Danna & Deanna: Our Story

by Dapper Dan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Twin boy/girl discover their mutual love at 18th birthday party. From there, the story grows, and grows, and... You don't want to miss this one.


Our eighteenth birthday party on January eighteen was in full swing. The holidays had just ended and we had just gotten a good start on the second semester of our senior year in high school. The Saturday afternoon was cold and snowy outside, but warm and cozy inside in our basement rec. room.

With six gorgeous senior girls in addition to my beautiful twin sister, Deanna, my male testosterone level was elevated, to say the least. Their six dates weren't too impressed with the way the girls flirted with me. But then, those same guys were flirting with my sister.

That flirting made me a bit jealous as I have had a secret "thing" for my sister since I was five years old. I say, secret, because nobody knew about this "thing," least of all, my sister. It began as a puppy dog crush at five, grew to a real crush by ten or eleven, and matured into head-over-heels love by fifteen. All I could do was fantasize.

So, when some of the guys proposed we revert and, just for the hell of it, play the juvenile game of "spin the bottle," I had to pretend to be quite happy when 'most everybody else roared approval. There was no alcohol present, but we were all still quite giddy with the food, the atmosphere, and the music playing in the background. The others were all dating couples, but I think this was a thing of the moment to play around just a little in a supposedly safe environment.

We cleared and area and Deanna produced an empty Coke bottle. We agreed on the main rule that when the bottle stopped spinning and pointed at someone, regardless of gender, the spinner got to take that person into the darkened walk-in clothes closet for a full five minutes. No rules inside the closet. Hmmm.

As the birthday couple Dee, as I called her, would spin first and I would spin second. Dee spun the bottle. When the bottle stopped spinning, it pointed at one of the shyer guys. He turned red as Dee stood and asked, "Are you coming, Fred?"

That brought a rousing chorus of cheers and whistles as most of us, our minds in the gutter, caught the double entendre of the question. I don't think Dee realized the quip right off, but she quickly caught on. She just gave an enigmatic little smile and crooked her finger in that universal sign that said, "come here."

After the closet door closed, there was five minutes of dead silence. As I said, Fred was a shy one and I don't know if he and his girl ever kissed or what. When the one minute warning was given, there was the sound that could only have been a really good, smacking kiss. The door opened and Fred stumbled out first.

Fred's face was beet red. There was lipstick on his lips and elsewhere about his face. His hair was a bit tussled and he sported a tent in the front of his pants. Not a big tent, mind you, but a tent none-the-less. Dee's smile was more than enigmatic this time. It was the smile of a task successfully and pleasantly completed. Her lipstick was clearly smeared.

My turn. The bottle stopped, pointing at the girl who had first suggested the game. Hmmm. I was not shy and had dated quite a few girls in my high school career. A little more variety was fine with me. Sue was quite a looker with a great chest, tight ass, and deep blue eyes. We rose almost in unison and she followed me to the closet.

The door clicked shut and total blackness engulfed us. Sue was directly in front of me, so I just walked into her and put my arms around her. I felt her boobs mash into my chest and we bumped noses before our lips found each other. The kiss was wet and passionate.

"Oh God, Danna, I've wanted to kiss you for a long time," Sue whispered in my ear when we broke the kiss.

"mmm," was all I said before I resumed our kiss and raised my hand to her right tit. No bra. Sue didn't resist, so I got a button on her blouse open and slipped my hand inside to grasp her more than ample tit, skin to skin. Sue groaned in response.

My other hand went under the waistband of her jeans and down to her curly pubes. No panties. Still no resistance.

"Were you planning on coming across for Ken later?" I asked as I came up from our kiss for air.


I moved my hand lower to slide along her crevice and encountered moisture, a lot of moisture. I had also resumed kissing her.

"One minute you two, one minute warning."

"Shit," I whispered.

"Another time, maybe, Danna?"

"We'll have to see, Sue."

