Hungry For Suzy

by Hungry Guy

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Celebrity, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, White Couple, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Slow, Caution, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Hungry Guy gets a request from a fan to meet her for role-playing.

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction in progress between two authors collaborating together. No threats are being made against anyone.


During a pause in the game, the umpire took the opportunity to give a summary, "Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the third set tie-break between Miss Suzy Smith and Mrs Jane Porter. In the first set: Smith, four; Porter, six. In the second set: Smith, six; Porter, three. Final set currently being decided by tie-break, first to ten points. Score - Smith, seven; Porter, seven."

Jane brushed her red hair out of her face as the umpire read off a summary of the championship match so far. The tiebreak was level. Jane looked up into the crowd watching the final and winked at her brother, then looked across the net at Suzy waiting behind the baseline. It was Jane's turn to serve, so she tossed the ball and served. Suzy returned the ball with a strong backhand, sending Jane running back to the baseline to hit it back. Play continued back and forth for a few easy rallies. Then Jane had an opportunity to give the ball a vicious topspin drive from just inside the service line causing Suzy to miss the return and giving Jane the point. If only she wins this championship, Jane could almost feel Wimbledon in her future.

"Seven, eight, Smith to serve," called the umpire as the crowd clapped for Jane.

Jane's confidence rose as she returned Suzy's serve with a forehand stroke that forced Suzy to run up to the service line to return the ball before it bounced a second time. Jane returned the ball again with a powerful backhand, this time sending Suzy back to the baseline again. Then Suzy smashed the ball into the corner sending Jane scrambling, only to stumble and miss. Jane cursed inwardly. So close!

"Eight all," called the umpire as the crowd clapped for Suzy.

Suzy served again, sending the ball into center court from where Jane was able to hit it deep putting Suzy's return under pressure, allowing Jane to put everything she had into her response. But Suzy had come into the net and was right there to volley the ball back into the corner forcing Jane to concede the point.

"Eight, nine, Porter to serve. Match point," called the umpire as the crowd clapped for Suzy again.

With the pressure on, Jane had to win this point or lose the match and the championship. Jane rubbed a crick in her neck as she stood there preparing to serve. Suzy bent forward ready to receive. It all went quiet and still. Suzy was aware of a cooling breeze lifting her short skirt exposing her white panties but she did not dare take her eyes off Jane to adjust her skirt. Jane served, sending the ball over the net--a wide outswinging ball, but Suzy was prepared and crashed it right back at her opponent. Jane was perspiring profusely in the tension of the championship match; her racket slipped a fraction of a centimetre in her hand, causing the ball to hit the edge of her racket and bounce wildly out of bounds.

"Shit!" she screamed and threw her racket down. How she hated the very sight of Suzy Smith. The attractive young upstart had ruined her chances of going to Wimbledon.

"Game, set, match and championship to Miss Suzy Smith," called the umpire.

The crowd clapped voraciously for Suzy, as Jane forced herself to approach the net and congratulate her opponent as civilly as she could.

Jane headed into the clubhouse to freshen up before the buffet. She fumed when she glanced over to see a pair of reporters from The Canterbury Times and The Kentish Gazette interviewing Suzy and taking her photo.

Freshened after a quick shower and change of clothes, Jane stepped into the small serving room where the club was holding a buffet for the players and the press. She took a glass of Bordeaux from the wine bar and began to mingle when Suzy approached her.

Simmering inwardly, Jane smiled a false smile. "Congratulations, Suzy."

"Thank you, Jane. You played well, too. I was worried there for a while. It was a close match all the way through."

"I'm sure you'll be headed toward Wimbledon before long," spat Jane.

"I don't know," said Suzy. "My job with Mega World Bank takes too much of my schedule. As it is, I'm travelling to the States next month to oversee a project with Lotsatech."

How interesting! thought Jane. "Really? I love the States!"

"I'll be staying in New York for a week," said Suzy. "I'm looking forward to it."

"Oh! New York is so much fun! The nightlife is incredible!"

