Our Changed Life

by biman4321

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Wife gets seduced by black guest, loves black dicks, husband joins in

My wife and I have had a great marriage for 6 years without any real problems of any type. We both agree we do not want children yet and we love our sex life. My wife isn't really a beautiful woman but she is very cute and has a nice slim athletic body with beautiful pear shape breasts, about c-cup. She does have the most beautiful nipples I have ever seen. they are somewhat long and bigger round than most. She is also very sensitive there. When she dances close to a man, she gets very hot because of the rubbing against the nipples. After I learned that while we were dating, I was able to get sex just about anytime I wanted by dancing close to her. The nipples are so sensitive that she doesn't like to wear a normal bra because they put to much pressure against the nipples. She either wears an open style where the nipples are free but the breasts are still supported or else no bra. I love it. We very much love each other and have never discussed or considered having anyone else in our sex lives, which brings us up to the current situation.

I am a technical sales guy and make a lot of money so that she doesn't have to work unless she wants to. She does have a nice job part-time in a real estate office but only works when she gets bored. My company is growing very fast because of some new technology we own. Since I am their major sales rep, I do often have to entertain customers from all around the world. Recently we found a potential customer who could practically double our already hot business. The president of our company was absolutely convinced that this deal, if we could pull it off, would make us all millionaires practically overnight. The customer company's president was to visit with us for a week and look over our facilities so that he could make a knowledgeable decision whether to go with us or someone else. Of course he stayed at the best motel in out area and was very comfortable there and naturally I made sure he received the absolute best entertainment and services. To honor him, my wife and I hosted a great party at our very large home with a band and fantastic food and drinks services. I also made my wife aware of the need to make sure our guest was well entertained. That led to our current change in lifestyle.

Since my wife is such a sensitive, gentle, and attentive woman, I asked her to sort of keep our guest happy for the early part of the gathering until he had a chance to really mingle and get to know our other guests better. She was agreeable to that until I told her that he was a black man from South Africa. Now my wife is not exactly a prejudices person but she was the daughter of one of the biggest bigots in our hometown and her father had instilled certain ideas into her head about black men so that she didn't feel comfortable being so close to one. I described the importance of the situation and told her that she was the only person who could really make him a happy camper during the early festivities. She finally agreed but said that she would do it only for about 45 minutes so that I could find someone else who could perform the duty. I felt that was a good compromise so quickly agreed.

I picked up Johan, our guest, at his motel and took him to our home that night a little early so that we could sit down and relax before our other guests arrived. Joahn is a very handsome man, about 6' 4" tall and a thick, but muscular body. He is very pleasant to be around and is also very intelligent. Conversations with Joahn were always very interesting as well as entertaining because he also had a very dry sense of humor. My wife sat beside him in the early discussions and seemed to be really enjoying it. She is a good actor so I really couldn't tell if she was faking it or not. In any case, Johan also seemed to be at ease and enjoying himself. I then got very busy with arriving guests and making sure everyone was feeling good. The music had started and there were people already dancing so all was well. I noticed that Johan and Mary. my wife, had joined the dancers. The music was slow so they were all dancing close. I now thought of how Mary reacted to slow dancing and wondered how she would react in this situation but I felt she would handle it all very well. AS the early evening progressed, Mary stayed right with Johan and introduced him to a number of guests including several very attractive single women from out office staff. I stayed very busy with out other guests so really wasn't able to help her or to see that they wee dong okay. She came up to me after about an hour and asked me when I was going to get a relief for her. I told her that I had not really had much of a chance to find anyone and would she mind continuing by herself for just a little while longer.

She then surprised me by telling me that she was fine and would not mind at all. I looked at her with a quick surprised look and did notice that she seemed a little more excited than she had been earlier. She then told me that Johan was an excellent dancer and that she was enjoying dancing with him except that he was constantly touching her. " What do you mean, touching you?", I asked. " Well, his hands are every where touching my body. He has even lightly touched my breasts." She replied. " Have you told him to stop?", I asked. " Not exactly" she said. " His touches are just so brief that I am not even sure that he knows he is dong it. I do know that his touches seem to be getting longer each time and that they, for some reason, are getting me excited."

"Do you mean, in a sexual way?" I again asked. " Yes", she said. " I have never had anyone touch me so gentle and brief like that and it feels good. So I don't want him to stop." She told me. " But isn't that playing with fire?" I asked. " Aren't' you taking a risk of getting too excited and wanting more from him than brief touching?"

"I fell like I am in control but I may be extremely hot for you to fuck me tonight". She replied.

"Just be very careful that you don't get to the point where you might want to fuck Johan. " I emphatically told her. " Don't worry" she said. " There is one thing that somehow bothers me. He has a very large hard stick or something in his pants that rubs against me when we dance. I cannot figure out what it must be, because I know it can't be what I might think it is-a very huge dick. It is just too long and big to be that. So I don't know what it could be." She startled me by saying. " Ooops, I thought. Could that be a huge dick? But what else could it be I thought? I didn't know what to say and she had already walked away before I could reply anyway, but I felt we were about to have a problem. If that was what I thought it was and he was that turned on by Mary and she was getting turned on, we definitely had a problem.

However, I couldn't deal with it right away because I got very busy again. I did notice that Johan and Mary went out to a balcony for a while but I couldn't tell what they were doing or how long they were out there. Anyway, I found a very attractive young lady who was very much interested in entertaining Johan, ( I didn't ask her how she wanted to entertain him because she seemed very anxious to get with him). So I directed her to Joahn and Mary totake Mary's place. She almost ran there to grab Joahn. But Johan didn't want Mary to leave him and It appeared that Mary didn't want to leave Johan. Oh, Oh problem. Mary came over to me while Johan did one dance with Susan, the girl I had sent over. I noticed right away that Mary's blouse was unbuttoned.

"Why is your blouse unbuttoned?" I asked her knowing I was probably not going to like the answer.

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