Mardi Gras Passion

by Carrot74

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Hermaphrodite, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: What happens during Mardi Gras? Some of it makes onto film and some of it doesn't. This one didn't but a person can visualize this happening...

An attractive looking female blonde tourist, wearing a mask during the festival is wandering around checking all the thrills and sights. The feathered mask matches perfectly with the white button up dress that is low cut in the front, which shows off the young blonde's ample cleavage. She has a string of white pearls around her neck, which hangs down so it rests just above the exposed cleavage. Her outfit is finished with the white 3" heels she is wearing; they accentuate her already firm calves, plus help to have her firm 38C breasts jiggle slightly when she walks.

The blonde knows that she is dressed to show off her nice luscious figure, as she is at Mardi Gras looking for the fun and thrills that everyone always goes there for. But it definitely does not arrive from the direction that she anticipated — the blonde hears a sultry in her ear telling her, "Come with me and I can show you some different Mardi Gras fun." The voluptuous young blonde turns around to find her hand taken by a woman who is leading her into a doorway — all she can tell is that the woman is a bit shorter than her. Then in a brief glimpse in a bit of light she can see more: the woman has dark curly hair, a black mask covering the majority of her face, and a black dress similar to her own.

The blonde lets herself be taken up a flight of stairs into what she figures out quickly has to be the woman's apartment; she is led immediately out onto the balcony by the dark haired woman. The balcony is dark, secluded, and out of most everyone's view but can see other apartments — especially the one lit up right across from their balcony. The blonde is content to wait and see what happens; then she smells the brunette's very arousing perfume from behind her. The perfume seems to relax the blonde to the state where she can definitely tell that she is becoming aroused. The brunette moves the blonde's hair to one side, and then starts kissing and nibbling the blonde woman's neck and ear, trying to make her aroused.

After she encounters no resistance from the blonde she reaches around the front to start undoing the top 3 buttons on the blonde's dress, and reaches inside to cup a very aroused full breast. The blonde sighs softly at the touch as she decides to let this seduction proceed — the hand cupping her firm breast feels quite nice, plus her nipples have hardened under the brunette's soft touch. The young blonde is amazed that she is allowing herself to be seduced by this attractive masked brunette woman; she has never thought about another woman sexually, but finds that she is strangely drawn to her.

There is just something about the brunette that she finds irresistible, but she can't quite put her finger on what the reason may be. So she lets her body melt into the masked brunette as delightful sensations from the woman's tongue and fingers run through her sexy body. The blonde feels the masked brunette move around to her front so she can open some more of the button up dress, and then moans as both of her firm breasts are fondled and caressed from behind. The only words from the masked brunette have been whispered subtle encouragement; the brunette chuckles softly when she hears the blonde gasp in pleasure.

The blonde has allowed her own hands to move behind her body to feel the brunette's nice body, but it was at that moment the brunette has slipped one hand under the blonde's silk panties. The brunette has purred in approval when she discovered no pussy hair at all — just a very bald and clean-shaven mound, and then slipped her middle finger very easily up into the blonde's wet pussy. After a few minutes of deep fingering and bringing the voluptuous blonde just to the edge of an orgasm, the brunette finally moves around to the front of the blonde.

She then smiles at the nervous young blonde as the rest of her white dress is unbuttoned and opened but left on her body, and then kisses her way slowly down the front of the blonde, sliding her moist panties off entirely. Now the voluptuous young blonde looks quite sexy, wearing her dress opened, no panties, and her white 3" heels; the sight of the blonde like this arouses the brunette immensely. The brunette is kneeling comfortably in front of the blonde, her face close to the shorn pussy mound, her hands grasped around the blonde's nice ass cheeks, and she asks the blonde, "Would you like to stay out here, or move inside to somewhere more ... comfortable?"

