Mardi Gras Passion

by Carrot74

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Hermaphrodite, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: What happens during Mardi Gras? Some of it makes onto film and some of it doesn't. This one didn't but a person can visualize this happening...

An attractive looking female blonde tourist, wearing a mask during the festival is wandering around checking all the thrills and sights. The feathered mask matches perfectly with the white button up dress that is low cut in the front, which shows off the young blonde's ample cleavage. She has a string of white pearls around her neck, which hangs down so it rests just above the exposed cleavage. Her outfit is finished with the white 3" heels she is wearing; they accentuate her already firm calves, plus help to have her firm 38C breasts jiggle slightly when she walks.

The blonde knows that she is dressed to show off her nice luscious figure, as she is at Mardi Gras looking for the fun and thrills that everyone always goes there for. But it definitely does not arrive from the direction that she anticipated — the blonde hears a sultry in her ear telling her, "Come with me and I can show you some different Mardi Gras fun." The voluptuous young blonde turns around to find her hand taken by a woman who is leading her into a doorway — all she can tell is that the woman is a bit shorter than her. Then in a brief glimpse in a bit of light she can see more: the woman has dark curly hair, a black mask covering the majority of her face, and a black dress similar to her own.

The blonde lets herself be taken up a flight of stairs into what she figures out quickly has to be the woman's apartment; she is led immediately out onto the balcony by the dark haired woman. The balcony is dark, secluded, and out of most everyone's view but can see other apartments — especially the one lit up right across from their balcony. The blonde is content to wait and see what happens; then she smells the brunette's very arousing perfume from behind her. The perfume seems to relax the blonde to the state where she can definitely tell that she is becoming aroused. The brunette moves the blonde's hair to one side, and then starts kissing and nibbling the blonde woman's neck and ear, trying to make her aroused.

After she encounters no resistance from the blonde she reaches around the front to start undoing the top 3 buttons on the blonde's dress, and reaches inside to cup a very aroused full breast. The blonde sighs softly at the touch as she decides to let this seduction proceed — the hand cupping her firm breast feels quite nice, plus her nipples have hardened under the brunette's soft touch. The young blonde is amazed that she is allowing herself to be seduced by this attractive masked brunette woman; she has never thought about another woman sexually, but finds that she is strangely drawn to her.

There is just something about the brunette that she finds irresistible, but she can't quite put her finger on what the reason may be. So she lets her body melt into the masked brunette as delightful sensations from the woman's tongue and fingers run through her sexy body. The blonde feels the masked brunette move around to her front so she can open some more of the button up dress, and then moans as both of her firm breasts are fondled and caressed from behind. The only words from the masked brunette have been whispered subtle encouragement; the brunette chuckles softly when she hears the blonde gasp in pleasure.

The blonde has allowed her own hands to move behind her body to feel the brunette's nice body, but it was at that moment the brunette has slipped one hand under the blonde's silk panties. The brunette has purred in approval when she discovered no pussy hair at all — just a very bald and clean-shaven mound, and then slipped her middle finger very easily up into the blonde's wet pussy. After a few minutes of deep fingering and bringing the voluptuous blonde just to the edge of an orgasm, the brunette finally moves around to the front of the blonde.

She then smiles at the nervous young blonde as the rest of her white dress is unbuttoned and opened but left on her body, and then kisses her way slowly down the front of the blonde, sliding her moist panties off entirely. Now the voluptuous young blonde looks quite sexy, wearing her dress opened, no panties, and her white 3" heels; the sight of the blonde like this arouses the brunette immensely. The brunette is kneeling comfortably in front of the blonde, her face close to the shorn pussy mound, her hands grasped around the blonde's nice ass cheeks, and she asks the blonde, "Would you like to stay out here, or move inside to somewhere more ... comfortable?"