Time was called and we returned to the circle. I just hoped the essence of Sue on my fingers wasn't as obvious to others as it was to me. I rubbed my nose as a ruse and tried to hide my mouth wiping up those fingers. Sue winked and smirked at me.

It took some time to go all the way round the circle to give everyone their first chance to spin the bottle. Twice, two girls went into the closet and once two guys did. When they exited, the two girls, at least the first pair, looked as if they might have experimented some. The two guys came out with very sheepish looks and red faces. They obviously had not experimented.

When the last couple came out, Dee asked, "That's round one. Does anyone want to have a round two?"

Everybody's hand went up except for the two guys that had to go into the closet together.

"I guess that answers that question," said Dee.

Dee spun the bottle for the second time that afternoon. She had given it a hefty crank and it spun for some time before it stopped.

It pointed directly at me!

I was stunned.


"Hubba hubba hubba."

"Atta girl, Deanna."

Those were just a few of the hoots and hollers that went up when that bottle stopped. Now it was my time to turn beet red in the face.

"Hey, hey, guy, you gotta take her into the closet. Rules are rules, buddy."

"Thanks, Ken, I'll remember you."

Deanna was a bit red faced as well. I don't think either of us had considered this possibility when we started the game. Well, that's not quite true either. I think I had a repressed, secret hope that it would happen, but never thought it really would. But damn, now it did happen. Now what?

"Come on you two, into the closet," came another voice.

"And be quick about it," said still another.

So, we stood and sheepishly, walked to the closet. The blackness enclosed us when the door clicked shut. Too bad. Dee is one gorgeous piece of womanhood. Anyplace a person would want to look, from the top of her head to the tip of her toes, Dee exuded femininity, beauty, and sexuality.

I knew before the door clicked shut behind us that I could no longer keep my feeling for Dee secret or quiet any longer. I embraced her immediately, clumsily found her mouth, and tenderly kissed her. It was just a bit too long to be a "brotherly" kiss.

Pulling my head back, I said, "Happy eighteenth birthday, Dee."

"Happy birthday yourself, Danna."

Dee then clinched tight with me and returned my kiss with the passion of a lover, not the little peck of a sister. She brought her mons into contact with my very hard cock and ground into me with a vengeance. What the hell?

Dee at last broke our kiss, but not our clench. She must of felt my questioning look; she certainly couldn't see my face.

"I've known for a very long time about your feelings for me, Danna. What you didn't know, being the male that you are, at least until now, is that I felt the same way about you. Also like you, I suspect, I didn't feel the time was right to do anything about those feelings. Now, that's changed. The time is right."

Our talk was in bare whispers, but we quit talking as Dee resumed kissing me and ground her pussy into my rigid pole even harder than before. That's when I lost it and shot my wad into my pants. My dick stayed hard, so I don't think Dee realized what had happened. I just hope my cum didn't soak all the way through to my jeans. That would be hard to explain on the other side of that door.

"One minute you two, one minute warning," came the cry.

"Later, bro, later. I'm not done with you yet."

Oh God, I sure hope not.

We messed around quickly, making sure our clothing was more or less straightened out and I used my hanky to wipe my mouth hard to erase as much lipstick as I could. We stepped back into the room to the jeers of the group. I guess nothing really showed but the still sheepish look on both our faces, but we took a lot of teasing anyway.

The rest of the game was a daze. I got tagged twice more by two of the other girls. We kissed in the closet, but that's all I remember of the five minutes with either girl. I was still in a daze about Dee. Now that our mutual feelings were out in the open, I was also concerned about the fact our relationship would be incestuous if it went any further.

Not only was the rest of the game a daze, the whole rest of the party was a daze. But finally, the last of our guests left. Dee and I worked wordlessly as we bagged up the burnable trash, picked up the soda cans and other trash, and generally straightened things up. But we couldn't keep our eyes off each other as we smiled cheekily at each other the whole time.

Our parents came home and we went upstairs to share our birthday with them for the rest of the evening. After supper prepared by Mother and Dee, we all watched some TV for a time. Dee and I finally went off to our separate rooms upstairs to get at least some of our homework done. We both had a ton of it. Then it was bedtime.


