Suman Didi

by sexysuman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I am Jatin and this is the story of what happened between my elder sister Suman and I three years back. Suman was twenty-five years old that time and had been married to a Doctor two months before. Her husband had gone on foreign training for six months and Suman Didi decided to stay with us. I am three years younger than Suman Didi so I was twenty-two years old at that time.

Hell I am Jatin and this is the story of what happened between my elder sister Suman and I three years back. Suman was twenty-five years old that time and had been married to a Doctor two months before.

Her husband had gone on foreign training for six months and Suman Didi decided to stay with us. I am three years younger than Suman Didi so I was twenty-two years old at that time.

It was a usual morning when I was in bathroom. That day I was feeling little horny so I decided to have a quickie before taking bath. I removed my brief and started jacking, as I was just approaching my orgasm, the door suddenly opened and Suman Didi entered in. My hands were frozen on my swelling cock. I was caught red handed while masturbating.

Suman Didi's gaze got fixed at my cock. Her face reddened.

She was about to say something but tightened her lips as her eyes met mine.

She left the bathroom without saying anything.

When I came out from the bathroom, I found Suman Didi grinning mischievously. My cock started to bulge in my pants. The bulge was quite eminent over trousers also.

Suman Didi's gaze traveled down to my crotch.

As she noticed bulge in my pants, her face flushed and she ran away.

During the whole day she avoided eye contact with me but could not hide her mischievous grin at seeing me. Her eyes never failed to travel down to my crotch.

Our parents were to leave for relative's marriage for a week in the evening. After dropping them at Station, Suman Didi proposed for a Chinese dinner at home. We got our dinner packed.

At home Suman Didi left for bath.

While I was waiting for her for dinner, she called me from bathroom and asked me to hand her towel.

I could not control the temptation of seeing her naked. So instead of handing her the towel I entered inside the bathroom, which Suman Didi has kept open.

Suman Didi shrieked and snatched towel from me and covered herself.

But not before I had a glimpse of her voluptuous creamy and firm tits and nicely trimmed bush.

Even now her shapely milky thighs and round shoulders were exposed

My cock started swelling.

Suman Didi noticed it and her face reddened.

She hissed "what are you doing here, leave now".

I left bathroom obediently. But her naked body was still live in my eyes.

Suman Didi came out from bathroom in a pink chiffon Sari. Although it was not my first time to notice her in Sari, yet this time my look was sinister. Suman Didi was ravishing. Her 36", 28", 38" figure was stunning. It was looking awesome in chiffon. Her flat creamy belly along with her swaying buttocks was a highly erotic show. Her smooth back was mostly bare in transparent chiffon Sari with a designer blouse having only laces in back.

We were having a dinner and we were talking. I was thinking about the times that we had almost gotten intimate and was trying to find a way of getting the conversation around to those days a few years past and perhaps go further with the touching and groping that we had indulged in. Because this touching and groping could continue only till I was twenty years, because after it Suman Didi went to hostel for education and was keeping a distance with me at her stay in home.

Naturally, I had been the one that has done the groping and touching. And I tried to continue it further, but Didi had resisted it strongly.

We had never talked about that because I never had the nerve to talk it with Suman Didi when she was unmarried and after marriage she never stayed with us for more than a few hours. Now was the first time that we would, if I could get the conversation around to that. I would have to have more nerve than I had in the past, but I knew that we were good friends and I didn't think that what I said would make any difference in our friendship. I wasn't sure, but if it did, I still wanted to talk about the groping that I had done. We had never talked about it and this would be that first time that we had, if we did. Even if nothing happened it would be an interesting tidbit to find out what her thinking was at the time I groped and touched her boobs and almost touched her pussy.

The incidents happened during the day flashed in my eyes and I decided that if I could not talk about it today, I would never be able to talk about it with Didi.

But I needed to be extra careful.

"I'd like to talk about something and I hope that it doesn't bother you."

"What about?" she asked.

