Danna & Deanna: Our Story

by Dapper Dan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Twin boy/girl discover their mutual love at 18th birthday party. From there, the story grows, and grows, and... You don't want to miss this one.


Our eighteenth birthday party on January eighteen was in full swing. The holidays had just ended and we had just gotten a good start on the second semester of our senior year in high school. The Saturday afternoon was cold and snowy outside, but warm and cozy inside in our basement rec. room.

With six gorgeous senior girls in addition to my beautiful twin sister, Deanna, my male testosterone level was elevated, to say the least. Their six dates weren't too impressed with the way the girls flirted with me. But then, those same guys were flirting with my sister.

That flirting made me a bit jealous as I have had a secret "thing" for my sister since I was five years old. I say, secret, because nobody knew about this "thing," least of all, my sister. It began as a puppy dog crush at five, grew to a real crush by ten or eleven, and matured into head-over-heels love by fifteen. All I could do was fantasize.

So, when some of the guys proposed we revert and, just for the hell of it, play the juvenile game of "spin the bottle," I had to pretend to be quite happy when 'most everybody else roared approval. There was no alcohol present, but we were all still quite giddy with the food, the atmosphere, and the music playing in the background. The others were all dating couples, but I think this was a thing of the moment to play around just a little in a supposedly safe environment.

We cleared and area and Deanna produced an empty Coke bottle. We agreed on the main rule that when the bottle stopped spinning and pointed at someone, regardless of gender, the spinner got to take that person into the darkened walk-in clothes closet for a full five minutes. No rules inside the closet. Hmmm.

As the birthday couple Dee, as I called her, would spin first and I would spin second. Dee spun the bottle. When the bottle stopped spinning, it pointed at one of the shyer guys. He turned red as Dee stood and asked, "Are you coming, Fred?"

That brought a rousing chorus of cheers and whistles as most of us, our minds in the gutter, caught the double entendre of the question. I don't think Dee realized the quip right off, but she quickly caught on. She just gave an enigmatic little smile and crooked her finger in that universal sign that said, "come here."

After the closet door closed, there was five minutes of dead silence. As I said, Fred was a shy one and I don't know if he and his girl ever kissed or what. When the one minute warning was given, there was the sound that could only have been a really good, smacking kiss. The door opened and Fred stumbled out first.

Fred's face was beet red. There was lipstick on his lips and elsewhere about his face. His hair was a bit tussled and he sported a tent in the front of his pants. Not a big tent, mind you, but a tent none-the-less. Dee's smile was more than enigmatic this time. It was the smile of a task successfully and pleasantly completed. Her lipstick was clearly smeared.

My turn. The bottle stopped, pointing at the girl who had first suggested the game. Hmmm. I was not shy and had dated quite a few girls in my high school career. A little more variety was fine with me. Sue was quite a looker with a great chest, tight ass, and deep blue eyes. We rose almost in unison and she followed me to the closet.

The door clicked shut and total blackness engulfed us. Sue was directly in front of me, so I just walked into her and put my arms around her. I felt her boobs mash into my chest and we bumped noses before our lips found each other. The kiss was wet and passionate.

"Oh God, Danna, I've wanted to kiss you for a long time," Sue whispered in my ear when we broke the kiss.

"mmm," was all I said before I resumed our kiss and raised my hand to her right tit. No bra. Sue didn't resist, so I got a button on her blouse open and slipped my hand inside to grasp her more than ample tit, skin to skin. Sue groaned in response.

My other hand went under the waistband of her jeans and down to her curly pubes. No panties. Still no resistance.

"Were you planning on coming across for Ken later?" I asked as I came up from our kiss for air.


I moved my hand lower to slide along her crevice and encountered moisture, a lot of moisture. I had also resumed kissing her.

"One minute you two, one minute warning."

"Shit," I whispered.

"Another time, maybe, Danna?"

"We'll have to see, Sue."

Time was called and we returned to the circle. I just hoped the essence of Sue on my fingers wasn't as obvious to others as it was to me. I rubbed my nose as a ruse and tried to hide my mouth wiping up those fingers. Sue winked and smirked at me.

