Feminism Class 101

by Nikki Mounds

Caution: This Mind Control Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, School, .

Desc: Mind Control Story: Five girls are known as the DD-dikes, busty hardcore feminists one and all. When they decide to take the 'modern feminism' class they find out a new professor is in charge, a male professor with plans of his own for all the cute coeds in his class. Slowly he turns all of his students into submissive sluts for older men...

By nikki mounds and Mr. Z

All characters are purely fictional; any resemblance to living persons is mere coincidence.

"I'm not sure about this." Lynn McCarthy says, the busty blonde with the brightest blue eyes one ever seen frowns looking at professor Z. "I don't think he is the most qualified professor to teach this class!"

"Don't be prejudiced." Maria Palomino answers. The Latina is as busty as the blonde and her cute face turns the heads of all male students as well as her perfect and muscular large ass does. "Just because he is a man it doesn't mean he can't teach 'feminism and the modern woman' within our expectations."

"I've heard he is a sexist." Nicole Boketti says in her turn, still not sure why Mrs. Peterson couldn't teach the class this semester.

"I think this class is too important for our formation to be left for the next semester." Sakura Nakamura says in deep thought ... the slightly plump oriental girl readies her glasses with one hand as she combs her stylish short hair with the other hand. Like her friends she is a very buxom young coed, a rare thing for japanese women.

"I agree with Sakura." Isabelle Duchamp nods. She is a short blonde girl, around Nicole's small 5'2" tall frame, but with large boobs like all the others.

All of them are well known feminists; some guys call them the DD-Dikes. All of the male students think it is a waste that good looking girls with such huge tits are so stuck up and painfully prudish as well as activist feminists.

Professor Zaphtos watches the group of five busty young girls as they walk in together and sit in the back row. Like all other students they look like the type who tries to sleep through class rather than listen, but he is sure they will listen in this class. Life got so much easier after he convinced Mrs. Peterson to take that sabbatical to the Bahamas with her now very happy husband. Besides she probably needs to recuperate after her implant surgery.

A few guys file in, but with Zaphtos's techniques they will soon be dropping out. This will be a girl's only class and he intends to keep it that way. Professor Zaphtos smoothes out his tweed jacket and khakis and says "Welcome students! Please take your seats. We are about to begin."

The girls look at each other. As expected only a handful of guys show up. There are more than a few lesbian types, looking suspiciously at the professor and the five girls. The 'DD-dykes' feel happy to have applied together. Lynn leads the others to their seats and everyone shuts up, waiting for the old man to start his class. He waits until all students are seated to begin.

"Good morning, my name is Dr. John Zapthos and I am a licensed psychologist and a feminine studies specialist." He stops a moment to gauge the reaction, everyone is silent, Zaphtos is an impressive man, not for his appearance, but for his charisma and control of the crowd. "I am certain that some of you are wondering how a man can teach this class and you'll soon find that I am quite qualified even more than you may already realize. Over the course of this semester we will continue to understand each other better and better. I hope that through this interaction we will have a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship."

He walks to the professor's desk and sits on it, looking at each student in turn. It looks like he is trying to read everyone's thoughts, some people get uncomfortable with his stare and some look to the floor, embarrassed.

"Now, let's get all of this out on the table. Who here has questions about my capabilities? Let's clear the air ... ask any questions you wish."

"Will Mrs. Peterson be back next semester?" Nicole asks.

"No ... Mrs. Peterson has taken a sabbatical for this year to spend time with her family and support her husband. She has made a dramatic and conscious choice fully in keeping with modern feminism. She made the difficult choice to leave her career for a time in order to support her family. We can all support her and her choice, right?"

Nicole nods, agreeing with him, but still not sure why an active woman and professor like Mrs. Peterson would stop her career for one year now that she was getting to the top.

"Good and it leads me to the importance of choice. Feminism is the right for every woman to make the choice that makes the most sense for her. That runs from her life, to her career, to the very clothes on her back. Now, you, the young lady who asked the question ... What is your name?"

"Nicole, Nicole Boketti." The busty brunette answers.