"I've always wondered if you remembered the times that I touched you."

"Touched me?" she asked.

"Yes, when I felt up your calf and leg."

"Why, yes, I do," she surprised me with her ready answer. I thought that she might hem and haw and avoid a direct answer.

But the marriage has brought sea change in her. I have heard from my friends that girls used to get more frank after their marriage.

And I wanted to test it over my own elder sister.

"And the time that I touched your breasts." I was expecting a severe scold if not a slap on my face. But her answer surprised me.

"You really surprised me that time," she said after thinking and staring me for a minute, "but why are your bringing that up now?"

I felt relieved and boosted, the initial block was removed. My mind lighted with many possibilities and very few of them were decent, and some of them were sinful too.

"Well," I mumbled after gathering more courage, "I've always wondered what you thought about what I was doing, you know, what your reaction was to my groping and feeling you up."

"Well, you were young and horny and I thought that it was just a phase," she replied. The word "horny" from Suman Didi's mouth made me real horny.

Things were really taking turn the way I wanted them. But I still could not take any chance so I decided to go slow.

"I wasn't that young." It was only a couple of years ago, so I wasn't much younger then.

Still I could not decide whether Suman Didi was being frank or she wanted things to take that turn which I wanted.

"Well, maybe not, but I thought so, just a young horny guy exploring." She replied.

"I guess I was just too timid, too scared to go any further with you."

"Did you want to?" she again asked, looking directly at me with a mischievous grin on her face. It was the same grin, which I had seen on her face when she caught me in bathroom.

"I think so," I replied

"Really, you did? With your sister?" she asked, incredulous, but with a grin.

Suman Didi had been in states for three months. Perhaps the exposure has made her bold. I felt myself lucky to enjoy her boldness.

"Yes, I think so." I replied.

"Well, that's a surprise to me. I thought that you would fool around, touch and so on, but I didn't think that you would go all the way with me. And you didn't try to do it again."

My heart jumped at her last sentence. It clearly meant that she expected me to try to go all the way with her.

However what her response would be was still not clear.

"Do you mind my talking about this," I asked to make it doubly certain.

"No, I don't," she said, "I think that we should."

"I can admit now that I really didn't know how far to go, but now thinking back I wished that I had gone further," I replied.

Really?" she said. It was definite now that she wanted me to go further, but when? Was the question.

"Would you have let me go further?" I asked.

"I doubt it," she said.

"I've often thought that if I had gone further, our whole relationship to each other would have changed."

"It certainly would, but I doubt that we would have gone much further."

"I'd argue with you about that. You didn't stop me at all, you seemed to be agreeable to whatever I was doing. Didn't you?"

"Well, I guess I did."

"You know you did and if I had had the nerve, I probably would have touched your private parts and no telling what we would have ended up doing."

"Doing what?" she asked.

"We might have ended up having sex." There I mentioned, I mentioned having sex. Now all I had to do was keep talking about having sex and get closer to doing it with her.

"You wanted to have sex with me?"

"Well, maybe not right away, but I always wanted to and even since then, I've always wondered what it would have been like with you."

"You wanted to have sex with me then?"

"Yes, then and I still wonder about it now."

"You wonder about having sex with me, now?" she asked wonderingly.

"Yes, I do," there, I just as much as asked her to have sex with me.

"You're crazy," she said, but smiling all the same. "You're just saying that to be crazy. You wanted to have sex with your sister?

"In a minute."

"You're just making horny talk," she said.

"You're so gorgeous, that I'm always horny, when I think about," and with this I leaned towards her and whispered into her ear, "fucking you."

"You're terrible, everybody thinks that you're such a nice person and here you are thinking about having sex with your sister and even talking to her about it.

Really," she said with a big smile, "you're terrible," and after a little pause, she said, with another big smile on her face, "you think I'm gorgeous?"

"Of course, I do, I always have and I've seen you without your makeup and in your worst clothes and I think that your are drop dead gorgeous and sexy and that you have a great body, a shape that is out of this world. And all my friends thinks so too."

