Patricia's Rainy Day Games...

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Swinging, White Male, White Female, Oriental Male, Oriental Female, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A reluctant Patricia breaths a sigh of relief, when Jordan sets up private little Indoor Games with two other Surgeons and their Physician Assistants. Aware she will be forced to go along with the erotic things they want'"she wonders if Dr. Mackenzie will at last be satisfied that she has fulfilled the terms of her bizarre contract. Last story of the Series

Sitting up in bed, Jordan looked over at the clock on the Night Stand. It's two o'clock in the morning, he thought. He could hear Patricia and Jane, the two petite little women he had spent the night with, breathing relaxed and light. He felt such warm affection for both of them as he watched them sleeping peacefully on each side of him.

The two attractive women had indeed made his ultimate fantasy come true. For several torrid hours the evening before, they had given him a night of sweet erotic pleasures that had fulfilled his favorite fantasy beyond his wildest dreams. It was a night never to be forgotten. I'll probably remember last night even after I'm dead! he thought, laughing to himself.

Lost in pleasant thoughts of last night, Jordan wasn't prepared for the loud clap of thunder that suddenly resounded off the walls of the room. The loudness and reverberations shook the whole cottage.

"What was that?" a startled Patricia said, sitting up in bed. "I have never heard thunder that loud before." She was now fully awake.

A moment later, the sounds of a torrential rainstorm begin to beat loudly on the roof of the cottage. A few minutes later more loud thunder and lightning. There was no doubt—the Monsoon rainy season had arrived.

At six o'clock that morning, the torrential rainstorm was still raging. Coming into the kitchen where Patricia and Jane were busy preparing breakfast, Jordan stood at the window watching the heavy downpour.

"Will we be able to get out later?" Jane asked, looking over at Jordan.

"No, I doubt it," Jordan replied. "I'm pretty sure the Monsoon rains have started. Looks like we're in for it! It's really coming down in force out there."

"I was looking out at that big building over near the Jungle's edge. They have it all lit up this morning," Patricia said, entering the conversation, "Why are all the lights on?"

"Everyone is supposed to go there right after breakfast," Jane said. "During Monsoon season, everyone plays inside games."

Hearing this Patricia remembered what Lady Yater had told her at the beach the day she had shared her beach umbrella. "Lady Yater told me the inside games can get really wild," Patricia said. "What sort of stuff goes on?"

Jordan slipped on his raincoat. Turning to Patricia he said, "Jane can explain it to you. I have to leave. I want to talk to Dr. Arnold and Dr. Misaki. Maybe there's a way we can arrange to have our own little Monsoon party here in the cottage." With that he slipped out the door and made his way through the pouring rain to a black car that had just pulled up to the curb.

"We should get ready," Jane Qwan said, "I'll tell you while we get ready."

Entering the bedroom Jane took charge. "First, we have to cut our fingernails real short," she said. Taking a nail clipper she cut her nails back even with the tops of her delicate brown little fingers.

Then she gave the nail clipper to a puzzled Patricia who also reluctantly clipped her nails even with her fingers.

"Jane... , tell me—why are we doing this?" Patricia asked her little friend.

"Because all girls cut fingernails real short. No one get scratched," Jane explained.

"Today everyone wear old dresses, skirts and blouses," Jane said, explaining to a more and more reluctant Patricia what would be happening within the hour.

When Jane finished explaining what the Indoor Games involved, Patricia was shaken to her core with fear, apprehension, and revulsion. She had always been a gentle girl never physically aggressive.

She had never been in a physical struggle with another woman in her life—nor did she have any desire to physically confront another female.

Now, it finally dawned on her that the indoor games everyone talked about involved the female Physician Assistants challenging each other to various little scuffling confrontations with hair pulling and wrestling. This was more often than not encouraged by the Surgeons looking on.

I can't do this... ! she thought, her mind racing wildly trying to come up with a way to avoid what seemed to be the inevitable. I was brought up to be a lady. I don't know anything about this sort of thing.

"Jane... , I can't do what they want... ; I'm just going to tell them I refuse!" Patricia said, defiantly.

"You might want to rethink that, "Jane said. "Dr. Jordan lose much face if you say no. Also, you'll become an outcast to the other girls. You don't want to say no." she assured her shaken friend. "It's better not to refuse."

"Is there any way we can get out of going?" Patricia said, hoping for a reprieve.

"I think that's why Jordan go to talk to Dr. Arnold and other Surgeon. Maybe we have our own indoor games right here in our cottage ... Be better ... not so wild," Jane assured a concerned Patricia. "If he work something out with them, we can have it here," Jane said.

"Oh, I really hope we can," Patricia said, sensing that a ray of hope might still exist. "Let's keep our fingers crossed."

The Doctors Meet...

The torrential rains were so heavy Jordan, riding up front with the driver, couldn't see anything out the car windows. "Whew! What a storm... !" he said to the driver.

