by Kyros

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Peter and Emin, two clerks at the supermarket, catches a thief who turns out to be willing to do a lot to avoid being reported to the police, however, is she willing to do as much as her captors demand of her?

Emin catches her when he is unpacking a box of canned corn. She is standing by the personal hygiene shelf looking at shampoo or perhaps hair balm. She has long, black hair with lighter highlights. She appears to be a few years over twenty. Looking at the silhouette of her face he finds her attractive, but when his eyes drop to her breasts the tight top reveals she doesn't have much there. He decides she is uninteresting, and reaches for another pair of cans when she furtively slips a shampoo bottle into her bag.

He stops dead in his track, one second, two, then he regains his mobility and hides behind a shelf. He is unsure what to do, and just as he decides to drop the whole issue, Peter, another clerk at the store, comes walking towards him. Emin motions for him to be silent.

"What?" Peter says.

"I just caught this chick stealing."


Emin points. He is about to step past the corner but Peter holds him back. "Don't let her see you. We've got nothing on her, if she's still in the store."

"I was just thinking I'd confront her here and ask her to put the stuff back."

"No fucking way," Peter says once he's peeked around the corner. "The chink bitch's gonna pay."


"Shut it! She's gonna hear you."

"Don't call her a chink."

"Okay, whatever ... Listen, you're going up to the entrance ... you're gonna catch her if she tries to bail."

"Catch her?" Emin says, worry in his voice now. "We're not supposed to..."

"The hell we are, she's stealing from us."

"Well, not really..."

"Yeah? Of course she is ... in the long run ... Never mind. Listen you'll sweep the pavement outside the doors."

Emin frowns. "That's supposed to be your..."

"Just do it ... if she bails you can grab her ass when you catch her or something..."

"You're an asshole."

"Yeah, yeah ... Now get lost."

Emin hurries to the back of the store, picking up a broom, on his way to the main entrance. He speaks to Angelika, telling her something might be up with one of the customers. Then he starts sweeping the pavement outside the store.

At the same time Peter is watching the girl. She strolls through the store as if nothing is up. At one point she walks past him, giving him a warm, even sexy, smile. Shit, Peter thinks, realizing that if Emin hadn't caught her red-handed he would never have guessed she was a thief.

The thought of catching her makes his body tingle and his breathing speed up. He takes a deep breath.

She doesn't shop for long and soon she approaches Angelika by the cash-register. She pays for a bottle of spray deodorant, but as far as Peter can see no shampoo bottle. Emin has stopped sweeping. Angelika hands over the change and receipt to the girl who puts the deodorant into a plastic bag.

Peter hesitates for a moment. What if she hasn't been stealing anything? Then his determination returns. This little bitch is not gonna steal from them!

"Excuse me Miss," he says, grabbing her by the arm. Emin has entered the store now, prepared to catch her if she tries to bolt. The way he's grabbing the broom Peter fears he might hit her with it should she try to escape.

"Yes?" the woman says, her voice cool and collected.

"Could you come with me?"

"Why?" A tint of worry appears in her tone.

"Because. I think you want to take this conversation in the office."

She looks at him. Her dark eyes widening, and he can feel a predatory chill along his spine. She knows she's caught.

"Okay," she says, her eyes lowering.

He pulls her along, Emin trailing behind, the broom still in a firm grip. They enter the back store room. Peter pulls out a shopping basket and nods at the girl. "Empty your purse in the basket."

She shakes her head. "No fucking way!"

Peter grabs her harder, pulling the bag away from her. "I saw you steal. You took shampoo and didn't pay for it. Now, if your bag doesn't contain shampoo, we're okay, otherwise you're in deep, deep shit." He reaches into her bag and produces a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of hair balm.

"I'm sorry," she says, her voice trembling. "Take it back. I didn't..."

"Take it back?" Peter says, his voice full of scorn. "It's our bottles."

"I'm sorry," she says again, "I am so sorry!"

"I'm calling the cops," Peter says. "Emin, put down the broom and keep an eye on her."

Emin places the broom against he wall and stands between the girl and the entrance to the store. She looks at him, her eyes wide with fear. "Please?" she says, "I didn't mean to take them."

Peter laughs. "What are you trying to say? They fell into your bag by mistake?"

She licks her lips. "Maybe?"

"Fucking bitch," Peter says, turning her bag upside down into the basket. "Let's see what else fell into your bag, shall we?"

Out pours a lipstick, a keyring, two hair pins, a box of lip balm, a purse, a pack of chewing gum, a pen and a small note book, a pack of cigarettes, two lighters, one green, one red, both Bic's, a number of small coins, and a pocket rocket.

The white oblong object lands in the middle of the pile, everybody's eyes glued to it. The girl sees her chance, and just as Peter is about to speak, she takes a leap towards the doors, running for dear life. Peter is too far away, but Emin manages to lash out, and grab one of her arms before she is out of reach.

She cries in fear as he pulls her back. He grabs both her arms and pushes her into the wall, back first. "What the fuck are you doing? Huh? You fucking stole from us and now you're trying to run away? What the fuck!?"

She blinks and twitches every time he speaks, still trying to force a smile onto her lips. When Emin finally realizes that he has been shouting at her, and that he is pushing her into the wall, grabbing her hard, and that she is very close to him, virtually pressed against his body, he backs away from her, but no further than he can still block her escape.

"We're calling the police," Peter says, "there's nothing you can do about it."

She pushes a strand of hair out of her face and smiles at him, a fearful, shivering attempt at flirtation. "I can do nothing at all?"

