Identity Crisis

by Hungry Guy

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, School, .

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: Two guys go catch a movie after class, but wait! One guy is clueless about girls. The other guy is...

if image doesn't load, click the reload button on your browser Phew! Today's Pre-Calculus lecture was murder. At least that was my last class that day. It was still early afternoon, so I headed down to the study room in the basement of the Bio-Technology Building. Some of us called it the Fish Tank because it had a wall of windows facing into a foyer where several corridors met. Another wall of glass on an opposite wall gave a view of the campus data center.

The Fish Tank had some conference tables and a bunch of chairs scattered. Two guys I recognized from Computer Science 101 were at the far end poring over a COBOL listing. And Lisa, a super cute girl from my Business Accounting 102 class, was at another table intently reading a textbook and taking notes. I'd have loved to join her--I could sure use some help in that class--but I knew I'd make jerk of myself. When it came to girls, I was clueless.

I took a seat at an empty table and pulled out today's campus newspaper. Star Trek: Temporal Corps had opened last weekend, so I figured to treat myself to a movie. I opened the paper to the listings and fingered down the list.

A pile of books clattered on the other side of the table. "Hi Peter! What'cha doing?"

I looked up. "Hi, Logan," I said. Logan was in my Data Structures class. Until that moment, he and I had never spoken to each other. "I'm just thinking about going to a movie, maybe. I don't have any more classes today."

He jammed a calculator into one of the many pockets of his baggy cargo pants, sat across from me, and shoved his books aside. "Me neither. What movie you going to? I'd love to see A Girl's Heart. I hear it's really good."

"Huh? What you wanna see some stupid chick flick for? Unless you're taking a girl to see it."

Logan gave me the strangest look just then.

"Uhm," I stammered at his stare, "I'm going to see Star Trek."

"Cool!" he said. "I wouldn't mind seeing it. I've always liked Star Trek. You remember the Trouble With Tribbles from the original series?"

"Oh yeah!" I laughed. "That's one of my favorite episodes of all the series! Do you remember when Sisko from Deep Space 9 went back in time and helped Kirk solve the Klingon problem?"

"Yeah!" he pointed at me with a big grin. "I love it when they tie the different series together like that."

"Me too! Picard was always making references to the original Enterprise and how Kirk solved some mystery or another."

"I wish they'd bring Next Gen back on TV, or maybe The NEXT Next Gen. So who you going with?" he asked.

"Just by myself," I said.

"Oh? No girlfriend?"

"No, I don't have a girlfriend." I almost told him that I'm a total klutz with women, but that's just something one guy never admits to another guy. "And I don't know too many people at school yet. But I don't want to miss it."

"What time is it playing?" he asked.

"Let's see," I said as I glanced back down at the paper. "It starts in about an hour over at the Googolplex at the mall."

"Great!" he said. "We can make it if we hurry!"

Huh? What's with the "we?" But I guess it'd be nice to go with a friend. As we stood, I glanced back--I'd much rather go to the movie with Lisa than with Logan. Oh well.

"What'cha looking at?" he asked.

I whispered at Logan, "Lisa's sure hot, huh?"

"I guess," he said.

"You guess?" I said. Is Logan gay, or what?

"She has problems. She's noticed you. She thinks you're cute, but her boyfriends all break up with her after a few months. Stay away from her, Peter."

"How would you know that?" I asked. "That's the kind of secret stuff girls talk about in whispers in the girls' bathroom."

"I, well," he stammered. "I've just heard, is all."

Lisa thinks I'm cute, huh? That's interesting. But how could Logan know about that? And so what if her relationships don't last! I bet she's hot in bed!

"What?" I said when I noticed Logan looking at me as we walked through one of the underground tunnels toward the dorms and the parking lot.

"What are you thinking, Peter?" he asked.

"Nothing," I shrugged.

"Okay, so how we going?" he asked. "Bus?"

"Naw! I have a car."


We made it to the mall just in time to get some popcorn and find some empty seats in the back just before the previews started.

"Wow!" Logan and I said together and looked at each other.

"They're making Star Trek: Starfleet Academy next," I said.

"Can't miss that!" he said.

"No way!" I added. "Starfleet Academy is gonna be uber-fredashay!"

The movie started, and the Temporal Corps saved the galaxy from some menace that would have wiped out humanity before we even climbed down from the trees in Africa.

As we were pulling out of the movie, Logan asked, "So what do you want to do now?"

"I dunno," I answered. "I was just going to go back to the dorm and chill."

"You hungry?"

"A little. Why? You wanna stop for pizza or something?"

"I live off-campus near here. I can make us something quick."

"Thanks Logan, but I don't want to be a mooch."

"It's no problem! Really!"

"Well, okay then."

Logan lived in a small apartment above some garage. "I'll take care of it," he called out as he walked into his tiny kitchen. "You just have a seat and watch TV or something, okay?"

"Sure," I said as I found the TV remove and started channel surfing.

"Want a beer?" he asked.


