Feminism Class 101

by Nikki Mounds

Caution: This Mind Control Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, School, .

Desc: Mind Control Story: Five girls are known as the DD-dikes, busty hardcore feminists one and all. When they decide to take the 'modern feminism' class they find out a new professor is in charge, a male professor with plans of his own for all the cute coeds in his class. Slowly he turns all of his students into submissive sluts for older men...

By nikki mounds and Mr. Z

All characters are purely fictional; any resemblance to living persons is mere coincidence.

"I'm not sure about this." Lynn McCarthy says, the busty blonde with the brightest blue eyes one ever seen frowns looking at professor Z. "I don't think he is the most qualified professor to teach this class!"

"Don't be prejudiced." Maria Palomino answers. The Latina is as busty as the blonde and her cute face turns the heads of all male students as well as her perfect and muscular large ass does. "Just because he is a man it doesn't mean he can't teach 'feminism and the modern woman' within our expectations."

"I've heard he is a sexist." Nicole Boketti says in her turn, still not sure why Mrs. Peterson couldn't teach the class this semester.

"I think this class is too important for our formation to be left for the next semester." Sakura Nakamura says in deep thought ... the slightly plump oriental girl readies her glasses with one hand as she combs her stylish short hair with the other hand. Like her friends she is a very buxom young coed, a rare thing for japanese women.

"I agree with Sakura." Isabelle Duchamp nods. She is a short blonde girl, around Nicole's small 5'2" tall frame, but with large boobs like all the others.

All of them are well known feminists; some guys call them the DD-Dikes. All of the male students think it is a waste that good looking girls with such huge tits are so stuck up and painfully prudish as well as activist feminists.

Professor Zaphtos watches the group of five busty young girls as they walk in together and sit in the back row. Like all other students they look like the type who tries to sleep through class rather than listen, but he is sure they will listen in this class. Life got so much easier after he convinced Mrs. Peterson to take that sabbatical to the Bahamas with her now very happy husband. Besides she probably needs to recuperate after her implant surgery.

A few guys file in, but with Zaphtos's techniques they will soon be dropping out. This will be a girl's only class and he intends to keep it that way. Professor Zaphtos smoothes out his tweed jacket and khakis and says "Welcome students! Please take your seats. We are about to begin."

The girls look at each other. As expected only a handful of guys show up. There are more than a few lesbian types, looking suspiciously at the professor and the five girls. The 'DD-dykes' feel happy to have applied together. Lynn leads the others to their seats and everyone shuts up, waiting for the old man to start his class. He waits until all students are seated to begin.

"Good morning, my name is Dr. John Zapthos and I am a licensed psychologist and a feminine studies specialist." He stops a moment to gauge the reaction, everyone is silent, Zaphtos is an impressive man, not for his appearance, but for his charisma and control of the crowd. "I am certain that some of you are wondering how a man can teach this class and you'll soon find that I am quite qualified even more than you may already realize. Over the course of this semester we will continue to understand each other better and better. I hope that through this interaction we will have a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship."

He walks to the professor's desk and sits on it, looking at each student in turn. It looks like he is trying to read everyone's thoughts, some people get uncomfortable with his stare and some look to the floor, embarrassed.

"Now, let's get all of this out on the table. Who here has questions about my capabilities? Let's clear the air ... ask any questions you wish."

"Will Mrs. Peterson be back next semester?" Nicole asks.

"No ... Mrs. Peterson has taken a sabbatical for this year to spend time with her family and support her husband. She has made a dramatic and conscious choice fully in keeping with modern feminism. She made the difficult choice to leave her career for a time in order to support her family. We can all support her and her choice, right?"

Nicole nods, agreeing with him, but still not sure why an active woman and professor like Mrs. Peterson would stop her career for one year now that she was getting to the top.

"Good and it leads me to the importance of choice. Feminism is the right for every woman to make the choice that makes the most sense for her. That runs from her life, to her career, to the very clothes on her back. Now, you, the young lady who asked the question ... What is your name?"

"Nicole, Nicole Boketti." The busty brunette answers.