"Alright Nicole-Nicole Boketti..." The old professor says to a laugh from the group. "It was your choice today to say both of your names. Just as it was your choice to ask me that question. Your choice to wear what you wore today, even though some may think it makes you look like a librarian. Still, it was your choice. Let's have a round of applause for Nicole Nicole Boketti and her choices."

Lynn giggles and elbows her friend. Maria looks pissed off with his evil comment. Sakura frowns, thinking it to be unprofessional to treat a student like this. Isabelle smiles, she never like Nicole in the first place, feeling a little inferior to the brunette because the guys would not give her as much attention as they gave Nica, maybe because Nicole had the largest pair of tits, but also because she was smarter.

"Anything else? Any other questions about the direction of this class?"

"Will we have practical examples about this 'choice' theory and what it means in a society that is heavily sexist in its views?" Lynn McCarhty asks raising her hand; it also reveals how busty she is.

"Yes, specific examples of the choices presented for the modern woman will be delivered and discussed. For example, for women who choose breast implants because they are distressed about their own bodies ... why should they be discriminated against by other women? In addition, for women who enjoy their bodies and enjoy dressing to their best advantage ... why should they be treated with scorn? And one other thing, about this 'sexist' society ... we cannot ignore that women's choices are frequently more reviled by other women than they are even by men. For example, you are a lovely young lady; if you chose to wear your clothes or your hair to your best advantage does anyone have a right to stop you?"

"No, but I'd not like to be seen as some kind of 'male dream girl', I am more than a pair of breasts walking around and most men can't realize it if I dress to tease them." Lynn answers with anger. "Dressing 'to my advantage' would actually turn me into a male's idea of what a submissive woman should be and I can't accept that" She finishes and her friends nod in support of the blue eyed blonde student.

"That's right, you dress for yourself. And right now, you've chosen to dress very, very conservatively. All your friends look at you with pride for your choice. But was it a real choice, Lynn? Or perhaps are you just doing what you have always done. Perhaps you aren't strong enough in yourself to wear anything else. Have you ever thought of that?"

"It was a choice." Lynn answers biting her lower lip. The rest of the DD-dykes know she does it when she is nervous. She is a bold and out speaking girl, but all the class is looking at her now.

"Was it?" Zaphtos stares at Lynn sensing an opportunity. "Stand up and come down here in front of the class, young lady. You will be my example for the morning. Now, stand down here and talk the class through how you consciously made each choice of clothing to look as conservative and frumpy as possible. That's your position, not mine. Go ahead, tell all of us about your conscious choices."

"Wh-what?!" She asks uncertain. "Y-you want me t-to go to the front of the class and do what?" She just can't believe it. The rest of the class is laughing, even her friends are giggling, save for Sakura who looks enraged and Nicole who is open mouthed in surprise, pitying her best friend.

"Well, are you a feminist?"

"Yes." She answers frowning.

"Then get down here and stand up for your so-called conscious choices. It shouldn't be too hard if you really made choices this morning. Feminists believe in their choices. Do you really believe in yours?"

"Yes." She stands up faking determination and walks to the front of the class. Professor Zaphtos smiles as her large chest sways towards him.

"Very good. Now, talk them through each piece of clothing and how it helps you feel conservative, frumpy and safe ... that's what you said your clothes were for. Show and tell them."

"I have chosen a baggy jeans and sweater so I'll not draw too much attention to my body. I want people to pay attention to my ideas, not my breasts or my behind." She starts blushing. "I am wearing underwear, of course, since it is uncomfortable and not acceptable to go out without a bra, for instance." She looks defiantly at the professor. "As you can see, I don't like the idea of wearing high heels or combing my hair for hours for the benefit of men's sex fantasies, and the same goes about lipstick and make up."

"Very Good Miss McCarthy." Zaphtos grabs her arm as she starts to leave and whispers. "Stay right here ... you're not done yet." He turns to her friends in the back row. "Nicole Boketti, do you pay attention to Lynn's ideas?"

"Yes I do." Nicole answers looking around to see all eyes on her. The short brunette is quite a shy girl and it disturbs her to be in the spot light.

"Would you pay attention to her if she wore different clothes?"

"Yes, I think I would." She nods.

