Mom Needs Me!

by L.A. Wicker

Copyright┬ę 2008 by L.A. Wicker

Mother/Son Incest Sex Story: I've wanted my Mom for years and at last, she will be mine.

Caution: This Mother/Son Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Incest   Mother   Safe Sex   Squirting   Size   .


I was trying my best to watch the biggest football game of the year, but my bitchy wife, Carrie, could not shut her mouth and leave me the fuck alone.

Her mouth kept going on and on. "Oh God, when is this shit going to be over? Oh God, I'm so bored. How can you watch this stupid shit?"

I finally just blew up. I turned off the TV and threw the remote across the room. "Are you fucking happy now?" I growled at her and I truly wished that I had never met her, let alone married her.

"You don't have to act like that. I'm bored is all. Why don't we go out dancing or something?" she said with a smile, but I wasn't going for it. Carrie had a habit of sucking my cock, to get her way, but not tonight. She pissed me off, big time.

"I wanted to watch the fucking game!"

"Come on, I'll let you fuck my mouth and you can even cum in it, if you ... want," she purred reaching to unzip my jeans and Carrie eased out my long, nine-inches of cock.

"Do you want to fuck my mouth?" she whispered with a seductive voice, knowing that I could never turn down her wonderful mouth and I watched her quickly putting her hair into some pigtails.

I knew she meant business and I loved when she put her hair up for me. I'd grab the pigtails and I always gave it to her hard and fast. "You're nothing but a whore" I moaned as I held Carrie's hair and she took all of me into her mouth and down her throat. She could have been a whore and made a ton of money, just by sucking men off.

I moved back and forth, holding her hair and fucking her warm, silky mouth. "You tramp, you fucking whore!" I moaned as my pace quickened and she sucked me hard and as deep as she fucking could. "You rotten whore! You no good whore!" I moaned louder as I rammed my stiff cock down her throat as deep as I could. It was the only time, other than sleeping, the bitch ever shut up.

I moved faster, feeling I was getting close, when the damn phone started ringing. I didn't stop. I wasn't a fool, like you see in movies or on TV. This bitch was getting a hot load in her mouth and I wasn't stopping for anything. Well, that's what I thought.

The answering machine picked up and I could not believe what I heard.

'Hi, I'm Kim Jones, a nurse at Valley View Hospital. I'm looking for Jack Roberts. Your mother, Nora, has been in a pretty bad car accident and we need you to come to pick her up. Please call back or come to the hospital as soon as you can. Thank you.'

My cock popped out of Carrie's mouth, I pushed her away and I was dressed in a spilt second. "What are you doing?" she asked with shock.

"My Mom needs me! I'm going to her." I said as I grabbed my wallet, keys and I was headed for the door.

"Jack, I need you to be with me!" she whined like a baby and I knew that as soon as I drove away, she'd be headed to her weird, friends' house.

"Yeah right, as soon as I'm gone, your ass will head straight to the lezbo and you fuckin' know it."

"Fuck you, Jack! Go run to Mommy, like a good, little boy!" Carrie laughed and for the first time in my life, I hit a girl. I slapped her so fucking hard; she bounced off of the living room wall.

"No, fuck you, bitch! Go run and tell the pussy licker that I hit you. Maybe that cunt can make you happy and know I can't!"

"Maybe I will! She's wanted to fuck me for a long, long time!" Carrie screamed at me as she rubbed her face.

"Good, go fuckin' do it, but I won't be here when you come back!"

"I know, you'll be with your Mommy!" Carrie laughed more and much louder and I wanted to kill her.

"Go find your dike girlfriend and lick some pussy! Oh, I want you and your shit out of my house, before I get back and if anything of mine is missing ... I will hunt you down!" I growled and walked out of the house.

I made the long and boring, two hour drive to Mom's town in record time and I practically ran into the hospital to find her.

I walked up to the desk, seeing two fat, black nurses sitting there talking and I waited for one of them to ask what I needed, but nothing. "Excuse me, I'm looking for Nora Roberts." I said and like before, I waited and I got no reply.

"Hello! Can I please get some help?" I said in a firm voice and finally, one of them turned to give me a dirty look.

"You don't have to be so rude, sir." She replied with a hateful tone and gave me another dirty look.

