Hospital Rounds

by Carrot74

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Hermaphrodite, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The graveyard shift at a hospital - what really does happen late at night?

It is the 11PM to 7AM shift at a Hospital, where an attractive nurse by the name of Amber is working with Angie, and a male nurse who is asleep. Angie, an attractive blonde of a voluptuous build at 5'1" of height, has gone downstairs to pick up a late night visitor to the ward; it is one of the psych nurses by the name of Erin, who is a slender attractive blonde. The two nurses know Erin but are surprised that she is visiting at this hour of 1AM; so they figure that something important must be amiss.

When Angie comes back upstairs with Erin, Amber can't help but notice that Erin is dressed in a very slinky black evening dress that is low cut, and shows off the blonde's figure quite nicely. The dress is made of a shiny black satin, with her shoes being 3" black shiny pumps to complete the ensemble, all of which is offset by a white pearl necklace that stops just at the top of Erin's perky 34C cleavage.

Amber greets Erin warmly, they all chat for a couple of minutes, and then Erin asks to speak with Angie alone for a few minutes. So they disappear into the medical exam room; Amber does a set of slow time consuming rounds, and then curiosity has her wander near the medical exam room. She can't help but to hear the sounds of Erin and Angie kissing passionately, with Erin murmuring sexy things to Angie, who is whimpering softly in return. Amber spots an opening at the edge of the drapes outside the exam room and just has to look inside to see what she has been hearing.

She sees Erin removing Angie's bra to release the large beautiful 38D breasts into her hands; they are well proportioned with Angie's voluptuous build. Amber hears Erin saying, "Oh Angie ... goodness, your breasts are so beautiful" and then hears and sees Angie whimpering delight from Erin's fondling fingers as they tease her nipples. As there is a bit of height difference between the two blondes — Erin is 5'6" in her black heels while Angie is 5'1" — Erin lowers her face while she also lifts the full white breasts up. She bends down slightly to lick the hardening nipples while she raises their full weight to her pretty mouth; Amber can only see Angie's face as it registers the pleasure from her nipples being licked so lovingly.

The sight of the one blonde seducing the shorter one strangely arouses Amber; she finds Erin to be quite sexy looking in the black dress and heels. Plus, she finds herself wanting to be the one pleasing Angie's nice full breasts; she has to stifle a moan as she watches while Angie is stripped naked, and placed on her back on the exam table. Amber is thinking to herself "God she has a luscious body ... and Erin ... ohhh"; she starts groping herself while watching Angie as she tries to be quiet while Erin licks and gropes the sexy voluptuous blonde.

Amber can see a bit of Erin's cleavage from where she is watching at the drapes, and then the blonde buries her face into Angie's pussy, causing the blonde to arch her back as Erin's tongue dips deeply into her pussy. She decides to move away from the window before she gets caught — not that she would mind at this moment — or before she gets too carried away with her own self. So she goes back to the nursing office and tries to distract her by playing a few games on the computer, plus does paperwork on another file.

About ten minutes later the two blondes are heard to leave the medical exam room and they enter the nursing office; Amber can plainly see they are both a bit flushed in the face still as they grab a seat. Plus, she can't help but notice Angie's hard nipples that are visible under her white shirt — she obviously forgot to put her bra back on.

A minute later Amber bounces up and saying, "Well, I'm going to have a shower while you two keep an eye on things here" to which Erin throatily replies "Well, don't be too long in there". The redhead goes to the Admission Room, where there is the big bathtub and shower — in privacy; she gets the shower going, closes the door, strips off all her clothes, and then steps into the shower. While she is in the shower she ends up playing with herself a little bit; meanwhile Angie has entered the shower room very quietly and removes all of Amber's clothes. Then Erin sneaks in to replace the towel with just a small hand towel, and leaves the redhead only a patient robe — the sheerest one she could find; which is all white and almost see through.

So when Amber is done her shower and gets out to find out that her clothes have sprouted legs and walked away, she is understandably a bit miffed. She won't give the two blondes the satisfaction of seeing her upset with their practical joke that she figures they are playing on her, so she dries off with the small hand towel, and then puts on the sheer white robe. Her hair is still wet, as are parts of her luscious body under the sheer robe; she puts her hair into a ponytail again.