With that, the brunette looks up at the young blonde while she also kisses her right on the slit and inhales her musky aroused pussy aroma while waiting for an answer. The blonde is quivering in excitement and anticipation, and her only response is to softly gasp, "Oh my goodness". The brunette moves one hand down just so her fingers are at the edge of the blonde's pussy lips, and then says, "I guess we'll stay out here for now" and pushes 2 fingers up into the blonde's wet pussy. Simultaneously she clamps her mouth onto the clit area and lavishes her tongue all over the sensitive clit while she fingers the masked blonde.

Within about a minute or less the blonde leans forward so she is supported by her arms against the balcony railing, her legs quivering lots and feeling as if they are about to buckle. The blonde's breath is coming in frantic excited gasps, and then she explodes her pussy juices into the masked brunette's tongue and mouth, which swallows and laps all the juices. The brunette forces the blonde to keep her hips steady with her remaining hand, and bringing the wet pussy real close for licking. Finally with a loud gasp the young blonde forces the voracious masked brunette away from her rather sensitive pussy, and manages to get inside the apartment without tripping.

The masked brunette is quick to follow and then guides the blonde — who is in a deep post orgasm state — right into her plush and well setup bedroom, where she gets the blonde to lay on the bed. Both the blonde and the brunette are still wearing their masks; the brunette has removed her dress to reveal she is wearing a black silk bra — holding a nice pair of firm 36C breasts — black silk panties, black garter belt, and black 3" pumps.

As she finishes removing her clothes she says to the still hazy feeling blonde, "Let's take your dress off so I can see all of your sexy body." With that, the masked brunette comes over and very efficiently strips the dress off the young voluptuous blonde, and tells her in a sultry voice, "I want to please you in ways you've never even imagined about."

The sexy blonde moves up the bed a bit away from the masked brunette, which makes her full breasts wobble sexily; she is still recovering from the extraordinary orgasm. The blonde discovers that she is wearing only her white mask and her white pumps, and is about to remove both, but is stopped by the brunette telling her how sexy she finds the blonde just the way she is. The blonde realizes that things seem to be moving a bit fast for her first time with another woman — she feels helpless but aroused and feeling sexy all over at the same time.

The blonde and brunette stare at each other for a long moment, as if sizing each other up, then the brunette moves off the bed and grabs some scented massage oil, and says, "I'm going to give you a nice body massage all over." The masked brunette then removes her bra, revealing her own nice full breasts, and then pours a lot of oil all over her breasts. The blonde catches the scent of the oil; it is quite arousing but she can't quite identify the aroma yet. The brunette is rubbing the oil all over her breasts in a very suggestive manner as she watches the voluptuous blonde's reaction to the visible teasing.

The blonde is becoming actually quite aroused watching the brunette while she massages her oil covered breasts, and has started to squirm a bit, as if trying to rub her thighs together. The brunette stands like that for about a minute or so, and then moves onto the bed in between the blonde's thighs, which have parted slowly but willingly. The masked brunette places her hands on either side of the blonde, and places her oil covered breasts just under the blonde's slightly larger ones. The blonde places her hands on the brunette's shoulders and encourages her to move up her voluptuous body; the brunette obliges with a knowing smile. She deliberately moves her breasts slowly but firmly up the blonde's chest, making sure their nipples brush together a few times.

She leans down with her face, and offers a gentle kiss that gradually becomes deeper with every passing moment. They kiss passionately like that for a bit, with the brunette massaging their breasts together; she does keep her crotch away from the blonde's pussy deliberately. The blonde is now running her hands all over the brunette's back, scratching lightly as she becomes more excited, and now she wants more satisfaction.

The brunette delays things by squirting more scented oil onto their breasts, and then moves her breasts up and down the entire front of the blonde's torso, stopping just above her pussy. Both of their fronts are glistening with oil by the time the brunette is ready to move on with the next stage with her young blonde vixen. She boldly tells the blonde, "I want to make love with you — if you will let me" to which the now incredibly horny blonde replies, "Yes. Anything, please just let me come."

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