"Isabelle, have you ever seen Lynn in a skirt?"

"No, I don't think so." The short blonde answers startled, not wanting to be on display.

"Oh? Why? Doesn't she have the legs for it?"

"NO!" She blushes as people laughs. "Lynn has great legs!"

"Oh really Isabelle? So you would say your friend has hot legs?"

"Y-yes ... I would." She answers with a lower voice as the whole class giggles, some of the guys look to her face and then to her large chest. Isabelle wants to disappear, embarrassed to be forced to answer such weird questions.

"Good! And that is your right and your choice ... Maria! Should Lynn be as embarrassed of her chest as she is?"

"I don't think so. The men who stare at their chest should be embarrassed not her." The Latina answers with a smile. "The problem is not on her body, male's lewdness and society's sexist view on women is the real problem."

"Exactly right! Finally one of you begins to understand ... she should not feel constrained by society. Did you hear her? She said she avoids drawing attention to her body, why should she care about how society views her body? She said it's not acceptable to go without a bra, why should she concern herself with what's acceptable and what isn't to society? She said she doesn't like the idea of wearing high heels, combing her hair, wearing lipstick and makeup for the benefit of men's fantasies, why can't she do those things for herself rather than worry about how society will see them? Maria, I'm glad you can see that she CAN do all of those things and more ... and she should feel free to do so!"

"T-that was n-not what I meant!" Maria starts to stutter but her words are lost in the up roar of opinions emerging from the rest of the class, people actually forget about the busty girls on the back seats to express their own opinions in a turmoil.

"Now now..." The old professor holds his hands up. "I can tell that Maria's theory is controversial ... and that's why we are here. One at a time will tell me how Maria's theory makes you feel." Zaphtos immediately holds up his hand to Maria's protest. "Ah ah ... we already heard from you Maria. Please wait until the end. Um ... Nicole, you first."

"I am not ashamed of my body ... and I think that Maria meant that society is the responsible for the sexual characterization of the woman genre!" Nicole says with a red face.

"Is it society or evolution? All of you must admit that women are the much more attractive sex. I know that Isabelle agrees with that. Right, girls?" Isabelle blushes so deeply she looks like ready to faint. All the while the crowd laughs at her. "Come now, Isabelle ... tell me your view on Maria's theory about how society is to blame for Lynn's insecurities."

"Well, Lynn is quite busty..." She says and regrets to have said as the rest of the girls look at her with angry stares. But Isabelle is not the smartest of the lot and can't get her thinking right! "S-she is too busty and would draw too much attention to her boobs if she dressed to show off and ... guys tend to 'talk to our tits' and, we can't wear provocative stuff or they will not respect us!"

"Is that so? Isn't the female breast the symbol of feminity? From the amazons who removed them to be more male ... to their presence on fertility idols into antiquity ... right down to today. Feminism of the 70's and 80's sought to masculinize women and remove their feminity. Feminism in the modern day must support and recognize the very female-ness of women. You do a disservice to yourselves in hiding and avoiding your boobs as you put it. And your respect should arise from making strong difficult choices..."

"Are you suggesting we have to display our breasts to earn respect for the woman gender?" Sakura, who was silent to this point, finally explodes. "This is stupid!" She says in anger

"Ok ... ok ... I see you are angry ... your anger arises from your fear. Are you afraid of displaying your breasts, Sakura? Are you afraid that Isabelle will be attracted to you?"

"No I am NOT!" Sakura yells before she controls herself and shuts up

"Me thinks the lady doth protest too much. Why do you fear showing your body, Sakura?"

"I do NOT fear to show my body and I am not afraid that Isabelle will be attracted to my breasts!"

"Then prove it Sakura. Stand up now and make a statement. Make a choice!" I say my voice carefully rising to raise her emotion with it. "Show that you do not fear ... Show that you are free to make choices. Show all of us!"

"I am NOT afraid to show my body." Sakura stands up and says as loud as she can without yelling. "And I am NOT afraid that Isabelle will be attracted by my breasts!"

"Good, Sakura ... Now show your body and prove it! Show that you are a strong woman who makes her own choices!"

