Mom Needs Me!

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Mother/Son Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Mother, Safe Sex, Squirting, Size, .

Desc: Mother/Son Incest Sex Story: I've wanted my Mom for years and at last, she will be mine.

I was trying my best to watch the biggest football game of the year, but my bitchy wife, Carrie, could not shut her mouth and leave me the fuck alone.

Her mouth kept going on and on. "Oh God, when is this shit going to be over? Oh God, I'm so bored. How can you watch this stupid shit?"

I finally just blew up. I turned off the TV and threw the remote across the room. "Are you fucking happy now?" I growled at her and I truly wished that I had never met her, let alone married her.

"You don't have to act like that. I'm bored is all. Why don't we go out dancing or something?" she said with a smile, but I wasn't going for it. Carrie had a habit of sucking my cock, to get her way, but not tonight. She pissed me off, big time.

"I wanted to watch the fucking game!"

"Come on, I'll let you fuck my mouth and you can even cum in it, if you ... want," she purred reaching to unzip my jeans and Carrie eased out my long, nine-inches of cock.

"Do you want to fuck my mouth?" she whispered with a seductive voice, knowing that I could never turn down her wonderful mouth and I watched her quickly putting her hair into some pigtails.

I knew she meant business and I loved when she put her hair up for me. I'd grab the pigtails and I always gave it to her hard and fast. "You're nothing but a whore" I moaned as I held Carrie's hair and she took all of me into her mouth and down her throat. She could have been a whore and made a ton of money, just by sucking men off.

I moved back and forth, holding her hair and fucking her warm, silky mouth. "You tramp, you fucking whore!" I moaned as my pace quickened and she sucked me hard and as deep as she fucking could. "You rotten whore! You no good whore!" I moaned louder as I rammed my stiff cock down her throat as deep as I could. It was the only time, other than sleeping, the bitch ever shut up.

I moved faster, feeling I was getting close, when the damn phone started ringing. I didn't stop. I wasn't a fool, like you see in movies or on TV. This bitch was getting a hot load in her mouth and I wasn't stopping for anything. Well, that's what I thought.

The answering machine picked up and I could not believe what I heard.

'Hi, I'm Kim Jones, a nurse at Valley View Hospital. I'm looking for Jack Roberts. Your mother, Nora, has been in a pretty bad car accident and we need you to come to pick her up. Please call back or come to the hospital as soon as you can. Thank you.'

My cock popped out of Carrie's mouth, I pushed her away and I was dressed in a spilt second. "What are you doing?" she asked with shock.

"My Mom needs me! I'm going to her." I said as I grabbed my wallet, keys and I was headed for the door.

"Jack, I need you to be with me!" she whined like a baby and I knew that as soon as I drove away, she'd be headed to her weird, friends' house.

"Yeah right, as soon as I'm gone, your ass will head straight to the lezbo and you fuckin' know it."

"Fuck you, Jack! Go run to Mommy, like a good, little boy!" Carrie laughed and for the first time in my life, I hit a girl. I slapped her so fucking hard; she bounced off of the living room wall.

"No, fuck you, bitch! Go run and tell the pussy licker that I hit you. Maybe that cunt can make you happy and know I can't!"

"Maybe I will! She's wanted to fuck me for a long, long time!" Carrie screamed at me as she rubbed her face.

"Good, go fuckin' do it, but I won't be here when you come back!"

"I know, you'll be with your Mommy!" Carrie laughed more and much louder and I wanted to kill her.

"Go find your dike girlfriend and lick some pussy! Oh, I want you and your shit out of my house, before I get back and if anything of mine is missing ... I will hunt you down!" I growled and walked out of the house.

I made the long and boring, two hour drive to Mom's town in record time and I practically ran into the hospital to find her.

I walked up to the desk, seeing two fat, black nurses sitting there talking and I waited for one of them to ask what I needed, but nothing. "Excuse me, I'm looking for Nora Roberts." I said and like before, I waited and I got no reply.

"Hello! Can I please get some help?" I said in a firm voice and finally, one of them turned to give me a dirty look.

"You don't have to be so rude, sir." She replied with a hateful tone and gave me another dirty look.

"Well, if you'd answered me the first time ... I wouldn't! Now, where is Nora Roberts?"

She sucked in a breath of air, gave me a look that I guess was supposed to scare me and she said. "Room 337, sir!"

