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Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Horror, BDSM, FemaleDom, Torture, Caution, .

Desc: Horror Sex Story: A wayward pimp is captured by a mob boss and tied to a chair. A beautiful girl dressed in tight black leather enters the room. Is she his interrogator or something else entirely?

"So which Bond girl would you most like to fuck?" Aaron Dwyer asked.

"Now that, my friend, is one of the great imponderables," Brian Wolfe replied.

Dwyer was the taller of the two men, but he still possessed some of the puppy fat of youth. In contrast Wolfe looked like he had been hewn from teak and draped in toughened leather.

"I can't really say that I'd turn any of them down given the choice," Wolfe said. "Okay, maybe not the midget with the knives in her shoes."

"That was Austin Powers not James Bond," Dwyer laughed.

"No no no," Wolfe said. "Rosa Klebb in 'From Russia with Love'. One of the really old ones."

The two men dragged an unconscious man along a plain corridor and into a small room, empty apart from a single wooden chair bolted to the dusty concrete floor. They propped the man up in the chair.

"The crazy one in Goldeneye," Dwyer said. "The one that crushed people to death with her thighs."

"Ah, Famke Janssen. Yeah, she was hot. A bit flighty for me though."

"I like a woman that can take care of herself if you know what I mean," Dwyer said.

Using rope they bound the man's hands together behind the chair. Above them a naked light bulb, flecked with dirt and the crisp remains of incinerated flies, illuminated their work. They tied the man's ankles to the chair legs and then stepped back.

"So who's this joker?" Dwyer asked.

Approximately fifteen minutes ago, over on Burlingame and Rochester Avenue, they'd coshed him on the back of his head and then bundled his unconscious form into the back of their Chrysler.

"Best not to ask," Wolfe said.

"Yeah of course," Dwyer said. "That's Mr Koontz's business."

The two men waited in the small room. The unconscious man remained unconscious, his head slumped forward as he sat bound to the chair.

"What do you think of Mr Koontz?" Wolfe asked.

Dwyer thought carefully about how he should reply.

"On the level?" he asked.

"On the level," Wolfe replied.

"I know he controls all of the west side..."

"But he ain't what you expected," Wolfe finished for him. "You see a fat guy in silk pj's that looks like the bastard offspring of Hugh Hefner and Ozzy Osbourne and you wonder, how the fuck did he get where he is? We've all been there."

"You hear some of the talk," Dwyer said. "They say he's soft, or mad. They say he lives in a mansion surrounded by his 'ho's and doesn't give a shit anymore. It's hard to know what to think sometimes. I mean take this. I'm the new guy and you got me in on the wetwork already. Either I should be honoured at Mr Koontz's trust in me or freaking scared shitless at the lack of professionalism."

Wolfe laughed. It was a mirthless sound.

"Mr Koontz gives all the new guys an assignment like this. You'll understand."

Ow, what the fuck, James Jackson thought. His head felt like it had been used as the ball in a volleyball match. He opened his eyes and stared blurrily at a plain concrete floor.

Someone needs the services of an interior decorator, he thought. Urgently.

He was sitting in a chair. He tried to stand up and then realised he couldn't. His hands were bound behind the chair and his feet were bound to the legs. He supposed he shouldn't be too surprised.

At least it saved him the embarrassment of vomiting the very expensive Sushi he'd had for lunch over his very expensive Hamilton shirt. His stomach churned like a washing machine full of crack whore's panties. Any sudden movement and he'd be adding his own bit of colour to the dusty grey floor.

He raised his head.


Uh. His skull felt like it had been blown up to beach ball size and pumped full of raw sewage. It hurt like a bastard.

There were two men standing on either side of the door. Jackson recognized Ben Grimm's younger brother, but the younger man he hadn't seen before.

"Hey Wolfe, wassup?" Jackson said.

Wolfe stared into empty air with stony silence.

The door opened and a fat man walked in wearing a red silk dressing gown.

"Hey Mr Koontz, how's it hanging?" Jackson asked.

"Like a long, fat pendulum," Koontz answered.

Same old Koontz, Jackson thought, a fat greasy shit with absolutely no idea of how ridiculous he looked. This was the same guy that ran the whole of the west side. A guy that crazy mad dog killers like Estevez and Winter spoke of in hushed tones.

He was wearing white bunny rabbit slippers, Jackson noted.