"Yeah, the Monsoon season is definitely here," the driver said, with a little laugh.

When they arrived at Dr. Bill Arnold's cottage, Jordan instructed the driver to pull in under the overhang.

Dr. Arnold opened the door. "Hello Jordan," he laughed. "Great weather for ducks, huh? Thanks for coming over."

"To have a chance to set up what we talked about, I would have come over here even if I had to take a rowboat." Jordan said, with a little grin.

"Who all is coming? Do we know yet?" Jordan said.

"Well, I've contacted all the people we talked about and they've all agreed to come. I know they don't want anything to do with that mess they're having over in the big building. I'm pretty sure we'll have everyone we contacted."

"So there'll be myself, Patricia Renton, and Jane Qwan ... You and Lady Peggy Yater ... Dr. Misaki and Souka Nakamura..."

"What a group, huh?" Bill said, "Talk about an abundance of erotic delights. This is going to be great! Every woman in the group is sexy in her own way—not to mention beautiful."

"What time are we all getting together?" Jordan asked.

"We thought everyone could meet at your place at around ten o'clock this morning," Bill said. "Okay... ?"

"That sounds good. By the way, Jane said you should remind the other females to be sure and cut their fingernails and to wear old clothes."

Bill laughed, grasping the significance of Jordan's statement. "Boy... ! Does that ever sound promising," he said. "Maybe at last we'll get to see Jane Qwan and Lady Peggy try each other."

The Ten O'clock Get Together...

Patricia, now that the time had almost arrived to receive their guests, still felt unsure of herself.

"Jane, what if I still can't bring myself to do what they want me to do?" she said, to her friend. "I'm not sure how well I'll do."

" ... Be just like last night," Jane said, "maybe a little different, "she said, trying to reassure her. "Only with more people. "Once we start—you watch—do what we do."

"Okay. I'll try." Patricia said, still harboring doubts.

"Jordan say he can't wait to watch you do it with other girls," Jane said, trying to encourage her.

"He said that... ?" Patricia said, looking at her friend, trying to determine if Jane was teasing her.

"Yes... , when he watch you with other girls... , He be very happy... ," Jane assured a reluctant Patricia.

A moment later, the doorbell rang. "Here they are!" Jordan said, getting up to answer the door. Everyone trouped in, many completely drenched from the rainstorm. Jane and Patricia quickly relieved the visitors of their wet raincoats and umbrellas. A few minutes later, they were serving steaming cups of tea and coffee to their guests.

With everyone at ease with one another, the atmosphere turned into one of conviviality. Even with the existing undercurrent of sexual excitement they all felt, everyone was enjoying the exchanging of pleasantries and chitchat.

"Looks like everyone is here, "Dr. Arnold said, looking around the room at the others. Without speaking, everyone knew it was time. The air was pregnant with anticipation. It seemed to hang in the air.

"Come on, girls," Lady Peggy Yater said, in her perky animated way of speaking. "Let's go in the bedrooms and fire into our sexy nightdresses."

Patricia followed the other girls into the Master Bedroom. As she shyly started to undress, she looked over at the little Japanese lady undressing nearest her. Jane Qwan had introduced her to Patricia as Souka Nakamura. She and I are almost the same except she's Asian, Patricia thought.

Miss Nakamura, seeing Patricia looking at her, smiled back at her. "You are Patricia? Right... ?" she said. "We've all heard about you."

Seeing Souka was trying to be friendly, Patricia returned her smile and said. "Yes... , this is my first indoor cottage games. Aren't you nervous?" she asked the quiet slender well-mannered woman.

"No, I do before. Dr. Misaki, he very excited. I make really good for him," she said, with a quaint little smile. "I think Dr. Mackenzie must be very excited to see you do it for first time, right?"

"Yes... ," Patricia said, "He's definitely excited."

Looking across the room, she could see her two friends Lady Peggy and Jane Qwan deep in conversation. What are they up too? Patricia thought.

"Did everyone remember to wear white panties?" Lady Peggy said, laughing that naughty little laugh of hers.

"Yes... !" everyone chorused.

Then Patricia surprised even herself by saying. "Look who's counseling us about wearing panties."

Everyone laughed. They all knew Lady Peggy's naughty little secret. Most of the time, she wore no panties!

The games begin...

The Surgeons, Jordan, Bill Arnold, and Bruce Misaki were flying on the wings of anticipation as the four sexy women reentered the living room dressed in their feminine lacy nightdresses.

Looking around, Patricia was surprised to see, in their absence, the mattress' from the bedrooms had all been brought in and placed in the middle of the huge living room.

"Okay, how do we start this? " Dr. Arnold said, looking around at the group who was sitting in the armchairs and on the sofa waiting expectantly.

"Why don't you pair off and do some girl/girl stuff?" Bill said, looking over at the four beautiful women.