"Thank you, bitch!" I said, returning her look and I walked away. "Fuckin' bitch!" I growled under my breath and I went to find my Mom.

I practically ran down the hall, looking at the room numbers as I ran. I didn't give a flying fuck if anyone called me a Mommy's boy or not. She wasn't you typical Mom. She was five-foot nine-inches tall, with long, wavy black to the middle of her back. Her face always had a smile and it was a real smile, not that fake shit you see a woman do these days.

She had piercing blue eyes that could melt ice or give a guy an instant hard-on. Her lips were full and so sexy and she looked as if she could suck a guy to death with them.

Her breasts, wow is all I can say. They were some nice puppies that filled a C cup bra, with no effort at all. Her nipples and areolas were massively big and they filled many of my childhood fantasies as I grew up. Her nipples were long, very dark and thick. They would get hard in a moments notice and much to my dismay; they would stay hard all day or all night. Her areolas were also very, very dark and like her nipples, I dreamt of sucking them many, many times.

The rest of her was also very hot. She had a little tummy problem, but hell, she was going on forty-five. When I said tummy problem, I did not mean she had a beer-belly or anything nasty. Her tummy was a little loose, but she was working on it.

Now let's talk hips, legs and some juicy fucking ass, shall we. Being so tall, Mom had a set of legs that went all the way up to her fucking shoulders! That's just an expression, so calm down. It means that her legs were long and I mean long. They were also nice and toned. Mom was the manager of one of the biggest department stores on the west coast and everyday, she wore nothing but high heels. Even on the weekends, Mom would get up wearing a small tee-shirt, panties and her heels. Some people would have thought that was odd, but I never said a word, I fucking loved seeing her like that.

Now for some nice hips, Mom had sexy hips were kinda wide, but not overly wide or anything gross. They were thirty-six inches or so and every chance I had, I was checking them out. I loved to dream of being on them and humping her like a mad man. I know, she was my Mom and I shouldn't dream of such things, but she was a freaking babe, so fucking can it!

I saved the best for last, Mom's beautiful ass. Like I said above, she had a thirty-six-inch set of hips, so her ass was nice and very meaty, but not a chunk of blubber. Like her legs, it was toned from all of the walking she did and it was also in many of my perverted dreams of her. She loved to show in off to me by wearing her bikini bottom around the house or if she was in a really good mood, she'd find a half shirt and just wear it with her panties. And as you can imagine, I had a hard cock when she was home.

I found her room and I ran in. She was laying on the bed with one of those neck support things, her right arm was in a cast and she had this big, fucking boot looking thing on her right leg too. As you can imagine, she was a fucking mess.

I walked up to the bed, took her left hand in mine and I said with a smile. "Hey sexy, how's my girl doing?" I asked as her pretty eyes opened and she started balling like a baby.

"My car is ... is ... dead!" she cried and it killed me to see her sad or anything and let me tell you, I fought the urge to cry with her.

"It's ok; we'll get you a new car. Please don't cry." I said with a calming voice as I leaned up to kiss the side of her bruised face.

"What happened baby?" I asked her and yes, I said baby to her. I always called her sexy names and she fucking loved it as much as I did.

She wiped her eyes and told me that she was on her way home, when one of those green trash trucks, that claim to recycle so much trash, but they don't, ran a red light and broadsided her brand new Jaguar.

"Wow, it looks like my sexy lady will have more money coming to her!" I laughed and I wanted to pull her up into my arms and hug her, but she looked like she was in some serious pain.

She smiled back and I knew that I was never going back to Carrie. This beautiful lady that was lying in the bed was my only, true love, even if she was my Mom. "You mean 'we' will be getting some money," she said as she looked deep into my eyes.

"My sweet and sexy girl, always spoiling me." I leaned up to kiss her again, but she turned and before I knew what was going on, I kissed her dead on the lips. "I liked that!" I said with a wink and I couldn't wait to tell her that I was leaving Carrie and if it was ok with Mom, I wanted to move back home.

I knew that she wouldn't mind, because when I left, it broke her heart. She told me many times that she was so lonely and that she hated being the only person in her massive home.

"You know that I'd give you or do 'anything' you asked of me and I do mean ... anything," she purred with the sexiest fucking voice that I had ever heard in my life and I felt my cock starting to wake up.

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