Ooh, Danna and I were in the closet and kissing like lovers. Oh God, I was melting into his arms. My pussy was on fire as I ground it into his hard cock. His hard cock. At last!

It was impossible not to know how Danna felt about me. His puppy dog admiration of me at five and for a long time after was open and honest. It was also easy to see that turn into a real "crush" at puberty. His puberty. I had gotten into that nearly two years ahead of him when we were thirteen. That's when I first thought of him as more than a brother. Of course, I never let on about my feelings for him.

Once he started developing the body of a man, it got harder for me to keep my feelings hidden. By our eighteenth birthday right after the holidays of our senior year, I nearly swooned every time I looked at him, especially when he traipsed between his room and the shower across the hall with just a towel wrapped around his waist. Danna was by then, a real stud, an adonis, really.

Danna played football and basketball. He was on the swim team and tennis team in the spring. He lifted weights. At six foot two, he had the athletes tight body, broad shoulders, and muscle tone most athletes only strive for but rarely achieve. As I said, a real adonis. The only thing I didn't know, at least for sure, was what kind of package he was packing. I'd never seen him completely naked and as far as I knew, he'd never seen me naked.

In that closet, I could tell Danna's cock was not gigantic, but neither was it all that small. All I knew for sure was that I wanted it. I'd only felt one guy's dick and that was with his clothes on. I wanted more, but it was Danna's that I wanted and I wanted it bare, and God help me, I wanted it in me.

I'd dated in high school, as Danna had. But I never went all the way with anyone. A couple of the guys got to feel my boobs through my blouse and bra. But one and only one, got his hand on my pussy and that was still through my clothes, not under them or without them.

How far Danna went, I didn't know for sure, but I don't think he ever went all the way either. I hope not, because I want to be his first fuck as he will be my first. God, how I ache for his cock. His naked and hard cock.

We had been in our separate upstairs bedrooms for more than two hours, studying. We were both on the high honor roll and wanted to stay there, so we really did study with serious intent. I ran into a trigonometry problem that had me completely stumped. I decided to go get some help from Danna.

I'd already changed into my sleep ware by that time. I slept in an oversize tee that just, and I mean just covered my pussy and let some butt cheeks show. I wore tiny bikini panties under the tee. We were pretty informal at our house, so Dana had seen me in that outfit quite often just as I had seem him with just his towel. He also usually wore just his boxers around the house in the later hours of the evenings.

I also knew Dana slept nude, because I'd accidentally seen him sprawled out on his bed one summer night. He was facing away from me at the time, so I only got to stare at his bare ass and back. I stood there a long time, debating whether or not to go in and try to get a better look at his other side.

I finally chickened out and went on down to my room. But I had to spend some time, diddling my own twat with my fingers to release the sexual tension I had built up within myself. Damn, how I wished it had been his fingers doing the diddling.

Now, I hoped I'd catch him naked again. But I thought he was still up and studying, so he was likely wearing at least boxers until bed time. I knocked on his door.

"Can I come in? I've got a trig problem that has me stumped and I need some help."

No answer.

I knocked again. Still no answer. Shrugging my shoulders, I opened the door and stepped inside Danna's room. He was sitting in his highback office chair in front of his computer. I could see the back of his head. Headphones covered his ears. The elbow of one arm showed some, peeking out the side of the chair and it was jerking in a funny way.

Then I caught a glimpse of what was on his computer screen. A naked couple was fucking with abandon. My God, he's watching porn! As I walked further into the room on its carpeted flooring, I could see even more.

Danna was sitting in his chair alright--bare ass naked. Not only was he naked, but he had a rigid cock that he was stroking with the same abandon that the couple on the screen was putting into their fucking. And what a delicious hardon it was. Danna's that is.

A bit of my motion must of caught Danna's eye. He swung his head my direction, acknowledging my presence with raised eyebrows. He made no effort to cover up. He was nearing his climax and simply returned his attention to the screen as he increased the pace of his stroking.