"What?!" She asks, not believing what she just heard. "H-how d-do you expect me to do it?"

"Take off your shirt and show your breasts of course! How else to stand behind the conviction of your words. Its time to be free of your constraints. Do it NOW. Quickly!"

"You are mad!" Sakura sits down again blushing to a deep red tone. People in the class actually let their mouths drop as they look to the professor, not sure if they heard it right or what they should do.

"Ahh ... I see that Sakura does not hold the courage of her convictions ... Are any of you ready? Are all of you ready to shrug off the constraints of society? Stand up now and show your breasts to show your freedom! Surely some of you are now ready. Lynn? Nicole? Perhaps one of you others?"

No girl answers his call; in fact most of them slide down their chairs blushing, not even considering it. Zaphtos looks around with a smile, as if he was expecting it and also having fun at their discomfort.

"Ahhh ... a shame ... I see you are all still trapped by Maria's theory on society. You must all see now how true it is. Even as you railed against it, now you see that you are not truly free yet. That is what you are here to learn. How to be truly free."

The class is silent and people look at each other in doubt and embarrassment. This is all too new an experience for the young college kids.

"Miss McCarthy." Zaphtos whispers to Lynn... "All they really need is a leader. Surely you see now the error of your ways ... now show them the path to freedom. Show them, Lynn."

The blonde coed walks back to her sit looking to professor Zaphtos in anger and disbelief, his ideas are absurd and his last words just make no sense, he is too weird! The busty blonde can't help but start to mentally plan her complain letter to be sent to the dean as soon as the class is over

She is blushing as she sits, her friends looking at her and feeling her shame to have been exposed to such a strange situation, at the same time the rest of the class look at her and she hears chuckles and giggles.

"Not even you, yet ... Now ladies we will watch a short film to finish the class and I'm certain that many of you will begin to feel differently." The professor dims the lights and turns it on. As it flickers into life on the big projection screen he watches the light from the video flash on the students' faces and slowly he begins to smile wider.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Sakura asks her friends. "I can't help but think that maybe we should report that horrible man to the dean a month ago, after his first class!"

"Don't be silly Sakura!" Lynn answers as she sips of her tea. "We all agreed that he was testing us and observing our reactions ... I think professor Zaphtos has more in his mind than meets the eyes."

"Yes, but he did nearly call me a Lesbian!" Isabelle complains.

"Please!" Maria taps on the table and the rest of the 'DD dikes' look at her. "I can't actually put my finger on it, but I feel that it was more than just a bunch of sexist nonsense. After the video at the end of the last three classes I actually noticed a method to his ramblings, I think he wants to gauge our reaction to his obviously prejudiced ideas and then show us some new thesis he is working on or something."

"Ok, we'll give him another chance..." Lynn concedes. "But I don't want another session of bullshit like the first class!"

"I think we should have reported him in the first place." Nicole says blushing. "He looks at our boobs in that strange way! And see what happened with the class! All the guys dropped out and some girls like Peggy had also given up his nonsense."

"We are better without that ugly fat bitch!" Isabelle says making a face. "Her hideous face makes me sick!"

They all laugh and finish dressing. The five friends actually want to wear more daring clothes, but none of them wants to be the first. Professor Zaphtos's words and his educational videos have the girls thinking about the way they hide their bodies.

All of them are starting to feel that dressing conservatively is a cowardly act. It is a way to submit to men's sexist view and agree that it is a woman's fault that men are so lewd, as if the woman is guilty to have a hot body when the problem is inside the male's perverted brain.

"Well ... another day of weird logic and nonsense explanations with long boring videos at the end of it!" Isabelle giggles as they head to the class.

"You know, I can't actually remember much of those videos, I always get so drowsy when they start playing!" Nicole giggles too.

"Yeah!" Sakura nods. "So do I. Weird isn't it?"

But somehow this do not seen important and they all shrug, forgetting about it in the same moment.

A short walk later and they enter the class room, more excited about it than any of them wants to confess. These classes have been their major source of chat and discussion in the last two weeks since they started.