"They do, really?" she said, with smile and her head tilted to the side.

"All of them think that you're gorgeous." I realized that she was eating these compliments up and I was ready to lay it on, but they were the truth, my friends did mention that they thought she was gorgeous.

"Go on," I said," just tell me, haven't you ever thought about having sex with me, really, just crossed your mind, just thought about it?"

"Well, I don't..." she was at a loss for words.

"Go on, be truthful with me, just as I have been with you, when I was feeling around your pussy, you didn't think once about having sex ... with me, your brother?"


"Go on, be truthful."

"Well, maybe it entered my mind, but I knew that you wouldn't have sex with you sister."

"And you haven't thought about it once since then?"

"Well, maybe a couple of times."

"There, see, you thought about having sex with your brother. And it wasn't so disgusting, was it?"

"Well, I guess it wasn't."

"Actually, thinking about having sex with your brother makes it just that much more exciting, doesn't it?"

"Well, I guess it does."

"Then let's do it." There, I finally had suggested to Suman Didi that we fuck.

"What?" she exclaimed, rather loud and then looked around to see if anyone had noticed. No one was around and no one was looking at her, or us. I leaned to her ear and whispered.

"Yes, let's fuck, go on let me fuck you."

She didn't shrink from my whispering.

"You're out of your mind. We can't do that."

She appeared to be alarmed but yet excited. She wasn't walking out of the room, so I was encouraged to keep talking about us fucking. Even if she wouldn't let me fuck her, it was exciting talking to her about fucking and I was surprised that she wasn't objecting to me using the word, fuck.

"Why not, if you want to."

"But, it's not right, between brother and sister."

"Why not, you're a beautiful woman with healthy motives and don't tell me that you don't have a little desire to do it. Go on, tell me that you don't have any desire to have sex with me, even though I am your brother, go on tell me that you don't think about us doing it and sometimes thinking about having me fuck you."

"No, I can't tell you that I don't have any desire like that."

"I think that it would be beautiful between us, I really do."

"But you know that we shouldn't," she said, looking at me with that amazed look.

"I think that it would be very exciting, not only that the sex would be great, but knowing that we are doing something that we aren't supposed to do."

"You're terrible," she said, "you're absolutely terrible to even think about such a thing, much less talk about it, what would my husband think if he came to knew about it?" She looked cautious, but she was still smiling, and this was the first time she had brought her husband during our discussion of sex.

"How he is going to know? We are not going to tell him," I argued, I have almost forgotten about the fact that my sister was married.

"But I do not know how I will fell afterward?" Suman Didi was still smiling.

"Why don't we try it just once, then if you don't like it we don't have to do it again." I could not afford loosing the opportunity.

"What do you mean, if I don't like it, of course I would like it, silly."

"There, you see, you admit that you would like me to fuck you."

"No, I didn't," she said, " I didn't say that I wanted you to fuck me."

I was surprised that she had used that word fuck. It further surprised me that she was continuing this conversation with me about us fucking. I felt that she was entertaining the idea of us fucking, even though she was not fully ready to let me fuck her.

"You said that you would like fucking."

"What normal girl wouldn't?" she said.

"But we were talking about your brother fucking you."

I wanted to keep her talking about fucking and eventually get her to let me fuck her. I now felt that I was part way into us actually fucking. It was obvious that she wasn't fully repelled about fucking with her brother and was even talking about it.

"I just meant that it's just healthy to want to do it", she said.

"But absolutely not with your brother."

"Well, not absolutely not."

"Hey, that's great, then, maybe you might let your brother fuck you?"

"I didn't say that."

"You meant maybe."

"Yes, I guess I did say maybe."

Now she was admitting that maybe she would let her brother fuck her.

"Then you mean that, maybe you might let your brother fuck you?"

