Patricia's Penkor Island Competition

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Swinging, Interracial, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Patricia is literally surrounded by aggressive Asian females. Although they are friendly and fun loving, when she and Jane Qwan, a Physician's Assistant to one of the Asian Surgeons, both decide to compete with one another for the favor of Dr. Jordan Mackenzie, he suddenly discovers he is surrounded by an abundance of sexual delights. Both petite women are equally sexy! Who will win'"Patricia or Jane?

Patricia felt so relaxed. Shielded from the hot sun by a large colorful beach umbrella, she surrendered herself to its soothing warmth. The peaceful sounds of the waves gently lapping at the shore lulled her senses. Totally relaxed and half-asleep she was suddenly awakened from her reverie by a dulcet little voice.

"You must be Patricia, the other little Caucasian PA everybody has been talking about."

Patricia looked up from under her beach umbrella to see who belonged to that bright pleasant little voice. She was surprised to see a petite female standing over her—hands on her slender little hips— laughing down at her. She was even more shocked to see she was Caucasian.

"Yes, I'm Patricia. Do I know you?"

"I'm Lady Yater," she replied. "Most people call me Peggy! Why are you looking so shocked?" "Haven't you ever seen royalty before?" she laughed.

"I've heard of you. Some of the Asian PAs told me about you."

"Oh yeah," she laughed. "I suppose they told you what a little bitch I am. Right?"

"No," Patricia said, laughing up at her. "They told me you were cute and very pretty. They also said that you were a very lively and a fun person to be around."

"You must have been talking to some of the PAs who don't know me very well," she said, with a little infectious laugh.

"Would you care to join me," Patricia said, smiling up at her.

"Sure!" Lady Yater laughed. "If you're not afraid I might ruin your sterling reputation. "By the way, have you become a first class slut yet, or does that come later?"

"I beg your pardon!" Patricia said, laughing as she saw the mischievous expression on Lady Yater's beautiful little face. "Mi Lady... , one more comment like that and I'll be forced to withdraw my invitation."

They both giggled. A moment later, her Ladyship plopped down in the warm sand. As Lady Yater sat down facing her, Patricia received quite a shock! With Peggy's beautiful slender sexy thighs slightly parted, she could see her Ladyship was not wearing any panties. Embarrassed, she quickly averted her startled eyes.

"Is something wrong?" Lady Yater asked, feigning innocence. Only her mocking amused tone gave her away.

"Ordinarily I would say yes," Patricia said, laughing in spite of herself. "However the other women I've talked to did say you were also a bit of a free spirit and totally uninhibited."

"What are you trying to do—create a new fashion statement or something—dressing that way?" Patricia said, teasing her companion. "Or should I say undressing that way," she laughed.

"No," Peggy said, "It's just that the Surgeon I work for, Dr. Bill Arnold enjoys looking at me like this—so, while we're here, I give him a special little treat by not wearing my panties... ," she laughed. "Which one of our lecherous Surgeons is taking your panties off at night? "she laughed. "In other words, who do you work for?"

"I'm here with Dr. Jordan Mackenzie," Patricia replied. "This is my first visit."

"Oh yes... ," Lady Yater said, "I know Jordan. I've never been with him. He seems to prefer Asian females," she laughed. "Oh, well... , what can I tell you... , it's his loss."

"You don't look as if you've been fully initiated yet," Lady Yater said, with a delightful little smirk on her pretty face.

"And you can tell that... , how?" Patricia said, laughing at the impertinent comment from her newfound friend.

"Let's just say you still have that prim and proper, every hair-still-in-place look," Peggy said.

"What is this fully initiated phase you mentioned?" Patricia said, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"Well... , once our week here on Penkor Island is almost over, everyone gets restless and starts looking around for something really exciting to do. Let's just say, when that happens, your brown hair could get a little mussed up," she said. "Anyway, you may escape this year—unless the Monsoon Season arrives early."

"Monsoon Season?" Patricia said. What happens if the Monsoon Season arrives early?"

"Well," Lady Yater said, with a little wicked laugh. "Let's just say, I hope you are good at defending yourself. That's what they do if the Monsoon Season comes early. It can get really wild sometimes," she said. "They refer to it as the inside games.

"Oh... ," Patricia said, feeling a shiver of apprehension go up her spine in spite of the heat from the hot tropical sun.

