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by Susurrus

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My wife shows me how much she's missed me when I return from overseas deployment...

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I stood in formation in the hot, stuffy gymnasium: at ease, but hard as hell. The third local official of the day was basically reiterating everything the previous two had said: how proud everyone was of us, that we'd done good work, etcetera, etcetera. I knew I shouldn't feel so fucking ready to get the fuck out of there, but I'd just spent the last thirteen months, seven weeks and four days thousands and thousands of miles away from the woman of my dreams. We'd only been married seven months when word came down that my guard unit was going over to add its support to the effort. Now, finally, that term was up, and while getting the royal treatment from the elected mucky-mucks was great, the royal treatment I wanted was from the brunette in the fifth row, just off to my left.

I was pretty sure a few of the other guys were in a similar state as me, because one of the topics of conversation while we were over there was how much we missed our wives, girlfriends, women-in-general ... Sure, there were women over there, both on our side and locals, but it didn't seem a good idea to try to make moves on any of them. For one, I was already married to a woman I was head-over-heels for, and mixing it up with anyone over there was just asking for any of a million-and-one brands of major shit, and a starring spot on the evening news.

The sexual tension in the room was almost thick enough to see, and there was the distinct incense of aroused pussy wafting heavy in the air. Apparently those of us being honored weren't the only ones who'd been saving up.

Finally, the last speaker had spoken his last, and the CO barked, "Dismissed!"

Pandemonium erupted.

I can't imagine how it was for the guys in WWII, being gone from loved ones for so long. Today's technology made it much easier to get word back and forth, but it still seemed like fucking forever.

Families surged out of the stands to meet their loved ones, and soldiers swarmed toward the stands to meet them.

I had tunnel vision, and the light at the end of it had shiny dark hair and matching eyes, and wore a short denim skirt and a white T-shirt.

I met her at the base of the bleachers, and she jumped from the second row into my arms. Her legs wrapped around my waist and we kissed like it was the last thing we'd ever do. All time stopped, all outside sound went away. There was nothing for me but the feel of this woman's body clutching mine, the only sound the frantic noise of our breathing. When we finally came up for air, Lynne panted, "Fuck me. Right here. I don't care."

My hard-on bumped up against her ass from inside my trousers in response, and I felt a ripple of even more intense arousal course through my body. Without putting Lynne down, I walked with her still wrapped around me out of the gym, looking for a convenient place to reacquaint ourselves. The first door I came to was for the boys' locker room. I pushed it open with my foot and went in.

Row upon row of lockers stretched out before me. Hoping for at least a little privacy, I carried Lynne back to the toilet stalls. There was already a couple in one of them, doing just what we were preparing to do. I could see the top of a blond head over the partition, bouncing to the enthusiasm of the fucking going on.

I carried Lynne into the stall next to the couple and pushed her against the wall next to our neighbors, putting the women back to back. I then hiked up her skirt, pulled aside the gusset of her panties and rammed myself home.

Almost immediately, we were both panting, grunting and moaning. My buddy on the other side of the partition and I synched up our thrusts so we didn't push the fucking wall over. Subsequently, our ladies' heads bobbed up and down perfectly together. Soon the whole locker room was filled with the moans and grunts of four desperately horny people.

Just as it sounded like the four of us might cum together, there was a pounding on the stall doors.

"C'mon, you guys. This is a school, for Chrissakes. Take it somwhere else."

I knew that voice. The guy in the other stall knew it, too. The tone was friendly, but the last thing we wanted to do was make it mad.

I could hear the guy on the other side of the partition getting himself back in order, same as I was doing. Lynne was being remarkably calm about the whole thing and I watched as she stepped out of her powder blue thong and hung it on the peg on the back of the stall door. Some kid was going to get a hell of a souvenir the next day.

Lynne and I hurried out of the locker room and to the parking lot, where we leaped into the car and headed for home.

While I drove, Lynne pulled her skirt up over her hips and sat her bare ass down on the seat. She then spread her legs as wide as she could. There hadn't been time to inspect earlier, but now I discovered: she'd shaved her pussy bare! I wanted to just look at the gorgeous sight, but a quick glance back to the road told me I better pay attention, as I swerved to avoid taking a parked car's door off.

Lynne, for all her frenzy earlier, was being extremely controlled, and started teasing me with words.

"Shawn, do you have any idea how many sets of batteries I've used up, or the number of vibrators I've worn out? I bought a couple of dildos while you were gone, I even tried cucumbers and zucchini, but none of them satisfied me as well as that few minutes just now.

"Do you like my pussy? I shaved it just for you. I think it looks pretty this way. There's certainly nothing left to the imagination, is there? I hope you like it. You wouldn't believe how much more sensitive it is this way. God, when you were slamming into me, I thought I was going to cum right then and there.