"Rice and French fries okay?"

I laughed. "Sure!" Living on a college student's budget made for some odd culinary combinations.

Logan brought me a beer, and I had found Slut Wars on the Guy Channel: near-naked women battled to be the sole survivor in a melee set in some industrial techno-grunge environment full of high-voltage electric fences, spinning saw blades, corridors with crusher walls, trap doors over pits of molten lava, and other nasty traps.

"Awww, how can you watch that?" he said while carrying in our plates of rice and fries. "That's so fake!"

"Yeah, but who cares? The girls are so hot in those black leather bikinis!"

"Really?" he shrugged. "I guess they are."

For the second time, I had to wonder if Logan was gay. I wouldn't say he was effeminate, but it occurred to me that if he were a girl, he'd make a cute girl. Ewww, gross! What? Am I turning gay now? Yuck! Anyway, maybe I should eat quick and bail.

Logan sat and we watched the amazons battle it out. It sure looked real to me when one of them, being chased by another with a chain saw, slipped and fell down a slide into the spinning maw of a wood chipper and we saw her body shredded right before our eyes as blood spurted everywhere.

"Ewww!" Logan gasped. "I'm going to throw up, even if that is fake."

I laughed and tossed him the remote. "Change it if you want."

He caught the remote and found Logan's Run starting on the Sci-Fi Channel. "The girls at school used to always make fun of my name because of this movie," he said.

"Yeah, I had my share of bullies in school too," I said. "But they were never girls."

"Oh, uhm," he stammered, "there were a lot of girls at my school."

"Lucky you!" I laughed and nudged him in the arm with my elbow.

Finishing my meal, I started to stand since it was getting late. "Thanks for the grub, dude! It was really nice of you. See you tomorrow in class, okay?"

"Wait, Peter!" he said.


"Before you go, can I show you something? About me?"

"I guess," I stammered.

Logan peeled his baggy sweatshirt up over his head and tossed it onto the sofa.

"What?" I asked. I didn't see anything--not a scar or anything. I almost made a joke about his man-tits, but what with all the estrogen and other hormones in food these days, that's not so strange.

"What are you showing me? I don't see any scars or anything?"

"Oh man!" he snorted and threw his arms up. "Then one more thing, okay?"

He turned away from me and dropped his baggy pants. When I saw he was wearing girl's underwear, I poised to bolt. As I was about to jump the sofa, he pulled his underpants down and faced me, completely naked.

Holy shit! Instead of a dick, he had a slit amid a hairy bush--a pussy--not that I'd ever seen a real live naked pussy before.

"Well?" he, or rather, it, said.

"Okay, so you're a he-she; a transsexual. Well, I'm a live-and-let-live kind of guy, but I'm straight. I gotta go!"

I jumped the sofa, but Logan beat me to the door. "Wait!" it said. "Please, Peter! Just wait a second!"

"What?" I asked sharply, ready to put up a fight with this queer.

"I'm not a transsexual, Peter!" it shouted. "I'm a girl! I was born a girl! I was raised a girl! I've always been a girl!"

I didn't know what to say.

It sat on a table next to the door and started to cry. I felt terrible, but I just wanted to get out of there in the worst way.

It looked up at me and said in its husky voice, "My mom died when I was a baby and my father raised me all by himself. Sure, my voice is kind of throaty and masculine. And I don't have much of a chest, as you can see. And they gave me this stupid unisex name. So I guess I never learned to be very feminine. And you're not the first to think I'm a boy. But I'm a real biological girl! I swear, Peter!"

"Okay, so you're a real girl," I said. "That's, er, great."

It stood and walked up to me. "So you'll stay?" it asked as it wiped the tears from its eyes.

"Er, yeah, I guess I can stay a little longer." My first class wasn't until late the next day, so what's the harm in being its friend?

Before I could move, it put its arms around me and hugged me.

I hugged it back, then leaned back. "So why don't you put your clothes back on and we'll watch the rest of Logan's Run, okay?"

It, or rather, she, looked at me with a weird grin. "There's a naked girl hanging onto you, and you want to watch TV?"


"I have a better idea," she said.


"Why don't you take your clothes off, too?"

I wasn't sure about that. Okay, she was a girl--a real girl. And she was asking me to get naked with her. I could think of no reason to refuse.

I pulled my tee shirt over my head and pulled my jeans and Jockeys off.

She backed away a little with her hands still gripping my upper arms. My first real look at her, as a girl, gave me shivers. She really did have a pretty face; it was just one of those faces that had no clear male or female features. Her short brown hair was cut in a guy's style, more or less. She had no chest to speak of, though her nipples were puffed out just like a girl's. And with all her baggy clothes off, she had a pleasing shape, with a narrow waist and curvy hips. And her big brown eyes were so beautiful.

I leaned into her and we kissed. Drinking a girl's saliva from her mouth seemed so kinky to me.

She broke the kiss and took my hand. Leading me into the bedroom, she dropped to her knees. "Can I have a close look at this?"

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