"Well, if you'd answered me the first time ... I wouldn't! Now, where is Nora Roberts?"

She sucked in a breath of air, gave me a look that I guess was supposed to scare me and she said. "Room 337, sir!"

"Thank you, bitch!" I said, returning her look and I walked away. "Fuckin' bitch!" I growled under my breath and I went to find my Mom.

I practically ran down the hall, looking at the room numbers as I ran. I didn't give a flying fuck if anyone called me a Mommy's boy or not. She wasn't you typical Mom. She was five-foot nine-inches tall, with long, wavy black to the middle of her back. Her face always had a smile and it was a real smile, not that fake shit you see a woman do these days.

She had piercing blue eyes that could melt ice or give a guy an instant hard-on. Her lips were full and so sexy and she looked as if she could suck a guy to death with them.

Her breasts, wow is all I can say. They were some nice puppies that filled a C cup bra, with no effort at all. Her nipples and areolas were massively big and they filled many of my childhood fantasies as I grew up. Her nipples were long, very dark and thick. They would get hard in a moments notice and much to my dismay; they would stay hard all day or all night. Her areolas were also very, very dark and like her nipples, I dreamt of sucking them many, many times.

The rest of her was also very hot. She had a little tummy problem, but hell, she was going on forty-five. When I said tummy problem, I did not mean she had a beer-belly or anything nasty. Her tummy was a little loose, but she was working on it.

Now let's talk hips, legs and some juicy fucking ass, shall we. Being so tall, Mom had a set of legs that went all the way up to her fucking shoulders! That's just an expression, so calm down. It means that her legs were long and I mean long. They were also nice and toned. Mom was the manager of one of the biggest department stores on the west coast and everyday, she wore nothing but high heels. Even on the weekends, Mom would get up wearing a small tee-shirt, panties and her heels. Some people would have thought that was odd, but I never said a word, I fucking loved seeing her like that.

Now for some nice hips, Mom had sexy hips were kinda wide, but not overly wide or anything gross. They were thirty-six inches or so and every chance I had, I was checking them out. I loved to dream of being on them and humping her like a mad man. I know, she was my Mom and I shouldn't dream of such things, but she was a freaking babe, so fucking can it!

I saved the best for last, Mom's beautiful ass. Like I said above, she had a thirty-six-inch set of hips, so her ass was nice and very meaty, but not a chunk of blubber. Like her legs, it was toned from all of the walking she did and it was also in many of my perverted dreams of her. She loved to show in off to me by wearing her bikini bottom around the house or if she was in a really good mood, she'd find a half shirt and just wear it with her panties. And as you can imagine, I had a hard cock when she was home.

I found her room and I ran in. She was laying on the bed with one of those neck support things, her right arm was in a cast and she had this big, fucking boot looking thing on her right leg too. As you can imagine, she was a fucking mess.

I walked up to the bed, took her left hand in mine and I said with a smile. "Hey sexy, how's my girl doing?" I asked as her pretty eyes opened and she started balling like a baby.

"My car is ... is ... dead!" she cried and it killed me to see her sad or anything and let me tell you, I fought the urge to cry with her.

"It's ok; we'll get you a new car. Please don't cry." I said with a calming voice as I leaned up to kiss the side of her bruised face.

"What happened baby?" I asked her and yes, I said baby to her. I always called her sexy names and she fucking loved it as much as I did.

She wiped her eyes and told me that she was on her way home, when one of those green trash trucks, that claim to recycle so much trash, but they don't, ran a red light and broadsided her brand new Jaguar.

"Wow, it looks like my sexy lady will have more money coming to her!" I laughed and I wanted to pull her up into my arms and hug her, but she looked like she was in some serious pain.

She smiled back and I knew that I was never going back to Carrie. This beautiful lady that was lying in the bed was my only, true love, even if she was my Mom. "You mean 'we' will be getting some money," she said as she looked deep into my eyes.

"My sweet and sexy girl, always spoiling me." I leaned up to kiss her again, but she turned and before I knew what was going on, I kissed her dead on the lips. "I liked that!" I said with a wink and I couldn't wait to tell her that I was leaving Carrie and if it was ok with Mom, I wanted to move back home.

