Helen 4: Mail Call

by Serena Jones

Copyright© 2008 by Serena Jones

Erotica Sex Story: Need a more efficient interoffice mail? Helen has a procedure for multiple package delivery. Another in the ongoing Helen stories...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

It was on the good side of six am that Helen locked the car door, yawned and sauntered to the garage elevators. She had arrived at the office super early - at least for her - so that she would feel less guilty about leaving early for her vacation. She was looking forward to the resort; sun drenched beaches, tall cool drinks and a week with nothing but sunscreen and sandals. Her luggage was in the trunk so all that remained between her and the airport was whatever last minute office issues that waited on her desk this morning. The elevator doors opened and Helen found herself alone with Chuck and Eddie, the mailroom guys. They were friendly and greeted her politely. Most of the time Helen barely noticed the young, college-aged gents that delivered the office mail and supplies almost invisibly. Today, in close quarters, she found it hard not to notice the ripped arms, muscular chests and tight buns of two young men who worked hard for a living. Eddie was a bit taller than his friend and a little heavier, with sandy blond hair and light brown eyes. Chuck was shorter, thinner, with corn rowed braids that had re-surfaced in men's hair styes. In the office casual company's logo polo shirts and khakis, they looked like conservative interns on the first rung of the corporate ladder. Chuck's eyes, however, were not conservative about her cleavage. The ruffles of her blouse hid her nipples - swelling in response to his blatant gaze - but showed enough rounded flesh to keep most breast fans happy. A simple single-button vest kept her breast in check for the day and matched the short skirt she wore.

No one spoke words but Chuck's eyes and the bulge in his pants spoke volumes. Eddie, for his part seemed blind to the conversation. At the floor before hers, the guys nodded politely and got off. Helen thought for only a second before she caught the doors and got off as well.

"You need something Helen?" Eddie asked innocently enough.

"I thought I'd see what you have down here." She answered keeping her tone coy.

Chuck snickered and Eddie hit him in the chest. It had the air of unspoken in-joke that Eddie wanted quelled before Chuck got too far and Helen wondered if her day was off to a pleasant start. She followed them to the mailroom and bend over the long mail cart, apparently looking for her department. She made a point of wiggling so that her short skirt would ride up and expose her bare ass and the thin strip of lace for her thong. Then she played with the hem of the skirt far too long before modestly tugged it down again.

"I don't see anything here for me."

"You're looking in the wrong place." Chuck muttered and snickered again.

"Dude!" Eddie snapped. "We haven't sorted the mail yet this morning and we already delivered all of yesterdays."

"Oh." Helen said suppressing a grin. "So there's no package down here for me?" She leaned casually against one of the counters and arched her back slightly. The first button of her blouse pulled and threatened to pop open, "I was hoping there were two of them."

Chuck turned away completely. Helen could see his shoulders shake slightly and the muscles in his back flex. She looked at Eddie who was having a little trouble keeping his eyes on her face. "We, uh, haven't received any deliveries yet. I'll keep an eye out for you."

"I'll just bet you will." Helen could not help smiling. Eddie, the poor boy, was not sure if she was coming on to him or not. Chuck, on the other hand, was clearly receptive to the idea. "Chuck," she said still looking at Eddie, "would you like to help Eddie deliver a package for me?"

"I got a package for you already." He intoned, "I can deliver right now."

"I'm sure you could, ' Helen shot him a look; the bulge in his pants was growing, "but this is a two-for-one deal." She looked back at Eddie; a visible bulge strained his zipper as well, "How long before you have to look busy around here?"

"Another half hour or so." He sounded hypnotized.

"So what kind of preparation do you think this package needs?" She asked softly. She moved closer to Eddie and ran her fingers down his arms. Slowly, she lifted his hands and glided them up her sides to rest on her throbbing nipples. Chuck moved in behind her, caressed her hips and ground his crotch into her ass. Helen alternated between grinding her crotch into Eddie's in front of her and Chuck's behind her. When Eddie finally started kissing down her cleavage and opening her blouse, she gratefully leaned her head on Chuck's shoulder.

Chuck's hand slid up her skirt and pulled down her thong. He slipped a hand between her thighs and dragged his finger through her wet snatch. "Damn, girl, you ready to roll!"

"Not yet, but you're heading in the right direction." She cooed, "Forward and up a - oh, yeah, that's the spot." She rubbed her clit against his fingers and quivered as she came on his hand. Eddie prolonged the sensation as he finally sucked firmly on her swollen nipple.

Things moved downward as her fingers opened Eddie's pants and Chuck knelt down behind her. As Helen pulled Eddie's small but rock hard cock into her mouth, Chuck spread her legs and stuck his tongue where his fingers had been. Both Eddie and Helen groaned loudly. In short order, Helen was cumming again. She sucked Eddie's cock deeply and found that she could suck his balls in as well and tease them with the tip of her tongue. He swore and pounded her face with his hips. After a few minutes, he pulled away from her - panting and swearing.

Eddie struggled to catch his breath, "Yo, Chuck. Switch." They changed places and Helen bent over to take Chuck's cock between her lips and Eddie's tongue in her pussy. Chuck was average in length but almost as thick as her wrist. It was a stretch to get him into her mouth. When her teeth accidentally scraped him, he shook as if electrocuted, "Oh, fuck, yeah, baby!" He held her cheeks and fucked her mouth hard. Eddie, meanwhile was lapping her cunt and asshole as if they dripped honey. Helen's orgasms became continuous as Eddie stuck his fingers and tongue in every wet, sticky hole he could reach.

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