With unexpected suddenness, he thrust his pelvis forward, grunted, and ropy stings of semen shot out of his cock onto the computer screen. It's a good thing his computer had a flat screen and the keyboard was on a shelf slid under the desk out of the way. I counted five strings shot onto the screen. Two more didn't make it that far and dribbled off onto the floor.

"Care to see the the real thing and stroke off to it, Danna?"

"You offering, Dee?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I am."

I very slowly and teasingly raised the tee over my head and pulled it off, letting it drop to the floor at my feet. That left me standing in just my tiny bikini panties with my quite ample boobs swaying in his face.

"Think first what you're doing, Dee."

"What do ya mean, Danna?"

"You offering more than an object of masturbation?"


"You know what that is, what it means?"

"Incest, you mean?"

"Yes, exactly."

"Of course I know that and I know what it means."

"Do you really?"


"If we proceed and if anyone ever found out, we'd be outcasts. Society simply doesn't tolerate incest. We'd be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail, so to speak. Hard telling what Mom and Pop would think of us."

"Of course I know that. I don't care. If we are two consenting adults and no one else is involved or hurt, what harm is there?"

"And the possibilities of congenital defects?"

"None, if we use protection. Remote if we don't. The chances of congenital defects are considerably less than the moralists throw out to society in general."

Staring at me while we talked, and still slowly stroking, Danna's cock remained at full mast the whole time. At last I knew what a delightful package he carried between his legs. That cyclopean eye seemed to stare directly at me the entire time we talked. My nipples had gone achingly erect even before I took off my tee. My panties were quite wet by the time I finished my last statement.

"God, but I've wanted to see and get my hands on those boobs of yours, not to mention my mouth and tongue."

"And I sure have wanted to see and get my hands on that big cock of yours."

"Oh, it's not that big, quite average as a matter of fact. It falls way short of those porno descriptions."

"Well, since it's the only man sized one I've seen, I've nothing for comparison. It just looks big to me. And, it looks utterly delicious."

"Well, it may be a bit above average in girth, but not by much."

We were talking about my brother's naked and very rigid cock plainly visible to us both. It was throbbing with life. My pussy was letting me know it would need some relief of its own and damned soon. In fact, my hand was just then moving under the waistband of my skimpy panties and toward the wetlands below.

"Take your panties off and let me watch. You saw me jack off. Now it's my turn to watch you get yourself off."

I quickly complied with his request, dropping my panties and stepping out of them to reveal to his lusting eyes, my shaved and glistening pussy. My girl juice was already trickling down my thighs. The room lighting exposed the fact quite clearly. Clear liquid was also pearling out of his cock eye.

"God but that's beautiful, Dee. It's the first grown one I've actually seen."

"What? You've never seen or fucked a naked pussy yet?"

"That's right. None of the girls I dated would let me go further than to rub their pussy over top of their clothes."

"So, you're a virgin too then, Danna?"

"Yes. And by 'too, ' you? must be a virgin as well?"

"The same. No one's done to me more than you've done to your girlfriends. We'll be each other's first, just as I've always hoped."

"You plan on going that far, do you?"

"Dana, I love you, not as a brother, but as a soul mate. I want you to fuck me so badly. I need you to fuck me. I've waited so you could be my first and I hope, my only lover."

"The feeling is mutual, Dee. In spades."

I moaned. Then I moaned some more. My fingers had kept busy on and in my pussy while we had been talking and I climaxed with this last bit of conversation. Danna slowly stroking his cock and staring at me as we talked didn't help. Or rather, it did help to bring me to orgasm. And that orgasm was a whopper.

I limped over to Danna and dropped to my knees in front of him. I dropped my mouth to the tip of his cock and my left hand went to his shaft. My right hand went to his balls and I played my tune. That gorgeous cock really beat with new life with my ministrations.

Suddenly, Danna stood and pulled his cock from my mouth as he did so. He picked me up and carried me to his bed. He dropped me on the edge of it and then dropped to his knees. His mouth went to the apex of my thighs to my mons and labia with kisses and a laving tongue.

