Spirit Of Adonis

by P.s.~Enchanted

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Fiction, Light Bond, Anal Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Horror Sex Story: Shakespeare failed to provide me with a sequel to his sonnet "Venus & Adonis." No fault to him, of course. How could he know what desires lie in the darkness of such a twisted mind? I pondered Adonis' anger at her unwanted kisses and words of love, and decided to create a story that stemmed from that hatred. Then I wondered, what revenge would be fitting enough for the goddess who loves to love...

Adonis growled harshly, though his agony stemmed from something other than pain.

He moaned and groaned; his limbs moved heavily with a dead weight. The Greek attire he wore was tattered, torn, and hung from an equally torn body. There was no more blood. Actually, there was no pain either, and it felt very odd. He had yet to acclimate himself, being suspended in the Middle World and the world below it.

The Middle World still coursed through his veins, the Under World, through his soul. It was indeed a supernatural suffering, as if being pulled in half; stretched thin.

He wandered angrily, looking here and there...

Confusion gave birth to anger. It was difficult accepting his unexpected, and fatal, attack, but even more unsettling was his reflection in the river. He had drifted there in his confused, and languorous, state. He looked not like the boy before death, but the man Venus was sure he would become.

"You have a strength about you," he recalled Venus' whispers near his frowning lips. "Your innocent youth houses a fearsome man," she had spoken, her fingers toying with locks of his curly hair.

The spirit sneered at the wraith frowning back at him. Blonde hair flowed, straggly, down his shoulders; his eyes were brilliant, but ghostly. The enchanting eyebrows that donned a boyish face, now framed a man's. Like small jagged tidal waves tapering off toward his temples, thick, dark, and menacing.

He slapped the waters and watched his facade bend in the ripples. The Spirit cursed his beauty, cursed his fate. He hated Venus all the more at that moment, for he was certain she would find him even more beautiful in death. Seething, his gaze scanned both sides of the river. New plans brought him to his feet.

The sky, the mountains, the land, all seemed so darkly ethereal. Fitting for his entrapment between both worlds. He would not see clearly, or move freely, until he was firmly planted in one or the other. She had yet to let him go, and it held him captive. Or might it be his wrath that had a grip on him as well? He moved in what seemed like a slow motion glide. His hair and ragged threads moved calmly in the unearthly winds.

A hunger nestled deep within his belly, in a place he could not quite determine. He groaned again, but more from anguish than from any real pain. The landscape reminded him of the world he was so rudely snatched from, except for its bluish-grey glow.

The deadened skin on his back crawled with awareness and the hairs of his conscience lifted. When he turned, his whereabouts were suddenly clear.

"Welcome, Adonis," He smiled. "We have many things to discuss, you and I."

The sky faded into blackness, and Adonis fell to the ground at His feet.

Adonis blinked, his eyes fluttered. He was alone again. Quickly, he hopped to his feet in search of Him, god of the Under World, but there was no sign of Him. He searched the mountains, the dark ocean, an even darker forest, but still could not find Him.

Just what kind of pact did he make with the feared god? What did they have to discuss? He couldn't remember.

He half floated, half walked to a brook. Staring into the brush a sluice of memories from his distant childhood flooded his mind all at once. He continued to stand there as the eerie winds lifted his hair and torn clothes with the breeze...

Dark eyebrows dipped low in contemplation. Ghostly eyes searched the area closely, aware of the entrance nearby. The stories of the twin worlds his father used to tell him confirmed it. His plans were clear now: to find a way back to the world in which Venus lived.

With that, an unexpected satisfaction coursed through his loins; a black liquid that replaced his blood, leaked from small chest wounds and his torn abdomen. It trickled from his lower lip, even so, he growled, part of him even moaned, for he was looking forward to seeing her. If she had wanted him so badly, he was eager to see if she would be so wanting of him now.

Venus stared into nothing, but reminisced about everything that had happened for the thousandth time. She returned to the very spot and gazed at the area where she had lost her beloved, the pain still unbearably near. She pleaded with her father to comfort her by bringing Adonis back.

"I haven't the heart to resurrect such a hateful soul," he had told her. "He is filled with terrible malice, it is far more dangerous than you realize," embracing her. "I am sorry."