With that, the brunette looks up at the young blonde while she also kisses her right on the slit and inhales her musky aroused pussy aroma while waiting for an answer. The blonde is quivering in excitement and anticipation, and her only response is to softly gasp, "Oh my goodness". The brunette moves one hand down just so her fingers are at the edge of the blonde's pussy lips, and then says, "I guess we'll stay out here for now" and pushes 2 fingers up into the blonde's wet pussy. Simultaneously she clamps her mouth onto the clit area and lavishes her tongue all over the sensitive clit while she fingers the masked blonde.

Within about a minute or less the blonde leans forward so she is supported by her arms against the balcony railing, her legs quivering lots and feeling as if they are about to buckle. The blonde's breath is coming in frantic excited gasps, and then she explodes her pussy juices into the masked brunette's tongue and mouth, which swallows and laps all the juices. The brunette forces the blonde to keep her hips steady with her remaining hand, and bringing the wet pussy real close for licking. Finally with a loud gasp the young blonde forces the voracious masked brunette away from her rather sensitive pussy, and manages to get inside the apartment without tripping.

The masked brunette is quick to follow and then guides the blonde — who is in a deep post orgasm state — right into her plush and well setup bedroom, where she gets the blonde to lay on the bed. Both the blonde and the brunette are still wearing their masks; the brunette has removed her dress to reveal she is wearing a black silk bra — holding a nice pair of firm 36C breasts — black silk panties, black garter belt, and black 3" pumps.

As she finishes removing her clothes she says to the still hazy feeling blonde, "Let's take your dress off so I can see all of your sexy body." With that, the masked brunette comes over and very efficiently strips the dress off the young voluptuous blonde, and tells her in a sultry voice, "I want to please you in ways you've never even imagined about."

The sexy blonde moves up the bed a bit away from the masked brunette, which makes her full breasts wobble sexily; she is still recovering from the extraordinary orgasm. The blonde discovers that she is wearing only her white mask and her white pumps, and is about to remove both, but is stopped by the brunette telling her how sexy she finds the blonde just the way she is. The blonde realizes that things seem to be moving a bit fast for her first time with another woman — she feels helpless but aroused and feeling sexy all over at the same time.

The blonde and brunette stare at each other for a long moment, as if sizing each other up, then the brunette moves off the bed and grabs some scented massage oil, and says, "I'm going to give you a nice body massage all over." The masked brunette then removes her bra, revealing her own nice full breasts, and then pours a lot of oil all over her breasts. The blonde catches the scent of the oil; it is quite arousing but she can't quite identify the aroma yet. The brunette is rubbing the oil all over her breasts in a very suggestive manner as she watches the voluptuous blonde's reaction to the visible teasing.

The blonde is becoming actually quite aroused watching the brunette while she massages her oil covered breasts, and has started to squirm a bit, as if trying to rub her thighs together. The brunette stands like that for about a minute or so, and then moves onto the bed in between the blonde's thighs, which have parted slowly but willingly. The masked brunette places her hands on either side of the blonde, and places her oil covered breasts just under the blonde's slightly larger ones. The blonde places her hands on the brunette's shoulders and encourages her to move up her voluptuous body; the brunette obliges with a knowing smile. She deliberately moves her breasts slowly but firmly up the blonde's chest, making sure their nipples brush together a few times.

She leans down with her face, and offers a gentle kiss that gradually becomes deeper with every passing moment. They kiss passionately like that for a bit, with the brunette massaging their breasts together; she does keep her crotch away from the blonde's pussy deliberately. The blonde is now running her hands all over the brunette's back, scratching lightly as she becomes more excited, and now she wants more satisfaction.

The brunette delays things by squirting more scented oil onto their breasts, and then moves her breasts up and down the entire front of the blonde's torso, stopping just above her pussy. Both of their fronts are glistening with oil by the time the brunette is ready to move on with the next stage with her young blonde vixen. She boldly tells the blonde, "I want to make love with you — if you will let me" to which the now incredibly horny blonde replies, "Yes. Anything, please just let me come."