Jackson was less interested in Koontz than the tall, strikingly beautiful girl that followed him into the room. She was dressed from head to foot in tight black latex.

Fuck, now that was a seriously royal piece of ass, Jackson thought.

The girl was very tall, six-two or maybe six-three, even after taking into account the thigh length boots with high stiletto heels. Her long long legs were covered in rubber leggings so tight they might have been sprayed on. A tight bodice pushed up her full breasts and gave her a haughty posture.

Haughty seemed an appropriate description, Jackson thought. She looked every bit the icy bondage queen. Her jet-black hair was tied back in an austere ponytail. Her full red lips were pursed together in a pout, like a precious bloom pushing up through a field of snow.

Jackson wasn't surprised her skin had put him in mind of snow. For all of her sensual appearance her posture radiated about the same amount of warmth as an open grave in Siberia.

"So what can I do for you Mr Koontz?" Jackson asked.

"I hear you've been a naughty boy James," Koontz smiled, his two lips looking like a pair of mating slugs. A small pair of rose-tinted spectacles floated adrift in the fat sea of his face.

"I'm always a naughty boy Mr Koontz. What specific naughtiness did you have in mind?" Jackson wasn't about to be intimidated by a man wearing white fluffy bunny slippers.

"I was hoping you'd tell me," Koontz said, stepping forward until his face filled Jackson's field of view like a lunar eclipse.

Jackson smiled back at him.

Koontz was fishing. He was giving Jackson's tree a little shake, just to see what fell out. And the answer to that question was nothing. Jackson's shit was too together for that.

"What can I say Mr Koontz? I'd love to help you with you being the boss and all, and what a wonderful boss might I add, but I think there's been a misunderstanding somewhere. You know me. I've always been loyal and hard-working."

"Indeed you have James," Koontz said. "Crain Hill street has certainly become far more productive since you took over the reins."

"The girls need a little extra encouragement now and again," Jackson smiled.

"So I've heard," Koontz said. "I hear many things."

"So how about untying these ropes so I can get back to my girls? You never know what they might get up to without careful supervision."

"That's up to Physalia not me," Koontz smiled. He turned, revealing a wide expanse of red silk that covered his back like a tent. He walked to the door, motioning for the two guards to follow him. At the exit he turned and smiled back at Jackson. "Have fun."

Physalia stepped forwards, her stiletto heels making little clicking sounds on the hard concrete floor. Her shiny latex catsuit glistened like oil beneath the light bulb.

"So it's you and me babe, all alone," Jackson said.

Physalia stared down at him, her cold face totally unreadable. Her body was totally hot though, Jackson thought. A narrow wasp waist bloomed into wide sexy hips and flowed on into long slim legs that would have graced any catwalk.

"There's all kinds of fun we could get up to," Jackson continued.

Physalia's sumptuous bee-stung lips turned up in a little half smile.

"See, is that a little smile," Jackson said. "It's my natural charm you see. I just can't help it."

Physalia loosened the laces of her bodice, showing Jackson a little more of her voluptuous cleavage.

"You have a very nice pair of breasts there, if you don't mind me saying. I know some girls get a little prickly about it so I'd just like to add that my appreciation of your breasts doesn't mean I see you as nothing more than an object. I'm sure you have a fine brain and a fascinating personality and I'm just itching to get to know them better. But right now I'd just like to say you have a really nice pair of breasts."

Jackson looked down her body to where the trim lines of her thigh and calves were sheathed in a second skin of tight black latex. Put on a pair of hooves and they'd shame a champion racehorse.

"Can I also point out that you also have a fabulous pair of legs? I know some girls feel a little threatened when men compliment them, but there's no need to feel that with me. I just felt the need to tell you that your legs, and your breasts, and that sexy little tush you got there, are all extremely beautiful."

Physalia walked up to him and leaned over. Looking down he got more of a look at the slopes of her pale breasts. He also caught the scent of her perfume. It was delicate and fragrant, but for some reason reminded him of funeral parlours.

"May I again complement you on your exceptionally nice breasts," Jackson said. "I know these things. I consider myself to be a connoisseur of the female form. We should go into business together. I've got contacts. I could even set you up with a little dungeon all of your own. With gilded manacles. How about it?"

Physalia was wearing false nails. They were black like the wing cases of beetles. She gripped the front of Jackson's shirt and ripped it open. Buttons pinged across the room and skittered across the floor.

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