Professor Zaphtos has been a constant subject of their thoughts and considerations. The hatred at the first class has turned into curiosity. His eccentric ways and strange ideas feel amusing now, not offensive. In fact all of the busty girls of the 'DD-dykes' were looking forward to Zaphtos's classes, it was the high point of their weeks.

They look at each other with a smile and sit down. The students present have been reduced to half the original number, but it looks like only the cute girls have endured his teachings and a dozen beautiful coeds now sat waiting for the old man, each one obviously eager for the class to begin, if they always denied it.

"Good morning, ladies and welcome back to your favorite class." Professor Zaphtos smiles as a wave of laughter filters down to him. "Now, as we discussed in our last classes, it is your anticipated male response that is holding you all back from showing your true selves. Now, you have already learned how important confidence is in a woman and how you can show your confidence on a daily basis. Who here has done something to prove that their confidence has grown through this course?"

Gwen Doupplen raises her hand. She is a beautiful short haired redhead with a cute slim body and nice, if somewhat small, perky tits.

"Yes Gwen? Please tell us all what you have done."

"I have started to wear tank tops, I-I feel more comfortable in them." She stops, bites her lower lip and then completes, blushing slightly. " ... and I stopped wearing bras at all."

"Excellent!" Zaphtos raises his fist in triumph. "Class let's give a round of applause for Gwen. Now, to help encourage her confidence I want to start a new plan. Every time a classmate does something appropriate all of you should support her by saying in unison 'You are lucky, you are good, I wish I were as good as you', Go ahead."

"You are lucky Gwen!" all the girls says, the five friends actually feel embarrassed that Gwen did something they didn't have the guts to try! "You are good, I wish I was as good as you!"

Sakura looks at the rest of her friends and blushes. She actually meant it! and the busty oriental girl can see by each other's face they all would like to be as daring as Gwen. She is the center of attention and praised by her peers. The old man notes the big smile on Gwen's face at that positive feedback.

"How does that feel Gwen? Doesn't it feel wonderful to have been good?"

"Oh YES!" She answers in a glee that looks almost sexual. All the other girls feel envious of her pleasure, wishing to feel that good ... to be that good.

"Excellent Gwen. Now let me ask you, are you brave enough? Are you good enough? Are you confident enough to stand up ... and jump up and down in front of your classmates to show them your lack of a bra?" He smiles a very predatory smile.

"I-I am not sure sir." She answers with scared wide yes. "I-I have never been one to expose myself..."

This is the understatement of the year! Gwen has always been a good girl, the shy type. None of the girls in this class ever saw her dating and every time a boy, attracted by her good looks, tried to hit on her she blushed and stuttered her way out. Everyone thinks she is a virgin!

"Gwen ... Gwen. Don't allow your old fears to stifle you. Class, whenever you feel those old fears stifling you, you can say 'I'm confident, I'm ready, I can do anything'..." Some of the girls nod, including Maria and Isabelle, Lynn looks to the floor in embarrassment, she is actually agreeing with the man! "Class, help Gwen now ... Repeat for her 'You're confident, you're ready, you can do anything'."

"You're confident..." Most of the girls said it, Nicole, Lynn and Sakura look astonished as their friends repeat the words. " ... you're ready..." This time Nicole also says it. " ... You can do anything!!" the whole class yells the last words.

"Very good, girls! Now say it again. Make it a part of you ... make it a part of Gwen."

"You're confident, you're ready..." Now even Sakura was yelling it with her heart." ... you can do anything!"

"Very good girls. Look, I can see Gwen's mind changing already. As all of your minds are changing right now. Becoming more open ... more ready ... more confident in yourselves and your bodies. These fears constrain and hold back your potential. Release them now ... Be totally free..."

Nicole nods and she notices Sakura doing the same. Even the most hardcore of the five girls is agreeing with Professor Z. She also notices the rest of the class relaxing and accepting the strange theory. Adriana Satriani, a nice looking brunette with heavy glasses and dressed almost like a num, is actually giggling, something she never did!

"Good good ... who else here wishes they were as brave as Gwen and had come without a bra today?"

Adriana slowly raises her hand, followed by a tall pale brunette named Vivian Grant, then a couple more girls do it and the five busty friends see Isabelle raising her hand. They all stare at the short blond girl in surprise and embarrassment.

