Anne: Camping Adventures

by Dapper Dan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Do you have a high stress job in the big city? Like to get away sometimes for some R & R? Anne does. She invites you to come along with her on one of her weekend getaways. She knows how to have fun.


I was chilled to the bone, swallowing too much water, and trying very hard not to drown. The man appeared as I once more popped to the surface. I caught his rope on the first throw. That was one man I was surely glad to meet. Who was the man and how did I get into such a predicament? Allow me to back up some and explain.

My name is Anne, but my friends call me Annie. I'm a natural redhead with long, silky hair reaching just short of my shoulders. I'll be twenty-two on Monday. I'm a petite five feet two inches tall in my bare feet, which by the way, are size eight triple c. That means they're very long and narrow for those not in the know. I have a very athletic build, enhanced some by my petite boobs as I actively work out often in the office provided exercise room, to keep in shape. My very long and slender fingers look more like those of a piano player than those of a martial arts expert, but I do hold a black belt in karate. I have very long, nicely shaped legs which can clamp around a man like a vise.

You might also be interested to know that my red pussy hair is trimmed into the shape of a tiny heart. My petiteness is carried through in the tit department. They are small, but perfectly shaped, with small aureole and perky, long nipples that erect like you wouldn't believe when stimulated.

I've green eyes to match all the red hair and just the tinniest hint of freckles on my face and across my shoulders diving down from my neck to between my boobs. One has to look hard to see them. Sometimes, that is part of the fun. I have a very tight ass that some men say they would die for. Ahhh!

I live in an apartment in a city of over 150,000 population, and I work in an office fifty stories up in the heart of the downtown financial section. So, I like to "get away" as often as I can into some peace and quiet. I took a partial personal day and left work at noon on that gorgeous late fall Friday in order to head for a weekend of camping and hiking in the deep woodsand foothills, a three hour drive away.

A girlfriend was to join me on Saturday at a secluded camp site in the park where we will stay. This girlfriend, Clara, is a coworker from the office. She is a brunette doll only five feet tall. She is petite in all other departments as well.

My apartment is a short subway ride away from my downtown office job. First thing I did inside the door was shed clothes on my way to the shower. When my boobs broke free of my bra, my perky little mounds breathed with freedom. By the time I reached the shower stall, all I had left for clothing were my thigh highs and heels.

The water tap turned at my touch and just as soon as the water was warm enough, I stepped in and sighed. The hot water and steam were reviving to my tired body and soul, not to mention my libido. My nipples erected to my touch and sent electric sparks downward. My other hand, with a mind of its own, went between my legs where it set off electric sparks that went up to meet those coming down.

Before many minutes, I was vigorously humping into my hand and wishing my fingers could be replaced by a hot, hard dick. Not having one of those handy, I had to settle for the one hanging in the shower corner. It was a dildo, of course, but very realistic looking and feeling. Most of that ten inch dong went into my pussy channel quite easily.

With the warm water splashing into my face and boobs and then running down over my pussy and the fake cock, I pushed, pulled, and rotated that fake man pole into my depths. That was as good as it was to get for the time being. But I was going to have to find a live and throbbing dick before too much longer.

After one hell of a climax, and the relief of the sexual tension that gave, I cleaned the dong and then myself. Dried off but still naked, I padded around the apartment packing my hiking clothes and gear. Finally, I gave in to convention and dressed in hiking shoes, shorts, and a loose halter top. With everything packed into the back of my sport ute, I headed out of the city for the highway leading upstate.
Well, I arrived at the campsite, well off the beaten track, to find it deserted as I expected the isolated spot would be. So, I set up our tent by myself. Helpless females, right? I was already dressed for a hike in tight shorts, halter top and hiking boots. I carried a walking stick with a metal top and a small back pack of necessaries. There was at least four hours of daylight left for hiking, so I filled several water bottles and started off down a well used and well marked hiking trail.

Although the late fall afternoon was quite warm when I started the hike, by near sunset, the air temperature had cooled unbelievably, I'd not brought a wrap as I had intended to be back by this time, good girl scout, huh! As a consequence, I was developing quite a chill with shivers and giant goose bumps. And, I was quite some distance yet from the campsite.