I knew that she wouldn't mind, because when I left, it broke her heart. She told me many times that she was so lonely and that she hated being the only person in her massive home.

"You know that I'd give you or do 'anything' you asked of me and I do mean ... anything," she purred with the sexiest fucking voice that I had ever heard in my life and I felt my cock starting to wake up.

"I love you, sexy." I whispered to her and I needed to kiss her again. As I leaned up, Mom tilted her head again and I figured, fuck it and I kissed her sexy lips just like before.

She smiled and I could see that she was drugged up, but she had a twinkle in her eyes that I had never seen, until now. "Do you love me enough to come home for a week, maybe two?" Mom asked as she continued to give me a sexy look.

"Yes, be glad you're hurt or I'd bend you over and slap that sweet ass of yours for asking something like that."

"Mmmm, can I get a rain-check for that, until I'm better?" she asked with pure lust on her face and in those eyes that drove me crazy.

"The doctor said that I need lots of rest and from the way I feel, I'm gunna need lots and lots of help." Mom said and I could see that this was going to kill her.

I started laughing at her and I knew Mom was as high as a kite, but we did a lot of flirting and stuff when I was grown up, so that wasn't that odd of a thing to say. "Behave yourself, you're hurt and look pretty fucked up, but yes you can, sweet stuff!" I said with a wink and I reached to hold her hand.

"My handsome son taking care of me, I couldn't be any happier." Mom said with a little hint of lust in her soft voice, as we looked into each others' eyes and I wondered how many drugs she was on.

"Me too, babe, you took care of me and now it's my turn to return the favor."

"I hope you feel that way in a day or two. I'm going to be lucky if I'm able to wipe my fat ass!"

"Mom, your ass isn't fat, in fact ... I love looking at it!"

"You bad, bad boy, looking at your Mothers' ass!"

"Yeah, why do you think I had so many friends when I was in school?" I asked and before Mom could answer, some dick-headed doctor walked into the room.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Keller. I took care of you when you first got here. How are you feeling now?"

"Well, if you must know ... I feel like shit and I'm sick and tired of all the rude nurses you have here!" Mom popped off without even thinking and it was her normal way to express things. She did not take any shit from anyone at all.

"I'm sorry you feel that way, but I must disagree with you. I think that we have a wonderful staff." Doctor Keller replied and I could quickly see that Mom had pissed him off.

"Oh boy, my mistake then, but ... why have I been calling for help to go pee for the last hour and not one of those fat ass bitches will come and help me?" Mom all but yelled at him and I was now pissed myself.

"What?" I stood up and my blood was boiling.

"They keep saying that I was released and it wasn't their job to help me."

I reached up to grab the page button and gave it to Mom. "Try it again and let's see what happens. You listening Doctor?" I said giving him a cold, hard stare. Anyone that questioned my Mom pissed me off and this fucker looked like a total asshole to begin with.

She pushed the button and we waited. "Ms. Roberts, haven't I told you to stop paging, because we are not helping you and besides that, we are watching TV. So shut up and leave us alone!"

I watched the doctor standing there and it looked like he had just been caught with his dick up a cat's ass. "So doctor, why won't your wonderful staff help a woman go take a piss?"

His ugly face turned as red as a tomato and it was one of the funniest things, that I had ever seen in my life. "Um ... Um ... I'll go look into right now. Here are all of your prescriptions. Be very sure to read the labels very carefully." The little fucker said and he just about ran from the fucking room.

"What a little bitch! To bad that I gave up kicking the shit out of people like him or that little fucker would need a doctor of his own!" I laughed as Mom reached over to slap my arm.

"Jack, behave or I might spank you or are you into that kinda thing?" Mom asked with a wink and I hoped that she knew better than that.

"Yuck, I do the ass smacking, I thank you!"

"I'm glad; I hated to think I raised a sissy ass or worse!"

"I love tits, ass from a pretty woman and some nice, wet pussy!"

"Ahhh, you dirty talker, getting your Mom all excited, in my condition!" Mom laughed and I saw a little hint of sadness on her pretty face and I figured that she still had not found her a man.

"You love it and you know it! We need to get you on the pot and then get out of this place, before all of the drug stores close." I said as I pulled back the sheet that was covering Mom and boy, did I get a wonderful surprise.

