as Ebony approached, furiously rubbing her clit to assist the cold stone in getting her off. For the luck to really work, you needed to ride the stone prick long enough to cum, or so the town priests claimed in their sermons. One of them was chanting a blessing as the busy girl busied her mouth with his dick.

Religion was just something Ebony didn't get. She'd seen mages who could work their charms just as with it as without. But it made the masses happy. Ebony fell in with that lot that claimed the gods were dead or at least too busy getting off in some netherworld to pay attention to the mortals. But then, in her travels, she'd seen more definitions of who or what the gods were than she could count.

Still, she took a coin from her purse, washed it in the fountain, put it in her pussy, and then tossed it into the basket shaped net held in the fishing god statue's left hand. All the while surveying the grounds. Like she'd done the night before and the night before that.

Not that the building had changed. A central dome with towers on three ends in a triangle and archways leading inside between them. Ebony knew that as night fell the high priestess of the temple would take the jewel she sought into her cunt and after an orgy with the evening flock, carry it into the northern tower. Ebony assumed it would then go to rest at the top of the tower, based on the scrying of the last witch of the islands who'd told her to come here.

She knew that she herself had to take the egg shaped Jewel of Desire into her cunt and fuck a stranger without him knowing it was there, and as his jism shot into her, she was be whisked away to whence she'd come. The sages had been very clear to her on this point over the past three years. Every oracle who'd spread her open and glanced up her canal had claimed to see it written as if in plain broad brush strokes, not that she'd seen anything herself squatting in front of a mirror.

Ebony sat and watched as the faithful gathered in the central room of the temple on cushions and pillows and began to fondle each other. She spread her legs for a woman with questing lips and let the energies take her body, all the while working to keep her senses sharp.

The priestess arrived, chanting away in that babbling tongue the overly religious resorted to. A few pixies darted about, attracted by the magical energy and performing aerial fuck stunts for the crowd below. The woman sucking on her cunt was being gently plowed by a man even more exotic than Ebony, a Faun, goat legs and all. She hadn't seen many non-humans in this town before tonight, just the odd gnome or goblin.

The priestess took the egg-shaped Jewel of Desire out from a belly socket of a naga statue in the center of the room and placed it within herself. Ebony noticed the moon shaped pubes above the woman's crotch. Only mages had pubic hair in Eros, everyone else was bald - cock or cunt. Ebony had never quite mastered the different shapes mage pubes came in. A half moon, pointing down, for a West Continent mage ... what exactly did it mean?

The fist sized egg shaped jewel went in smoothly, but seeing its size, Ebony had her doubts any man would fail to notice it within her. "I'd have to fuck a pixie," she thought. The men among the flock began to line up around the priestess, who laid herself out on a cushioned platform. Each man seemed to give a particularized number of thrusts into her cunt before pulling out and joined the writhing masses scattered around the platform. As they did a steady glow accumulated around the priestess.

Ebony wasn't very partial to mage work, but leaving now would call undo attention, so let a pair of men take their turns in her ass and cunt as she tried to pay attention. After a good number of minutes and an stream of men and women having their way with her, Ebony felt a pulsing energy run through her - it felt of the sea, both refreshing and salty at the same time. Then the priestess, looking somewhat haggard and used, and coated in jism from top to bottom, rose up and left the room, singing a strange haunting chant like a woman's voice carried on a windy breeze.

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