Polly's Past

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2008 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: She had some secrets.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   Slow   .

I went to Vegas to party hardy and to try and forget the latest catastrophe in my life. My two-year marriage to 'the woman of my dreams' had just cratered and I was in sore need of some spiritual uplifting. It was my third trip to Vegas in the last ten years and it was also my third trip for the very same reason. I had no idea what was wrong with me, but either I had a black cloud hovering over me whenever I fell for a woman and married her, or something about being married to me turned woman into cock crazy sluts.

I'd only been married to my first wife nine months when I came home from work early one day and found her in bed with not one, but two of my so called friends. I found out later that she had been fucking damned near all my friends starting the day we came back from our honeymoon. That little afternoon surprise was followed by a few broken heads, several severed long-tern relationships, two relatives whom I no longer send Christmas cards, a divorce and my first trip to Vegas.

For the next three years I dated a number of extremely nice ladies, any one of whom would probably have been an excellent choice for matrimony, but I was gun shy and I let them all get away. I met my second wife on a blind date that I went on as a favor to a friend. We hit it off, dated for six months and then got married. I thought I had a winner until the night of her company Christmas party when she disappeared. I went looking for her and found her pulling a train on the desk in her boss's office. It seems that it was a holiday tradition that had been going on for the last five years, something that she had neglected to mention while we were courting. Another nine-month marriage shot, a second divorce and a second trip to Vegas.

Another two years went by during which I avoided women all together. No dating, no nothing. One night my sister invited me over for dinner and when I got there I found out she was playing matchmaker and had also invited one of the girls she worked with. I tried to be good company, but as soon after dinner as politeness would allow I beat feet. My sister called me and raised hell with me the next day.

"Did you know that she has been trying to meet you for the last three months? God knows why, but even after your boorish behavior last night she is still interested in you. I told her she should take last night as an omen and get as far away from you as she could. Do you know what she said? She said that she couldn't. She just knew that you were her lifemate and that things would work out."

It was the first time in my life that a woman actually chased after me. She caught me and seven months later we were married. I crossed my fingers and prayed that we would get past the nine-month mark and at the end of the first year I actually was able to relax secure in the knowledge that I had broken the jinx.

One month short of our second anniversary we attended a birthday party for her father at her brother's house. I noticed that one of the guests spent a lot of time around my wife and I asked her brother who the man was.

"That's Harry, her ex-husband. I don't recall inviting him, but what the hell, dad liked him and he seemed fond of dad so I guess it is okay that he's here."

I suppose that it might have been okay if I hadn't seen him put his hand on my wife's ass and her make no move to push it away. Blame my suspicious nature, a nature nurtured by two cheating ex-wives, but I started keeping an eye on two. When they looked around to see if anybody was watching and then slipped outside I was right behind them. When they got in the backseat of a car and my wife's high heel clad feet all of a sudden were waving in the air I went back inside, got my coat and went on home. I got an angry call about one in the morning.

"Why did you go home and leave me here?"

"I thought that you had all ready arranged for a ride home."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, when I saw you get in the back seat of that car with your ex I naturally assumed that he would give you a ride home."

"Oh that. It was nothing baby. Harry and I needed a private place to talk. We had some unresolved issues from the divorce to talk over."

"I suppose it would be interesting to know what issue was resolved when your legs were spread and your feet were kicking in the air. By the way, if that is Harry's car you should tell him that the right rear shock squeaks. That's a sure sign that it is going bad."

There was silence on the other end of the line for several seconds and then, "Should I even bother rushing home?"

"I don't see any real need for it. There isn't much here for either of us anymore."

Third divorce, third trip to Vegas.

I actually considered moving to Vegas. I was unlucky as hell at love, but I did okay at the tables in Vegas. I didn't get rich, but on every trip I had made back my expenses. I had a lot of time to think as I sat at the blackjack tables and I decided that as far as women were concerned I'd be better off staying well away from them. Hookers could take care of sex, and I was a pretty decent cook. I'd done my own laundry for years so what did that leave? Just sleeping alone and a couple of cats would take care of that. Bottom line was that from then on I was going to be a confirmed bachelor.

You can say "bullshit" all you want when people talk about love at first sight and sparks passing between two people whose eyes meet across a room, but it flat happened to me. I was sitting at the blackjack table with a twenty dollar bet in front of me when the dealer dropped a nine on the five seven I was holding. I looked up and my eyes met hers, she smiled, I felt the sparks and my heart started beating rapidly. She got up from her table and seconds later she was standing behind me. I collected my chips, stood up to face her and she said, "Did you feel it?" I said yes and six hours later an Elvis look alike walked my bride down the aisle of the twenty-four hour wedding chapel. I had five days left on my trip and that was our honeymoon. The last day of it we packed all of her stuff and shipped it to Denver. Then we caught a plane, flew home, drove to my place and I carried her across the threshold.

This time the union was star crossed and there was no doubt that it was going to last. The stars had aligned and the fates had made sure that we were put where that spark would pass between us. After my first two divorces my trips to Vegas had taken place within days of my divorce being final. That had been the plan for the third one too, but for some reason I had changed my mind and I had put the trip off for almost a month before boarding the plane in Denver and heading off for Sin City. On the Left Coast Polly was tired of LA and wanting a change so she had a garage sale and got rid of most of her stuff and then she took the money and what she had in savings and had caught the bus for Las Vegas. It was obvious that the fates had meant for us to be together.