Alas. Adonis stalked through the mystical doorway. He traversed the universe, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself in the Upper realms. His torn body, and attire, remained in the same terrible state, but now, he felt pain. Venus would pay for this, he swore. He would have not been more eager to hunt had it not been for that witch. He assumed the Upper World would give him some sense of life back, but his connection was lost.

Just then, he caught the scent of tears and sweet flesh in the distance. The heartbeat of this creature was very familiar to him, and he barely touched the ground as he sprinted across the grassy meadows. Even in the Middle World the winds of the Under World blew slowly through him, reminding him where he truly belonged. Nevertheless, the slow motion breeze did little to hinder his speed.

Venus ambled slowly to the place she had hid Adonis' body. The tree's presence pained her; a constant reminder of what she had lost. It would haunt her for eons to come. Even now, she could feel his presence, almost as if his eyes were boring down on her that very moment.

She looked up just as a pale bluish hand snaked around the trunk of that very same tree. She saw only the hand, yet Venus knew it belonged to him. She stared at his blood stained forearm, his elbow and bicep. He enchanted her, as Adonis knew he would. And with that muscled arm came his torn shoulder and torso into view. She noticed the same tattered clothes he wore the day of his death. And when he moved from behind the tree entirely, his long hair billowed gently about his face and shoulders.

Tentatively, she crept toward him, gazed at the long hair that shielded his profile, and his eyes. Heavens she was frightened, but she moved closer in spite of it. She blinked, couldn't comprehend what she was seeing. Was he smiling? Yes. His striking profile cast his disturbing appearance from her mind, albeit momentarily.

Because when he turned to her then, she stifled her scream with the back of her hand, stumbling backwards over her feet. His blue eyes were no longer the deep oceans she remembered, only icy glares that held no ounce of the human he once was. Now, marinated in death, he faced her head-on, allowing her to soak in the reality.

What transpired next happened in a weird decelerated speed, but instantly at the same time. It was magical. His smile turned into a frown, the emptiness in his eyes turned menacing, and his grip on the tree's trunk now held Venus' neck. He pulled her close...

"These lips will I kiss until they bleed, giving you a taste of your own relentless greed," he watched her, amused with the ridiculous words, and scoffed at her. "Where is your poetic nonsense now, Venus?"

"Have mercy... ?" She wheezed; hopeful, despite her air nearly being cut off.

"Surely you jest," he scowled mischievously. "I have yet to understand the sense in mercy." He ran a slow tongue against her cheek, taunting her. "I can tell you this, Goddess, mercy will not be yours again."

He cast her to the ground with mild disgust. She lay sprawled upon the grass. Her dresses spread around her, uncovering her long legs. Her gaze was disbelieving as the Spirit moved closer. Venus stared in awe at his slowly blowing hair wondering what alchemy he was under. He looked down at her with a cruel smile, his opaque eyes bored through her.

He flexed his muscles and she watched in horror as dark liquid oozed from several open gashes. She thought to run, but he caught scent of her intent, and placed a sandaled foot upon her chest.

Ideas were ripening, an appetite was forming, and he turned to find a large switch. Venus rose quickly, and ran. She had escaped him ... or so she thought. Suddenly, plans changed. He decided to slip from under the shelter of the forest. He would now humiliate her in view of the Heavens.

She moved faster through the branches, but even in his state, he walked faster than she could run. And in moments he was on her, his large hands gripped her arms, and flung her to the ground. He moved quickly, bending to one knee. She could not ignore his beauty or even his ghastly appearance. But, the venom that welled up in his eyes frightened her beyond words.

Pallid eyes roamed over her body, making her squirm. She pulled what piece of clothing she could to her neck, but failed. She conjured up the most pleading of looks to persuade him to mercy, but he only licked his shapely, blood stained lips in response.

"Undress," was his command.

She braved his gaze; still, she stood unyielding, yet ... indecisive.

Behind a roguish grin, "Shall I do it for you?"

She thought for a moment, hopeful ... yes, even now, but he held her gaze.

"No, you will not enjoy it," he said, saving her the trouble.

The gradual, sadistic smile that spread across his face provoked her into moving quickly.

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