The brunette replies with more passionate kissing while slowly lowering her hips down onto the blonde's. A quick check with her hand confirms that the blonde definitely has wet pussy lips, and then positions her hips in the alignment she wants with the blonde. Then with no warning the blonde can feel her pussy lips being spread open as a ... hard cock is thrust deep inside her very moist pussy. The voluptuous blonde is extremely shocked and excited all at the same time; she places her hands somewhat willingly on the brunette's hips and manages to gasp "Oh!" as the cock fills her.

The masked brunette asks, "So how does this feel?" as she thrusts her hard cock deep in the blonde, to which the young blonde gasps in reply, "Oh my goodness ... oh ... How can this be ... happening?" The brunette moves her hips so her full 7inches is snugly buried in the blonde's sweet tight pussy, and replies light-heartedly, "It's Mardi Gras — anything can happen here." Then she moves her cock rapidly for a few very short but quick strokes, and then holds it deep in the blonde. This causes the blonde to arch her back while clenching the masked brunette while holding back a scream as a huge orgasm wracks her lust filled voluptuous young body.

She is heaving under the masked brunette, writhing as wave after wave of orgasms crash through her sexy young body. The blonde has wrapped her legs and arms around the brunette, and just lets the waves crash through her until they subside. After about a long minute of their combined bodies bucking around on the bed, the blonde can feel herself coming back to reality as her orgasms gradually fade. She finds that her body is very sensitive right now, but it is in a nice way.

Eventually she fully returns to reality and opens her eyes to see the masked brunette smiling hugely at her as she supports herself on her arms while watching the blonde. Their breasts are touching lightly as the blonde clues in to the fact that this attractive masked brunette has done something very special to her; she asks, "What just happened?" The masked brunette chuckles as she replies, "I just made you come — rather intensely I might add." It takes a long moment before the blonde realizes exactly what happened, and that she is still somewhat wrapped around the brunette; she suddenly feels a bit self-conscious about her body.

Then she starts unwrapping her legs from around the brunette's waist, and laying her heels on the bed on either side of the brunette. She is just about to ask the masked brunette exactly what she is about, but the brunette beats her to it by saying, "It's OK — I have everything we need for tonight right here." She can feel the blonde's pussy muscles occasionally twitching around her cock, and then adds, "Didn't it feel good? You certainly seemed as if you enjoyed it."

The brunette then moves her hips slowly in a small circle, causing the blonde to inhale quickly because of her sensitive pussy, and replies in a strained voice, "I ... guess ... uhm ... yes." The brunette then kisses the sexy blonde and says, "Then relax and enjoy this — let me please you."

She starts moving her hips up and down very slow and deliberate, teasing the blonde even more than she already has been teased. The look on the blonde's face turns from almost scared to gradual enjoyment as the masked brunette's 7inch cock strokes her pussy insides slowly, steadily, and almost lovingly.

The blonde lets her own hips gradually start returning the brunette's slow thrusts, and decides to ask about the predicament that she has found herself in. She asks, "So are you a ... she..." and trails off not knowing exactly how to ask, but definitely wanting to know for sure.

The brunette gives her a strange sort of smile and replies, "Most people look at me as a freak, but Mother Nature calls me a hermaphrodite. I have everything you could possibly want right here."

The answer dawns on the blonde as she stammers asking, "So all your parts are... ?"

"Quite real, fully functioning, and quite aroused — all because of you" finishes the masked brunette. They continue their slow sensual lovemaking, and after a long pause the blonde asks, "How did you pick me? I mean why me and not some guy?"

The brunette thinks about that for a moment, and then answers honestly, "I picked you because I found you to be quite attractive and appealing to me. I find that I prefer women, and I'm very selective about who I'd like to bring home with me." Hearing the brunette's reply has made the blonde feel nicely appreciated and wanted; she blushes deeply at the compliments.

To show her positive response she wraps her high heels around the brunette's waist, and pulling the cock deep into her pussy in the process. They thrust vigorously for a bit, then without any warning the blonde climaxes in a silent scream, hanging onto the brunette as orgasm after orgasm rushes through her luscious body. Eventually their combined movements slow down, with the blonde twitching and gasping for breath under the masked brunette lover. At almost the same moment they decide to pull apart and get up off the bed to clean up a bit, and to straighten out the leg muscle kinks.