I squirted my orgasm straight into Danna's face. I was that revved up and horny. It was not a small orgasm, either. I'd quickly grabbed a pillow to smother my scream as I felt the orgasm come on me. It'd never due to have my folks in their downstairs bedroom wake up to the cries of their orgasming daughter, especially when their son was cause of it.

When I could breathe again, I said, "Danna, get up here and fuck me. Fuck me now. We can make love later. Just fuck the shit out of me. NOW. He didn't have to be asked twice.

Danna climbed on the bed, rolled my legs up so my knees were on either side of my head, and brought his flesh pole up to the target area. He ran his cock head up and down my slit from rosette to clit several times. This not only teased the shit out of me but coated his cock well with my juice to add to his precum.

That beautiful purple cock helmet then sank deeper into my folds on two more passes before centering on my gate of heaven. The helmet popped into the canal. Sinking a little further, it quickly encountered resistance.

"This will hurt some, Dee. Are you ready?"

"Yes. Do it. Do it now."

Danna withdrew his cock nearly all the way. Then, wham! He shoved hard and popped through my maidenhead. There he paused momentarily to let me rest a bit. After a short recovery, I lifted my pussy up towards him, giving him the signal to continue. He pushed again and slowly eased the rest of the way in until he was balls deep--all the way in.

"Oh my God, Danna. Just hold it a minute and let me feel that gorgeous cock inside me. I'm on the pill, so you don't have to pull out when you come. Just shoot me full of your seed."

After a bit, I again thrust my pussy up into him and he pumped slowly in and out. Very quickly we were humping in sync with each other, faster and faster. Eventually, we both climaxed. It was a earth shaker for both of us.

I could feel every shot of his cum as he loosed it into the depths my pussy. Seven strong shots, I think. Midway through his blasting, I had my climax that rolled on for a number of minutes before I started to come back down.

"Fuck me, Danna, but..."

"I just did fuck you, Dee," Danna interrupted me.

"I know that, silly, but I was trying to say, fuck me but that was mind boggling."

"Yeah, I agree. But I think it will be even more so next time now that we have at least partially satiated the animal lust we had both built up."

"Oh, so you think you want a next time, do you?"

"You damn well better believe I do. I want to taste those delightful boobs of yours. I want to play with them, like this."

His demonstration sent electric sparks form my nipples down towards my pussy.

"And I want to play with your pussy some more."

His fingers played there for a moment, sending more sparks from my crotch up to meet those coming down from my boobs.

"Oh God, Danna, I don't want you to ever stop doing that. Or fucking me."

"Your playing hard to get didn't last long, did it?"

"Not when you play tunes on my body like that, it didn't and won't."

"Sleep with me, Dee, at least for a while so we can cuddle and hold each other. You'll have to get back to your own room before morning, but we have a lot of time yet tonight."

"What about my trig problem?"

"Tomorrow, Dee, tomorrow."


Groggily, I came awake. Some sound had penetrated my about to wake up, light sleep. The first thing I noticed, was the warm, naked, and sleeping body that was entangled with mine.

The second thing I noticed was that the body entangled with mine was that of my sister, Dee.

And the third thing I noticed was my mother standing beside the bed with a horrified look on her face, her hand in front of her mouth which formed a perfect, round O. Her voicing that "Oh" was the sound that had awakened me.

Damn, we'd overslept and got caught. Now the shit really would hit the fan.

"What have you two done?" Mother groaned in pain.

Dee had snapped awake and alert during this little exchange.

"I think, Mother," she said as she looked back over her shoulder, "what we did is called fucking."

"Oh!" Mother repeated in an even more shocked tone.

Dee untangled herself from me to roll over and face our mother, her full frontal nakedness staring Mother square in the face. So was mine as Dee rolled away a bit. That bared my morning woody to point straight at Mother as well.

