Helen 5: Legal Assistance

by Serena Jones

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Interracial, White Couple, Black Female, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Finding business law a chore? Helen advises working closely with your legal counsel team. Another in the on-going adventures of Helen. Reedville Crossover

Rachael had worked for the firm for almost ten years, starting in the secretarial pool and working her way up to senior legal secretary. She and Helen had been close ever since Helen's first day at the firm and typically lunched together at least once a week, sharing the ups and downs of office life. Rachael had been Helen's first 'lunch' with the company, in fact - on her first day, Helen had eaten Rachael. So Helen was surprised when her friend dropped the bombshell over lunch that she had put in her resignation.

"That bites, you know." Helen said in only part jest, "No one else around here is any fun."

"Oh bull; I know you know how to win people over."

They both giggled.

"Alright, so where are you going, why and when?"

Rachael finished her soup, "Where, I don't know because I'm still looking which sucks. Why because JD's a prick -"

"Which you knew when you transferred to his department." Helen interjected.

"Which I knew when I transferred," the woman agreed, "and when," she looked a little sheepish, "uh, is today."

Helen nearly did a spit take, "Today? Your last day is today?"

Rachael winced, "Yeah, kinda."

"Were you planning to tell me that or just let me guess when you didn't show up tomorrow?"

"I just didn't want anybody to make a big deal out of it."

"Of course it's a big deal - you've been here ten years!" Helen gasped in frustration, "Little miss shy and flighty."


"Ok, ok. Well, can we at least get a few folks together for happy hour to say goodbye?"

"I promised Traci that I'd attend the standard Friday happy hour tomorrow. Everyone will know by then."

Helen shrugged knowing that was the best deal she would get, "Ok."

Rachael wiped her fingers carefully, "There was another reason I wanted to lunch with you today."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah. I still owe you one."

"Owe me one what?"


Helen thought for a moment but could not think of an outstanding debt. She watched Rachael get up and open the conference room door; she flipped the room sign from "Available" to "In Conference" then closed the door. Helen heard the lock click into place. Rachael walked back across the room slowly. She was a Hispanic beauty, with clear skin, dark eyes, and waves of dark brown hair down to her ass. She was tall and slender with just enough T & A to keep from being mistaken for a boy. Rachael was literally the polar opposite of Helen's curvy buxom figure.

She rounded the table and knelt down in front of Helen.

"Not that I'm about to stop you," Helen grinned lecherously, "but what are you doing?"

"Well, you ate me on your first day. I thought it only fitting that I eat you on my last."

Helen could not think of an argument for that, but in truth, she was not trying especially hard. Instead, she ran her fingers through Rachael's silky curls while the woman unbuckled her pants and tugged on the zipper. Helen lifted her hips a bit, which made it easier for Rachael to both pull the zip and slide off the garment. Underneath Helen wore a garter and stocking but no panties.

"Oh my god," Rachael laughed, "You are such a whore!"

"Oh, like you can talk. As I recall, I ate you in the first place because I could smell pussy on your fingers when we shook hands."

"You could not." Rachael kissed her thighs, "But I can smell you already."

Helen knew that was true; she could feel the excitement creeping down her nerves and knew she must already be wet with anticipation. Rachael confirmed it when she spread Helen's legs and let her fingers slip and slide around Helen's wet pussy. Both women moaned softly. Helen moaned again when Rachael's tongue dipped into the pooling wetness. She licked slowly up and down, letting her tongue clean all the juices there and catching more as Helen arched with pleasure. Rachael sucked her clit gently. Helen cried out then bit her lips to keep herself as quiet as possible. She locked her fingers into Rachael's hair and pushed her cunt hard into the woman's face. Rachael wedged her hands under Helen's hips and dipped her tongue deep into Helen's squirming crotch. Helen came, trembling and moaning.

Rachael continued licking and sucking and Helen lost both hands in Rachael's hair. Soon, Helen was convulsing with another strong orgasm. She tried in vain to keep from crying out but found even biting her lip did not keep her quiet. Only when she was breathless and panting did Rachael pull back. Her face was wet. She licked her lips and picked a hair off her tongue. "Yum."

"Oh, fuck." Helen swore, "Give me a minute, and I'll return the favor."

Rachael took a glance at her watch, "Later. I gotta get back to my desk." She found a napkin left over from lunch and wiped her face. "Such a whore! I'm going to smell you all afternoon."