As they stretch and stand the still masked brunette asks the sexy young blonde if she'd like to join her in the shower; the blonde answers softly, "Sure". So the brunette leads the blonde by the hand to her huge bathroom where she decides for both of them that they should have a cleansing bath instead. The blonde is curious to see "all the right stuff" of the brunette, so she kicks off her heels as the brunette gets the tub filling rapidly.

The blonde removes her mask, as does the brunette, who then also removes her sexy lingerie. It only takes a few minutes for the tub to fill while the brunette gets a couple of towels, and adds some scented bath oils — then they climb in.

The young blonde is still very curious about the brunette's genitals, so she moves over right in front of the attractive brunette and gently grasps the cock. The brunette smiles in appreciation, and then takes the blonde's other hand and pushes it down under her cock so the blonde can feel her pussy also. This causes the blonde to gasp and look down in total amazement at what she is feeling, then says in a shocked but aroused voice, "Oh my! You do have it all! Wow!" The blonde is now absentmindedly stroking the brunette's cock with her one hand while she stares down and watches, as it grows hard again from her attention.

The brunette asks in a sultry voice, "Would you like to see all of me at once?" to which the blonde replies silently by helping the brunette out of the tub and onto the tiled area around the tub. The brunette has placed one of the towels under her cute ass, spread her legs quite eagerly, and reclined back onto her elbows while she watches, allowing the still shocked blonde better access for what she hopes the blonde will do.

The blonde places her hand around the still hard cock again, and holds it out of the way so she can check closer at the pussy of this attractive brunette. She sticks one finger slowly into the wet pussy, and softly giggles to herself, and then says, "I've never done this before. I mean I'm inclined to men, but this is ... wow. You are a very special person."

She reaches forward with her tongue extended a bit and tentatively licks the clit, moving it around with her talented tongue while slowly moving her one finger in and out of the moist pussy. The blonde's other hand is still stroking the sexy brunette's cock, and the brunette moans her definite approval of the blonde's actions. She tells the blonde to use two fingers in her pussy — which she does — and then the blonde's mouth clamps around the blonde's clit, and starts flicking it gently but rapidly.

She ends up just simply holding the cock out of the way while she pleases the brunette with her fingers and tongue. It doesn't take very long before the brunette squirms and bucks under the blonde's talented tongue as she experiences a good clitoral orgasm. Barely has that one subsided when the brunette feels the blonde's warm mouth engulf her cock, swallowing it all the way down her talented throat. The brunette moans very loudly at the unexpected pleasure being given, and is definitely getting off watching the blonde's full red lips slide up and down the shaft expertly. Watching the sexy blonde's mouth on her cock, and feeling the fingers thrusting in and out of her wet pussy rapidly send the brunette nearer to a deep orgasm.

The blonde can feel the head of the cock swell enormously in her pretty mouth; she moans her own approval as she deliberately slows her pace while hearing and sensing how close the brunette is to orgasm. Then she holds her mouth down on the cock at the bottom, fluttering her tongue all over the shaft, and that sends the brunette right over the edge. She screams and arches her back as several tremendous orgasms wrack her body; her cock erupts its juices deep in the blonde's mouth. While the brunette rockets off into ecstasy the blonde is frantically hanging onto the brunette's torso while gulping all the spewing crème, swallowing it all and not missing a drop. She is still fingering the brunette while sucking her cock juices, but eventually pulls them out once the brunette collapses back down in a quivering squirming puddle of flesh. The blonde maintains a bit of suction on the head of the brunette's cock until she has her head pried away by the brunette's hands, who has been begging the blonde to stop.

Once the brunette has pulled away from the blonde, they both sink back into the huge tub to finally relax and actually wash up. The brunette thanks the sexy blonde profusely for such outstanding orgasms, and then invites the blonde to sit next to her in the huge tub. She gives the blonde a loving kiss as thanks, then as they wash she gets the blonde to relate what she does for a living, where she is from — the usual stuff.

