Helen 3: Technical Services

by Serena Jones

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Trouble working with inter-departmental staff? Helen has some pointers on team building. Another in the ongoing Helen stories...

Denise was a cherub - all soft and curvy. Truly voluptuous, not flabby or out of shape. With her figure, the golf shirt and khaki pants were almost attractive. She short hair surrounded an angelic face with cottony light brown curls. She could not have been more than 22, 25 tops and at 5 foot 2, looked like something sweet to eat.

At least that is what Helen thought when the 'child' arrived first thing that morning to upgrade the computer software. Helen had just logged in when the little cutie entered unannounced.

"Oh sorry! I didn't think anybody was in yet."

Helen managed not to drool. "I don't think we've met. You are?"

"Denise, IT. I'm new. Mari wanted me to install this patch before everyone came in and..."

" ... And I get a pretty early start." Looking at her too hard could qualify as seduction of the innocent, "I'm Helen. Here, you sit and do what you need to do."

Helen stood and let the girl take her place at the computer. For all her apparent youth and shyness, she was adept at the computer ad had the update finished in no time. Instead of leaving, however, she looked at Helen oddly.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Of course." Anything to keep her sitting there."

"It's about the health insurance."

"Oh." Helen was hoping for a much more personal question. "Well, you should really ask Traci about that. She's HR."

"I know. I just wondered ... well, it covers 'domestic partners' and I was wondered if anyone actually uses that."

In other words, do we have any gay employees? 'The plot thickens', Helen thought, 'personal interest or prude?'

"Well of course, I can't answer that specifically - that is confidential info."

"Oh, yeah, but you know, kinda generally?"

"Generally. Hmm. Ok, generally, to my knowledge, either have or have had staff using all levels of our health care package." That was vague enough to work as company policy.

The girl frowned.

"I'm sorry, but you may not be able to find out what you need to know with out a closed door session with a manager, ok?"

Denise bit her lip and nodded, "Ok." She got up.

And closed the door.

"You're a manager, right?"

Not the breach of protocol Helen had planned to start her day with.

"Well, yes but for Accounting and acting only. You should really be speaking with Mari or Traci."

"I don't want Mari or Traci." That said far more than Denise intended, "I mean, they won't tell me what I need to know."

Helen reached over and switched her phone to DND, "You want to know if I'm lesbian." If that was where this conversation was going, Helen wanted to get it there in a hurry."

Denise was a bit stunned by the directness though, "Uh, yeah." She looked like she wanted to melt through the floor. Helen let her stew for a moment enjoying the pink flush that washed over the girl's pretty face. Face of a saint, mind of a sinner.

"I'm not. Sorry." Denise look crest fallen. It was hard enough to take such a risk, harder still to be let down. Helen took pity on the child, "I'm bi."

By the look on her face, Denise did not seem sure she had heard clearly, "Bi?"



"Which, by the way, you would already know if you were standing here," Helen pointed directly in front of herself. "instead of over there."

Denise regained some composure. By the time she was beside Helen, her naturally beatific smile had reappeared and her bright eyes were lit with mischief.

"Better idea." She said, "Sit down, please."

"Sit?" Helen sat.

"I've been watching you all week." Denise said as she hopped on to Helen's desk. She kissed Helen firmly, "Not a coffee drinker?"

"Haven't had my first cup yet."

"Oh." The angelic child was busy slipping off her pants and lacy undies, "So you need a morning wake up." She put one lovely, rounded calf on Helen's shoulder. "Too forward, you think?"

Helen stoked the mocha colored thighs spread before her and watched Denise twitch, "Just a tad, but I like a girl who knows what she wants." She kissed down the girl's thighs tickling the inside of a dimpled knee with her tongue.

Someone knock on Helen's door. Helen pause long enough to call out, "I'm on the phone, I'll open the door when I'm free." The knocker went away and Helen turned back to the unexpected delight before her.

The mass of curls above mirrored the ones below; Helen used one finger to part them. Denise cooed.

"Shh." Helen cautioned, "Remember, I'm on the phone in here." She flicked the finger over the girl's clit causing her to nearly yelp. Helen teased her fingers over and around the lovely little snack until they glistened as if buttered. Then, unable to resist, she used her tongue to explore the same territory. Denise squirmed and whimpered. Helen thrust her tongue deeply into the girl and had to hold back her own moans of pleasure. She knew that time was short and eventually one of her staff would check to see if the door was locked so she decided to aim for quick and intense. Helen could just feel Denise's hips beginning to tease when jarring sound of a vibrator against the floor surprised them both.

