I Love Older Women

by David Caspian

Copyright┬ę 2008 by David Caspian

Romantic Story: I guy falls for his cheating girlfriend's mom.

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Hi my name is Chase Andrews and I have an admission to make: I love older women. I always found it funny when people say they would never date someone ten years or older. As far as I'm concerned I can never remember a time I wasn't attracted to girls and women that fell under the category of being older than me. This is not to say that I didn't try to have relationships with girls my own age. I actually had a girlfriend in high school. Her name was Jennifer. She stood at about 5'6 and was pretty popular in high school. At the time I didn't know that she was cheating on me with some of the school jocks, including the captain of the football team.

The truth was the only reason she was dating me at all was I helped her with her homework, that and I was a nice guy. I never wanted to cheat and never tried to take advantage of her.

For some reason Jenny liked seeing the bad boys. It's something I will never understand about women growing up. Why go after men who you know will fail you, just because it might be more exciting or fun at the time? Anyways like I said I was in the dark on the whole situation.

As chance would have it I became friends with Jenny's mom Stacy. Both mother and daughter are both quite fit and have blond hair with blue eyes, but that is where the similarities end. Stacy is shorter than her daughter standing at about 5'4 and has larger breasts.

Don't ask me to tell you the size. I was never good at guessing stuff. Some guys swear that they can pick stuff like that out at first glance, but I say they are full of crap, besides what does it really matter? As far as I am concerned tits are tits. As long it looks good on her, I don't mind. Frankly I am more of an ass and face man myself.

Stacy had beautiful face and a nice firm ass. Her facial features were more playful and full of character than her daughter's. Stacy even laughed and walked differently, Stacy's were so full of life compared to Jenny's efforts to look and act cool. While Jenny wore the most stylish clothes and shoes, Stacy wore more casual stuff like jean shorts and a t-shirt with sneakers. As far as I was concerned Stacy and Jenny were as different as night and day.

Stacy was a single mom who had raised her daughter since her deadbeat husband had left months before Jenny was born. The two of them had them had met in high school, and Stacy became pregnant at sixteen dropping out under the pressure. The guy had never come back and good rid dins. They were better off without the guy who had dodged child support and used to drink all the time.

As chance would have it one afternoon when Jenny had said that she would have to miss our date for some after school stuff I was at the mall. Stacy was shopping when we literally ran into each other. The contents of her two bags spilled on the ground. Both of us were embarrassed to find a black teddy in one of them. I quickly scooped it up before anyone saw and put it back in the bag.

"Thanks. What are you doing here? I thought Jenny and you were going out?" Stacy said.

"After school stuff held her up." I replied.

Stacy made an, "Oh." Face in response.

It was how she did it that caught my attention: Stacy was hiding something. Unlike her daughter Stacy is a very poor liar and has no poker face whatsoever. If she thinks something you see it if not on her face than somewhere else in one of her actions.

In this case I saw several indicators that something was wrong from her breaking eye contact and rushing her clean up to get away. Gently grabbing both her hands I waited until her gaze met mine.

"What is it?" I asked.

Stacy and I had always been close. My father had died while on the job as a policeman. Ever since then it had just been me and my mom. You might say I have a soft spot for single moms and Stacy was no exception. We could talk to each other and be totally ourselves, and there was a certain freedom in that. Both of us were not hoping to impress each other and we found we had a lot in common.

As pretty as Stacy was she lacked self-confidence often leaning on her beauty instead of her brains and charm. What few people knew was that she had plenty of both. If Stacy got comfortable with a person or a situation she could easily outshine her daughter.

Stacy right then was taking a breath as she decided what to do. She had not been blind to what was going on in her daughter's life. In a way she blamed herself for not taking a more active role in stopping it.

"Chase Jenny is cheating on you." Stacy said giving me all the details she had found out. With that information I was able to fill in the missing pieces. Now a lot of things made sense that I had just brushed off as chance.

It's like some experts say, "You know that your partner is cheating on you before you'll actually admit it to yourself." We all have instincts sometimes we simply don't listen to them.

Now however I was willing to admit it and I felt the tears come unbidden. While I can cry I am not one who likes to do it in public. For me such moments are a private matter and should be kept private. When I felt them threaten to overwhelm me I turned and ran away from Stacy trying to hide my emotions.

I heard Stacy call after me but I wasn't going to turn around, especially when part of me actually wanted to be held by her. It was that part I was most afraid of.

I got into my car once I made it to the parking lot, and drove off heading home. When I was halfway there I couldn't hold the tears back any longer and pulled off the side of the road into a small parking lot. Letting them come and giving in to the pain, and sadness I felt I felt them flow. It took some time for me to get it out of my system. When it was over I drove the rest of the way home and slipped under the covers falling asleep.

After graduation I stopped off at Jenny's house to return one of Stacy's books I had borrowed not planning to come back. I would be heading off to school in the fall, and would only be visiting on the holidays: at least that was the plan.

What I found there once I walked through the door was something I hadn't expected. Stacy in recent years had tried to get back into the dating scene and had started dating a guy I hadn't particularly liked. Something had just not been quite right about him. Call the whole thing a feeling.

Stacy was lying on the ground with a broken jaw, and that dark brown haired bastard was standing over her fists clenched. The man easily outweighed me and he had the build of an athlete.

Something told me he could squash me even as he continued to stare at her not aware of my presence, but looking at Stacy hurt and crying was all I could take.

I don't remember much after charging in like a raving maniac. When the haze started to clear we were both bruised and bloodied but he was unconscious and I wasn't. The room was a shambles due to our down and dirty street fight. Looking around I found a broken chair as chair that must have used to end it. The chair was in pieces and the bigger man was lying face down on the ground.

I tried to bend down to check on Stacy and winced as I felt a pain in my ribs. Gritting my teeth against the pain I continued my check on her. With my help she managed to stand up and she gasped as she saw me.

My face was a mess from all the brushes and cuts. Even my hands were messed up not counting the pain in my ribs. Stacy had gone back to school to become a nurse and decided we should both go to the hospital after calling the cops. The cops came and took down our information after we had recovered enough at the hospital. Her attacker was taken into custody for assault and battery.

Stacy with less injuries recovered first and came to stay with me after calling my mom who was now out of country on a business trip. She would come back as quickly as possible, but by then I would be out of the hospital. Stacy passed on the information that I was okay and she needn't do that. I was touched that she was worried about me and Stacy told her that too.

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