Polly found a job as a secretary almost immediately and we settled in to grow old together. Over the next six years Polly and I bought a house and did all the things that happily married couples did. Polly worked hard and received several promotions and she eventually became the executive secretary to the president and CEO of the company she worked for. I was glad for her, but not so glad for me. Being the boss's secretary sometimes meant late hours and once or twice a month she had to accompany him on a business trip. I hated it when she was gone because it meant that a part of me was missing when she wasn't there. I hated it when she had to work late because that cut into our snuggle time on the couch. Christ, I hated it when she went grocery shopping and left me at home. I had it bad, real bad, and it seemed as though Polly had it just as bad. In addition to always wanting to be around each other Polly and I had a killer sex life. Even after six years it was still almost every day and we did everything including oral and anal. We couldn't keep our hands off of each other. Everyone said we were the perfect couple and everybody envied us. I was so happy and so much in love that I had completely forgotten my past three disasters and the black cloud that had hovered over me.

It was a Saturday and I had been playing golf with some friends. We finished our eighteen holes, had a few beers at the clubhouse and then I had headed out to go home. Walking toward my car I saw that the right rear tire had gone flat. I got out the spare, changed the tire, and then went back into the clubhouse to wash my hands. I was at the sink cleaning up and I heard voices that I recognized coming from the other side of the bank of lockers.

"How many?"

"Six I think. We try to hold the number down. The less who know about it the better. If we are careful we can fuck her for years."

"Don't you think that Dan is going to catch on?"

"I doubt it. He thinks Polly goes out of town on business with her boss. As long as we don't get too greedy and keep the sessions down to twice a month with a late evening or two thrown in we should be all right."

"What time does Sam want us there?"

"About seven. If I know Sam he has Polly getting there at five and he'll be all fucked out by the time we get there.""

"Polly can sure do that to you, can't she?"

"Best ass I've ever had."

My heart had stopped, there was a lump in my throat and the urge to kill roared through my head. I wanted to storm around the lockers and waste the bastards. That they were talking about my Polly wasn't in any doubt. I knew Ron and Mike's circle of friends and acquaintances and Polly and I were the only Dan and Polly in that circle. I wanted to hurt them and hurt them bad, but I had learned a lesson from all the legal problems I'd had when I busted heads when I caught my first wife cheating. I'd get them, it just wouldn't be in a public place where there might be witnesses. As I drove away from the club it occurred to me that all my rage was directed at Ron and Mike. Not for one second had I thought that it wasn't 'my Polly' that they were talking about, that it must be some mistake, or that there must be some reasonable explanation. No, I had apparently just accepted that what they were saying was true and then directed all my anger at them because they were supposed to be my friends and friends did not go behind your back and fuck your wife. I wondered why I wasn't thinking really bad thoughts about Polly, about why I wasn't already making a mental list of things I needed to do to get a divorce rolling. By the time I pulled into the driveway at home I began to realize that the reason that Polly wasn't receiving the same feelings as my last three wives was because I really didn't care about what Polly was doing. Polly was mine and I knew it! I knew that she loved me and that she would never separate herself from me and that she would have a reason for whatever it was that was going on. I know it sounds weird, but I was okay with whatever Polly did, but that same feeling did not extend to the men who were messing with my wife. I would find out what was going on and then take my revenge on the bastards.

The next day was a Sunday and on Sunday Polly played tennis at the club. While she was batting the ball around I went for a little drive. When he answered the door Sam was at first a little surprised and then he seemed to get a little bit nervous. Maybe he was feeling a little guilty about something? He stood there looking up at me (I'm 6'4'' and he was maybe 5'10'') and I said, "Aren't you going to invite me in Sam?" Once inside I cut right to the chase. I told Sam what I had overheard and then I said, "And now Sam, old buddy, old pal, you are going to tell me all about what is going on."

"I really don't know what you are talking about Dan."

"Yes you do Sam, and if I have to hurt you to get you to talk to me you know I will."

Sam fidgeted for a moment or so and then he shrugged his shoulders and went over and turned on the TV. He opened the cabinet next to the TV, took out videotape and placed it in the VCR. Letters filled the screen, "Left Coast Videos proudly presents Shannon Stellar in "Lusting Lady."

"What the hell is this shit Sam?"

He fast-forwarded it for several seconds and hit PLAY again and there was Polly, on her hands and knees, smiling at the camera as Ron Jeremy slid his large cock in her.

"Mike found this when he went back to New York on business. He knew right away that Polly and Shannon Stellar were one and the same. He bought the tape, brought it back and then he talked to Polly and asked her if you knew about her film career. She said you didn't and then he asked what she would do to keep you from finding out. Turns out she was willing to do a lot. Mike is a generous guy and he has a lot of friends and so he shared."

"How long has this been going on?"

"Three months — since he got back from New York." I walked over to the VCR, hit the EJECT button and got the tape. "I hope you understand me on this Sam, but nobody, and I do mean nobody, hears about our little talk today. I have some thinking to do."

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