The blonde tells the brunette a lot about her life, especially the personal stuff, and eventually blurts out that tonight has been one of the kinkiest yet most exciting sex that she has ever had. This works well for the brunette, who has wanted to steer the conversation around to sexual experiences. She tells the blonde about how difficult it was in school for her, especially in gym class; the blonde relates about her first sexual experience with a guy, then listens to the brunette explain about her lack of luck with guys.

The brunette manages to relate her first sexual experience with another woman, which was when the brunette was 18 and was picked up in a bar by an older woman who introduced her — willingly - into how wonderful sex can be with another woman, especially one as uninhibited as this older woman of 38. She tells the blonde that after that long weekend of sex with the older woman, she definitely prefers women from now on.

She also tells the blonde of her passion for lingerie and photography — both of them together, all because of the older woman introducing her to it. The blonde has been subtly playing with her pussy while they have chatted and related their sexual experiences, then she asks the brunette what exactly she does for a living.

The brunette pauses but replies, "I own my own business that I call Ultimate Fantasy. I provide fantasies — in person mostly — for women only, that I screen." This causes the blonde to pause for a long moment, and then the brunette asks, "Why don't we continue this conversation in bed?" The blonde agrees; they get out of the tub, dry each other off, walk to the bedroom wrapped in towels, and then climb under the silk sheets.

They lay on their sides facing one another; the blonde is aroused a bit again and quite curious about the brunette's business. So she asks the brunette, "What kind of fantasies do you ... do ... or provide?" to which the brunette explains that someone phones for a fantasy they would like her to do, or set up, or whatever. She gets as many details that may be needed or wanted, where, when, how, and lastly who. The brunette does reassure the blonde that their current situation is purely due to attraction.

The blonde accepts that and then asks almost excitedly, "So tell me a bit about some of them — I mean, it must be kind of ... exciting sometimes."

The brunette smiles as she replies, "What specifically would you like to hear?" to which the blonde asks, "What are some of the places you've been asked to do it at?"

The brunette thinks for a moment and then replies, "Offices at work, at peoples homes, hotels, - all sorts of places"; she then happens to notice the blonde is playing with her pussy under the sheets. They think of the same question at the same time, but the blonde beats her to it by asking, "Please tell me about a couple of your favorite fantasies that you've done."

The brunette thinks for a long moment, and then says, "It's hard to pick favorites really; memorable yes. Besides which, the people who phone to set up whatever they are wanting just figure that I'm a woman being asked to seduce another woman. So the real thrill for me is when the woman I'm sent to seduce has no idea that she gets all of me — until she finds out the hard way."

The blonde replies softly, "Kinky. I'm starting to really like what I'm hearing. Tell me about an office one."

The brunette thinks for a minute and then says, "OK, hmmm ... Well, there was once where I went to an office building as a secretary, found the woman I was to meet; she was an executive — had her own big office fully equipped. I waited until the next day to make sure she didn't know prior, then I went into her office to take some notes for her. Boy, she sure was a looker, especially dressed in her skirt and blouse with heels outfit. Then I locked the door and managed to seduce her right there at her own desk."

The blonde is imagining being a fly on the wall watching it unfold; she is definitely aroused and playing with her clit. She then asks, "Did the woman like what happened?" to which the brunette replies, "I would have to say yes. Once she got over the fact I have my cock inside of her pussy, she definitely enjoyed herself. She even let me come inside of her pussy, plus I managed to have her use her mouth on my cock."

The brunette looks at how aroused the blonde is and pulls her close to her, and then starts kissing the sexy woman deeply again, murmuring "Why don't you sit on top of me and I'll tell you another story." The blonde readily agrees, throws one leg over and straddles the brunette quite expertly, who then feeds her again hard cock up into the blonde's wet pussy.

They both sigh simultaneously as the blonde's velvet smooth pussy engulfs the cock willingly as she slowly lowers herself down onto it all the way. The blonde is gasping at the exciting pleasure of the cock as it fills her pussy nicely; she wriggles her hips around until it is all inside of her. She has her eyes closed; her mouth is open a bit, with her tongue licking her full lips suggestively. The brunette can feel her cock growing, and her pussy moistening at the sight of the luscious voluptuous blonde sitting on top of her.

