Hungry For Suzy

by Hungry Guy

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Celebrity, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, White Couple, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Slow, Caution, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Hungry Guy gets a request from a fan to meet her for role-playing.

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction in progress between two authors collaborating together. No threats are being made against anyone.


During a pause in the game, the umpire took the opportunity to give a summary, "Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the third set tie-break between Miss Suzy Smith and Mrs Jane Porter. In the first set: Smith, four; Porter, six. In the second set: Smith, six; Porter, three. Final set currently being decided by tie-break, first to ten points. Score - Smith, seven; Porter, seven."

Jane brushed her red hair out of her face as the umpire read off a summary of the championship match so far. The tiebreak was level. Jane looked up into the crowd watching the final and winked at her brother, then looked across the net at Suzy waiting behind the baseline. It was Jane's turn to serve, so she tossed the ball and served. Suzy returned the ball with a strong backhand, sending Jane running back to the baseline to hit it back. Play continued back and forth for a few easy rallies. Then Jane had an opportunity to give the ball a vicious topspin drive from just inside the service line causing Suzy to miss the return and giving Jane the point. If only she wins this championship, Jane could almost feel Wimbledon in her future.

"Seven, eight, Smith to serve," called the umpire as the crowd clapped for Jane.

Jane's confidence rose as she returned Suzy's serve with a forehand stroke that forced Suzy to run up to the service line to return the ball before it bounced a second time. Jane returned the ball again with a powerful backhand, this time sending Suzy back to the baseline again. Then Suzy smashed the ball into the corner sending Jane scrambling, only to stumble and miss. Jane cursed inwardly. So close!

"Eight all," called the umpire as the crowd clapped for Suzy.

Suzy served again, sending the ball into center court from where Jane was able to hit it deep putting Suzy's return under pressure, allowing Jane to put everything she had into her response. But Suzy had come into the net and was right there to volley the ball back into the corner forcing Jane to concede the point.

"Eight, nine, Porter to serve. Match point," called the umpire as the crowd clapped for Suzy again.

With the pressure on, Jane had to win this point or lose the match and the championship. Jane rubbed a crick in her neck as she stood there preparing to serve. Suzy bent forward ready to receive. It all went quiet and still. Suzy was aware of a cooling breeze lifting her short skirt exposing her white panties but she did not dare take her eyes off Jane to adjust her skirt. Jane served, sending the ball over the net--a wide outswinging ball, but Suzy was prepared and crashed it right back at her opponent. Jane was perspiring profusely in the tension of the championship match; her racket slipped a fraction of a centimetre in her hand, causing the ball to hit the edge of her racket and bounce wildly out of bounds.

"Shit!" she screamed and threw her racket down. How she hated the very sight of Suzy Smith. The attractive young upstart had ruined her chances of going to Wimbledon.

"Game, set, match and championship to Miss Suzy Smith," called the umpire.

The crowd clapped voraciously for Suzy, as Jane forced herself to approach the net and congratulate her opponent as civilly as she could.

Jane headed into the clubhouse to freshen up before the buffet. She fumed when she glanced over to see a pair of reporters from The Canterbury Times and The Kentish Gazette interviewing Suzy and taking her photo.

Freshened after a quick shower and change of clothes, Jane stepped into the small serving room where the club was holding a buffet for the players and the press. She took a glass of Bordeaux from the wine bar and began to mingle when Suzy approached her.

Simmering inwardly, Jane smiled a false smile. "Congratulations, Suzy."

"Thank you, Jane. You played well, too. I was worried there for a while. It was a close match all the way through."

"I'm sure you'll be headed toward Wimbledon before long," spat Jane.

"I don't know," said Suzy. "My job with Mega World Bank takes too much of my schedule. As it is, I'm travelling to the States next month to oversee a project with Lotsatech."

How interesting! thought Jane. "Really? I love the States!"

"I'll be staying in New York for a week," said Suzy. "I'm looking forward to it."

"Oh! New York is so much fun! The nightlife is incredible!"

"I won't have much time for nightlife," said Suzy.

Just then, anther woman approached Jane and Suzy. "Hi Katie," said Suzy. To Jane, Suzy said, "This is my friend, Katie."