Mother's face turned crimson as she turned to the door and said, "Get dressed and come to the kitchen. Your father and I need to have a talk with you two."

After she left, closing the door behind her, Dee and I looked at each other as I pulled her back into an embrace with me. Her back was in my chest and my arms encircled her just under her delectable boobs with their rock hard nipples.

"Well now, that certainly was an interesting start to a Sunday morning, I must say."

"yes, Dee, I'll have to agree with you on that one. What now?"

"I don't know, Danna, I guess we'll just have to see what transpires down in the kitchen and go from there. Meanwhile..."

She turned her head so her lips could meet mine in a tender lover's kiss. My hands each grabbed a handful of boob as she reached a hand back to grasp my woody.

"Oo, it's too bad we don't have time to take advantage of this right now."

I just groaned in response to her warm hand.

Dee let go of me and rose from the bed, out of my embrace. She grabbed up her tee and headed out for her room, but not before she gave me a very dirty grin that promised more for later. I watched her ass cheeks move enticingly as she walked to and then out my door.

I quickly dressed in shorts, sans underwear and a tee. I strapped on a pair of sandals, sans socks, and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. Dee was already there, dressed similarly. We played some grab ass as we finished up and then headed downstairs to face the music.

We walked into dead silence in the kitchen. Dad had obviously been informed, but his expression was inscrutable. Mother still looked stricken. She had obviously also been crying. They sat together on one side of the table, so we sat together on the opposite side.

Dee poured a cup of coffee for herself and me and we sat, sipping and waiting.

"Why?" Dad asked.

"Because we love each other, Daddy. We love each other as brother and sister, but so very much more than that as well. We were each other's first and we want to keep it that way."


"I think Dee just said it all. These feelings have been developing in both of us since puberty. We just didn't overtly express those feelings until yesterday afternoon at the party and our spin the bottle game. That led to last night in my room and our letting out our true feelings to each other."

Mother was silently shedding tears. Dad was surprisingly gentle and calm. I had expected bull roaring anger and who knows what else. It didn't figure. Something was not quite right here.

"Your mother and I had hoped we'd never have to face this situation with you two."

"What do you mean by that? Did you in anyway expect this would happen with Dee and I?"

"The possibility had crossed our minds."

"Why on earth should such a thing even be considered as possible by either of you?"

"Because, Danna, your mother is my sister. I am her brother."

The silence that followed was deafening.

After digesting that for some time, I stupidly asked, "You two are brother and sister?'

"Yes, Danna, we are."

"I can't believe this. Dee?"

"I just would like to know more about your case," said Dee.

"It's fairly simple, if anything like this could ever be called simple. Like you, your mother and I became intimate during the second half of our senior year in high school. Our secret liaison was discovered a week after graduation."

"How?" Asked Dee.

"Again, simple. Like you, we got careless."

"Then what happened?" I asked.

"Then our parents disowned us and kicked us out. That's why we invented a set of nonexistent parents for your mother and claimed that hers and mine were all dead. That's also why we both said we were only children. That explained the absence of relatives for you two."

"Oh!" Dee and I both chorused together.

"Your mother and I had already been accepted at the State University which was a three hour drive from where we grew up. We immediately moved there. We got summer jobs and, as no one there knew us, we were married in a simple civil service in front of a judge. Two friends stood up with us as our witnesses."

"My God." Whispered Dee.

"Yes" our mother finally spoke. "That's why we can't do the same to you two after our experience. We simply can't and won't disown you or kick you out. We don't want to lose either of you. You're our children and we want grandchildren."

"But wouldn't Dee and I having children together be a risky proposition, genetically?"

"Not from what we have researched after we married. It's not much more risky than a normal couple having children. Those children are susceptible to all sorts of possible diseases and conditions too numerous to really count. Some are very rare conditions and some are not nearly so rare."

"I didn't know that," I responded.

"However," Dad continued, "in your case, you're the progeny of blood siblings. Your chances of genetic problems in a child of yours might be somewhat or more higher. If you stay together as a couple, you might want to consider adoption to be safe."

