Cynthia's Business Trips

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Interracial, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He found out that she strayed when she was away from home.

My wife Cynthia could be the poster girl for Overachievers of The World. Grade school, high school, college and in the world of business Cyn just had to be at the top of the heap or life just wasn't worth living. She managed to get there with the first three and she is working hard to get there in business.

Cyn is the highest grossing sales representative in her company. Her goal is to remain the top performer until she becomes the Vice President of Sales and then she has her sights set on becoming the company CEO. Cyn's territory covers most of three states and as a result she is gone on two and three day sales trips several times a month. I'm not too happy about it, but I'm living with it as best I can. I figure that it is the price I have to pay just to have Cyn in the first place. That I do have her is a miracle, at least to me. I am her complete opposite. Where she is drop dead gorgeous I'm a little on the plain side; where she is the hard charging over-achiever I am the original "go with the flow" guy and where she was the brainy one I was the quintessential jock. We meet at a fraternity mixer in college and just seemed to stay together after that.

We don't really need the money that Cyn is so obsessed with making, but she always tells me that the money isn't important, it is just the way to keep score - the total points needed to make it to the next plateau in her drive to become the CEO. That is another thing that is different about us. She works hard to be a success and I became successful through sheer dumb luck. My brother started up a dot com, talked me into investing and then told me when to get out. I made an obscene amount of money on the deal and I used some of it to by a small machine shop that made parts for the aerospace industry. One day I was watching a machinist at work and I made a suggestion on a different way to do it. He did and then suggested that I get a patent on the idea. I did and more money flowed in. We had more than enough that Cyn could have had anything that her heart desired, but what Cyn's heart desired was to be the CEO.

I got a call from a good friend that had been a frat brother in college. He ran a plant just outside Kansas City and he wanted to throw some business my way. Cyn was on a sales trip to Denver and I didn't have anything better to do so I caught a flight and went to visit Ron. He met my flight and we went out and toured his plant. He showed me what he wanted, I told him we could do it, we signed a contract and then we went to dinner at a popular steak house. The restaurant was just off the bar and the two of them were separated by a wall that had several glass windows in it. We had just ordered when there was a burst of loud laughter from he bar and I glanced that way and my jaw dropped. Sitting at a table with seven black men and another white woman was Cyn. Ron noticed the look on my face and turned to see where I was looking.

"She is something, isn't she?"

"Do you know her?"

"No, but I'd like to. The problem is that I'm not black."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I see her in here once or twice a month, always with a crowd of blacks, and when she leaves she always has five or six with her. The word is that she is a gangbang queen. They say she is married to some rich guy and fakes business trips to meet her lovers. How would you like being married to a slut like that?"

How indeed I thought, how indeed.

I had a lot to think about on my flight home. I was having a hard time believing that Cyn was cheating on me, let alone her being a gangbang girl for blacks. I really had nothing to go on except hearsay from Ron, but there was the fact that Cyn was supposed to be in Denver, that she had been in the bar with a bunch of blacks and that she had left with six of them. There could be a perfectly good explanation of course. Denver is just a short commuter hop from Kansas City and her plans could have changed, but the last I knew Kansas City was not in her territory. That could have changed of course and she might have even mentioned it to me and I just missed it. And there is nothing that says you can't have black customers or that you can't socialize with them. After all, isn't that what I was doing with Ron? No, Cyn must have had a legitimate reason for being there.

It was a day later when Cyn came home. "How was your trip?"

"Exhausting. It was great from a sales point of view, but trying to convince a bunch of dumbshits to buy from you what they know they need anyway gets to be tiring after a while."

"Have you eaten yet?"

"No, but that's not what I really want. I've been gone three days. Three days without a stiff one. Take me to bed baby and give me a good fuck."

No, Ron had to be wrong.

Funny thing about human nature. Even though you just know that you "Know" once doubt is planted it grows and grows until you find out that you absolutely have to "Know For Sure." Cyn's need for sex wore me out that night, but as exhausted as she had gotten me I still couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned, stared at the walls and ceiling and pictured Cyn lying naked on a bed with her legs spread wide and making "come here" gestures to a room full of faceless black men. In the morning over breakfast I casually asked Cyn if Kansas City was her territory. I saw alarm in her eyes and then she said, "No, Kansas City belongs to Dave, why?"

"Just a thought. I have to fly over for some business and I thought that if it was your territory we could have gone together."

"Well I'd like to go because I've never been to Kansas City, but it's not mine."

I sat there looking at her as I thought about something a lawyer friend had once told me, "Never ask a question that you don't already know the answer to, and never ask a question that you don't want to know the answer to."

He handed me the cardboard box and his invoice and I wrote him out a check for his services. He folded the check and put it away and then he said, "I'm sorry. Every once in a while I get sent on a wild goose chase and I really wish that this had been one of them."

"No more that I Mr. Spalding, no more than I."

The detective left and I sat there looking at a box containing a month's worth of things that I really did not want to know. He had followed Cyn to Salt Lake City, Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth and Kansas City. He had bribed desk clerks, bell captains, maids and room service waiters to gain access to Cyn's hotel rooms where he had planted mini cameras and microphones and the product was in the box on my desk. I told my secretary that I was leaving for the day and I went on home. Cyn was in Dallas-Fort Worth and I had the house to myself. I made myself a stiff drink and plopped down on the couch and began watching tapes.

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