"You're such a slut, you'll enjoy it." Helen teased back.

"You ok?"

"I'll manage."

Rachael smiled and left Helen to mop up, dress and clean up their lunch trash. Helen finished out her afternoon back in her office. It was a slow day, made marginally slower by the prospect of not seeing Rachel tomorrow. She was right, of course, Helen had plenty of other 'playmates'. Loss of one in the office would hardly be a personal crisis. Especially since they could still play on the weekends. Helen made a note on her calendar to invite Rachael to the next event at The Crack. The Annual Potluck Dinner with sexually-themed foods. Helen made a second note to find her grandmother's recipe for oyster pie. Then, she made a few phone calls, approved a few invoices and did the other small tasks waiting for her attention. At the end of the day, she ran the appropriate reports and locked up the appropriate files. At the very least, she decided, I can take Rachael to a nice dinner.

The Legal department was on the floor above Helen's, in an area commonly referred to as the Executive Suite. The carpet was plusher, the leather chairs were softer and the salaries in this area were in general higher than the rest of the office. Helen, like most of the middle management, did not spend much time up here - although CFO was definitely in her career plans - and walked through the suite with a mixture of admiration and jealousy.

Rachael's desk was a large mahogany affair in a secluded alcove in front of the Lead Legal Counsel's office. Julius Davidson McElroy had been the firm's attorney since they opened the doors and was a brilliant and accomplished southern lawyer. 'JD' as he was commonly known got away with being an arrogant, chauvinistic prick because no one could figure out how to fire him without a lengthy lawsuit. Helen had often wondered how Rachael had worked for him as long as she had. Helen's own experiences with the man had left her often wanting to stab him with the nearest sharp object.

Helen was disappointed to find her friend's desk empty but a copy paper box rested in her chair under a coat so Helen sat on the edge of the desk to wait. A few minutes passed. Then behind her, she heard a low moan. She looked around and peered under the desk; there was no one. The moan came again and Helen realized it came from JD's inner office. 'Oh my God' she thought with a snicker, 'She's hit him with the stapler and left him for dead.' Quietly, she stole a peek into the office - if JD was conscious, he would not appreciate her intrusion.

He was conscious but insensible. The short, stocky white-haired gent was leaning against his desk with Rachael lips wrapped firmly around his dick. He moaned again.

"Miss. - Miss. Sullivan" he panted, "I really must protest." His southern drawl added an unexpected heat to the words. Helen closed the door behind herself and quietly turned the lock. Already, she could feel her own heart rate accelerate in sympathy with JD's. Watching a good fuck was almost as good as getting one. "Good Lord, I've never..." JD gasped, " ... never, Lord, yes!" His hands were in Rachael's hair turning it into a tangled mess. Helen could hear the wet smacking sound of Rachael sucking JD's dick with real desire. JD voiced a few more half-hearted protests interspersed with a few more carnal groans. Suddenly his whole body went stiff. He grabbed a handful of Rachael's hair and growled. "Mercy, mercy, mercy." He panted as the orgasm faded. Helen realized that she was teasing her own nipples and moved her hands away from them.

Rachael pulled away from him, "That's what I wanted to do." She stood up slowly, "But you've never shown the least bit of interest."

"Sweet mercy," JD looked genuinely speechless, "I have no idea how to respond to that." He was having a great deal of trouble catching his breath.

"If I were you," Helen offered, startling both of them, "I'd eat her, then fuck her. But that's just me."

Rachael recovered first, and smiled broadly, "Hey! Can't you knock?"

JD sputtered with more acute indignation and embarrassment. "Miss Bogud! I really must protest this invasion of my privacy! You have no cause to enter my office uninvited!" He struggled to stuff his now flaccid member back into his pants without pulling them down further.

"JD, if you're going to fuck her, take your pants all the way off. Zippers scratch." Helen thought he was going to burst after that but she turned to Rachael who was trying just as hard not to laugh, "I thought you were leaving because he's a prick?"

She blushed slightly, "He is, but, I don't know." She shrugged, "I have a thing for southern pricks." Rachael did laugh then and stopped JD from zipping his pants all the way, "JD, relax! Helen's not going to say anything."

"I refuse to have this person pass judgment on my personal life!" He looked at her, still adjusting his impeccably tailored suit. "Was this your intention Miss Sullivan? Were you planning on placing me in a compromising position?"

"No!" She threw up her hands in frustration, "Oh! You are so stupid!"