"Damn Mom, give me a heads up next time!" I said with shock, seeing her laying there in just a small pair of yellow panties.

She just laughed, but I quickly stopped and I saw that she was in horrible pain. "Easy babe, don't hurt yourself and take it easy and I'll try to hold back on the jokes." I said and felt like a fool.

"It's not your fault sweet-heart, they said that I cracked a few ribs too and it would hurt if I laughed or coughed a lot." Mom said with a hint of pain still running through her body.

"Well, we'll get you some good drugs and when we get back to the house," I paused to caress the side of her face. "I'll roll up a big, fat joint and you can smoke it." I smiled and hoped that we made it through this ok.

I loved her more than anyone or anything in the entire world and was more than willing to do anything for her too. She raised me by herself, worked a fulltime job and still found the time to send herself through college. I owed everything I was, to her.

"I haven't smoked since that last time you talked me into it and yes, it helped me," she smiled and I could see that she was remembering that night long ago.

She was trying to move her bedroom dresser, strained her back and I talked her into smoking some pot with me and there was one other time, but you'll have to wait until later in the story to hear about that. "Come on, let's get you up and to the bathroom." I smiled reaching under her legs, gently around her back and lifted her up with ease.

"You just try to relax and if I hurt you ... you best say something." I said with a manly voice, but then I leaned and gave her a soft kiss on the side of her mouth.

"Ok baby, I'm all yours then," she replied as she wrapped her good arm around my neck and gently hugged me.

"Be careful saying that, Carrie hasn't been much of a wife these days. The only time I get any, is when the bitch wants something from me."

"I never liked her anyhow and I can't believe that she isn't jumping you twenty-four hours a day. If you were my guy ... your ass would 'never' get away from me or ... out of bed." Mom said as she looked into my eyes with so much lust, she made my damn cock jump.

"Easy pretty lady, I told you that I haven't had any in a long, long time and that kinda talk, isn't helping me any." I laughed and wondered why in the hell, my own Mom could make me hard.

"I'm sorry, I'll try to take it easier on my baby boy," she said with one of those voices that women use when they talk to a baby and that also made my cock jump. I knew that I was doomed to jerking off, until she was better and I could get back home and find some hot babe to jump.

"It's fine Mom, it just sucks being married and never getting laid." I said as I carefully walked into the bathroom and gently, sat her on the pot. "So ... um what do ya need me to do for you?"

"My panties, I don't think I can get them down by myself, sweet-heart," she said looking down to the floor and I could see that being so damn helpless, was really going to bother her.

I got down on my knees in front of her, lifted her chin and I said. "Hey, I'm here for you and don't hesitate to ask me to get or do anything for you. You've done so many things for me, so now it's my turn to help you." I whispered to her and I kissed her again.

"Thank you, sweet-heart. I just need you to pull down my undies and I'll try to wipe myself, if I can," she replied and I could see that she was trying to hold back some tears. Mom knew that it killed me to see her crying or hurting in any way.

"Let's get this pretty ass of yours naked then!" I said with a wink and slowly pulled her amazing feeling panties down her hips. I tried to look away, but being as close as we were, it was hard and her sexy hips filled my eyes.

I turned away and quickly heard a little stream of water going into the pot. "Oh thank you, God!" Mom giggled with a sigh of relief. "Oh and thank you, my handsome son," she added with a weak smile as the stream of water, came to an end.

"You're very welcome." I replied, turning not to look at Mom's nice fucking hips, but it was a damn hard thing 'not' to do. "Are you finished?" I asked as I reached for the toilet paper and I handed it to her. She gently unrolled some, folded it and when she leaned down to wipe the place I came from; I heard a low and painful moan.

"Ohhh, shit, it hurts to lean!" Mom moaned with pain and I could not believe what I was about to do for her, but I remembered all of the things that she did for me. It wasn't that I didn't want to help, it was the fact that, I was about to wipe Mom's pu ... her place and it was kinda weird. I always had the hots for her, but I was going to wipe her.

"Let me do it for you, babe." I said with a smile as I took the folded paper from her shaking hand. "What do I do? I've never done this before." I asked looking up into her pretty eyes and I could see that they were starting to well up with tears. "Don't you dare cry, try to hold out until I get you home. You know how I am about that." I said and I watched a very loving smile fill her face.

