Cindy's Problem

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Alcohol had a strange effect on her.

I am probably the only thirty-five year old in the world that loves to party, but hates to go to parties. Sound strange? Well, it is and it is all my wife's fault.

I married Cindy two years ago. It was the second marriage for both of us. She had just moved to the city and I had the good fortune to be the one who installed her telephone. It was lust at first sight on my part and I wasted no time in hitting on her. Surprise surprise - she agreed to a date, one thing led to another, and three months later we were married by a justice of the peace.

The problem surfaced that night at a party thrown for us by my brother. About two hours into he party I noticed that she didn't seem to be around. I went looking for her and my brother said he thought she went outside for some fresh air, so I went looking for her out on the patio. She wasn't there, but when I turned to go back into the house I heard a noise out behind the garage. I walked toward the sound and turning the corner I saw my bride of six hours in a passionate embrace with my cousin John. I stopped dead in my tracks, stunned by what I was seeing.

They apparently did not see me or hear my approach so I stood still and quietly watched as John's hand went inside Cindy's sweater. Her hand dropped to the front of his trousers and she started rubbing what I assumed was his cock. John put both hands on Cindy's shoulders and pushed her down. She opened his fly, took out his hard cock and wrapped her lips around it. I backed away and walked back to the patio and then turned around and started walking back toward the garage hollering out:

"Cindy! Cindy! Are you out here?"

Cindy and John came out from behind the garage, "We were just out here for a breath of fresh air," said John.

We returned to the party and for the next two hours I kept a pretty close eye on my bride.

It was a pretty quiet ride home and I didn't bring up what I'd seen until we got home and were undressed and in bed.

"You and John seemed to get along."

"He's real nice," said Cindy, "and he knows a lot about the stars and stuff. We went behind the garage to get away from the house lights and he was showing me the Big and Little Dipper, Orion's Belt and all that."

"What was that you pulled out of his pants and put in your mouth - the Milky Way?"

She looked like I'd hit her with a baseball bat. "Don't bother denying it - I saw you do it!"

She burst into tears and I just sat there and waited till she stopped, and then the story came out. John was friends with her ex-husbands brother and he knew why they had gotten divorced and he threatened to spread the word about her if she didn't fuck him. He had been fucking her since a week after she moved to town and he wanted to fuck her last night because he thought it would be a kick to fuck her on her wedding night.

"So what is so bad about why you and your husband got divorced?"

I could see she was screwing up her courage and finally she said, "He divorced me because I was the town slut."

I raised my eyebrows.

"Its true. I was being a slut, but not because I wanted to be one - it was because everyone else wanted me to be one and they all knew how to make it happen."

I just looked at her, "Go on."

It turned out that Cindy was one of those people who liquor had a strange effect on. Three drinks, two if they were strong, and she lost all her inhibitions, her common sense, and her self-control. To make matters worse she gets extremely horny and sends out some kind of vibe that attracts men to her like male dogs to a bitch in heat.

"My parents were very strict Baptists and no one in my family drank. I was brought up to believe that alcohol was a tool of the devil. When I married my ex, even our wedding reception was dry. I'd never tasted alcohol until I went to work and that was a year after we were married. It was at a company picnic and somebody handed me something that looked like fruit punch. I drank it and I liked the taste so I had a couple more. I don't remember much after that. I found out later that a couple of guys had taken me off somewhere and fucked me.

"It happened again at the company Christmas party and later I learned that six guys had used me. Three weeks later at a New Years Eve party it was nine guys. After that everyone seemed to go out of his or her way to give me something with alcohol in it. The amazing thing was that my husband never found out about it. It went on for three years. I tried to stay away from drinking, but someone always found a way to get booze into me. Usually they would disguise it as non-alcoholic punch. Once they gave me what they said was a cappuccino flavored coffee, but it had something in it and eight men took me.

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