"Now, see here, young woman. I will not stand here and..."

"Maybe this will help, JD." Helen spoke over him as she pulled Rachael's face down some and kissed her deeply. She had expected a brief exchange but she could taste herself and JD's cum mingling on Rachael's lips and the kiss grew into a more heated exchange of heavy petting. They only stopped when it became apparent that JD was having an out and out fit.

"I will not have it! I will not!" he was shouting. "Miss Sullivan - you are dismissed. Miss Bogud, we will discuss this in the morning. I have no intention - ya'll hear me - no intention of allowing this sort of behavior to continue any further!"

"JD!" Rachael pleaded with him as much to keep his voice down as to calm him, "The whole office will hear you! Do you want everyone in here?" With some effort, he stopped yelling and stared back and forth between them.

"So let me see if I get this," Helen scratched her chin, "You're leaving because you got tired of him never noticing you?"

"Yeah," Rachael sighed, "Pathetic but that's about the size of it."

"Well, JD?"

"Well what?" He snapped.

"Did she get your attention? Are you interested in Rachael?"

"Prior to this incident, I felt that Miss Sullivan was a highly competent assistant. I expressed my disappointment at her leaving and expressed my willingness to do whatever possible to convince her to stay."

"To which you blew him."

"He's too thick headed to get it with anything more subtle." Rachael giggled, "He said no one had ever done it to him before."

"Miss Sullivan!" JD's veins nearly burst from his forehead. "What I said was that I little experience with the act."

"So I'm guessing that if two women went down on him, he'd have heart failure."


"Now, see here!" JD was wide-eyed and panting. Helen could not tell if indignation or lust was winning but he appeared to be having one hell of an internal war. "I don't know what you ladies are planning, but I rather suspect that it is in violation of our sexual harassment policy." He tried to step backward but was too close to his desk already, "To say nothing of our 'no fraternization' policy."

"I rather suspect you're right, JD." Helen looked at Rachael, "We could give him a real thrill. I mean, imagine all the things he's never done."

"I will have you know that my sexual endeavors have been satisfactory." JD seemed to be recovering some of his composure, "Not that it is of any concern to either of you."

"I'd like it to be my concern," Rachael sighed, "That's my whole point! Look, I'm sorry I said anything. Have a nice life JD. I'll see you Helen; call me next week." She turned to leave.

"Miss Sullivan." JD spoke up more quickly than Helen expected. "Miss ... Rachael. I do have a deep regard for you. And," He shifted he tie as if it chafed, "and I confess, I have always, uh, admired your - your physical as well as mental charms. But I have never thought it appropriate to discuss such matters in a place of business. And in light of our rather awkward age difference, I have held it inappropriate to approach you outside of the office." He laughed, "Honestly, young lady I am old enough to be your grandfather."

"So?" Rachael moved closer to him and Helen slipped out of the way suspecting that she should exit shortly. "You don't seem all that old to me."

"I am sixty-two years as of last October."

"And I'll be twenty-six this year. So what?"

"It borders on the absurd. I am not in the habit of "robbing the cradle" as the expression goes and you, young lady, certainly shouldn't rob the grave. And this sort of illicit behavior - I can't imagine that you would consider this as a regular matter of course."

"JD, I want to sleep with you so badly some days I go home and wear out a pack of batteries." He looked confused so she elaborated, "With a vibrator. Trying to imagine it's you." He looked stunned.

"I see." He cleared his throat. "Perhaps we should continue this outside the..." His voice trailed off as Rachael lean down and nibbled his neck. "I, uh, think, uh, Miss Rachael, uh, your hand is ... Oh good lord, woman! At least let us continue this in private with a bed."

"Do you want me, JD?" Rachael finally asked in a voice Helen found almost irresistible.

"Assuredly, Miss Rachael." He intoned.

Helen took that as her cue and made her way quietly to the door. Before she could exit, however, she heard JD explode.

"Of all the outlandish ideas, Miss Sullivan! I should doubt she'd agree to such a thing. She is already showing some discretion and leaving us to our privacy."

She turned and faced the couple again. Rachael had JD's tie removed and his suit jacket and shirt half open. "Something else you wanted Miss Rachael?" she said, adopting JD's manner.

"Miss Helen, I was just suggesting to JD that we try something that I've never done next."

"And that would be?"

"A three-some."

"Really?" Helen and JD said the word at the same time but with completely different intonations.


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