Back at the Cottage...

After spending a couple of lively interesting hours on the Beach with Lady Yater, Patricia slowly made her way back to the cottage she shared with Dr. Mackenzie.

Quietly unlocking the door, she stepped inside the darkened room. She was surprised to hear the unmistakable sounds of sexual passion in full stride coming from the bedroom. Someone is here! She thought. A moment later, she felt a stab of jealousy when she heard Jordan give an all too familiar intense groan.

Then a few moments later, she heard a feminine high-pitched squeal of delight. It was obvious that his unknown female partner had achieved her climax as well. Waiting a decent amount of time, she finally announced her presence.

"Hello... , I'm back! Jordan, are you here?" she said, hoping to give the impression she had just arrived.

A few minutes later Jordan walked into the living room. Walking behind him was a small petite Chinese female. Patricia immediately recognized her. She was Dr. Koto's Physician's Assistant.

"I hope I didn't interrupt anything," Patricia said, attempting to put the best face on things. "Hi. I'm Patricia Renton. You're Dr.Koto's PA, right?" she said to the young Chinese female.

"Don't you know you're supposed to knock before you come in?" the Chinese female said resentfully. "What are you doing here, anyway?" she demanded. "Don't you have any respect for other people's privacy?"

"Since this is where I live. I wasn't aware I had to knock before I entered," Patricia said, hurling angry words right back at her. It was apparent a little spark of animosity was about to be ignited between the two females.

"Come on you two," Jordan said, reluctantly entering the conversation.

Although he found it very sexy to watch the verbal battle between the two of them and any other time he would have allowed it to continue unabated—he was determined to try to placate them.

Putting an arm around each of their tiny waists he said, "Don't be mad at each other. It's my fault—I should have said something to Patricia. Okay... ?"

"Okay... , I won't be mad at her anymore," the little Chinese female said, smiling at Patricia, who a moment before had been an unwelcome intruder.

"Patricia, this is Janie Qwan, the girl I've told you about. I was hoping you two girls might decide to become friends. You're both very special to me. I was kind of hoping before we left, the three of us might find time to have some fun together," he said.

"Jane... , It's so good to meet you at last," Patricia said. "Dr. Mackenzie has told me so many wonderful things about you. He told me sometime back that the two of you always spend time together every year—so it's fine. I'm definitely all right with that. Okay... ?"

"Okay... ," Jane said, "I guess so."

"Come on... , let's be friends?" Patricia said, coaxing a smile from the little dark haired female.

"Okay... ," Jane said, feeling slightly embarrassed now that Patricia had made known her good intentions.

"You two go ahead, enjoy whatever you were going to do. I need to go in and shower. I'm all sweaty from the heat. Even with an umbrella, it was scorching out there on the beach." Patricia said, smiling at the two of them. "Oh, I met someone interesting on the beach a while ago. A Lady Peggy Yater ... Know her?"

Both Jordan and Jane laughed. "Yes," Jordan said, winking at Jane who was giggling.

"Is there something I should know?" Patricia said, "Come on... , don't hold out on me. Tell me... !"

"I tell you later. Okay... ?" Jane said, still laughing.

"We're on our way over to the Outdoor Café for some cool drinks," Jordan said. "Sure you wouldn't like to come join us?"

"Maybe you come ... join us later? Okay?" Jane said, smiling at Patricia.

Then in an affectionate gesture of good will—to let Patricia know, there were no hard feelings—Jane stepped over and embraced her. Patricia though taken by surprise gladly returned the other girl's embrace.

Jordan watched as the two attractive little females embraced each other. He felt his member start to harden. The sight of the two women he had so often fantasized about actually embracing each other gave him a feeling of exhilaration.

From half way around the world, I've managed to bring them together, he thought happily. I may be on the threshold of making my favorite fantasy of all time come true.

The Outdoor Café...

As Jordan and Jane entered the café, they saw Jane's boss, Dr. Sam Koto sitting by himself at a table in the corner. Seeing them, he waved them over.

"Hey, Sam, what are you doing sitting over here all by yourself?" Jordan said, laughing at his long time friend.

"Well, what else am I going to do," he laughed. "You're monopolizing Jane so much of the time, what other choice do I have, "he said, laughing up at the two of them. "Sit down. I'll buy you two a drink."

Sitting down, the drinks ordered—the three of them quickly became immersed in light banter and small talk.