"Did you like fucking me with your buddy fucking his girl on the other side of the wall? Was that hot? Damn, I wish we could have been back-to-back, me and his girl, without the wall between us, you boys fucking us both together.

"I've been spending some time on the internet, chatting with other wives and girlfriends of servicemen overseas. You wouldn't believe how raunchy some of those girls can be. It's scandalous, but it got me wet as hell, talking with them. I got some good advice, and there were some suggestions I'd like to try. I think you'll like it."

I looked over to the passenger seat and discovered why Lynne's voice got huskier as she talked. She was rubbing her bare pussy as she was telling me all this! The smell of her filled the car, and now that I listened for it, I could hear quiet slurps and squishes while she masturbated her soaking cunt.

I was glad she didn't try to give me head while I drove, because I knew we'd have ended up mashed into the back of a parked car or wrapped around a tree. As it was, I was so dizzy from her words, the smell of her arousal, the knowledge of what she was doing not three feet from me, and anticipation of what we were going to do when we got home, that I damn near missed the driveway.

Pulling in to the garage, I hopped out of the car, raced to the passenger side, and helped Lynne out. To my delight, she didn't bother pulling down her skirt and I drew her in close and kissed her once again, my hands homing in on her naked ass. We stood there in the garage - my hands on her butt - for a long time, just kissing. Then I picked her off the floor and laid her back over the hood of the car. I then dropped my trousers and once again plunged in deep. I started fucking her madly, our coitus interruptus earlier and all her narration on the way home spurring me on.

It only took a few crazed pumps before I was spilling my seed into her pussy with a relieved yell.

Looking up from Lynne's oozing pussy, I noticed I hadn't closed the garage door, and the quick, brutal fucking of my wife had been witnessed by old man MacPherson and his golden retriever. Old Mac didn't seem upset or aanything, instead there was a twinkle in his eyes and he gave me a thumbs up. "Reminds me of when I returned home from Korea," he called out, then continued on his way.

As I watched MacPherson leave, I picked my wife up off the car and headed for the house.

Inside, I put Lynne down and stripped out of my clothes in no time at all. When I looked up, Lynne was already nude. God, she looked fabulous! She held out her hand and led me to the living room couch, where she laid back and breathed, "Let me taste you."

Well, I was on top of her immediately. My cock disappeared down her throat, and I situated myself so I could eat her pussy. Suddenly, I remembered I'd just cum inside her. Then I shrugged inwardly. I was too fucking horny to care. I buried my face in Lynne's musky cunt and started licking. I tasted my cum as I enjoyed her, but it didn't matter. I think the kinkiness of what I was doing just made Lynne take it out on my cock.

Lynne was working my cock like she hadn't had any for ... well ... a year. Of course, I was going at her pussy the same way, so there were no complaints from either side.

Before long, Lynne was thrashing around on my face, and fortunately, she took my cock out of her mouth so as not to accidentally injure me while she came. She literally flooded my mouth with her cum, and more of mine oozed out at the same time. I just kept my tongue going, not wanting to lose any more contact with her than I had already.

Finally, Lynne pushed me off, so I stood and helped her up. Once again, we locked into a tight embrace, our mouths hungrily welded together. When we pulled away, Lynne whispered, "You taste like cum."

I replied, "So do you."

She then said, "I want more."

We got as far as the dining room when Lynne pushed me into a chair, then knelt at my feet and took my cock in her mouth again. I was so lost in my sexual haze that I barely noticed her finger wiggling around below my balls, trying to work its way between my ass cheeks. A part of me screamed for her to stop, that I wasn't interested in such things, while the 'hey-who-cares-if-it-feels-good' side out-shouted it. Besides, it was my wife, the most beautiful, sexy woman I'd ever known. Whatever she wanted to do, I was ready to try.

Once this thought crossed my mind, Lynne stood up and straddled my lap, aiming my cock at her soft, moist pussy. Again, we fucked. This time, I let her set the pace. It had been quite a while since we'd screwed this way. I loved the feeling of Lynne's cunt sliding up and back on my cock, rather than my cock sliding in and and out (although that's damn good, too!).

Lynne ground down on my cock over and over again, and I could feel my orgasm approach once more. I leaned in to suck on her nipples while she fucked me and received a moan in response. The rougher I treated her nipples, the louder she moaned. When I bit down on first one, then the other, she started to cum. Her pussy clenched my cock while she orgasmed, alternately gripping and releasing it. That control was one of many things I really enjoyed about sex with this woman.

After a couple minutes, her orgasm subsided, and she slumped onto my shoulder, my cock still buried deep.

Suddenly, she popped up, slid her hips up and back once, then looked me in the eye.

"Remember I told you I'd been speaking to other army wives while you were gone?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Some of them were pretty kinky. You wanna know what some of them like to do?"

My cock twitched. "Sure."

Lynne's smile got wider. "Come with me."

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