Then just as she wants to get out of the shower room and discovers her keys are gone as well, the door opens to reveal a smiling Erin. Seeing the blonde in her black dress suddenly appeals very much to Amber, who has only thought about trying bi-sex but hasn't had the opportunity — yet. As Erin smiles at the sexy looking redhead she asks, "Have a nice shower? Good. Could we talk for a few minutes — in private — say maybe the interview room? I have a couple of things to ask of you." Erin has ogled the redhead's luscious body under the thin white robe, quickly appraising and definitely liking Amber — a lot.

So then Erin leads the sexy redhead by the arm to the conference room and closes the door behind them; Amber notices that the blonde already has the drapes drawn closed, and that there are scented candles of all things, lit, all around the dark room. She asks, "So where are my clothes; hidden somewhere I suppose?" to which Erin chuckles lightly and replies, "Not quite. Angie has placed them in the wash for you as we speak." Amber pauses, looking around at the setup in the conference room and then asks, "So what is it that you wish to ask me Erin?"

With that, Erin stands in front of the redhead, taking her hands in and joining them with Amber's, then looking her directly in the eyes and says, "I think you enjoyed yourself, listening to Angie and I earlier — didn't you?"

Amber is speechless for a moment, but the fierce blushes tell the blonde her answer; that the sexy redhead did enjoy watching and listening to the two blondes.

Erin then says, "I find you to be a very attractive woman, Amber — and very desirable" and pulls a shocked Amber into her arms. She kisses the shocked redhead gently and softly, probing with her tongue until Amber relents, willingly opening her mouth, and then they start French kissing passionately. Erin loves the feel of Amber's luscious naked body that she can feel through the sheer robe; she runs her hands all over the redhead's back and sides, moaning her definite approval at the feel of still damp firm breasts pressing against her own.

Erin murmurs in Amber's ear, "I've been wanting you wet like this for a while" as she slowly runs her hands up the front of Amber's sexy body. She cups the redhead's firm 36C breasts in her warm hands, loving the moan of pleasure from Amber when she does — and gently rubs her thumbs across the hardening nipples through the robe.

They renew their kissing as Amber lets her hands undo the back of Erin's black dress, opening it to slide the thin straps off the blonde's shoulders one at a time. Erin is helping to shrug out of the dress, purring her full approval of Amber's actions; the blonde wriggles her sexy hips until the dress falls to the ground. She steps out of it sexily, making sure that her knee touches Amber's pussy mound softly each time, teasing the sexy redhead while applying a bit of pressure up into the pussy area.

Erin asks softly, "Did you like watching what I was doing to Angie earlier?" to which Amber replies "Yes. From what I could see ... it looked ... I mean Angie looked very ... pleased with what you were doing". Erin has slowly moved the two of them so that Amber has her back to the wall, with the blonde still pressed up against her body for some warmth and closeness. The sexy redhead is rapidly succumbing to Erin's persistence; she does find the blonde appealing to her sexual feelings like never before.

Erin kisses Amber passionately on her full lips, their mouths open with their tongues meeting, and their soft moans filling the room. Then Erin nibbles on either side of her neck — erotically and softly — and asking the redhead, "So, did you like what you saw Angie and I doing?"

Amber replies throatily, "Yesss"; Erin continues nibbling and kissing her neck while asking, "Would you like some of the same?" Amber is sure of her reply this time, "Yes!" Erin chuckles softly and asks again, "Are you sure you want this?" to which Amber replies ferverently, "Yes!". The blonde moves her face down into Amber's ample creamy white cleavage, opening the front of the wet robe a bit to expose the redhead's firm and full breasts, and then kisses each nipple lovingly.

Erin murmurs to Amber, "Why don't you take off my bra, and play with me for a bit, too" so the redhead removes the blonde's bra — quite skillfully — and tosses it aside. Then she remembers her co-worker Angie; so she asks, "What about if Angie sees us?" to which Erin smiles at Amber and replies, "Did you want her to?"