"I'm trying not to, but its killing me that you have to help me like this, sweet-heart. It's my job to help you." Mom said as two tears rolled down her face and she lost it. She started crying hard, her entire body shook and she grabbed me with her good arm and hugged.

I returned Mom's hug and gently caressed her back, feeling that her cheep, hospital gown had came untied. "Its fine I told you and besides that ... I'm leaving Carrie. All she wants to do is, hang out with that freaky girl that wants to be a man." I said, hoping that Mom wouldn't say 'I told you so'.

"The last time I had lunch with her, that's all she talked about." Mom replied as she wiped her face and looked at me with a big smile. "Good for you, now just tell me that you want to come back home and you'll make my day!" she added with a hopeful look on her pretty, but tired face.

"I was going to wait to tell you about leaving Carrie and I ask if you'd mind a man back in the house or not, but I figured you could use some cheering up."

Mom just smiled as she leaned to kiss me and she whispered. "Welcome home, sweet-heart! We are going to have so much fun, I can't wait!" she said with a wide smile and I remembered that she was finished peeing.

"How do I help you clean up?" I asked as I saw her holding up a long piece of toilet paper and Mom handed it to me.

"You just carefully pat all over me and we'll hope for the best," she giggled with another big smile.

I looked at her and I really wished that Carrie was just half the woman that Mom was, but that would be asking for a miracle. "Well, here goes!" I said with a wink, watching Mom's face turning a glowing shade of pink and I loved it. Mom never got embarrassed about much, so this was fun for me in more ways than one.

I carefully patted all over Mom's special place, as we looked into each others' eyes, but hers had a look that I had never seen, until just now. It looked as if she was in love.

After a minute or two of me drying her, Mom said. "I hate to stop this, but I think I'm dry, sweet-heart."

"Dang it, just as I was starting to have fun too!" I said looking to her face again and I couldn't wait to do 'everything' for Mom. She was a beautiful lady and I admit that I have a big crush on her and I always will.

"You bad boy, enjoying doing that to me," she said with a teasing voice and I watched her face turning pink again.

"Hell yes, I liked it! I told you Mom, you're a freakin' babe!"

"Thank you, now let's get the holy hell out of here and get home!" she said with need in her voice, so I quickly lifted her in my arms and took her back to her bed.

"Let me find a wheelchair. I'm strong, but I don't think I can carry you to my car, babe." I said walking out in the hall and there one sat, just waiting for me. I grabbed it, quickly went back to Mom and sat her in it.

"Let's cover you up. I don't want anyone but me, checking you out!" I laughed as I laid a small blanket around her body and over her legs.

"Well good, because I don't want anyone seeing me, but you!" Mom said as she gazed into my eyes and she gave me another very, nice kiss on my lips.

After finding a drug store and a quick ride back to Mom's home, I gently carried her inside. "Mmmm, I could really get used to having you spoiling me." Mom said as I sat her down in the living room.

I couldn't help but looking between her gorgeous legs and I saw a pretty good sized wet spot on the front of her panties. "I'm glad, because it's time you had someone to spoil and take care of you and your hot body!" I said and started reading all of the pain killers that the doctor gave her.

"Wow, you're not going to feel much after taking some of this shit." I laughed and opened the best pills and handed her one of them. "Let me get you a drink and then, we'll get your sweet-looking ass into bed." I added and got up to fix Mom a small rum and coke.

Mom took the pill and asked. "Do you really think that my ass is sweet-looking?"

I had to smile at Mom and I wished that I had the nerve to tell her how I felt about her, but I did not want her to think that I was a freak for wanting to make love to her. "Yes I do." Was all that I could say.

"I'm glad. You're the only man that could say that and make me feel good."

"I told you Mom, you're a damn babe."

"I love hearing you say that, it makes me so warm and fuzzy inside." Mom said and I could see that the pain pill was already working on her.

I watched a dazed look starting to cover her pretty face and I had to smile. "We need to get you in bed, before you end up passing out." I laughed as Mom just smiled bigger than ever and she handed me her drink.