So, I began to hurry and got a bit careless. I started across a bridge which was just one narrow log about ten feet above an icy cold stream, fed I learned later, by a sparkling and cold spring in the high mountains not too far distant. The water must've been near forty-five or fifty degrees. Naturally, in my haste, I slipped and fell in with a loud scream, not to mention, a resounding splash.

Although my hiking boots and pack hindered me, I'm an excellent swimmer and I did manage to unhook and drop the back pack. I also lost my precious walking stick. The stream was over my head in the middle, but not really all that wide. However, it had a fast, difficult current. Trying to swim out, I was making progress toward the bank, but very slowly and drifting downstream rapidly.

Suddenly, a man I mentioned at the start of my story, appeared on the bank. He saw what was happening in an instant and immediately waded out towards me, pulling a coil of rope off his shoulder as he came. He was struggling at chest deep when he threw me the rope. Luckily, I caught it on the first throw and he reeled me in as he backed toward the stream bank. I later completely forgot to ask him why he was carrying that rope in the first place. I'm sure glad, though, that he was.

By the time we reached dry land again, we were both soaked to the skin and shivering, nay shaking hard with cold. I, in my skimpy outfit, was on the verge of suffering hypothermia and shock. Jack, whose name I learned later, was much more warmly dressed for the cool evening, but still was soaked and very cold.

Jack said, "Come on, we have to get you and me to a dry, warm place fast. My hunting cabin is close, can you make it?"

I was by that time so near losing consciousness and shaking so hard, I barely understood him and then did pass out into his arms. Jack later told me that he picked me up and slung me over his shoulders in a fireman's carry (he is one) and started hauling me off to his cabin. Thankfully for both of us, it was but a short, five minute trek to get me there.

Jack immediately got me stripped bare of my few wet clothes and wrapped up in several warm, soft blankets before he could get much more that a quick glance at my naked assets. But he admitted later, he definitely did take that glance. He built up the existing fire in the fireplace to a roaring inferno and stretched me out on the floor in front of it as close as he dared. He also then stripped and rolled himself into some blankets next to me by the fire. I was so out of it, I never saw his strip. For the next three hours, we kind of rotated our front and back sides around each other getting warmth, feeling, and life back into our bodies.

Finally, after the fire had burned down to a small, cheery campfire size, Jack asked, "Are you ready for some warm liquid refreshment to warm your insides now that the outside is warm again? And, I don't yet know your name."

"That sounds just great! And the name's, Annie."

"Great. Mine's Jack."

So Jack got up and waddled in his blankets to the wet bar at the side of the room and came back with two strong Kentucky bourbon drinks. He also pushed a battered old couch up near the fire and then built up the fire a bit again. We sat beside each other on the couch and gazed into the fire as we sipped our bourbons. As I said, the drinks were strong, the fire was hot, and we both began to feel the effects quite quickly.

"You're still shivering some. How 'bout I give you a rub down to help warm you up faster, Annie?"

"Umm, that sounds just great,"

Jack was a little older than me, I would guess mid to late thirties, but he was one of the most handsome men I'd ever seen in my short life. So far, I could only see his face, but it looked like the rest of him under that blanket would be a sight to see also. As he unwrapped me from the blankets, he told me to lie on my stomach.

I heard his sharp intake of breath when he had me laid out in front of him with my bare ass and pussy staring him full in the face. The warm fire and the drinks had mellowed me enough to lower my inhibitions I guess, as I felt no embarrassment at being laid bare in front of him.

Jack vigorously rubbed up and down both of my legs, allowing an occasional soft moan to escape from his mouth. But he stayed away from my pussy, which surprised me, especially since we were both very much aware that my pussy was expelling beads of lubricating juices.

After rubbing down my legs, Jack moved up and worked on my ass cheeks, rubbing and kneading. He worked slowly up my back and on to my neck and shoulders. He sure knew how to give a massage.

"Turn over so I can do your front."

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