Maria is the next to raise her hand, and then Nicole mutters 'what the hell' and does it too. Lynn closes her eyes, blushes to a deep red tone and then her hand is on the air. Only Sakura is resisting, the whole class admitted their desire to do it. In the end she gives everyone a weak smile and raises the hand in a shy way.

"Good girls! Excellent! So, all of you envy Gwen. Then be even braver than Gwen now and come down here, take off your bra and put it on the desk. You can all do it together ... in sisterhood. Come now. Be brave, break free, let go. Who among you will be first? No ... who among you will be last ... Hurry now. Remember your goals."

They all look at each other and then, surprisingly, Isabelle walks down the class and stands in the front of her class mates.

"Isabelle! Good girl! Class, what do we say for Isabelle?"

"You're confident, you're ready, you can do anything!!" Even her friends say it.

"That's it!" Zaphtos whispers to Isabelle. "Good girl. Go ahead. Be free. Show them all how its done."

"Ok ... I can do anything..." She says raising the t-shirt and unclasping the bra. "ANYTHING!" she repeats louder before she manages to remove the large 34 DD piece.

"Now shake them if you want to ... show everyone how free and confident you are." Professor Zaphtos whispers again.

Isabelle blushes and giggles nervously, slowly starting to move her shoulders to rock her large udders. Gwen looks at her with a shy smile, feeling that she had been outdone! Her other four friends are staring in disbelief, open mouthed and stunned. Yet they all are envying her friends resolve and ability to be free at last.

"Good girl, Isabelle!" The old man smiles wide as her boobs rock and bounce just inches from him. "Girls, how do you show your approval? You're lucky..."

"You're confident, you're ready..." the class starts, Nicole and Maria yelling louder than the rest and Sakura still too stunned to react. " ... you can do anything!!"

"Now that's the right message for the rest of you who haven't yet caught up to Isabelle ... and let's now support Isabelle by saying, You're lucky, you're good, I wish I were as good as you!"

"You're lucky, you're good, I wish I were as good as you!" They repeat as if in trance, even Sakura takes part this time.

"You can be ... all of you can ... each of you can be as good and as confident as your topless friend here. Show her a classroom that supports her choices. Show her a classroom of topless women. Show your confidence ... show your joy ... show her now!!"

"Yes!" Adriana says and stands up, removing her bra without removing completely her blouse. The bashful brunette walks to the front of the class, places her bra on the top of the professor's table and return to her seat.

Surprisingly Maria follows her and then the whole class does it until only Lynn and Sakura are left. Nicole turns to her friends and blushes.

"This is part of the experiment he is doing in this class, I feel it!" Nicole rationalizes.

"I-I also feel it b-but..." Lynn stutters and Sakura rises from her chair.

"Good girls! Good. Look even Sakura is standing and ready to join you. Nicole, Maria and Isabelle encourage your friends to join you. All of you help them! You're confident, you're ready, you can do anything!!"

The class keep chanting it and Sakura is now breathing hard.

"Come on Sakura!" Maria says on her cute accent. "We all did it, it is just part of the class method, no big deal!"

"Yes. I actually feel much better now, I can't understand why I wore this heavy and tight thing for so long!" Nicole giggles playfully.

"Come on Miss Nakamura." Professor Zaphtos urges her onward. "Come on, Sakura ... You can do it." The old man notices the Japanese is almost giving in. It is obvious that her friends' words have affected her. Sakura is the kind of girl that needs the approval of her friends and she is almost breaking now.

Lynn and Sakura look at each other and then the blonde closes her eyes, almost mouthing 'excuse me' as she removes the bra. The busty oriental girl sees her friend walking over to Zaphtos and handing him her impressive 36 E cup bra.

"Yes!!! A big applause for Lynn ... our example on day one and now an example of confidence!" Professor Zaphtos cheers.

"Come on Sakura, you are the only one left, this is just a simple part of the class, no big deal, I feel better braless!" Isabelle says.

"Join her Sakura! Join all of your classmates!" Zaphtos urges her, playing with her weakness.