"You're putting words in my mouth," she said, there were other things that I would like to put in her mouth, namely my cock, but first I wanted to fuck her and it looks like she was growing more amenable to doing some fucking. I now got out of my chair and stood behind her chair.

"When?" I asked. I put my hands on her shoulders

"When what?" she asked. She kept looking straight ahead. My hands cupped her shoulders and started down toward her breasts, which were covered in laced blouse. Suman Didi bent herself so my hands could not below her upper bosom. But by doing so her beautiful back lay bared in front of me. Whole back of my elder sister was spotless.

I kissed on her back below the shoulder. She sighed deeply I think that she realized what I was about to do, but she didn't move and let me do, as I wanted. I bent down so that my lips were just touching her ear, and I teased her by just rubbing her ear with my lips.

"When will you let me fuck you?" I whispered. She didn't move and I kissed her cheek with lingering kiss. She didn't stop me nor withdraw. My one hand moved down to the top of her blouse covered breast and I cupped the delicious mound. They were firm and round and my cock grew bigger in anticipation of how they will feel without any cover. My other hand cupped the other breast.

"When will I let you..." she stammered, She was not objecting on touching her breasts.

"Yes?" I asked, teasingly.

She now looked up at me with a big grin on her face, "Never," she replied, and her grin got ever wider, "never."

"Never?" I asked, thinking that she was going to say just the opposite. My hands were still cupping her breasts and here she was telling me that even though she would let me play with her breasts, she was not going to let me go further.

"That's right, brother of mine, you aren't ever going to fuck me, it just isn't done between brother and sister. Brothers and sisters just don't fuck."

"But ... but... " I stammered, "you let me play with your boobs and all and I thought that you would finally let me fuck you sometime."

"I like your playing with my breasts, but I don't like the idea of brother and sister fucking."

Now my Suman Didi looked aware of the fact that my hands were still cupping her breasts. She tried to pull away and removed my hands and bent her knees on her chest tightly, so that I could not insert my hands there.

But her spotless back was bared before me. So I diverted my attention there and started kissing her back below her neck.

She sighed and twisted her head.

I was sure she was enjoying it.

After kissing her back I moved my lips at her arms and started kissing the joint.

"uuuggghhh, why are you tickling me Jatin," Didi giggled, but she was liking it.

"Uuummm", you like it, don't you? I continued kissing her arm joints.

Now I was kissing the other one.

In between I opened the less of her blouse so that her back was totally bare till her waist except her bra straps.

"You are too wicked Jatin, you have opened my blouse, but still I would not let you play with my breasts" She was whispering, so as not to be heard.

However, I knew it was just a matter of time that I was to have my hands on her naked breasts. Suman Didi was just prolonging it.

I started unwrapping her Sari from her back.

"No Jatin! Not here, this is our living room" So Didi did not wanted us to continue in Living room. I immediately lifted her from her buttocks and took her to our parent's bedroom. Didi had still bent her knees in her chest. After depositing her on the bed, I took out my vest. Didi was giving side-glances to me.

"What a shameful thing we are doing in our parents bedroom, Jatin!" She chuckled.

"But isn't it thrilling and highly pleasant?" I argued.

"Yes and wicked and sinful too, its horrible" Didi looked slightly concerned.

I cupped her face in my hands and smothered my lips on her pouting lips.

Suman Didi kept her lips pressed together for some time than she started returning the kiss.

I tried to insert my tongue in her mouth but instead she gripped my head in her hands and inserted her own. Now she was kissing me vigorously. Her body was shaking due to excitement.

I gripped the opportunity and unraveled her Sari from her upper torso. Now my sister's back was completely bare to me.

"Didi, you like me playing with your breasts, do you?"

"Yes, I do. You do it real nice."

"Oh, you do, then how about letting me suck on them?"

"You want to do that?" she said.

"You bet," I replied," let me do that now."

"Right now?" she asked. I could tell that she was ready and I was not about to let this opportunity get away.

"Okay, then, let me kneel in front of you and I can suck on them there."

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