"That's a sobering thought, too," said Dee.

"If you do decide to stay together, your mother and I will stand behind you, unlike our parents. But we have some suggestions for you to consider."

"Such as?" I asked.

"You both have academic scholarships to State U and your mother and I, while not filthy rich, are not exactly poor either. So college expenses aren't a worry. You need to plan on going whether together or separately."


"And, State U. is far enough away that few if any people will know you are blood siblings. So, you could simply cohabitant, or you could live together legally married. There are advantages and disadvantages to either situation. It gets even more legally complicated when children are involved. Most states prohibit such a marriage in the eyes of the law."

"We will have to do some research on the legal ins and outs, Dee."

"So, you are in agreement that you want to stay together?"

"Yes, Dad, Dee and I came to that conclusion in my bed last night."

"Then you will need to live away from the home town folk here. If you meet local friends or classmates at State U., you can pass off living together as an economy move if no children are involved yet. You'll just have to be a bit careful about public displays of affection."


So, Danna and I finished out our senior year of high school and got summer jobs while awaiting our fall entrance into State U. We slept together in his bed each night, but I kept my cosmetics, clothes, and other personal things in my own room. There just wasn't room for everything in Danna's bedroom. Besides, appearances were kept up if the not uncommon occurrence of a classmate girlfriend of mine ended up visiting me in my room.

We had to limit our interaction and emotions during the day as school, but in bed at night, we couldn't get enough of each other. We fucked and otherwise enjoyed sex until we were too sore to do any more until after we'd recouped a day (night) or so to the point we could resume our sex life with vigor again.

Outside the intimacy of our family home, our life appeared normal. But it was a strain. The summer was much of the same thing. We had to restrain ourselves in public but let it all hang out, so to speak, at night in our bed.

At long last, the summer was over and Danna and I made the move to an off campus apartment to begin our fall semester at State U. The sex slowed down some, but not too much, due to the pressures of our classes and the amount of studying we had to do at the college level.

We sailed through the first semester with relative ease. Under all the pressures of college, I forgot to take my pill several times. I didn't realize this 'til midway through the second semester when I found myself pregnant.

"God, Dee, I'm really happy about becoming a father. But this will complicate things for us."

He hugged me tight when I told him the news. He really was happy. And the sex just got better and better as my pregnancy increased my horniness unbelievably, at least before the morning sickness hit me.

The second semester eventually ended. We elected to stay in our apartment and work our jobs we started the previous fall. The jobs had been part time, but we would work full time for the summer. My pregnancy began sometime in early February, so I could work most of the summer before I got too big.

Life was great. Then came the night near the end of my second trimester.


I was awakened in the wee hours of the morning by a shrill scream from Dee.

"Dee, what's wrong?"

"I don't know, but it hurts like..."

Dee doubled over with another piercing scream and fell to the floor, writhing in agony.

"That's it. I'm calling an ambulance. And our parents."

Dad answered on the third ring, despite the very late hour. He sounded alert and then worried after I told him about Dee.

"It's a six hour drive to State U. City, Danna, so your mother and I will charter a plane and meet you at the hospital in just a couple of hours. See you both then."

The ambulance arrived and the medicos quickly stabilized and swept Dee off to the emergency room. I jumped in our car and followed.

When I arrived at the hospital, I was isolated in the waiting room. Dee had been taken immediately to an operating room. Two hours later, I was still waiting. Waiting to hear from the doctors and waiting for our parents.

Three hours. Still no doctors and no parents.

Finally, three and a half hours and a haggard doctor appeared and called my name.

"Mr. Danna Johnson?"

"Yes, that's me."

"Mr. Johnson, I'm sorry, but there was nothing we could do to save your baby son. I..."

"My wife, what about Dee?"

"Again, Mr. Johnson, I'm sorry. We couldn't save her either."

"Oh, God. Both of them?"

"I'm sorry, son."

It was at that point that the two policemen walked into the waiting room.

"Mr. Danna Johnson?"