"I won't have much time for nightlife," said Suzy.

Just then, anther woman approached Jane and Suzy. "Hi Katie," said Suzy. To Jane, Suzy said, "This is my friend, Katie."

Jane nodded. "Katie, right. Didn't Suzy beat you six-two, six-two in the semi?"

Katie sipped her wine and giggled. "Yes, Suzy's game has much improved lately. I'm so happy for her."

"You deserved to win that match," said Jane. "It didn't bother you to lose to Suzy?"

"Of course not," giggled Katie, who took another sip of wine. "Suzy's my best friend!" Turning to Suzy, Katie said, "And you must make room for nightlife, Suzy. How often do you get to go to New York?"

Suzy glanced oddly at her friend. "How many of those have you had?"

"Only three," said Katie as she failed to suppress another giggle.

"You must see Times Square," said Jane. "It's almost as gaudy as Piccadilly Circus."

"You've been there?" asked Katie as she spilled a trickle of wine with a sip.

"Why, yes," said Jane. "Several times. Americans are such boors, but the city is wonderful at night..."

"You shouldn't say that," said Katie. "I know several Americans. Lovely people. Their informality is refreshing, actually."

Suzy seemed to take a step back at the controversy, but Jane continued, ignoring Katie's chiding, "And Suzy, their Subway is such a convenient way to get around 24 hours, day and night."

"If I have time," said Suzy.

"Why don't the two of you exchange emails?" said Katie. "You could be Suzy's remote tour director."

This is too good to be true! thought Jane. "Of course, Suzy!" Jane reached into her purse and removed a card, jotted her email on it, and handed it to Suzy. "Feel free to contact me with any questions. You really should head up to Harlem some evening and just walk around the quaint old brownstone neighborhoods, especially late at night."

Just then, a reporter from the Kent Messenger approached. "Pardon ladies, but may I have a word with the champion?"

"Of course," answered Suzy. "Pardon me," she said to Jane and Katie as she stepped away with the reporter.

Jane smiled at Katie, "So, Suzy travels on business often?"

"Right," said Katie. "I'd love to have her job. She's been to Rome and Frankfurt. She often takes the train into Paris for the day. And now, she's going to New York. I'm so jealous. If she wasn't my best friend," giggled Katie.

"So you must know a lot about her," said Jane.

"I suppose I do," said Katie as she took the last sip from her glass of wine.

Jane pointed to the empty glass in Katie's hand. "Come. It looks like you could use a refill on that."

"Right," giggled Katie as the two women headed over to the wine bar.


Guy missed the 5:10 train home from work Wednesday night, and the 5:30 train was, of course, late. And the air conditioning in Penn Station was broken again! But at least the train was pleasantly cool after it left the station and proceeded north under the streets of Manhattan, and came out into daylight below the Cloisters.

Arriving home a half-hour later, his own air conditioner was buzzing its fight against the summer heat. He tossed his briefcase down and ripped the tie from around his neck. A quick shower and a sandwich later, and Hungry Guy was in shorts and online working on his latest kinky sex story.

It didn't take long for Outlook to nag him about new email. Nothing out of the ordinary appeared in his inbox but for the usual assortment of long lost relatives in Nigeria needing help to smuggle their vast fortunes into America.

Of course, it wasn't unusual for women to write to him, ask about his sexy stories, and tell him about their kinky fantasies. So he read the next email without thinking anything odd about it.

