The Portrait: Retribution

by Agena

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, .

Desc: Drama Story: A husband gives retribution to a cheating wife.

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Twenty five years. That's how long we'd be married in two weeks. It didn't seem possible that time had gone so fast. Our whole married life seemed to flash before my eyes as I finished reading the report. The private investigator had been quite thorough and had even included photos of the adulterous affair my wife, Jenny, was having with our neighbor and one of my best friends. They were taken in our bedroom on our marital bed.

I traveled quite a bit for my job and even though our sex life was quite active when I was home I didn't think she was that needy when I was gone. I'd always kept it in my pants when I traveled because of the fear of bringing home a disease and thereby ending my marriage. She'd always threatened me with instant divorce if I strayed and I didn't want to lose my house and family over a little dicky-dunkin so I played it close to the vest when I traveled. Now I find out she's been screwing Tom Jenkins, our neighbor. I wonder what his wife Marcy would say when she finds out? We had enjoyed many events with them in the past; from barbeques to dinners, movies and just hanging around. Now it would end but not till after our twenty fifth anniversary party.

It had only been one little mistake on their part that had alerted me to the affair. While looking under the bed for the keys I'd dropped between the headboard and the wall, I discovered a condom wrapper. Since I'd had a vasectomy after our last child it didn't take a rocket scientist to begin suspecting something and I remembered looking down under the bed for some gift wrapping paper before I left on my last trip and it wasn't there then. Yes, that's right; under the bed, because that's where she keeps it.

We had two kids, Ben & Alice, but they were away at college and as far as I knew they hadn't been home for awhile. However, before I started thinking really bad thoughts I'd better check with my better(?) half to make sure we hadn't had visitors who used our bed (very unlikely) while I was away. She hadn't mentioned it if she had but I needed to confirm it. I'd have to be subtle about asking though and I wasn't known for my tact, but I wasn't ready to confront her yet.

Later that evening I brought up the subject of visitors.

"Honey, we haven't had anyone come visit us for awhile. Are you up to having my sister and her husband come down for a visit?"

"Why, I guess so Frank (that's me). Why the sudden yen for visitors?"

"The kids haven't been here for awhile or anyone else, so I thought I'd like to get a little activity going around here. Its too quiet with just the two of us."

"Well OK," she laughed. "If that's what you want, go ahead but next month its our anniversary and we'll be having all the visitors we can handle. Go ahead and ask your sister if you want."

"Maybe your right. I guess we can get by for another month without visitors. I'll be leaving on my trip in a few days, so why don't you ask your sister to come visit while I'm gone? You must get lonely sometimes."

"What's with you and visitors? I'm perfectly content here by myself while your gone. I don't need company."

"Well, what about the kids? They haven't been home for awhile have they?"

"You know neither one of them has been here since spring break. They'll be coming home for the anniversary celebration next month though so stop pushing for visitors for heavens sake."

"OK, OK, don't get upset. I just worry about you here by yourself."

"Well, that's sweet dear, but I'm fine. We have the security system and that's all I need to keep me safe."

After that I just shut up about visitors and changed the subject. It appeared we hadn't had any visitors while I was gone that would account for a condom wrapper under the bed. I'd have to do a little more thinking on the subject to devise a plan that would allow me to monitor things at home while I traveled.

"Have you heard from John lately?" I asked.

John Manson was a local artist who was doing our portrait for our wedding anniversary and was going to be unveiled at the celebration. Up until now I'd been very enthused to have it done as a visible keepsake of our twenty-five years of love and devotion to one another.

"He called the other day and wanted us to come for a look-see by the end of the month before he has it framed."

"OK, we'll do it after I get back from my next trip."

The next day I made an appointment with a local PI to see about engaging his services discretely to check on things when I was gone. Before I left on my trip and while Jenny was out shopping with friends, he came to our home, wired it for video, still photo and sound in our bedroom with sophisticated, miniature equipment that would operate in dim and bright light situations. I also had the phones tapped.

So there I was, two weeks later, holding the PI's report in my hand and looking at some very revealing photos taken with the still camera that totally incriminated my wife and our neighbor. It almost made me ill to look at them. Especially the still photo that clearly showed their faces and identified them without any doubt. She was kneeling naked on the bed and he was doing her doggy style from behind and both were looking right into the camera with pure, erotic bliss on their faces. You could see him fondling one of her hanging breasts as he stroked into her.

Watching some of the video clips with the audio on it made it obvious the affair had been going on for about six months and I wondered why. Obviously, Tom's wife, Marcy, hadn't caught on yet. Of course, the fact that they didn't have kids, she worked and was active in community affairs and spent a lot of time away from home would explain it. Listening to them talk also revealed they professed to love their spouses but I caught an undercurrent of disrespect that derived from the fact they could carry on their affair under our noses without fear of getting caught. The fact that our ignorance of the affair was based on our total trust in them never seemed to be considered.

Why did she do this? She was coming up on 47 years old but was still a very attractive woman and could incite the interest of any mature male. Was the reason she was getting old and afraid her looks would soon be gone? It really didn't matter, because I could feel a rage building in me for her infidelity and there was nothing that could salvage this marriage.

I remembered now that about six months prior I'd found her very upset about something when I came back from one of my trips but our subsequent love making had been very passionate and I'd put down the cause for her unsettled behavior as a female thing. We males don't like to get involved in that stuff so I'd forgotten about it till now. Since that time our sexual activities had slowed considerably and she hadn't been as passionate when I'd returned from my trips. Previously, I'd put it down to more female stuff but now I knew better and she had been giving away the passion that should have been mine.

The question now was how and when to confront her with her adultery and how do I go about ending our marriage. I guess a lawyer will tell me how to end it and I would have to think about how and when to confront her ... and him for that matter. I felt that I needed some revenge that would deliver lots of pain to both of them for cuckolding and humiliating me.

I made an appointment with a prominent divorce lawyer and went to see him. It turned out that, financially, a divorce would be very costly to me because Jenny didn't work and we would end up splitting all our assets including my salary, retirement, real estate, etc. If I was going to have to do that then she was going to have to suffer a lot of pain and humiliation to help make things even between us. I asked the lawyer to proceed with the divorce petition and asked to have it available prior to our anniversary date; two weeks away.

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