Erin then sucks one pink nipple into her warm inviting mouth while she watches Amber's reaction to her question, waiting for a reply; the redhead gasps in delight, "I ... Ohhh..." Erin gets the impression that this sexy redhead wouldn't mind if Angie were to catch them, or to watch them — as there is a look of indecision on Amber's pretty face. The blonde switches to sucking and licking the other nipple while fondling it from the underside, stimulating Amber, and then drops one hand slowly down the front of the beautiful redhead until her fingers are gently running through Amber's pussy hair.

The redhead has finally let herself feel Erin's breasts; so smooth yet firm to the touch, and exciting her all at once. She can feel how excited Erin has become, with their hearts racing together; Amber drops one hand down Erin's smooth front to end up resting on the blonde's cute butt, which has the silky black garter belt around it. She is a bit unsure if she is ready to let her own fingers do some walking, but she figures that she can take it a bit at a time.

Amber is a bit unsure of what to do next, so she lets Erin do the leading for now; Erin does this by rubbing her middle finger over Amber's aroused clit in a circular motion. In a very short time, Erin has Amber panting in excitement by the time she then slips her middle finger up into the redhead's moist silky soft pussy. This causes Amber to gently bite and nibble on Erin's shoulder, which she also clamps onto while the finger is entering her wet pussy. Erin concentrates on fingering Amber's sweet pussy slowly while she kisses her passionately some more.

Amber still can't believe that she is letting another woman do this to her, but it sure feels better than a guy because Erin feels soft and cuddly; all of this has Amber quite surprisingly and unknowingly very aroused. Erin can feel the redhead's pussy muscles clenching and tightening around her finger, letting her know that an orgasm is just a moment away; she drops to her knees quickly in front of Amber. She keeps her finger inside the wet pussy while she then starts licking the clit softly and rapidly, loving hearing the moans from Amber.

The sexy redhead is unable to stop herself — in about 30 seconds she is cumming while standing on very shaky legs; Erin has pulled her pussy into her face while trying to help support the shaky Amber. Amber is gasping and panting almost frantically while she comes, trying to not rip Erin's hair out, but also while trying to use the blonde's head as a support. Finally after a long orgasm for Amber, Erin removes her fingers, licking them off and then stands up. She wraps her arms around Amber and French kisses her passionately; Amber has tasted her own juices before, but this way she finds to be rather exciting and quite sensual, especially as she is now returning the blonde's kisses with equal passion.

Eventually after a couple of minutes, their kissing tapers off to gentle kisses; Amber thanks Erin, "That was ... Wow!"

Erin adds, "Sudden? Excellent?" to which Amber sighs softly and says, "Yes, it was — thank you."

Erin smiles at the redhead and says, "You're very welcome. So, would you like to try ... something else?" to which the beautiful redhead replies with, "Like what?". Erin really wants this to work in her favor, and doesn't want to scare Amber away, so she asks shyly, "Promise you won't freak out?" to which Amber rebuts, "I don't know — it depends what".

Erin thinks for a second then adds, "It is something you've ... had before, but you have to promise you won't ... freak" to which Amber looks her in the eye and replies honestly, "I promise". Erin then tells her to close her eyes — Amber does so — Erin removes her panties; now she is clad in her garters, hose, and high heels. She is shyly covering up her crotch when Amber figures out that she can open her eyes, where she sees Erin trying to cover up.

Amber gasps when she sees, "Holy cow, is that a ... you've got a ... cock?" Amber reaches forward to naturally grasp the cock in her hand, and starts massaging the cock back forth nicely for the blonde. Erin pulls the beautiful and shocked redhead into another embracing kiss; this time she is murmuring her ferverent thanks to Amber.

The redhead is fascinated by the slowly growing cock that she has her hand wrapped around; to her own surprise she kneels down in front of Erin, lifting the cock to discover the blonde's moist pussy underneath. Now the beautiful redhead understands completely her attraction to Erin — and she is becoming very turned on by the sexy blonde.

She asks Erin, "Have you always been like this — a hermaphrodite?" to which the blonde replies shyly, "Yes. Not too many people know about it — if you get my drift." Amber accepts this and replies, "I can definitely see why you keep your secret, but what about what we have exposed here? What would you like me to do about this?" She has said the last in a joking but semi-serious manner, then adds, "Would you like me to do something about this?" Erin nods in silent agreement as Amber then smiles up at the sexy blonde and says, "Then fair is fair".

