Out of Order

by ShafterParker

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chris finds a erotic diversion from his term paper while doing research in the library.

Chris was in the library working on this Thursday evening. He would much rather be in his dorm playing some video games but this project had to be done. So here he was, quietly sitting in the research section pouring over books and encyclopedias. His professor had strictly stated that this paper was going to require library grunt work. No use of resources from the internet at all.

He got up and went to shelf to look for the next volume that he needed. This section of the library was rather empty of other people as it was far away from the more popular sections. As he was looking, digging around a lower shelf, he heard some voices pierce the quiet section. He peeked around and saw an odd group of guys walking away from the men's room as if they had just come from an exciting football game.

Chris found it odd as he found the book he had been seeking and headed back to the table. Why would they be so enthusiastic about going to the toilet? He only gave it a brief thought as he cracked open the book and began working again on his paper. The thought pushed back as the dates and historical figures pushed ahead as he lost himself within the project once more.

The evening continued slow as he pushed his way through the project. Every now and then as he was working on gathering his data, he would notice guys coming from the men's room with huge smiles. There was no pattern to their movements, but he would barely notice them coming by, and then leaving with that large smile. He couldn't figure out what would be causing this reaction, as the only thing in this part of the library were the reference books he was working with, and the men's room. He never noticed them take any books, but didn't think too much on it as he was always pulled back into his work.

Eventually, Chris had seen the day turn into night through a window in the corner of the room. He checked his cell phone and saw that he still had a few hours until closing time, so he decided to take a break. He stood up, ran his hands through his blonde hair and just shook himself a little bit to shake the cobwebs from inside his head. As he stretched, his bladder screamed out for release after being lost in the fog of his research. So he turned and headed off to the men's room to relieve the pain in his bladder, his mind having forgotten the earlier activity that had come from that area.

He walked inside and took up position at a urinal, taking a moment to look at the surroundings. Just a standard men's room, two urinals side by side with a dividing wall; a row of sinks behind him with the soap dispensers. Along the same wall as the urinals were two stalls with a handicap stall at the far end that had a sign on it that read "Out of Order".

Chris hit the lever on the urinal as he finished relieving the pressure in his bladder. Zipping up, he turned and walked over to the sink to wash his hands. As he turned on the water, he thought he heard something. He finished washing his hands and shut off the water, listening to see if he really had heard something or not. Hearing nothing, he went and dried his hands off. As he tossed the paper towel in the trash, he definitely heard something.

"Psst, come here" said a quiet female voice.

Chris was extremely curious about the voice beckoning him, so he slowly walked towards the handicap stall in the back of the bathroom.

"Come closer," the soft voice said again.

His mind raced to consider what he might find as he walked slowly towards the stall. His arousal rising as he thought that it could be just about anything, this being a university campus. As he got to the door, his mind had filled with many sexual images and his arousal stirred even more.

As he put his hand on the door, he heard the lock slide and he pushed out. As it swung open, he didn't see anything at first, it being a large stall. He walked in and the door shut behind him quietly.

He turned around to see a very attractive girl staring at him. She was a bit shorter than his 5"9 height. He didn't know why, but her black and red hair was an instant turn on. Her breasts were contained by a black corset that was barely laced. Her black skirt was loose and flowed with her. He could feel her eyes on his for a moment and the watched as they roamed down his body to the crotch of his pants.

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