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Desc: Sex Story: She found out that her hubby was cheating on her.

I got up from the computer with a smile on my face. If I was right, within the next twenty-four hours my husband would read what I had just typed and if I knew him - and believe me I did - he would be smiling and rubbing his cock. Hell - he might even take it out and stroke it.

Revenge could sometimes be so sweet!

It all started the day I overheard two women gossiping at the beauty parlor. My favorite stylist had quit working at my regular salon and had gone to work at another place and I had followed her so I'd only been coming to the place for three weeks so I didn't know them and they had no idea who I was.

"Have you heard about Sophie?"

"Lord, what has that girl been up to now?"

"She's playing around with married men again."

"Oh my. You would think that she would have learned by now. What's this one, her third?"

"Fourth that I know of."

"There was George Wilson and Bill Hallman that I knew about. Who was the third?"

"Dave Misner."

"Oh no. I thought Dave and Cheri were the perfect couple. No way I would have ever thought Dave would run around on Cheri."

"The story I got is that Cheri was having an affair with her fitness instructor and Dave found out. He took up with Sophie to rub Cheri's nose in it."

"What happened? I saw Dave and Cheri at church last Sunday."

"I guess they decided that they were even and that they still loved each other and they are trying to put things back together. I think Sophie thought Dave was going to leave Cheri for her."

"That's what she thought about George Wilson and Bill Hillman. You would think by now that the girl would have a clue. Who is the latest one?"

"I don't know his name, but he is the tall, dark haired man who runs the feed store."

That got my attention! My husband Steve was tall, dark haired and he ran a feed store. In fact, it was the only feed store in town. Until hearing those two gossiping I had never, not in ten years of marriage, ever considered that my husband was anything other than one hundred percent faithful.

The two women changed the subject and moved on to something else and I sat there and tried to think of something - anything at all - that I could look at and say that it was a sign of cheating and I couldn't. Steve could not possibly have been cheating on me. Unfounded rumors and gossip is all that it was.

On the way home from the beauty parlor I tried to think of when Steve could cheat on me - if he was - and I was pretty sure that I could account for all of his time. There were only three times during the week that he wasn't with me and I knew where he was at those times. He bowled in a men's house league on Mondays and Thursdays and he had a lodge meeting on Wednesdays. I was not home alone on those nights. Monday I taught a class in pottery making at the community college and Thursday nights were my bridge club nights. Wednesday was my quiet time. No, I could account for all of Steve's time so he couldn't be running around on me.

But still?

The seed had been planted and for two weeks it grew until it finally reached a point where I had to know for sure. I called my friend Wanda and told her I was going to have to miss bridge on Thursday and then I called the school and told them I had an out of town emergency and wouldn't be in on Monday.

Monday I was parked down the street from the feed store when it closed. I followed Steve to the bowling alley and just about the time I started feeling stupid for doubting him I noticed something odd. He didn't get out of his car. He just sat in it and I noticed him checking his watch every couple of minutes. Maybe ten minutes went by and then another car pulled in and parked next to him and a blond with big tits got out of that car and got in the car with Steve. They leaned together and kissed and then Steve pulled out of the bowling alley parking lot and I followed them to a Motel 6 and watched as Steve went into the office and got a room.

I sat where I could watch the door of room 119 and it was three hours before Steve and his slut came out. They drove back to the bowling alley, made out for a few minutes and then the fuck pig got out of Steve's car and got in her own as Steve pulled out of the lot and headed home.

Steve was waiting for me when I got home. He was smiling and he said, "I'm in the mood sweetie. How about you?"

I wanted to pick up the table lamp and smack him with it, but instead I did something I had never done in ten years of marriage. I told him that I had a splitting head ache and didn't feel like it. He was shocked! I almost laughed, but that would not have fit the mood I was trying to project.

"In fact honey, I feel so bad that I'm going to sleep in the spare bedroom tonight. I may even call in sick to work if I don't feel better in the morning."

That really got his attention. In nine years I had never missed a scheduled day of work so I must really be sick. And it was true - I was sick - sick of looking at his sorry ass so I went off to bed. I avoided Steve on Tuesday morning and was in bed faking being sick when he got home from work. Wednesday I was parked where I had been parked on Monday and when Steve got off work he went straight to the Motel 6 and got a room. He parked in front of room 107 and left the door open when he went inside. Ten minutes later the bimbo showed up, looked in the open door, saw Steve and went inside and closed the door.

I sat there staring at that door and wondered what Steve saw in the cunt. I was better looking than she was. The only thing she had me beat on was breast size. I was a 34B cup and she was at least a 38D. Steve had never indicated to me that he was a breast man. The one time I did mention getting a boob job he came unglued and told me that mine were perfect and not to touch them. What else did the cunt have going for her besides tits? I treated Steve like a fucking king for Christ's sake and he was out screwing around on me? I didn't wait to see what time Steve and his cunt would come out of the room. I just went home and was in bed pretending to be asleep when Steve got there.