"Yes ... all of my friends..." Sakura repeats betraying her need to belong. She can't help but do as her friends did and she finally removes the brasserie under the t-shirt she wore.

"Good girl!! A big cheer for Sakura! You're lucky, you're good, I wish I were as good as you!" There is a roar of applause and chanting of the class new mantra. Adriana actually hugs Sakura and Gwen taps Lynn's shoulder to congratulate her. "In fact all of you need to be even braver ... Isabelle is still better than all of you ... she showed her chest ... the least you and Lynn could do is remove your bras."

There is some embarrassed giggling. It is obvious that this weird situation has put all the girls in class in a very aroused situation; they are all showing hard nipples under the tops and blouses.

"Now ... girls ... only Isabelle has been brave enough to show her chest fully. She is the only one among you brave enough. Perhaps you all just need to do it together. In a group you always feel more confident than you do on your own. Perhaps on the count of three all of you could raise your shirts and joyfully shake your chests. What do you say girls? Who will stand with Isabelle?"

"I will!" Adriana giggles, her boobs are a mere 34 A cup but they are quite firm and perky.

"Me too!" Barbara yells. She is a cute, if nerdy looking, brown haired girl with a nice butt and upturned 36 B cup tits.

"Count me in." Maria says and turns to the rest of her friends. The Latina's large E cups are much bigger than the rest of the girls in class, save for her four other friends.

"Good girls ... good for you. We all support you Adriana and Barbara ... but we realize as talented as you may be, Maria is the real heavy hitter in this department. If Maria will do it, surely all of you must!" All the rest mutters their agreement and even Sakura ends up nodding.

"I-in fact Nicole has the biggest pair." Lynn says blushing. All heads turn to face the blonde. "She is a 34 EE, I am an E cup like Maria."

"Is that right? Well, it seems Nicole Boketti is really the heavy hitter in this class. Now tell everyone where you stand, Miss 34EE?"

"Here professor." Nicole answers standing up from her seat, the massive udders jiggling with the sudden movement.

"Good girl, Nicole. Now all of you join her! Stand and show your support on the count of three!"

Mr. Z: "One..."

Nicole grabs the bottom of her t-shirt, followed by the rest of the class.

"Two..." Zaphtos smiles as more and more of the girls stand. The last ones are up now, every girl is nervously holding their tops and opening their blouses.

"Three!" All the girls bare their boobs, most are as small as Adriana's little titties but the five DD-dykes impress everyone with their massive hooters. "Now everyone repeat I'm lucky, I'm good, I'm so lucky I'm in this class!! And keep repeating, shaking and showing how confident you all are!"

"I'm lucky, I'm good, I'm so lucky I'm in this class!!" all the girls chant, showing their racks and shaking their tits to the professor.

"I'll stop you when you've really proved yourselves." The old professor reaches down and turns on his hidden video recorder to save this experience for the catalog that will be designed on this group.

"I'm lucky, I'm good, I'm so lucky I'm in this class!!" They repeat, some of them closing their eyes, all in pleasure for being topless and doing the lewd display.

Professor Zaphtos looks at each in turn ... so many hot young ladies. The redhead Gwen is impressive with her dazzling smile, Adriana's face with her aristocratic airs is so beautiful it make sup for her lack of tits, not to mention the five busty bitches, the hardest of the lot are also the hottest, such nice big tits!

"I'm lucky, I'm good, I'm so lucky I'm in this class!!" The dozen girls are cute, but most are only A or B cup sized, Roberta Payton is a C cup ... but the five friends are HUGE! None of them is smaller than a DD cup!

"Now keep going! You all know these answers. Who was the bravest today? Who was brave even on her way into class today?"

"Gwen Doupplen!" The class answers as one, never stopping wobbling their boobs.

"That's right ... Gwen was!! You all owe her a debt of gratitude. Who was the first to show her boobs? Who is the most confident about her body?"

"Isabelle Dechamp!" They answer with a loud sound of slapping flesh, the titties hitting the sides of their chests. Zaphtos watches all dozen pairs begin to move almost in unison as the girls begin to go into trance again from all the shaking and yelling.

"Good girls! Who was last to remove her bra and needs the help of her friends to make her more confident?"