After a minute the blonde opens her eyes when she feels some scented massage oil being poured all over her beautiful breasts by the brunette, who then tells her, "Rub it in and play with your breasts. I want to watch you do that for me while I tell you a favorite fantasy of mine." So the blonde places her own hands under her full breasts and starts rubbing the oil all over her breasts; she looks quite sexy as she fondles her breasts and nipples.

The brunette starts off telling the blonde "I went as a lingerie saleswoman to the home of actress Yasmine Bleeth; you know the one from the series 'Nash Bridges'. Well, this was set up without her knowing anything about my visit, except that I was replacing the lady she'd dealt with before. Yasmine flirted with me as I was laying out the samples that she wanted to try on, so I flirted right back. I managed to convince her to try on and model some of the lingerie — god, she is a beautiful woman."

"Anyway, I had her dressing in the lingerie that I wanted to see her in when I decided to strip and show her the lingerie I was wearing under my clothes. She liked what I was wearing: blue heels, garters, hose, and bra — and she was finally dressed in a white satin teddy and heels. I was so turned on by her that I seduced her right there on her couch; eventually I got her onto my lap and that was when I gave her the surprise of her life."

"Once she realized she was sitting on my cock inside of her she tried to get off me, but I just held her there. She came twice just from my holding her there before she finally accepted that what we were doing actually felt good."

By now the blonde has started riding slowly up and down the brunette's thick shaft, with her eyes closed and her nipples quite erect from all the various stimulation. Her strong pussy muscles are clenching around the cock as her breathing deepens; she says, "Tell me more about Yasmine and you — this is really hot!"

The brunette smiles and then continues her story, "I made her ride me for a good long while, and making her orgasm several times before I let her up. She knew that I hadn't come yet, so I let her please me with her pretty mouth. We did just about everything that she wanted to do. We ended up sleeping in her bed together that night, and when I departed the next morning I had left her the lingerie for her to keep; it was well worth the good time."

By now the voluptuous young blonde is very close to her orgasm; she is riding up and down the hard cock vigorously but slow still. Her oil-covered breasts are bouncing while they are fondled, and now she is moaning her wanton lust of their very act of lovemaking. The brunette is thrusting up into the deepest parts of the blonde's wet pussy, and comments, "It sounds like you definitely are enjoying my stories — aren't you?"

The blonde groans "Yessss" in reply, and the brunette smiles then asks, "What do you like about my stories?"

The blonde whimpers in delight but answers, "I would really love to watch you ... ohhh ... seduce one of the women of your fantasies."

The brunette then pulls the blonde down and kisses her mouth passionately while their breasts rub together as they continue grinding together. She murmurs to the blonde, "I can arrange for that to happen if you'd like." Just simply hearing that statement causes the blonde to convulse and heave in deep orgasm; the brunette wraps her arms around the blonde while their hips bounce together in orgasmic delight. The blonde is whimpering and moaning loudly while they French kiss passionately, loving the feel of the brunette's hard cock spewing her hot juices deep inside her tight pussy.

They are both in orgasmic bliss for a good couple of minutes before they regain their senses, and then they both say simultaneously just how good it felt for them. They stay joined like they are for another five minutes, hugging and kissing the whole time affectionately, until the blonde suggests another bath.

They again rise from the bed, heading to the huge tub, which is still quite warm, and hop into it for actual bathing this time. Eventually they get out, get right back into bed, but fall asleep in each other's arms, drifting off.

In the morning the blonde wakes the brunette up by sucking the delicious cock softly and lovingly until the brunette has fully awoken. She realizes the gorgeous blonde is using her very talented mouth quite nicely on her cock; it doesn't take much before she orgasms right in the blonde's mouth. Once again the blonde gulps all the hot juices hungrily down her throat until there is no more, and the brunette is prying her head away from her now very sensitive cock.