I could have passed on Thursday, but I had already told the girls that I wouldn't be there and I guess I did have some morbid curiosity so I was again parked down the street when Steve closed the store. I followed him to an apartment complex on Wilcox and watched as he went up to an apartment and rang the bell. The door opened and the fucking big titted slut stepped aside and let Steve in. I wondered why Steve was wasting money on a motel room when the whore had an apartment. I also started wondering how long Steve had been fucking around on me. He had been going bowling for the last seven years and he had been a member of the lodge for nine. Had he been cheating on me that long?

I sat there in the apartment complex parking lot and tried to understand what was happening. Up until that day at the beauty parlor I thought I had a great marriage and a loving husband. What had I done wrong?

I know that it wasn't lack of sex. I had never, at least not until the last few days, said no when Steve wanted to make love. We averaged five times a week and I've been told that after ten years of marriage that level of frequency is almost unbelievable and I did everything for Steve - including oral and anal. It made no sense to me. I knew that I was better looking than Steve's slut. Hell, I had guys hitting on me all the time, but I had never been unfaithful to my husband. At least not until then. I started to give some serious thought to getting even by doing the same thing that Steve was doing.

As I pulled up in front of the house I saw flickering light through the front window and was confused for a second before I realized that Steve must have left the computer on again. Once inside I saw the screen saver scrolling across the screen and out of curiosity I hit "enter" to clear out the screen saver and show me what Steve was logged onto when he left. It was another one of his porn sites and what was on the screen was a story of some kind. I read some of it and found that it was a story about a cheating wife. I hit the "back" button and found another story about a cheating wife. I hit "back" again and then again and again. All stories about wives cheating on their husbands. Some because they liked bigger cocks; some because they just were not being taken care of at home; some because they had gotten drunk and were taken advantage of and found out that it was exciting and a turn on to cheat and some because they were being blackmailed for something or other. I pulled up "history" and found that Steve had four story sites that he visited regularly. Was that it? Was Steve cheating for the thrill and excitement of it? I shut the computer down and went to take a shower.

I was washing my hair when the idea came to me. I rolled it around in my mind and by the time I was toweling off I knew just how I was going to get back at Steve. The first thing I would have to do was get back into the loving wife mode. Get back to not saying no when Steve wanted to make love (no-better make that 'fuck'- there would be precious little love making in that house anymore). I would even go after him. He had to think that it was business as usual. There would be no confrontation over Miss Big Tits. Steve would never find out that I knew. That was important to me - that he not find out that I knew because my revenge was going to be ongoing. If our marriage lasted fifty years it would be fifty years of hanging horns on him and then letting him read about it. Every affair, every back seat quickie, every surreptitious blow job in the supply closet at work would be written up in story form and then posted to the sites that Steve accessed and he would read them and not know that HE was the cuckold in the story. And I knew just who the first one to cuckold my hubby would be.

Our next door neighbor Jason is a hunk and he has made no secret of the fact that he would fuck me in a New York minute if I would let him. Never in front of Steve of course and even with me he couches it in terms that will allow him to protest his innocence if I call him on it. I will admit that I do flirt with him at times, sometimes outrageously, but up until Miss Big Tits came on the scene Jason didn't have a chance in hell of ever getting a sniff of my pussy. But the big titted whore was on the scene and Jason was finally going to get lucky.

The first thing I did was rent a post office box. The second was to buy a lap top computer and the third was to sign up with an ISP using the post office box as the billing address. I bought the lap top to insure that Steve would never know I was writing stories. If I used our home computer there was always a chance he could stumble onto something. I wouldn't even let him know I had a lap top.

Using my new lap top I accessed the four sites that Steve spent his time on. It was a simple matter to set up an author's account on each of the four sites. I had to select a user name and a password and I was in business. I thought long and hard about what user name to select and finally went with "pissedoffwife." In the author's profile on each site I let every one know that I was a wife who had been cheated on and that I had set out to get even and that all the stories I posted would be true. Once I had all that in place I set out to get Jason's cock in me.

I was paid for teaching my class on Monday nights so that night was out, but I could take time off from my bridge club. They had a list of people who liked filling in so I wouldn't be putting them behind the eight ball. I worked a lot of extra hours at work and I built up those extra hours as comp time and I had quite a bit I could use when I wanted. And I had my "quiet time" Wednesday nights plus Steve played golf on weekends that he didn't work and he sometimes took off on weekend hunting and fishing trips. I would have plenty of time to "play."

I would make my move on Jason Saturday morning. Steve would be playing golf and the weather was supposed to be sunny and hot; perfect conditions for what I wanted to make happen.

I was awake when Steve got home from his meeting with his fuck pig. I was lying on the bed wearing a black lace nightie and my legs were spread wide as I worked on my pussy with a rubber cock that we sometimes used for sex play. When Steve came into the room I smiled at him and said:

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