> From: Jane Porter
> To: Hungry Guy
> My good friend Suzy and I love your
> stories about using women as sex toys.
> Suzy will be in New York on business in
> a couple of weeks. If you're willing,
> she wants you to fulfil her fantasy.
> She asked me to contact you initially
> to make the fantasy seem real to her
> when you proposition her. She wants
> you to "blackmail" her into meeting you
> for kinky sex.
> When you contact her, the threat must
> seem for real, or the fantasy won't
> work for her. Please don't let on that
> it's role-play, or that will spoil
> the fantasy. She won the Canterbury
> Tennis Championship last week, so tell
> her you saw her on BBC and that you
> have a thing for tennis players.
> All you have to do is threaten to
> send this nude photo of her to her
> husband Andrew, and her bosses at
> Mega World Bank and their clients at
> Lotsatech, and maybe some Kent
> newspapers if she doesn't "agree."
> Her contact information, photos,
> and assorted private details about
> her are attached.
> Hope to hear back from you soon!
> Jane

Guy laughed inwardly--this wouldn't be the first time a woman wrote to him and asked to meet him to play out some kinky fantasy. What these women won't think of! Guy opened the attachments and read about Suzy, her place of employment, her racket club, her email and phone numbers, her home address, and several photos including one nude of her standing in a pool.

> From: Hungry Guy
> To: Jane Porter
> Sure, I'll help your friend play
> out her fantasy. I'll contact
> her next.
> Guy

Guy then drafted the following email to Suzy.

> From: Hungry Guy
> To: Suzy Smith
> I'm sure this email will come as a
> surprise, for we have not met before.
> But I saw you on BBC America last week.
> Congratulations on winning the tennis
> championship at Canterbury!
> I find you attractive, and I would
> like to meet you and fill your holes.
> Take a look at the photo I've attached.
> Do you recognize it?
> You should! It's you. Considering
> that you're naked, there's little
> left to the imagination.

Suzy's reply came the next day.

> From: Suzy Smith
> To: Hungry Guy
> How dare you! How did you get that
> information about me? How did you
> get that photo? Do you really think
> I'll agree to meet a complete
> stranger for sex because you're in
> possession of a photo?

Guy didn't expect an easy conquest. He had prepared a little more persuasion.

> From: Hungry Guy
> To: Suzy Smith
> I bet your manager at Mega World Bank
> would like to see you naked. Or your
> clients at Lotsatech. I'll bet your
> tennis coach and fellow club members
> would love to see you sans clothing.
> And what would all the scandal sheets
> in London do with a nude photo of an
> up-and-coming tennis champion?

Not surprisingly, Suzy's reply came the next day.

> From: Suzy Smith
> To: Hungry Guy
> Would you really do such a thing?
> I can't believe you would threaten
> anyone in such a way.

Of course, Guy had additional persuasion ready.

> From: Hungry Guy
> To: Suzy Smith
> Not only will the resulting scandal
> be personally humiliating, but I
> imagine that it wouldn't be very
> advantageous to your professional
> or tennis careers either.
> Of course, all that bother can be
> avoided. Just meet me when you're
> in New York next month and let me
> have my way with you for an afternoon.
> So what's it to be - either just one
> unpleasant afternoon or an unpleasant
> rest of you life!

Guy shouted "Yes!" to himself when he received the next email from Suzy.

> From: Suzy Smith
> To: Hungry Guy
> Very well, I guess I have no choice,
> you pig! I'll meet you provided you
> agree not to damage me or draw blood.

Guy replied immediately.

> From: Hungry Guy
> To: Suzy Smith
> Yes, I agree to that. But beyond that, I
> make no promises. And expect a spanking!

Suzy's reply came again.

> From: Suzy Smith
> To: Hungry Guy
> Right. I'll be busy most of my time in New
> York. I don't know when I'll be able to make
> time to meet you.

Guy replied again.

> From: Hungry Guy
> To: Suzy Smith
> That's on you to set aside an afternoon
> or evening. If you don't, then...

A few more emails settled the details. As agreed, Suzy called Guy from her hotel room when she arrived to give him her room number, and they confirmed their meeting time.

Before leaving, he popped a Cialis -- he would need the extra "help" in order to fill all of her holes in a single afternoon. Then he donned a pair of black slacks and a black muscle shirt, and caught a bus downtown.

Guy found the room easily enough. He knocked, and after a moment, a posh-looking woman opened the door wearing a jacket and skirt combination suit in light grey with fine pink pinstripes--clearly very expensive. The skirt finished invitingly a couple of inches above her knees.

"Suzy?" he said.