The brunette recovers for a few minutes curled in a ball, then she embraces the blonde, who asks smugly, "So — is that a nice way to wake up?" The brunette replies, "Oh yes, most definitely. I've just never..." she trails off, looking away for a moment. The blonde is quite perceptive and responds immediately by saying softly, "You really have been feeling lonely; don't worry — I like you just the way you are."

And with that the blonde pulls the brunette close and cuddles her almost consoling, kissing her face gently, and saying nice things about her. A few minutes later the brunette pulls back, looking at the blonde intently and tells her, "Thank you for understanding" and then kisses her again. She tells the blonde that she has never been woken up like that before, but she definitely liked it a lot. The brunette is still hugging the voluptuous blonde while a smile creeps across her face as an idea comes to mind; she hops out of bed, putting on a bathrobe, and then rummages in her closet until she finds what she needs.

She hands the blonde a mid-thigh length sheer black silk bed jacket, and it suits the blonde very well. The brunette takes the blonde by the hand, telling her, "It is now my turn to give you a breakfast treat" leading the sexily attired blonde into what is her personal studio. There are a huge 60" TV, surround speakers, DVD, VHS, and a big comfy couch and a big chair facing the TV. She tells the blonde to take a seat on the couch; the blonde obliges while the brunette puts a DVD and then turns on the TV.

The screen lights up showing the brunette with Yasmine Bleeth — just as she is showing the lovely actress some lingerie. The blonde gasps, "Oh my goodness — you taped it? How?" to which the brunette tells her that she hides small cameras every time for the actual fantasy. The blonde looks at her strangely for a moment, then asks, "Why?" — the brunette pauses the movie for a minute while she explains herself.

She tells the blonde, "I just like watching what I've done with the women in the fantasies; I don't use them for blackmail. I just like them for my own ... personal enjoyment." The blonde mulls it over and accepts it as the truth; she hasn't seen any reason to disbelieve the brunette. The brunette then adds, "But I wouldn't mind if you would allow me ... to record us — I find making love with you to be very fulfilling."

The blonde blushes a deep red at the compliment, and then covers up by asking, "So what about this breakfast treat you were telling me about?" The brunette smiles and then makes the couch recline so it is almost like a bed, then continues playing the DVD of her and Yasmine.

Shortly both the blonde and brunette's hands are groping and playing with the other's genitals: one becoming wet and hard, the other just wet. Then the brunette says, "Spread your legs — I'm going to lick you slowly while you watch Yasmine and I — so keep watching the screen — I think that you will enjoy this."

The brunette undoes the front of her own robe as she kisses her way down the front of the gorgeous blonde who intrigues her quite a lot. The blonde gets the hint and opens her legs to allow the brunette easier access; the blonde is shaking a bit in anticipation of what is to come. She controls the remote for the DVD while the brunette is kissing the inside of the blonde's moist thighs, teasing her both with kisses and fingers.

The big screen is showing Yasmine stripping off one set of lingerie to then try on another set — while the brunette is starting to remove her own clothes; slowly mind you. By now the brunette is licking the blonde's pussy lips up and down while slowly spreading the moistening lips with her fingers, and then gradually inserting her warm tongue deeper into the pussy.

The blonde is definitely enjoying herself: she is having her pussy licked expertly while watching the beautiful Yasmine — who is now dressed in the white sheer satin teddy as she is being made to straddle the brunette's lap. The blonde moans aloud, "Oh god, she looks so sexy like that"; the brunette chuckles, and continues to very slowly tease the blonde's bald wet pussy. She doesn't let her come too close to orgasm, but at a level of extreme arousal. The blonde watches in fascination as Yasmine's wet pussy is introduced to the brunette's hard cock — without Yasmine knowing at first.

She loves the shocked reaction by the sexy actress as she orgasms hard while being held down onto the hard cock, her beautiful breasts bouncing all over the place. She loves watching the ripples of pleasure course through the gorgeous brunette actress: her nipples definitely erect from attention, full breasts bouncing, and her muscular legs quivering at the unexpected level of pleasure. The blonde watches with total attentiveness as Yasmine eventually allows the brunette to make love with her; she ends up speeding through some parts of the DVD until the final bit with Yasmine is done.

