Susan Clark

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Her son wanted to bring some buddies home with him.

Susan Clarke was being fucked! Susan Clarke, wife and mother was being fucked. Susan Clarke, member of the New Hope Baptist Church choir, Sunday school teacher and Girl Scout Troop leader was being fucked and Susan Clarke had no idea who she was being fucked by.

She knew it had to be one of the young men visiting in her home, but who? She could eliminate David. He was the one who started the whole thing, but he had a massive cock while the one in her now was much smaller. Much smaller, but still capable of pushing her toward the climax that was fast approaching. She pushed her hips up at her lover and even as she felt the flood of pleasure wash over her she felt her unknown lover's sperm shoot deep into her.

Exhausted, she fell back on the bed and in only moments she felt the semi-flaccid cock being withdrawn from her wet pussy. Footsteps moving across the room, the door opening and then closing, and then she was alone with her thoughts. How had she allowed this to happen? What in the world had possessed her to become such a slut? When her husband came home from his business trip what was she going to say to him?

It had started innocently enough. Her son Todd had called from college and asked if he could bring some friend's home with him over Spring Break. She had asked Ralph, her husband, what he thought about the idea and Ralph, predictably, since he had never denied Todd anything, had said to go ahead and let them come. When the boys arrived Susan was sunning herself beside the pool wearing her skimpiest bikini swimsuit. She had not been expecting the boys for several more hours and had never intended for anyone to ever see her in the swimsuit she wore only when she was alone and working on her tan. She was therefore more than just a little discomforted as the eyes of three strangers feasted on her body as Todd made the introductions.

First was Daniel, tall and well built. Next was Tim, short, stocky and with the shoulders of a defensive lineman. Last there was Norman who was tall and very slim. They all expressed their thanks at being allowed into her home and then Todd had said, "Enough with the pleasantries. Everyone suit up and let's get into the pool." Susan took advantage of them going to change and dashed to her room to get out of her revealing suit. When Ralph got home that night she told him what had happened and he had laughed. He said that knowing what she looked like in that bikini he suspected that they probably had to go and beat off before they could change into anything.

For the next several days the boys were in and out as Todd took them around town, introduced them to several of the girls he knew, found out where the parties were going on and generally did what boys do when they are on spring break from college.

While working in the kitchen Susan could watch the boys frolic in the pool and one of the things that she could not help but notice was how the wet bathing suits formed to the boy's bodies. What she noticed most was that Daniel seemed to have a very large male member. It looked to be huge and it made her very uncomfortable for reasons she could not even begin to think of. She wished he would wear boxer type trunks rather than the speedos he seemed to prefer. Daniel seemed to notice that she noticed his bulge and, maybe thinking that she might be interested in a closer look, he started spending more time around her trying to get her to put on her suit and join them in the pool. He would contrive to catch her in tight places and in trying to squeeze by her he would rub his cock against her. Susan was becoming quite flustered. She was at the same time aroused by the contact and repulsed by what she considered boorish behavior. She resolved to ignore Daniel for the few remaining day s of his visit and not place herself in situations where he could try and exploit the situation.

With three days remaining of the boys visit Ralph had come home from work and had informed her that he had to go out of town for a couple of days to take care of a business problem. The next morning as he was leaving he kissed her goodbye and said to her, "I'm not sure that I like going off and leaving you with all this young meat around. I might come home and find out you aren't interested in an old man anymore. Then he had laughed and said, "Try not to hurt them too bad."

Try not to hurt them too bad? Did he really think that she would ever consider doing such a thing? He must have! Why else would he have said such a thing?

In the kitchen fixing lunch and watching the boys out by the pool Susan's eyes settled on Daniel's bulge and she thought about what Ralph had said. She had never seen a penis other than Ralph's (and Todd's when he was young) but she had never had any desire to see another one either. She caught herself wondering how Daniel's cock would look if it were not restrained by his bathing suit. She shook those thoughts out of her head and then she had called the boys in for lunch and excused herself. She needed to clean the upstairs and she wanted to get it done before she had to leave for choir practice.

About two o'clock Todd called up the stairs and said that they were leaving for a while and probably wouldn't be back for dinner. Susan finished her cleaning and then she undressed and climbed into the shower. She was drying herself when she noticed motion out of the corner of her eye. She turned and saw Daniel standing in her bedroom and he was as naked as the day he was born. Jutting out from his crotch was an erect penis that looked to be every bit of ten inches long and as big around as a beer can. He had it in one hand and was stroking it.

"I told Todd I wasn't feeling well and that I was just going to stay here and rest. I've seen you watching me and I know you want to see my cock. With your husband out of town and the rest of the guys gone this seemed to be the best time. You want to touch it? Come over here and feel it. It won't bite, I promise."

Susan stood still, too stunned to think. She stared at Daniel as conflicting notions flew through her head. She should scream. She should run, she should grab something and throw it at him, but she did none of those things. Sensing her indecision Daniel moved toward her and took her right hand and placed it on his cock while at the same time pulling her towel away from her body.

"Incredible" he said, "That body should be immortalized in stone or in a painting. You are gorgeous."

He kept moving her hand up and down the length of his cock as he bent and started licking her nipples, first one and then the other. She shuddered at the feeling that was coming over her and when he took his hand from hers she did not release his cock; the hand kept stroking him as if it had a mind of it's own. She made no protest as he picked her up and carried her to her bed. Her bed and Ralph's. Oh God, what was she doing? She could not allow this. She was a married woman who had never been unfaithful to her husband and she had to stop this, but when he spread her legs, knelt down and put his mouth to her pussy lips she did nothing to stop him.

His tongue sent sparks through her body. He may be a child she thought, but he sure does know what he is doing. While licking her clit he worked a finger into her, then two, then three and suddenly she had a small orgasm. She bucked against his mouth and fingers and uttered a little cry as she felt him pull back, but in only seconds he was back and the head of his massive tool was pushing at the slit between her pussy lips. She pulled back from him and cried, "No! You can't! We can't do this, it isn't right."

Daniel ignored her and continued to push. The head of his cock split her pussy lips and inch by inch he was moving into her depths. Her protests continued even as she began pushing back at him and in almost no time his entire length was buried in her. He began to slowly stroke in and out and Susan lost all her inhibitions and began fucking back at the young man. She heard loud noises and it took her a moment before she realized that the sounds were coming from her.

"Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh God, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

Whether it was her entreaties that egged him on or it was just time for him to come he increased the speed of his strokes and Susan felt his cock swell just a bit and she knew he was going to cum. Sudden panic swept over her. She did not have her diaphragm in and Daniel was not wearing a rubber. She pushed at him trying to get him off of her.

"Don't cum in me, don't cum in me, please don't cum in me."

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