"Oh, God," Denise gasped, "My pager. Mari." She reached for the item limply.

Helen picked up Denise's discarded pants and founded the offending object. She handed the pager to Denise and dialed Mari's extension on speaker with her free hand. While it rang, Denise struggled to breath normally.

"I T." Mari's voice rang out.

"It's Denise." She sounded almost normal if you could not see her struggling not to cum.

Helen ignored their conversation and pulled Denise's pants on. She deliberately kicked the girl's lacy white panties under the desk. When the call ended, Helen silenced Denise's frantic whispers about her underwear with a deep French kiss and finger fucked the girl to a proper orgasm. She let Denise help lick her fingers clean.

Then quickly she guided her to the door saying, "Now, if you have any other questions, don't be shy." The girl had to rush to buckle her pants before anyone noticed them, "It's hard being new, but you'll fit in just fine. Have you met the rest of the Accounting Department yet?"

She had not. Helen made smooth introductions and got a start on the day's exciting assortment of debits and credits.

The rest of the morning was nowhere near as interesting and Helen began to wish for a lunch snack as tasty as breakfast. Lunch, unfortunately, was spent in the staff room reading the latest issue of Journal of Accountancy.

When she returned to her desk, there was an e-mail from Mari.

Meeting Request. Today. 5:15pm. Confirm? She checked her calendar; she would have to cut her department meeting short but they would probably end early anyway. There was no hint as to the subject but Helen had two strong guesses: either Mari had a new budget expenditure (which was possible) or Denise's morning adventure had not gone unnoticed (which was more likely.)

Helen confirmed the meeting and updated her calendar. The rest of the day she spent updating the depreciation schedule, which was an arduous task, but one she had put off for too long. The method, overall, was sound but the spreadsheet had some petty errors and inconsistencies that the prior manager had manually corrected each month instead of permanently fixing. Helen was pretty pleased with the new links and formatting by the time the department meeting started. When it ended, she had Sage do the end of day reports and shut down everything. Helen locked her own office and went down to I/T.

Mari was one of those people everyone knew, not just because of her position but because she made a point of knowing everyone. She had a great laugh and an outgoing persona, which had frequently made people remark that she was nothing like the computer geeks usually habiting I/T departments. Helen had also heard that for all her charm when she smiled, Mari was Satan incarnate when she was pissed out.

As Helen entered the I/T office, the garage-like feel of it struck her. Computers and computer parts seemed strewn everywhere. A steady hum of a processor droned from everywhere and nowhere at once. Mari's office door was partially blocked by a cart covered with slot cards of which Helen could not begin to guess the uses. She tapped on the door as she peered in, "You needed to see me?"

Mari, as expected, was typing intently, "Gimme a sec. Sit." Her whole focus was on the screen before her. She began speaking again, in what sounded like code and Helen was lost until she realized that Mari was wearing a headset as well. After that, Helen sat back and watched Mari do ... whatever I/T people do.

It was the first time Helen had taken a good look at Mari. She was impressed.

"Later." Mari ended the call with an abrupt - at least to Helen - click and turned to face her, "Sorry 'bout that."

"No problem. Some things can't wait."

"True. Some things can't."

They stared at each other.

"Denise tells me she did your update."

Helen nodded, "She did."

"She said you two had a brief meeting."

Helen nodded again, "We did."

Mari's face was uncharacteristically closed. Helen was not sure where this conversation was headed but it appeared nowhere good.

Mari sighed, "She said a piece of personal property was mislaid."

"Was it?" Helen decided to play dumb until she could figure out Mari's opinion of this circumstance.

Mari was not playing, "Unless you ate Denise's Victoria Secrets as well as her pussy, she would like them back. Now."

"Ah, yes." Lesson #26: Don't play a player, Helen thought, "I didn't bring them down; they're still under my desk."

"So she can get them after we're done?"

"Of course! I hadn't meant to keep them anyway. I just wanted to tease her a little while longer."

"Good." She called out, "You can come in now." Denise's angelic smile appeared in the doorway.

"I didn't want to see you if you weren't going to give them back."

Helen pouted a bit, "You could have asked directly instead of going to your supervisor."

"She was going to." Mari put in, "I asked to be involved."


"I didn't believe her. Helen in Accounting had her lacies? Hardly. Besides, if it was true, she owes you a thank you, and I wanted to make sure she did it right." Mari grinned lecherously, "I am after all her supervisor."

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