"Yes," she said coolly in a British accent. "Guy?"

"The same," he said.

"All right," she said and stood aside. "Come in."

Guy walked in and faced her.

Suzy followed him in and stood in the corner, looking terribly frightened. She flinched when he stepped up to her and touched her gently on the shoulder.

"Mmmmmm," he hummed. "Fresh meat."

Suzy flinched as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Guy chuckled and brushed the tear off with his fingertip. Then he wiped a drop of drool from his mouth as he leered at her, anticipating the fun that was in store for him.

"I can't believe I've been trapped in this situation," she scowled. And then she collapsed backward.

He caught her before she hit the floor, and steadied her back onto her feet. She was playing the part of unwilling victim very convincingly.

Suzy closed her eyes for a moment, then met his as she sighed. That moment, he saw the resignation and capitulation in her eyes as she slumped into his grip, and so proceeded to draw his fingers down her back and around her waist and across her torso. But she pulled away when he cupped one of her breasts.

"Suzy," he said. "Don't resist. You know you have to do this."

"Hmmph," grunted Suzy.

Guy continued examining her body, running his fingertip down her spine and around to her belly.

Guy paused and took a step back. "You know?" he said. "You're way too up-tight! You need to loosen up."

"How do you expect me to do that?" she said.

"I'll take care of that," he said and sat took her hand and backed up to the bed. Sitting, he pulled her down and across his lap, then slapped her butt.

"Ach," she gasped. "That stings."

"This is for all your restrictive limits," he scolded her.

He counted about 20 spanks before he paused.

"Are you done?" she asked in a teary voice.

"Hardly. I do love a woman in a skirt--nice easy access--which is why you wear them, isn't it?" he said as he flipped her skirt up, revealing tiny white satiny knickers.

He resumed spanking her, getting a louder "smack" against her butt cheeks through her knickers than through her skirt.

"Ow!" she screamed. "That hurts!"

Ignoring her, he resumed her spanking, counting another 30 spanks before pausing.

"Now are you done now? My bottom really hurts from that."

"Not yet," he said.

With both hands, he pulled her knickers down to her knees revealing her bare tush.

"Please! No more," she begged.

Guy smiled and resumed the spanking.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" she cried with each slap.

Guy counted to 50 this time, for a grand total of 100 spanks.

By then, his hand was sore, but his cock was poking her in the belly demanding some fun of its own.

"What are you going to do to me now?" asked Suzy with a hint of terror in her voice.

"This," said Guy and rolled her over onto her chest and sat on her back.

"Ow!" she screamed. "You're crushing me!"

"Shut up!" he yelled back as he pulled her knickers completely off and tossed them aside. Then he turned around and pulled her jacket off, then her shirt, and finally, her bra, rendering her completely naked.

"Please, before you go any further. I have some condoms under my pillow. I'm not on the pill. My husband always uses one," Suzy begged, extracting the packet.

"Of course, Suzy," he told her. At that, he reached into his bag and removed a large black butt-plug.

"What's that?" gasped Suzy.

Guy chuckled, unrolled a rubber onto the butt plug, and then smeared some medical lube on it.

Suzy screamed as Guy put the rounded point of the butt plug to her sphincter, and rammed it in. He then rolled her onto her back and climbed on top of her, kissing her. Suzy moaned as he squeezed her nipples tightly.

As he squeezed tighter, she cried out, "Ow! That hurts!"

"I'll make it better," he whispered and crawled down and began sucking on one of her nipples. A minute or so later, he switched to the other nipple. Then after thoroughly hardening both of her nipples, he slowly licked down her torso. He paused at her navel, teasing it with his tongue, before crawling lower, lower, lower.

"And that thing in my bum--it makes me feel like I have to use the loo."

"The what?" asked Guy, twisting his mouth.

"The toilet, or the bathroom, or whatever you Americans say!"

Guy laughed and then muzzled her crotch for a moment before plunging his face into her twat. Spreading her pussy lips, he slowly licked up and down, stopping to tongue-fuck her vagina for a while, then back up to her clit.