He stops. "What's that supposed to mean?"

She smiles wider, a really seductive smile. Then she glances at the pocket rocket. "You like my toy?"

He glances at the vibrator again. Emin fights really hard not to. Peter shrugs. "Perhaps. Not that it's something I've never seen before."

"Your girlfriend did with it?"

"Not really," he says.

"I can do with it," she says, her smile full blown seductive now. "Want to see me play with it? Yes? And the shampoo fell into my bag, right?"

Peter picks up her notebook. She freezes for a second before the smile returns, somewhat strained. He opens the book, flipping through the pages until he reaches the first page. "Kirsana?" he says. She nods reluctantly. "You'd do that to get off the hook?"

She licks her lips. "I'd do."

He chuckles and throws the notebook back into the basket. "That's a really lame offer. We're threatening to call the cops on you. You broke the law. You know what that means?"

"Yes," she says, her voice small, void of all seductiveness.

"I hope so," Peter says, "cause I want you to know what you're trying to buy here."

"Dude," Emin says, "come on..."

"Shut it," Peter says, "we're not calling the cops on this lady before she's had a chance to make her case, do we?"

Emin sighs. "I didn't mean..."

"Sure," Peter says, pushing Emin aside as he approaches Kirsana. "You want to buy your way out of this mess?"


"It's gonna cost you..."

"I see..."

"A blow job for me and my friend."

She gasps. Emin moans but Peter silences both of them. "That or the cops."

"Oh God," she says, "please?"

"No! You stole! You're a filthy thief, and you're getting what's coming to you. Either this or the cops." He picks up the phone handset.

"I'm not doing it!"

Peter smiles. "You're getting kicked out, you know. They have zero tolerance for thieves. They're gonna deport you back to China or wherever the hell you came from."

"Thailand. They'll put me in jail. Please help me! I can't go back!"

Peter grins even wider. "I've heard they even execute people in Thailand..."

"Yes ... Execute."

"See," he says, "we have a common interest here. Me and my pal wanna get off..." he silences Emin with a gesture, "and you ... too wanna get off." He laughs at the pun. "Let's get off together."

"But no swallow, right?"

"Oh no," Peter says, "you're doing it just like we want it or you're going to jail."

"Okay," she says, "who first?"

Emin gasps when he realizes she is going to give him a blowjob. He looks at her thick lips and feels himself starting to get hard.

"One thing at a time," Peter says and lifts the handset to the intercom. He calls Angelika and tells her they are going to meet the police out back. "They said they'd be here in ten perhaps fifteen minutes," he says. They hang up and he turns to Kirsana with a broad grin.

"Now it's time for licky-licky..."

He laughs again at his own joke and pulls Kirsana with him. They stop in a secluded corner of the store room. Kirsana, quite deflated, Emin hesitant, and Peter obviously horny.

"You go first man," Peter says pushing Kirsana into Emin's arms.

"I'm not sure..." Emin says.

"Want me to turn my back?"

"This is ... kinda illegal..."

"So? Wanna call the cops on her? Have her deported?"

Kirsana shakes her head. "No worry," she says, smiling and kneeling in front of him. "I'll do good."

"See," Peter says. "She knows her priorities."

"Dude," Emin says, but he silences when Kirsana starts undoing his fly.

She looks up at him, with dark, shimmering eyes. She pulls his already half hard cock out of his underwear and takes him into her mouth.

"Hey, dude!" Emin says, when Peter leans closer to see better, "do you mind?"

"Sure," Peter says and turns his back at them.

Emin combs his fingers through Kirsana's hair, letting the silky strands caress his palms. "My God," he says.

She sucks him harder, caressing his thighs and squeezing his balls. He flinches, fearful she will try to hurt him, and pulls away. "Perhaps this isn't such a good idea?" Kirsana grabs his shaft jacking him fast and hard, the tip of his organ sucked into her mouth, her tongue fluttering over it.

"Oh shit!" he hisses, grabbing a pile of pallets behind him to keep on his feet as his knees threatens to buckle.

She continues jacking him with furious speed, her tongue caressing, mouth open, as if waiting for his load.

"Oh God!" he says, his hips bucking.

Peter turns around. He takes in the whole scene, a lewd grin on his lips. He takes special care to check out Kirsana's butt. He licks his lips and grabs his crotch, adjusting himself, even though he squeezes his shaft a few times as well.

Emin is on the verge of orgasm when Kirsana takes him into her mouth and down her throat all the way until her lips are pressed against his pubic hairs.

He cries coarsely. Peter hushes him. Even though he is almost oblivious to anything but the electric jolts of pleasure burning through him he manages to keep his voice down, even when Kirsana starts moaning around his cock, making her throat vibrate in a way that has him twitching and coming in moments. She contracts around his shaft as he starts shooting jets of semen straight down her throat, and only after several seconds of blissful ecstasy does he realize she is trying to pull away from him.

He lets go of the back of her neck and she falls to the floor, retching and sobbing. He sinks down in the floor next to her with a prolonged groan. When he reaches out to pat her head she pulls away from him with a low whine.

"Man," Peter says, "you made her gag on it. Way to go!" He is sitting on a pallet of sugar on the other side of the store room. He waves Kirsana over. His trousers already pulled down and his cock standing, like a foreign mushroom growing in his lap.

Kirsana stares at the organ, she then notices the doors to the wharf. Before either Emin or Peter can react she bolts for them. Peter curses and tries to pull his pants back up while running after her. She reaches the door way ahead of him, but when she tries to turn the lock nothing happens. Peter stops and chuckles.

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