Patricia's Wild Week On Penkor Island...

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Interracial, White Female, Oriental Male, Oriental Female, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The long awaited week at the Penkor Island Medical Conference is finally underway! Patricia is thrilled to be attending the medical lectures on the latest surgical techniques with the Surgeons and the other Physician Assistants.To her dismay, she finds to fulfill the terms of her bizarre contract, she must also undergo additional training in new-to-her erotic skills as well!

Patricia felt her heart skip a beat when she caught sight of Dr. Mackenzie coming through the doors of his office the following Monday morning.

Having just spent a most enjoyable weekend with him, she thought, WOW... ! Talk about being handsome and sexy... , I go weak in the knees every time he's around me.

Looking out his office door, Jordan could see Patricia was busy preparing for their first surgery of the day. Knowing he was unobserved, he couldn't keep his hungry eyes off her. Looking at her trim slender little figure had become one of his hidden luxuries.

She had been so warm and sensual in bed—yet here in the office she moved with a dedicated quiet efficiency as she directed the nurses in their assigned duties.

She is such a little thoroughbred, he thought. I can't wait to take her to Penkor Island.

For the two of them, the remaining two weeks until they were to leave on their trip to Penkor Island passed quickly.

Patricia was already reaping the benefits from the contract she had signed with Dr. Mackenzie that had increased her share of the Clinic's earnings. When her first check arrived, the amount of it was a shock! This is much more than I had expected it to be, she thought. At this rate, I could even go back to Medical School in a couple of years if I choose.

An excited and deeply grateful Patricia threw herself into her work. She was determined to prove to Dr. Mackenzie once and for all, his decision to give her a small percent of the Clinic's earnings was the right move.

As for the other thing—the Penkor Island Medical Conference and Retreat—Patricia still had some quiet misgivings. She begin to find it even more disquieting, after Dr. Mackenzie had gradually filled her in on what went on there.

She realized it was a strange world, far removed from her upbringing. As an innocent naïve small town girl, she had never known that sort of thing even existed. What have I got myself into? she thought.

However, Patricia, though little and petite was determined. She was no Quitter! Signing this contract is my lucky break, she thought. This Conference and Retreat on Penkor Island is for only one week each year. So, if those little Oriental females can do it—so can I!

Then laughing with amusement she had a naughty thought. I'm glad most of them are petite like me. I should be able to hold my own with most of them in the erotic department or anywhere else.

Looking up, she saw Dr. Mackenzie enter the Operating room fully gowned, already wearing his mask. Dr. Mackenzie, I'm going to make you proud, "she vowed, as she prepared to assist him with the first surgery of the day.

Stops along the way...

At last, the long awaited day was here.

Patricia and Dr. Mackenzie boarded their Malaysia Airline flight at San Francisco International at 8:00 o'clock that morning.

Having never flown in first Class, and unaccustomed to such luxury, Patricia was delighted with all the amenities and the service the cabin staff graciously provided. Feeling a genuine affection for Jordan, after awhile she snuggled up against him and drifted off into deep sleep.

When she awakened hours later, the plane was far out over the Pacific. Once awake, she realized someone had covered her with a warm soft blanket.

"I had the cabin staff bring me a blanket to put over you. We wouldn't want you to catch a cold and spoil your trip," he said, smiling gently into her sleepy brown eyes.

Kuala Lumpur...

Although the trip seem to pass rather quickly for such a long flight, Patricia was more than ready when the plane came in for a landing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Debarking from the plane, she was struck how everything seemed so exotic and different. Patricia, for the first time in her life, was surrounded by a culture that was completely foreign to her. Being an inveterate people watcher, she was soon busy watching the comings and goings of the people in the crowd.

She felt happy, secure, and safe walking along through the busy airport at Dr. Mackenzie's side. "How long will we be here?" she asked. "Will we have time to see something of Kuala Lumpur?"

"We have only an hour layover then we board a connecting flight out to Penkor Island. We should land there by 9:00 o'clock this morning," he said. Noticing how curious she was about everything, he said, "I thought you were in a hurry to get there?" he had laughed.

"I am," she said, "It will be nice to meet all your colleagues and their Physician's Assistants. Do you think they will like me?" she asked, sounding somewhat unsure of herself.

"Of course... ," he said, "They can't wait to meet you. It's always exciting when we have someone new join us."

Penkor Island at last...

Upon arrival, they arranged for their luggage to be placed in their Suite. Not even bothering to unpack, Dr. Mackenzie and Patricia just barely had time to make the first surgical lecture.

Two hours later, at a little after 11:00 that morning, they emerged from the Medical Classroom into the bright island sunlight.

"Jordan, this island is simply beautiful," she said, as the two of them wandered leisurely down towards the water's edge. "This warm sun and the gentle sea breeze feels heavenly."

"Yes," he replied, agreeing with her. "The beaches here are some of the most beautiful in the world. Notice how the water is a beautiful turquoise blue."

"I love this fine white sand," Patricia said, picking up a warm handful and letting it trickle through her fingers as they walked along the shore near the water's edge. "Would it be alright if I take my shoes off?" she asked. "Do you think anyone would mind?"

Laughing at her childlike delight, Jordan couldn't resist teasing her.

"On this Island, the more you take off, the better everyone is going to like it."

It's starting already, she thought, not missing the meaning of his facetious comment.