The doctor looked inquisitively at them.

"Please, Mr. Johnson, sit down. Doctor, you'd better stay a moment. Mr. Johnson, it's my sad duty to tell you that your parents died in a plane crash about three hours ago."

"What did you just say?"

"I'm sorry, son."

I slid from the chair into a puddle on the floor as blackness enveloped me.


After a twenty-four hour stay in a hospital bed of my own in which to recover, I was released. But I was still in a daze. Five days later, I attended the double funeral and burial of my sister/wife and our stillborn child.

Two weeks later, after the authorities had finished with their investigations, I attended the double funeral and burial of my parents. I was barely able to function. But, I went through the motions of living. I returned to classes and finished my second year at the university.

For the next two years, I remained a dazed automaton just going through the motions of living and attending class. I did well enough in school. I managed, barely, to maintain a 4.0 average out of five, but my heart was not in it. Under more normal circumstances, I would've maintained better than a 4.5 average.

At length, barely cognizant of the passage of time, I arrived at the week before graduation. Finals were done. My sex life had ended with the death of Dee and my parents. I was just marking time 'til I received my diploma. Though not any worse, my funk still clouded my life.

I was walking home to my apartment from an errand late one afternoon. I stepped off the curb. The screech of locked brakes and skidding tires was loud in my ears. So was the blare of the horn. There was a brilliant flash of light--and then nothing.

My eyes remained closed for a bit as the fog lifted and consciousness slowly returned. There was nothing but dead silence around me. All my other senses were focused on determining what was happening.

I smelled a fragrant and most pleasant perfume.

I felt a warm hand holding mine.

I also felt a warm hand gently rubbing the bare skin of my chest and stomach.

I also felt pain. A whole lot of pain.

I heard shallow, regular breathing on my immediate left.

My eyes blinked once. Twice. And yet a third time.

I simply could not believe the vision of absolute loveliness leaning over me from a chair at my bedside.

Read-gold hair, long and beautiful cascaded down and around her stunning face. Green eyes stared back at me. A slim, beautiful little nose perched above smiling lips that wore just a light touch of pale red lipstick. Narrow, dark eyebrows arched slightly at my open eyes.

It would have been difficult to miss the bountiful bosom that rested on my arm as she leaned in nearly nose to nose with me to stare into my just opened eyes. My God but this was truly a Goddess beside me.

"Well," she asked, "did you decide to rejoin us and the rest of the world?"

Her voice was melodic. Enchanting. Sweet. I was in love already. And me just barely awake. Surely I was dreaming.

"H, how long ha, have I b, been sleeping?"

"You haven't been sleeping. You've been in a coma for over a week."

Her hand gripped mine even more tightly.

"A coma? Over a Week" Wh, what ha, happened?"

"You stepped in front of my car and I ran you down."

"Oh. I hurt so bad. Will I live?" I asked that with obvious humor in my voice, despite my pain.

She giggled and replied, "Oh, I think you'll live alright. You've a lot of broken bones, bruises, scrapes, and a healing concussion. That concussion is what caused the coma. But none of your injuries are life threatening, at least not anymore."

I felt better already, just basking in the presence of this gorgeous creature. Now she tells me I'll live. Life was looking just a little better. Whatever funk I was in before she put me in the hospital seemed to be dissolving a bit.

"So what's your name, dear lady and what are you doing here?"

"My name is Ginger. I'm here because I wanted to try and make sure you didn't die on me. I'd of taken that very badly."

"How long have you been here?"

"I've been here since the accident happened. I've left only to eat in the cafeteria once a day. They finally brought me a cot to sleep on at night. I refused to leave."

"Why? And just how did you manage to get a cot out of them?"

"I just told you why. Plus, I think that over the course of the week I've fallen in love with you. Sounds crazy, but there it is."

"Oh God. How old are you?"

'What? You don't want me to fall in love with you, Danna? And I'm twenty-four--two years older than you."

"I haven't been awake long enough to think straight, so I don't know about either one of us falling in love just right now."

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