He sucked the tiny nub into his mouth and proceeded to suck it in and out in a steady rhythm as well as he sucked down her juices.

With disgust, Suzy felt her body beginning to respond. Please God, no, she thought. It was bad enough having to submit to his rape, but to give him the satisfaction of making her cum would be truly appalling.

He felt Suzy quivering at his onslaught. "Oh Stop! Don't make me orgasm! Please!"

Ignoring her plea, he lay there with his head between her thighs, playing her like a trumpet, drawing her clit deeper into his mouth with every breath, keeping the rhythm steady and strong, drawing "Ohs" and "Ahs" with this lips and tongue.

In a burst of motion, Suzy grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face deeper into her twat, and crushed his skull between her thighs, as her body shook violently in synchronicity to his sucking of her clit.

Guy continued sucking and sucking until she released her fierce grip on his head. He crawled up her body as she lay there panting and deeply ashamed.

"Ugh!" she gasped as he settled on her once again.

"You liked that?" asked Guy.

"What? Of course not!" she gasped. "You're disgusting. That was just my body responding, not me! I still realize I'm being raped, you know."

"Right, now to complete your fucking!" said Guy.

"No. No! Not yet. The condom! For God's sake put it on first," shrieked Suzy. "I told you I'm not on the pill. It's my fertile time of month and I don't want to catch any filthy diseases off you either. You agreed."

Guy laughed as he pinned her firmly to the bed. "Sorry, but I changed my mind. I hate rubbers! Besides, I'm taking a risk too, you know? My tongue's already been inside your twat. But, hey! Ya' gotta take some risks to get the most out of life, right? You're an athlete; you understand risk. Like that luge team in the Olympics earlier this year."

Suzy merely grunted.

"Oh! And I want to be the first to flood your posh English pussy with my cum--your poor husband, having to use them. Wow! The idea of my sperm being the first to penetrate your cervix and fertilize your unprotected womb is a Hungry Guy's dream come true. And Jane would be very pleased too if I knocked you up. That would put pay to your Wimbledon chances. You would have to withdraw and she would have to take your place."

"What? Jane? Porter? What? How? You pig! You planned this with her?" screamed Suzy, struggling ineffectively as he arched his back and slid his eager cock into her soaking pussy to join the butt plug up her ass.

"She said it was your idea," said Guy.

"No it wasn't! The cow has set me up. This is just revenge for my beating her at tennis. She's tricked you too. I really don't want this. You can stop now--please," begged Suzy.

"Really. Well, even better. So you really are having to submit totally against your will. And is the condom story true as well? I thought you were just saying that for effect.

"No--it's true, honestly. You will make me pregnant. Take it out. Please stop now, now you know the truth," she sobbed.

"Sorry. I'm not stopping now. I really will be the first to deposit my sperm in you--wow! I thought I was just being used by you to get an anonymous fuck while over here on business. I was quite happy to oblige. But this is so much better. You'd better believe I will for real send out all those e-mails if you don't cooperate. I am going to fuck you thoroughly and comprehensively, my sweet English rose," Guy replied unsympathetically, his eyes bright with lust.

Guy felt his cock swell even harder with this new information.

"Oh, no!" cried Suzy as tears welled up and dribbled down her face while Guy began pumping her, slowly at first, then faster and harder. "Please stop! Don't!"

He felt his orgasm build slowly as Suzy lay there crying under his bucking body. She felt it too and a cold shaft of fear and loathing went through her knowing that she was now powerless to prevent him sending his vile juices deep into her and impregnating her. With these thoughts in his mind too, it didn't take long for his orgasm to well up and explode deep inside her, filling her most private orifice with his seed in wave after wave of ecstasy.

Thus spent, he fell upon her gasping in the afterglow with his softening member still gripped gently by her rubbery pussy lips.

"Must you?" she sobbed, the sound of a broken woman.

"Must I what?" he asked back.

"Lay upon me, as lovers."

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