"Will you sleep with me ... like when you were young, please?" Mom asked with a soft, slurred voice as she kissed me. "I don't wanta be alone anymore. It hurts crying yourself to sleep every night," she added and I could see that she was ready to cry again.

I hugged Mom and picked her up into my arms. "Yes I will, but need to get you on the pot first and then, change your panties." I said and I hoped that dear Mom still had a bunch of her see-through ones. I figured that she wouldn't mind. She used to wear them for me on the nights we were alone and tonight; we were going to be alone and in her bed.

"When I get all better ... I'm going to sure owe you a big one." Mom said as I carried her to her room and into the massive bathroom.

I sat her on the pot and carefully pulled down her wet panties. Mom's musky smell flooded my nose and even in her condition, it smelled like Mom was on fire. "Since I'm helping you, I get to pick out what you wear. Is that cool with you?" I asked and Mom just smiled at me and I was off to find some sexy panties for her.

"I will let you do ... anything, sweet-heart." Mom said and I could hear a stream of water going in the john.

"Be careful saying that. I told you ... I'm horny as hell!"

"Maybe we can work on that, when I'm all better," she giggled and I had to practically jump to keep her from falling off of the john and on the floor.

"I think we better hurry and get you in bed, before you get hurt." I said and grabbed her naked body and quickly went to put her on the bed.

"I picked these for you!" I smiled, holding the small pair of white, sheer panties up to show her.

"I shoulda known what you would get. I used to love wearing them for you. I would ... get ... so ... horny, when you looked ... at ... me," she yawned and I had to hold Mom up, to dress her.

I just reached down to put her tiny feet into her panties and eased them up her legs, over the 'boot cast' and up to Mom's awesome hips. "I gotta lift you up, so I can get them on your pretty butt." I whispered in Mom's ear and she said something that really shocked me.

"If we leave them off ... you could make love to me much better." Mom said, but I could see that she was really out of it and when my cock heard it, he was ready to take Mom up on her offer. It grew harder than it had been in a long, long time, but as much as I wanted her, she was still my Mom and she was in no condition to know what she was saying.

"Let's wait until you're better and then we can do that." I said making sure that the panties were straight and that they looked good on her, before I laid her back on the bed.

"I'm so horny," she moaned with need, but I knew it was the pills talking, not her.

I moved on her bed and gently put my arm over her simi-naked body and hugged. "You go to sleep and maybe in the morning, we will."

"I can't wait to feel my baby inside me again!" she moaned and Mom drifted off to sleep.

"Damn, you're going to fuckin' kill me. I hope it's not like this every time you take a pill." I whispered as I slowly caressed her hair and pretty face, wondering if Mom really meant what she said.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up and Mom was almost laying completely on me and I had to move. My cock was standing straight up and it was ready to fuck, but she was my Mom. I jumped out of bed and made my way to have a drink, a smoke and I had to clear my mind.

"Damn!" I said looking down to my cock, watching it jump with each beat of my heart. "She's our Mom, dumbass! We're not supposed to fuck her!" I added, but he didn't care. Mom always could bring him up to full hardness in just a split second and it would take forever to get it to go down.

I had a few more drinks and a lot of cigarettes and I figured that I needed to try and get some rest before morning. I went back into her room and almost shit my pants. Mom was lying on her side and her beautiful ass looked so good, my cock went straight out again.

"I'm gunna die!" I moaned and Mom lifted up her head.

"What's wrong, sweet-heart?" she asked with concern in her loving voice as she turned on her back, giving me and 'Woody' a perfect view between her long legs.

"I'm fine, babe. Why are you awake?"

"My back is killing me," she moaned and I saw her lower lip come out and she was about to cry.

"I'll get you a drink and a pill!" I said as I rushed to make her a drink and get her pills, before her pain got any worse.

"Here you go, babe. This should help you, it sure did before!" I smiled as I helped her sit up and take the pill.

"I'm so glad you're here. I wouldn't have been able to do anything." Mom smiled as she relaxed in my arms and I was so glad that she wasn't able to see just how hard I was for her.

"I'm here, so you relax and don't think about anything." I replied as I held her against me and it felt so good to hold Mom's helpless body. We always hugged and snuggled many times in the past, but this was so special. Mom needed me.

