Fantasy Becomes Reality

by Jammes

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BDSM, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A short story of a girl moving beyond her dreams of bondage into the reality. Mainly done as a tone piece leaving future actions to the imagination of the reader

You pull up to the side of the street and look over at the house. It looks like an ordinary house in an ordinary neighborhood. Your heart is pounding in your chest as you turn the key off and get out. You look around. No one is in sight. You drop the keys in your pocket, lick your lips and walk up the sidewalk to the porch.

The light is on. You stop in front of the door and you read the instructions again on the email you were sent. You know every word on it already but feel the need to read it again.

"When you get to the house you will remove all your clothing an put it in the drop box by the door. You will enter the house wearing nothing but the collar."

Your heart is hammering in your throat and you feel like you can't breath. You could turn around right now you know. You could leave and never look back. But if you do you know that it will be over. He has made it clear that this is your test of loyalty and obedience. If you don't pass then he is done with you.

You look at the front door and see the drop box sitting next to it. The door is pulled open and the dark opening is staring at you. It is one of those devices similar to the ones at the library. A heavy door with a wide opening. Once you put something inside and close the door it drops down out of reach. There will be no going back once you drop your clothes inside.

You lick your dry lips and with a sigh you put the printout into your pocket. You step out of your sandals and pick them up. With a quick nervous move you drop the sandals inside and close the door. You hear them drop down and a faint hollow boom sounds out. You reach down and grasp the hem of your shirt. You pull it up and over your head in one motion. You didn't wear a bra so now you're standing there naked from the waist up. The porch is open and completely exposed to the street. You look around. With the light from the porch you are exposed to the world. Because of the light you can't see past a few short feet beyond the porch. You reach down and unbutton your shorts and slide them down your hips and then step out of them. You open the door and drop the clothing inside. All you have on now are your panties.

You feel the cool night air blowing on your nipples. The panties are the hardest part. But you bend over and slide them off. Dropping them in the box you close the handle. Just to be sure you open it again. It is empty. You have no choice now.

Out of the corner of your eye you spot the headlights on a car moving down the road in your direction. In just a few seconds it will be close enough that whoever is inside will be clearly able to see you standing there on the porch. You yelp and grab for the door handle. It doesn't move. You almost panic until you remember another line from the instructions. "Say out loud 'Master, may your Slut come in to play?'" Quickly you say the phrase watching as the car comes ever closer. Just as the headlights begin to sweep over the porch you hear a buzzer sound. You push hard at the door and is easily swings open. You dart inside, hoping that no one noticed the naked woman standing by the door.

Inside the room is dark. A dim spotlight is just a few steps in front of you. You know that you're intended to stand there. You shuffle forward intensely conscious of your nakedness. You stand there for several seconds. "Hello?" you call out.

At first you hear and see nothing but then just beyond the range of the spotlight you see a shadowy figure. You can see a vague outline of a man. You cannot see the details of his face but you feel his gaze upon you looking over your body. You feel a blush cross your face and you start to try to cover your nakedness with your hands but then you stop and instead you put your hands by your side and you spread your legs a little wider. You hear the man chuckle. "Very good slut, you know your place. And you know that a good cunt will display herself to her master."

You feel a warm glow traveling down your body and your excitement begins to build. You feel your cunt growing wet. You spread your legs a little wider still and you throw your shoulders back showing off your breasts. "Turn around for me slut," the man tells you.

You obey. "Now bend over and spread your ass cheeks like a good little whore."

You exhale through your mouth and bend down as instructed. You reach back and grab the cheeks of your ass spreading them out and exposing your asshole. You feel dirty and excited all at the same time. "Did you clean your ass out like you were told?" you hear him say.

You clear your throat. "Yes ... yes sir I did everything you told me to do." you say.

"Very good slut, now stand up and turn around.

You do as you're told and see that the man has pulled further back. A new spotlight turns on just in front of you. You look into it and gasp in surprise. Some thin chains are dangling from the ceiling and a few more slightly thicker ones are on the floor but the thing that captures your attention is the large double pronged dildo sticking up from the floor. The front piece is longer and fatter than the back piece but both are larger than you've ever had inside you. "Step forward cunt," you hear the man saying to you.

You step into the new brighter circle of light. The old one blinks out leaving you once again in a single circle. All is blackness beyond the edge of the spotlight. The man begins to speak again. "Everything you do in the next few minutes will be on your own. You will be the one putting yourself into position. Do you understand that slut?"

You finger the collar around your throat. The one you asked him to send to you. You asked for this. You just never realized how intense it would be. You swallow and answer him. "Yes master I understand."

"Very good slut," you hear him respond. You hear also a faint shuffle and a cough beyond the darkness. You suddenly feel a thrill of fear. "Master?" you say.

"What slut?"

"Is there anyone else here?"

"What if there is cunt? Would you change your mind?" A warning note enters his voice.

"No master," you reply. You start to say more but there isn't much point.

"Okay then, get into position cunt."

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