Jane nodded. "Katie, right. Didn't Suzy beat you six-two, six-two in the semi?"

Katie sipped her wine and giggled. "Yes, Suzy's game has much improved lately. I'm so happy for her."

"You deserved to win that match," said Jane. "It didn't bother you to lose to Suzy?"

"Of course not," giggled Katie, who took another sip of wine. "Suzy's my best friend!" Turning to Suzy, Katie said, "And you must make room for nightlife, Suzy. How often do you get to go to New York?"

Suzy glanced oddly at her friend. "How many of those have you had?"

"Only three," said Katie as she failed to suppress another giggle.

"You must see Times Square," said Jane. "It's almost as gaudy as Piccadilly Circus."

"You've been there?" asked Katie as she spilled a trickle of wine with a sip.

"Why, yes," said Jane. "Several times. Americans are such boors, but the city is wonderful at night..."

"You shouldn't say that," said Katie. "I know several Americans. Lovely people. Their informality is refreshing, actually."

Suzy seemed to take a step back at the controversy, but Jane continued, ignoring Katie's chiding, "And Suzy, their Subway is such a convenient way to get around 24 hours, day and night."

"If I have time," said Suzy.

"Why don't the two of you exchange emails?" said Katie. "You could be Suzy's remote tour director."

This is too good to be true! thought Jane. "Of course, Suzy!" Jane reached into her purse and removed a card, jotted her email on it, and handed it to Suzy. "Feel free to contact me with any questions. You really should head up to Harlem some evening and just walk around the quaint old brownstone neighborhoods, especially late at night."

Just then, a reporter from the Kent Messenger approached. "Pardon ladies, but may I have a word with the champion?"

"Of course," answered Suzy. "Pardon me," she said to Jane and Katie as she stepped away with the reporter.

Jane smiled at Katie, "So, Suzy travels on business often?"

"Right," said Katie. "I'd love to have her job. She's been to Rome and Frankfurt. She often takes the train into Paris for the day. And now, she's going to New York. I'm so jealous. If she wasn't my best friend," giggled Katie.

"So you must know a lot about her," said Jane.

"I suppose I do," said Katie as she took the last sip from her glass of wine.

Jane pointed to the empty glass in Katie's hand. "Come. It looks like you could use a refill on that."

"Right," giggled Katie as the two women headed over to the wine bar.


Guy missed the 5:10 train home from work Wednesday night, and the 5:30 train was, of course, late. And the air conditioning in Penn Station was broken again! But at least the train was pleasantly cool after it left the station and proceeded north under the streets of Manhattan, and came out into daylight below the Cloisters.

Arriving home a half-hour later, his own air conditioner was buzzing its fight against the summer heat. He tossed his briefcase down and ripped the tie from around his neck. A quick shower and a sandwich later, and Hungry Guy was in shorts and online working on his latest kinky sex story.

It didn't take long for Outlook to nag him about new email. Nothing out of the ordinary appeared in his inbox but for the usual assortment of long lost relatives in Nigeria needing help to smuggle their vast fortunes into America.

Of course, it wasn't unusual for women to write to him, ask about his sexy stories, and tell him about their kinky fantasies. So he read the next email without thinking anything odd about it.

> From: Jane Porter
> To: Hungry Guy
> My good friend Suzy and I love your
> stories about using women as sex toys.
> Suzy will be in New York on business in
> a couple of weeks. If you're willing,
> she wants you to fulfil her fantasy.
> She asked me to contact you initially
> to make the fantasy seem real to her
> when you proposition her. She wants
> you to "blackmail" her into meeting you
> for kinky sex.
> When you contact her, the threat must
> seem for real, or the fantasy won't
> work for her. Please don't let on that
> it's role-play, or that will spoil
> the fantasy. She won the Canterbury
> Tennis Championship last week, so tell
> her you saw her on BBC and that you
> have a thing for tennis players.
> All you have to do is threaten to
> send this nude photo of her to her
> husband Andrew, and her bosses at
> Mega World Bank and their clients at
> Lotsatech, and maybe some Kent
> newspapers if she doesn't "agree."
> Her contact information, photos,
> and assorted private details about
> her are attached.
> Hope to hear back from you soon!
> Jane

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