"I hate to see this week come to an end," Jordan said, a trace of regret in his voice.

"I'm afraid I have even worse news," Sam Koto said. "I have to leave here tonight to go back early. Family problems!"

"Such a shame to have to cut short your week," Jordan said, looking over at Jane.

"Jane wouldn't need to come with me if you and Patricia would like her to stay with you for the additional nights. This way she can enjoy herself and attend the rest of the lectures."

Jordan felt his heart turn over! This was an unexpected break. His elusive goal of spending exclusive time with the two of them was about to be realized.

"Sure, I don't think Patricia would mind. It might be fun, huh Jane... ?" Jordan said, looking over at her.

Sam Koto didn't miss the look of relief on his Assistant's face when she realized she would be able to stay.

"I'm not even going to ask what you meant by that comment, It might be fun... ," Sam said, grinning at his friend.

The three of them were still laughing when the cold drinks arrived a few moments later.

Patricia and Jane talk...

Jane returned to the cottage alone a short time later. Patricia out of her shower was dressed in a white fluffy bathrobe, which was provided to all the guests upon their arrival.

"Oh. Hi Jane," Patricia greeted her warmly. "Jordan just told me Dr. Koto has to leave tonight but that he's agreeable to letting you stay here with us for the rest of the week. This is so great! We'll make it a really fun time," Patricia said, smiling at the little Chinese female.

I am actually starting to like her, Patricia thought happily. I find her less than perfect command of the English language sort of sexy and delightful.

"I think Jordan already ... know what fun he want to have..." Jane said, with a sexy little giggle of delight, mixed with a little trace of uneasiness. She was still a bit ill at ease at the thought of sharing Jordan with this slender attractive Caucasian female.

"It's alright, Jane," Patricia said. Sensing her reluctance, she tried to reassure her. "I know you like Jordan. So do I. He even told me once his favorite fantasy was having you and me together."

"I know he ... like the three of us to do something together," Jane said. "He say to me many times about you and him."

"I think what he wants is to watch you try to outdo me and let him watch the two of us. I suspect a lot of men like that sort of thing," Patricia said. "It's like a favorite fantasy or something," she laughed.

"I know what he like... ," Jane said. "Last year he and Dr. Arnold want to see Lady Yater and me do sex stuff to each other. I think he would have liked that very much," she said, with a certain air of conviction that wasn't lost on Patricia. "I not mind ... but it not work out," she said. "Maybe another time ... we do," Jane said.

"I'll bet he would enjoy watching you and I do each other more," Patricia said, giggling at the thought.

"I wonder who he think is best?" Jane said. Both females now beginning to feel more at easy with each other, laughed.

"Come on, Jane," Patricia said, "Let's go move your stuff over."

A short while later the two petite little females, each carrying a suitcase packed with Jane's things, moved her into the cottage from next door.

A Threesome sets sail...

Jordan was delighted. When he came through the door of the cottage an hour later he could hear the happy animated chatter of his two favorite females coming from the kitchen. Having both of them in the same cottage at the same time is a dream come true, he thought.

"Hi, Jordan," Jane said, greeting him with a mischievous smile. "We compare notes!" she giggled. We think ... maybe you need to rest for awhile now ... okay?" she giggled.

"Yes, Jordan," Patricia said, stepping into the living room. "Tonight Jane and I have decided to make your favorite fantasy come true. And then some..." she said. Exchanging a smile with Jane, they both laughed.

"Is that a threat or a promise," he said, "either way, I'm ready," he said, grinning at the two of them standing together, their arms around each other waists.

"We make you very happy, "Jane said. "Anything you like ... we do."

"Maybe I had better go in and sleep for awhile," he said, delighted to see the two of them appeared to be getting better acquainted. They seem so comfortable with each other, he thought happily. Who would've thought.


Activity on Penkor Island was settling down. With the quiet darkness descending, the three of them, Jordan, Patricia and Jane slowly meandered their way back up the beach. It was almost dark by the time they reached their cottage door.

Between them, nothing more needed to be said. All three people had only one thought in mind. Once the door closed, within moments the two girls had made their way into the bedroom. A few minutes later, they emerged to rejoin Jordan.

The two of them were now dressed in sexy night dresses—both were simply stunning! From the way their nightdresses fit them, it was obvious that neither of them were wearing a bra or panties.

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