"Sakura is!" They all say and Sakura blushes.

"That's right. And who has the biggest boobs and is therefore the class leader? Who is Miss 34EE?"

"Nicole Boketti!" They says and everyone turns to the short big titted coed. She is red as a tomato, but smiling proud of herself.

"That's right. Nicole Boketti is the class-big-titty-girl!! Everyone repeat that ... Nicole Boketti is the class-big-titty-girl!!"

"Nicole Boketti is the class-big-titty-girl!!" They yell. Some are giggling and some are obviously excited. Isabelle says it with a face of jealousy while Sakura looks happy to be part of the crowd and chants with the rest.

"Very good! All of you little-titty-girls can now dream of being as big as the class-big-titty-girl ... And as you can tell Boobs of a feather, flock together! Right, Lynn, Sakura, Isabelle, Maria and Nicole?"

"YES!" the five girls shout as one, feeling superior to the rest of the class.

"We, big titted girls rule!" Isabelle says giggling and Maria high fives her.

"That's right ... so it's most important that you girls are at the front of all trends. The little-titty-girls all look up to you. But remember who was first ... Gwen! Little-titty-girl-Gwen! Never forget that ... and all you big-titty-girls have a lot of ground to make up in the confidence in your body department. Right girls?"

The five friends nod in shame for their shortcomings.

"Good girls. Now you may replace your shirts and sit if you wish. Remember everything you have learned today. The importance of confidence ... the importance of goals and yes, even the importance of appearance. Now, let's watch today's video..."

"Yes sir!" They all answer in awe of the old man. Professor Zaphtos has taught them so much about themselves and the true things of life! The whole class sits silently and watches the video intently for a few minutes before they start to loose track of the time and fall into a deep trance.

"Hi girls!" Isabelle says giggling.

Her cute face shows the happiness that all the twelve young coeds feel today. This is Professor's Zaphtos class day, something they look forward with all their heart. This two month time has been one of self discovery and liberation for all the girls. They still are considered prudes, some of them called dykes because they have not been dating for a while, but they all share the pleasure of being under the brilliant man.

"Hi!" Answers Roberta. She proudly walks with an extra sway of her hips to make her C-cups move under the thin material of the tank top, free of a bra and swaying proudly in front of her class mates.

"Hello girls." Nicole walks in and the other ladies stop to look at her in awe.

The gigantic EE cups are the envy of her classmates, all of them dream of topping the busty brunette one day. Adriana is actually looking for implant prices and Gwen is actively researching the subject. All of the little titted women in Zaphtos's class are considering large implants, but only a few have the hope of getting to a EE cup, only Roberta can actually safely get a F-cup size.

Breast size and showing off their femininity became very important for all the girls. They are still too shy and bashful to do it outside the class, but the experience of shaking their nude tits together in the middle of all their classes has been something that sat them really free.

"Does anybody know why our class has been moved here?" Gwen Asks. "I mean, this psychology facility is not yet finished, I guess we are alone in this facility!"

"Yes, this is weird..." Adriana frowns. "We are quite far from the rest of the college here. But I guess it is ok, we'll not have distracting noises and those immature young boys bothering us."

All the girls agree. In the last weeks they all started to find their male class mates a bunch of stupid and immature kids. They can't help but feel that older men are much more interesting. And the fat, old and bald professors of the University became their main sexual fantasies.

They feel much better among themselves now, the other girls in college can't understand them, their choices and their method of breaking free from society's shackles. The dozen girls feel that they only belong together and have been inseparable in the last month. On the other hand they have stopped socializing with other people. They only feel comfortable among themselves!

Sometimes they consider talking about what is happening with their former friends and family, but this is Zaphtos's project! They feel it'd be a betrayal of his trust, this class is for them and them only, no one must know about what happens here until the brilliant professor decides to tell the world his wonderful method of self awareness for modern women.

Each one takes her place and eagerly waits for the old man. When he finally enters their hearts almost stop, they are dying to learn more about themselves, about how to escape their bounds and shackles, to be free! And Zaphtos is the only one with answers, at least answers they trust to be true and right. They all greet professor Zaphtos as one and smile in love with the old man.

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