It took some time to go all the way round the circle to give everyone their first chance to spin the bottle. Twice, two girls went into the closet and once two guys did. When they exited, the two girls, at least the first pair, looked as if they might have experimented some. The two guys came out with very sheepish looks and red faces. They obviously had not experimented.

When the last couple came out, Dee asked, "That's round one. Does anyone want to have a round two?"

Everybody's hand went up except for the two guys that had to go into the closet together.

"I guess that answers that question," said Dee.

Dee spun the bottle for the second time that afternoon. She had given it a hefty crank and it spun for some time before it stopped.

It pointed directly at me!

I was stunned.


"Hubba hubba hubba."

"Atta girl, Deanna."

Those were just a few of the hoots and hollers that went up when that bottle stopped. Now it was my time to turn beet red in the face.

"Hey, hey, guy, you gotta take her into the closet. Rules are rules, buddy."

"Thanks, Ken, I'll remember you."

Deanna was a bit red faced as well. I don't think either of us had considered this possibility when we started the game. Well, that's not quite true either. I think I had a repressed, secret hope that it would happen, but never thought it really would. But damn, now it did happen. Now what?

"Come on you two, into the closet," came another voice.

"And be quick about it," said still another.

So, we stood and sheepishly, walked to the closet. The blackness enclosed us when the door clicked shut. Too bad. Dee is one gorgeous piece of womanhood. Anyplace a person would want to look, from the top of her head to the tip of her toes, Dee exuded femininity, beauty, and sexuality.

I knew before the door clicked shut behind us that I could no longer keep my feeling for Dee secret or quiet any longer. I embraced her immediately, clumsily found her mouth, and tenderly kissed her. It was just a bit too long to be a "brotherly" kiss.

Pulling my head back, I said, "Happy eighteenth birthday, Dee."

"Happy birthday yourself, Danna."

Dee then clinched tight with me and returned my kiss with the passion of a lover, not the little peck of a sister. She brought her mons into contact with my very hard cock and ground into me with a vengeance. What the hell?

Dee at last broke our kiss, but not our clench. She must of felt my questioning look; she certainly couldn't see my face.

"I've known for a very long time about your feelings for me, Danna. What you didn't know, being the male that you are, at least until now, is that I felt the same way about you. Also like you, I suspect, I didn't feel the time was right to do anything about those feelings. Now, that's changed. The time is right."

Our talk was in bare whispers, but we quit talking as Dee resumed kissing me and ground her pussy into my rigid pole even harder than before. That's when I lost it and shot my wad into my pants. My dick stayed hard, so I don't think Dee realized what had happened. I just hope my cum didn't soak all the way through to my jeans. That would be hard to explain on the other side of that door.

"One minute you two, one minute warning," came the cry.

"Later, bro, later. I'm not done with you yet."

Oh God, I sure hope not.

We messed around quickly, making sure our clothing was more or less straightened out and I used my hanky to wipe my mouth hard to erase as much lipstick as I could. We stepped back into the room to the jeers of the group. I guess nothing really showed but the still sheepish look on both our faces, but we took a lot of teasing anyway.

The rest of the game was a daze. I got tagged twice more by two of the other girls. We kissed in the closet, but that's all I remember of the five minutes with either girl. I was still in a daze about Dee. Now that our mutual feelings were out in the open, I was also concerned about the fact our relationship would be incestuous if it went any further.

Not only was the rest of the game a daze, the whole rest of the party was a daze. But finally, the last of our guests left. Dee and I worked wordlessly as we bagged up the burnable trash, picked up the soda cans and other trash, and generally straightened things up. But we couldn't keep our eyes off each other as we smiled cheekily at each other the whole time.

Our parents came home and we went upstairs to share our birthday with them for the rest of the evening. After supper prepared by Mother and Dee, we all watched some TV for a time. Dee and I finally went off to our separate rooms upstairs to get at least some of our homework done. We both had a ton of it. Then it was bedtime.


Ooh, Danna and I were in the closet and kissing like lovers. Oh God, I was melting into his arms. My pussy was on fire as I ground it into his hard cock. His hard cock. At last!

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