"I guess I do have a lot to learn," Patricia said, smiling up at him. Kicking her shoes off she enjoyed the feeling of the warm clean sand between her delicate toes.

"Speaking of having a lot to learn," Jordan said, "usually when we get a Physician Assistant who is new to the Island, we always assign one of the other Physician Assistants to become her mentor."

"Has someone already been assigned to show me the ropes?" Patricia asked.

"Yes... , he said, "I personally asked Dr. Quan if he would mind if his Physician's Assistant, Pei Ling introduced you to some of the various sexual practices that everyone enjoys engaging in during the week we spend here on the island."

"Is Pei Ling nice?" Patricia said, "Will I like her?"

"Yes... , She's sweet... , Jordan said, "She's expecting you at 12:00 noon. You'll just have time to shower. Our house maid will have a light lunch prepared for you."

"I'd better hurry if I'm to make that 12:00 noon appointment with her."

"Well, off you go, mi Lady," he said dropping into their little Butler and Ladyship role they both loved.

"And Patricia... ," he said. "One little piece of advice. Pei Ling will be giving you a crash course—teaching you some of the favorite sexual techniques that everyone likes and enjoys doing during our week on the island. So, don't be shocked, and, don't argue with her. Just go with her suggestions, relax, and enjoy. Try to make it a fun thing."

"Okay," Patricia said, as she hurried back to their Suite at the Cottage complex.

Patricia's Startling Introduction...

Arriving at Cottage 18 she saw a nameplate on the door that read Dr. Albert Quan, and below it—Pei Ling, Physician's Assistant.

"They must share this Suite together just as Jordan and I do," she thought.

When Patricia knocked on the door, to her surprise, she realized it was already partially open.

"Hello, Pei Ling... ?" she called through the door. "My name is Patricia... , Dr. Mackenzie said I was supposed to come see you... ," she said, her voice trailing off with a note of uncertainty.

"Come in," a sweet dulcet little voice trilled.

Patricia hesitated, and then stepped into the room. Coming out of the bright sunlight, it took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darker interior. Then she recoiled in shock! As her eyes adjusted to the dim light of the room, she saw an attractive Asian female lying fully naked on the bed. Her sexy brown thighs were sprawled wide apart.

Between her shapely brown thighs—in the air slightly above her—an Asian man balanced himself on one arm. His other hand was wrapped around his long thick cock, which was fully at the ready, the head a reddish pink color. The huge head of his cock appeared to be just touching her black hair covered labia lips.

"I'm sorry. I'll come back later," Patricia said, stammering, in a complete state of shock.

"No! No!, Come in... ! I'm Pei Ling. Patricia, please don't be embarrassed," she said, smiling sweetly across the room at the beautiful Caucasian female. "I'm sorry if we shocked you."

"Don't be afraid, "she laughed. "Come over here. Sit on this red cushion near us... , come on... , come sit," she again insisted in that sweet sexy little voice of hers. "Oh, this is Dr. Albert Quan."

Patricia made her way timidly over to the bed. She noticed the bed was very low to the floor. Seating herself on the red velvet cushion, she forced herself to look at the two naked people on the bed.

Pei Ling's smile was warm and friendly. "Dr. Mackenzie ask me to be your mentor. So try to relax, enjoy, and participate. You'll find it so much easier to learn by doing."

"Okay," Patricia said, "I promise to try."

"We'll try some things. Plus, I'll have a lot more to tell you about what kind of stuff we do on the island later," Pei Ling said, giving Patricia another friendly open smile. "You ready?" she giggled in her little singsong voice.

"Yes... ," a still somewhat reluctant Patricia said. "I'm not sure I'll know what to do. I'm afraid I'm pretty naïve and inexperienced at this sort of thing," she said.


"Why don't you join us?" Pei Ling asked a shocked Patricia.

"Okay," Patricia said her voice barely audible in the room. "What am I supposed to do?"

"Okay... , why don't we try a variation of the French ménage a trios? Take Albert's cock in your hand. Then move it around—up and down my labia lips. Once I'm nice and wet, you can insert it inside me."

Reaching over, Patricia timidly wrapped her fingers around the doctor's cock. As she gripped its firmness, she was surprised to find it almost hot. He feels so hard and hot against my fingers, she thought.

Moving the doctor's warm thick cock up and down Pei Ling's labia lips, Patricia could feel the heat from the other woman every time her fingers accidentally brushed against the other woman's moistening pussy. She could feel the Chinese woman's black pussy hairs brushing her fingers. Losing her timidity, Patricia felt herself starting to react. This is sooo sexy! She thought.

She could hear Pei Ling starting to gasp and catch her breath sharply. A few moments later, she could feel the hot cock she was holding moving more easily up and down the other woman's center.

"Slip it inside me now," Pei Ling panted, directing her. Patricia forced the rock hard cock in her hand down to the entrance of the other woman's black hairy pussy. After fumbling around nervously for a moment, she located the other woman's opening.

She had inserted it only an inch or so before the doctor lunged forward, and buried himself deep inside Pei Ling. A few frenzied moments later, as Patricia watched, Pei Ling gave a little sharp gasp then a little shudder of delight.

That sure was quick, Patricia thought. She could feel her labia lips aching. I think I'm wet, already, she thought.

Patricia watched mesmerized as the doctor pulled his still hard cock out of Pei Ling's wet black hairy Oasis. She could see it was bright and shiny—slick with the Chinese woman's juices.

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