The blonde wants to come so bad, but the smiling brunette won't let her — yet. There is a quick burst of static and then another scene shows on the screen; this one is started while a fantasy was obviously in progress. It shows a short but very cute and voluptuous longhaired brunette who is totally nude, eyes closed with her pretty red mouth open, straddling the lap of and facing away from the brunette hermaphrodite.

The much shorter brunette, who is a very close similarity to Velma from the movie Scooby Doo, is definitely impaled on the large hard cock, with her torso leaned way back against the hermaphrodite, who is fondling the brunette's beautiful big breasts. The brunette's breasts are covered in baby oil and are glistening as she is bounced up and down on the cock. What excites the blonde as she watches is how big the cock looks as it fills the young brunette's tight pussy, which looks freshly shaven, and how sexy the pussy looks because it is shaved bare.

All while this is happening there is also an attractive redhead who is busy licking the busty brunette's clit while the big cock is slowly stroking up into the tight and very wet pussy. It is not that the brunette has not done this willingly at first, but the expression of rapture on her face and how well lubricated the cock is from her pussy juices tell just how much she ended up really enjoying the two hermaphrodites.

They continue to watch this segment until the voluptuous brunette is climaxing multiple climaxes on the brunette's hard cock, which is also spewing its hot juices into the tight pussy. This excites the blonde so much; she whimpers "Oh my god — yes!" and then pulls the brunette back up to her, laying her down on the couch on her back, then straddles the hard cock while she faces the screen. The blonde is so aroused by the sight of the short voluptuous brunette being pleased by the two hermaphrodites that she starts having one orgasm after another.

They increase in their intensity over a minute or so, as the blonde is bouncing happily on the hard cock, her pussy milking it, and her breasts bouncing all over the place. Then the two of them orgasm with little warning — simultaneously; the brunette spewing her hot juices deep inside the blonde's pussy, her back arching up in delight. Her orgasm triggers the blonde's pussy to explode in orgasm around her cock; the blonde is moaning and whimpering loudly. She eventually collapses on top of the brunette, with her whole body quivering as she feels the brunette's hot juices still spurting inside her pussy.

The blonde is in a state of euphoric bliss along with the brunette, neither knowing anything but their combined pleasure. The brunette is thrashing her hips up into the voluptuous horny blonde, loving the feel of her juices being milked by the blonde's pulsating pussy muscles. Her whole body is shaking and vibrating from the intense simultaneous orgasms they both produced, with the brunette being so happy with the way that this has gone so far with the blonde. The brunette pulls the voluptuous blonde into yet another passionate embrace, kissing all over her face and neck while telling the blonde how much she is loving this time together.

They stay like that for a while, with the blonde resting on top of the brunette as they regain their breath and composure; eventually the blonde rolls off the brunette to lie beside her on the bed. The brunette turns off the TV and VCR with the remote, dropping the remote onto a bedside table, and then suggests, "I need another bath — would you care to join me again?"

The blonde replies, "Most definitely — I need it to relax my legs — they are shot." The brunette chuckles and then rolls them both out of bed, and they once again go to the huge bath tub; this time the brunette turns on the whirlpool jets for the tub so they can soak. The brunette hermaphrodite and the blonde get in and soak for quite a long while, during which time the brunette asks the blonde how long she is in town for.

She then asks the blonde if she would be interested in checking out of her hotel room and into the brunette's place for the rest of the Mardi Gras. The blonde has been having similar thoughts, so she readily agrees to the brunette's very gracious offer of hospitality; after all, she is single, extremely well off financially, and her airline ticket was an open ended one.

Eventually they get out of the tub, drying themselves off, and the blonde gets back into her white button-up dress so the brunette can drive her to the hotel. Once there, they pack up all of the blonde's possessions, get her bill paid and checked out of the hotel, and they get into the car.

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