In one swift movement she has opened her mouth and engulfed the majority of the cock into her warm inviting mouth. Amber moans her approval as it grows rapidly in her mouth, her pretty lips spread all around the now glistening shaft, moving slowly back and forth, teasing the blonde until her cock is fully erect at its 7 inch length. Amber is concentrating on pleasing Erin's delicious cock; she doesn't notice the blonde motioning Angie to enter the room. Amber does notice Angie when she stands right next to her, watching intently as Amber sucks the blonde's hard cock willingly, deeply.

Angie is now wearing a white cut-off t-shirt, sexy white satin panties, and white 3" pumps; she looks very sexy to Amber right about now. Amber stops sucking for a moment, removes her mouth from the cock to tell Angie, "Why don't you play with yourself for a bit, while you watch us." Angie's face lights up upon hearing Amber's words; she moves back a few steps so she can see the redhead's pretty face as she pleases Erin's cock, then sits down on a chair. Her full breasts bounce sexily under the white t-shirt as she sits; Erin is moaning with the pleasure that she is being given by Amber's hungry mouth while watching sexy looking Angie.

The young blonde pulls her legs up a bit to reveal her pussy under the satin panties; her pussy is completely bald, and Amber can see this from her angle. She looks right at the young blonde and moans her approval of the shaven pussy while she still sucks Erin's cock. Then she starts to insert two fingers up into the blonde hermaphrodite's wet pussy while she then starts deep throating the blonde's hard cock. Amber manages to use her thumb to massage the clit gently while her fingers are moving in and out of Erin's pussy with soft squishy sounds; the gasps from Erin tell the redhead that she is doing the right thing.

Angie in the meantime has produced a vibrator and has inserted it into her own bald pussy while she watches the blonde and redhead intently. Her other hand is caressing and fondling her delicious full looking breasts, her nipples being quite erect; she is panting and whimpering while she watches Amber suck and finger the beautiful blonde hermaphrodite. And all of this is right in front of her!

Erin is leaning heavily against the wall, trying to support her shaky legs as Amber's mouth slows down a bit while the fingers move in and out a bit faster, teasing the blonde, and taking her right to the edge. The two blondes are gasping and panting as they watch the very sexy and sensual redhead engulf the entire cock deliberately — all the way. This causes Erin to gasp aloud and then very suddenly shoot her hot juices right into the back of Amber's willing throat. Amber swallows all the juices greedily, milking the hard cock with her talented mouth and tongue, sucking every drop from the blonde's cock.

Simultaneously, Amber feels Erin's pussy muscles start to spasm around her fingers as she experiences a vaginal orgasm in addition to the cock still shooting its juices; this gives Erin one very deep and intense orgasm. Erin is just about bellowing in pleasure and ecstasy, her eyes are rolling around in her head, and her arms are trying desperately to grasp the wall or anything for support. She tries to pull away from the redhead's voracious mouth, but only manages to stagger over to the table, where Amber is still attached to her cock, frantically sucking all the juices out while thrusting her fingers in and out.

Erin lies back against the table as if trying to squirm away from the redhead's very talented and persistent mouth. All this time, Angie is plunging the vibrator deep inside her wet pussy while she watches and is definitely getting off; her legs are quivering with the pleasure racing through her young sexy body.

Finally, Amber relents and lets Erin relax; she removes her mouth from the ultra-sensitive cock — slowly, mind you. And she also makes the point of very slowly removing her fingers from the wet pussy, making sure the fingers graze the super sensitive clit one last time. Erin flinches from being way too sensitive, and manages to lurch over to the couch, where she promptly curls into a ball of quivering flesh.

Amber gets to watch and listen as Angie, who is looking so very sexy with the vibrator in her bald pussy — is starting her orgasm as well. She is still fondling her full heaving breasts through the white t-shirt while holding the vibrator deep inside of her pussy; her back is arching in the chair as she watches Amber's last bit of sucking of Erin. Amber is the first to regain her composure by getting up and closing the door to the room; then on an impulse she goes behind the still orgasming Angie.

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