"I'm so glad I have you back. That little bitch didn't deserve you anyhow. Any woman that didn't want your big, beautiful um ... in her ... has to be a freak or something. I'd love to have it in me ... all of the time!" Mom said and like before, I could see that her pills were working.

I knew it was wrong, but I had to know more. "Mom, how long have you wanted it?"

"Mmmm, since that night ... of your graduation party, you made me soooo horny, I wanted to... !" Mom moaned with her eyes closed and I watched her already, big nipples growing hard as rocks.

"What made you so horny?"

She moaned again and Mom turned, getting closer to me. "The way you held me when we danced and later, when we were alone. I felt so alive and so loved. It was as if ... you wanted to..." Mom whispered and I knew that she was fading fast.

"Mom, do you 'still' want it?" I asked and I knew that I would burn in hell, but I had to do something. I reached to her very swollen, right nipple and I ran my index finger over it.

She just moaned and before I could get a reply, Mom started snoring. "Well shoot! I wanted to know." But deep down, I already knew the answer.

I got up the next morning and I came close to cuming in my jeans. Mom was naked, except for her tiny panties and she was completely against the front of me. My nine-inches were pressed into her warm ass-crack and it was fucking hard too. I always woke with a hard-on, but today, he was really hard and the thing was deep in Mom's crack! So far between Mom's legs that, I could feel the warmth of her pussy on the end of my cock.

I had to move and move quickly. I eased out of bed, grabbed the sheets, gave her body one, last look and quickly covered her up, before I did something bad.

"Jesus, why in the hell do you make her so fucking pretty?" I whispered as the thin sheet covered her tempting body and I left the room fast.

I went to make coffee, some scrabbled eggs and bacon. My guts had been growling for food the entire night and I remembered that I didn't get dinner last night. After my spat with Carrie, I ran to Mom and I totally forgot about eating.

I made twice the amount of food and I ate until my guts felt like they were going to explode, but it felt good. "Much better!" I said and I let out a long and very loud burp, wondering if Mom was awake yet. She needed her pain pill and most likely, a good, hot bath to ease some of her stiffness.

After fixing Mom a plate of food and a big cup of coffee, I made my way to her room. "Hey babe, I have breakfast for you." I said with a smile and Mom looked up me.

"Mmmm, breakfast in bed, served by a tall, good-looking man! What more could a lady ask for?" Mom said as she slowly tried to pull herself up, but I quickly saw that it was hurting her.

I sat the food tray on her bed and rushed over to help her. "Let me help you, babe. Don't go and strain yourself anymore that you already are." I smiled, slipped my arms around Mom and I had her pulled up and ready to eat.

"Wow, I always feel like a little rag doll when you do that!" Mom said with a grin and for some reason, her face turned a warm shade of pink.

"Is that a good thing or bad?" I asked sitting the tray over her and made sure that all was perfect for Mom.

She just looked at me with her sexy, blue eyes and said. "I'll never tell," she almost whispered and I knew dear ol' Mom liked when I flexed my muscles around her.

'Mental note, be sure and hold her in my arms longer!' I thought and I hoped that we would get through this without doing anything bad.

I sat next to her on the bed and I remembered something, she was right-handed and her right arm was broken. I reached over, took the fork from her and I started feeding my Mom.

"I'd be in a world of shit, if it weren't for you." Mom smiled and I saw her eyes starting to water up.

"Don't you dare do it! You helped me for years and now it's my turn to help you. So, no crying, lady and I mean it!" I said with a teasing, firm voice as I held her tiny, right hand. There were just enough of her fingers hanging out of the cast to hold them in my hand.

"I'm sorry, but this is so hard on me. It's my job to help you." Mom replied as she picked up the napkin to wipe her eyes and she quickly added.

"I'll be fine. I'm getting used to this very fast and I love having you here, with me again. It's kinda like old times."

"Just let me help you and no more crying. You do so many things for me and just think of this as paying you back."

She smiled and tried to lean towards me, but Mom couldn't. "I was going to kiss you, but I can't even do that." Mom giggled, but I could still see the hurt in her eyes, so I leaned to her and Mom gently kissed me as we looked deep into each others' eyes.