"Yeah... , how 'bout Jane and Lady Peggy first?" Jordan chimed in.

What happened next was like watching the opening Act of an erotic play to Patricia. Going over, she sat down beside Jordan on sofa. She felt such a feeling of warmth and security as she felt his arm slide around her shoulders. Maybe it's going to be all right after all, she thought, trying to reassure herself.

Nestled against his warm shoulder, she waited expectantly to see what type of erotic activity was going to take place between Jane Qwan and Peggy Yater. Maybe I should be taking notes, she thought, laughing to herself.

"How do you think Lady Yater will do with our friend, Jane?"

"They're both fiery little females so it wouldn't surprise me to see it get wild and sexy before they're through," Jordan said. "It will definitely be exciting." Sitting next to him, Patricia could sense his obvious excitement.

"Come on here and get me... , you cheap little tramp," Lady Peggy said, taunting and laughing daring Jane to react.

"Who you calling a tramp?" Jane said, with a snide little laugh. "You cheap little slut!"

Stepping up on the mattress' they now stood face to face—staring into the other's eyes—each female daring the other to make the first move.

Finally, Jane broke the tension by seizing Peggy's slender wrists. A moment later, their delicate fingers laced together, the two women began struggling back and forth, each trying to force the other down to the mattress. Suddenly, Jane hooked her calve behind Peggy's and tripped her.

Following her down, Jane quickly took advantage by throwing herself on top of Peggy, who now lay flat on her back. Her white slender legs were sprawled apart; her white panties were on full view. Pinning Peggy's arms to the mattress, Jane seated herself astride Peggy's stomach.

"Now I slap your face," Jane gloated. With that she slapped Peggy's pretty little face none to gentle. Then, laughing down at Peggy, she followed that first slap with an even harder one.

Patricia watched fascinated. Unlike when Jane had slapped her face during their little play fight the night before, it soon became obvious that Peggy wasn't going to just give up and lie there and take it the way she had.

"Oh... , so, you like to slap, huh?" Peggy said, angry evident on her pretty face.

Bucking her sexy hips up wildly, Peggy's white panties slipped to one side. Patricia could see all the men were excited that one of her brown hairy labia lips was temporarily on full display! Their erotic view immediately disappeared as Peggy threw a startled Jane sprawling off the top of her onto her back.

Scrambling to her knees, kneeling alongside Jane, Peggy managed to give her face a good open-handed slap that left a vivid red handprint. She followed the first slap with another slap that resounded off the walls of the room. Their little melee' was on!

Lurching up wildly, Jane grabbed two fistfuls of Peggy's brown hair and pulled her off her knees down on top of her. Screaming, shrieking, and grunting the battle between the two beautiful sexy females was joined in earnest. A moment later, they fell locked together—taking each other to the mattresses in a tangle of arms and sexy legs.

Outside the Monsoon Rains built in fury, beating against the cottage roof slamming against the door as if to join the fury of the two angry women inside who battled on!

After a brief noisy period of rolling and tumbling over and over each other, Peggy finally struggled on top and sit up astride of Jane a few minutes later. Quickly pinned Jane's slender arms alongside her head with her knees, the fiery little Lady Peggy leaned over her little victim and began slapping and jerking Jane's head up off the mattress by her long black hair.

Patricia watched as Peggy started to control Jane by seizing two handfuls of her long black hair. Jane was now lying underneath Peggy, getting the worst of it, her rumpled nightdress hiked up above her waist—little tufts of black pubic hair protruding out from under her sexy white panties. Everything was on vivid display as her sexy brown thighs thrashed about wildly.

Looking around, Patricia could see the three men were enjoying watching Peggy and Jane's little confrontation. She hated them!

It soon became obvious to the people watching—the little battle between the two fiery little women was almost over. Jane would never manage to get her Antagonist off her again.

Finally Peggy, looking herself somewhat worse for the wear, bedraggled, her brown hair hanging down in her eyes and almost as exhausted as Jane, leaned down and asked her.

"Have you had quite enough? Are you ready to quit and give up?"

"Yes... ," Jane said, out of breath from her struggling.

"Then... , say you're in submission to me. Come on... , say it!" Lady Peggy said, "or would you like me to slap your silly little face some more?"

"No," Jane said, a bitter sob of frustration and disappointment registering in her voice. "I give up now. You win..."

Lady Peggy takes control...

Patricia was curious to see what would happen next as she watched Peggy crawl off Jane's stomach. Seizing her hapless victim by her long black hair, Peggy forced Jane up to her feet.

Bill Arnold quickly went across the room and opened the door that led to the Suite that had recently been vacated by Dr. Koto and Jane. As he held the door open, Peggy still holding a defeated Jane by her long black hair dragged her through the open door leading into the other Suite. Bill Arnold, the doctor she worked for, followed them.

"What's going on? What are they doing? Why are they taking Jane into the other Suite?" a puzzled Patricia asked Jordan.

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