"Alright Nicole-Nicole Boketti..." The old professor says to a laugh from the group. "It was your choice today to say both of your names. Just as it was your choice to ask me that question. Your choice to wear what you wore today, even though some may think it makes you look like a librarian. Still, it was your choice. Let's have a round of applause for Nicole Nicole Boketti and her choices."

Lynn giggles and elbows her friend. Maria looks pissed off with his evil comment. Sakura frowns, thinking it to be unprofessional to treat a student like this. Isabelle smiles, she never like Nicole in the first place, feeling a little inferior to the brunette because the guys would not give her as much attention as they gave Nica, maybe because Nicole had the largest pair of tits, but also because she was smarter.

"Anything else? Any other questions about the direction of this class?"

"Will we have practical examples about this 'choice' theory and what it means in a society that is heavily sexist in its views?" Lynn McCarhty asks raising her hand; it also reveals how busty she is.

"Yes, specific examples of the choices presented for the modern woman will be delivered and discussed. For example, for women who choose breast implants because they are distressed about their own bodies ... why should they be discriminated against by other women? In addition, for women who enjoy their bodies and enjoy dressing to their best advantage ... why should they be treated with scorn? And one other thing, about this 'sexist' society ... we cannot ignore that women's choices are frequently more reviled by other women than they are even by men. For example, you are a lovely young lady; if you chose to wear your clothes or your hair to your best advantage does anyone have a right to stop you?"

"No, but I'd not like to be seen as some kind of 'male dream girl', I am more than a pair of breasts walking around and most men can't realize it if I dress to tease them." Lynn answers with anger. "Dressing 'to my advantage' would actually turn me into a male's idea of what a submissive woman should be and I can't accept that" She finishes and her friends nod in support of the blue eyed blonde student.

"That's right, you dress for yourself. And right now, you've chosen to dress very, very conservatively. All your friends look at you with pride for your choice. But was it a real choice, Lynn? Or perhaps are you just doing what you have always done. Perhaps you aren't strong enough in yourself to wear anything else. Have you ever thought of that?"

"It was a choice." Lynn answers biting her lower lip. The rest of the DD-dykes know she does it when she is nervous. She is a bold and out speaking girl, but all the class is looking at her now.

"Was it?" Zaphtos stares at Lynn sensing an opportunity. "Stand up and come down here in front of the class, young lady. You will be my example for the morning. Now, stand down here and talk the class through how you consciously made each choice of clothing to look as conservative and frumpy as possible. That's your position, not mine. Go ahead, tell all of us about your conscious choices."

"Wh-what?!" She asks uncertain. "Y-you want me t-to go to the front of the class and do what?" She just can't believe it. The rest of the class is laughing, even her friends are giggling, save for Sakura who looks enraged and Nicole who is open mouthed in surprise, pitying her best friend.

"Well, are you a feminist?"

"Yes." She answers frowning.

"Then get down here and stand up for your so-called conscious choices. It shouldn't be too hard if you really made choices this morning. Feminists believe in their choices. Do you really believe in yours?"

"Yes." She stands up faking determination and walks to the front of the class. Professor Zaphtos smiles as her large chest sways towards him.

"Very good. Now, talk them through each piece of clothing and how it helps you feel conservative, frumpy and safe ... that's what you said your clothes were for. Show and tell them."

"I have chosen a baggy jeans and sweater so I'll not draw too much attention to my body. I want people to pay attention to my ideas, not my breasts or my behind." She starts blushing. "I am wearing underwear, of course, since it is uncomfortable and not acceptable to go out without a bra, for instance." She looks defiantly at the professor. "As you can see, I don't like the idea of wearing high heels or combing my hair for hours for the benefit of men's sex fantasies, and the same goes about lipstick and make up."

"Very Good Miss McCarthy." Zaphtos grabs her arm as she starts to leave and whispers. "Stay right here ... you're not done yet." He turns to her friends in the back row. "Nicole Boketti, do you pay attention to Lynn's ideas?"

"Yes I do." Nicole answers looking around to see all eyes on her. The short brunette is quite a shy girl and it disturbs her to be in the spot light.

"Would you pay attention to her if she wore different clothes?"

"Yes, I think I would." She nods.

"Isabelle, have you ever seen Lynn in a skirt?"

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