"Mmmm, thank you, sweet-heart." Mom whispered as our lips stayed together for a good ten seconds, maybe longer. To be truthful, I lost all track of time.

I moved back to where I was sitting and started to help Mom eat her food. "I guess after we're finished here, we'll get you a bath or shower. Which do you want?" I asked and I wasn't sure which one would be the worst for me. Either way, I would be with her and she was going to be fucking naked.

Her saw her face turn that pretty shade of pink again and knew poor Mom, was getting embarrassed too. "What would you rather do? You're the one that has to help me." She smiled and I could see that this was getting to her, as badly as it was me.

I always had a thing for Mom and after the stuff Mom said last night, I knew she had feelings for me too. "I think a bath would be the best bet. Before you a shower, we'll have to find a way to wrap up your cast, so it wouldn't get wet or anything." I said as I lifted the fork to Mom's big, sexy lips.

She opened her mouth, took the food and after chewing, Mom replied. "Yeah, that would be the best. If I got this wet, I'd have to go and get another one."

"Ok then, I bath it is." I said, got up and went to start a good, hot bath for her. Mom had one of those bad-ass tubs that blew bubbles and you could get twenty people in it, so it took forever to fill it up.

"I'm glad I have you." Mom whispered when I came back to bed.

"I'm glad too. You're the hottest Mom in the world." I said and something nice caught my eye.

"Well, good morning!" I said with a laugh as Mom's big, right boob popped out from under the sheet.

She looked down and Mom laughed with me. "You are so funny!" she laughed more and much to my surprise, Mom didn't pull up the sheet to cover herself. She just left her boob hanging out for me to see and enjoy.

"I had to tell it good morning. It looks so happy and a bit ... um ... happy to see me too!" I said with a wink and I knew why it looked so hard. It was the nipple I teased last night.

"It does look very happy to see you. My nipples haven't been this hard in quite some time." Mom said and her face turned bright, screaming red.

I looked down to it and then back up to her face. "It looks like it's about to explode or something."

"I think it and my lonely, old body, is enjoying a handsome man being around."

"Cool, because I like hanging around them and your body!" I said with another wink and like before, Mom's face looked like a tomato.

"I wonder about you some times. Talking like that about your old mother."

"Don't make me bend you over my knee and spank this sexy ass. Don't say you're old or fat again, woman!"

"Oh, yes sir, Master." Mom said with a low and very sexy voice and I saw her cringe with pain.

"Are you hurting again?" I asked and knew that she was.

"Yeah, but them damn pills knock me out and we're having so much fun, I don't want any of them yet."

I smiled at her and she was right. Mom and I hadn't talked or had this much fun in years and it was nice spending time with her again. "After we sit in the tub, you will get one. I don't want you in any pain. It kills me when you're hurt or upset." I said with a firm voice as I looked deep into her beautiful eyes and I could feel 'Woody' was waking up too.

"We could cut one in half, maybe I wouldn't get so loopy and talk too much." Mom laughed and I wondered if she remembered anything from last night or what she said.

"That's not a bad idea, but I will miss you flirting with me so much." I teased and her face turned red again.

"I bet you will, but when I'm finished ... you can give me the other half and then, I'll be your little plaything again." Mom said with a little giggle, as she looked at me and I could swear that she was horny.

"Little plaything? That sounds fun and very ... nasty!" I said, doing what Mom said, cutting a pill in half.

"I think you need to call one of your old girlfriends' and get your ass laid or a good, long blow-job."

I handed her the pill and said. "I love the last part of that." Thinking of how good Carrie was sucking me last night when the phone rang and how dumb I was for not letting her finish, before I left.

"My boy favors his big, long thing in a girls' hot mouth, does he?" Mom laughed at me and I could see her thinking about something.

"Hell yes I do! If a lady does it right, I'll be her fucking slave!" I said with a big grin and Mom just sat there, still thinking about something.

"I used to love doing that for your Dad. I could take him all and he would be in heaven!"

"I bet he would! With those big, ol' lips, you'd kill me too!" I said with a wink and Mom looked like a little, embarrassed school girl and it was so cute.

She covered her mouth in shock and her eyes were big as two dinner plates. "Jack, you bad boy!" Mom laughed so hard, tears of joy started pouring from her eyes.

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