Caught On Camera

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Why do women do it at home where they are likely to get caught?

Probably the most erotic, sexually exciting thing I have ever seen in my life is my wife fucking another man. I found this out one day, quite by accident, and it has changed my life.

I work for a security company and as a result of employee discounts I have a state of the art security system in my own house. In addition to all of the door and window alarms, motion sensors and the like, I have remote cameras all over the place, inside and out. The cameras are wired so that any unauthorized entry will turn them on and they are hooked to six VCRs that will tape everything when they are on. They can also be turned on for testing and monitoring by an override switch. The system is so state of the art that I frequently bring customers to my house to demonstrate it.

I had a good prospect coming over to see the system and I had come home to run a quick check on the system to make sure everything was working right. I turned on the TV monitors and began to cycle the system. Front of the house, both sides and back of the house working fine. Garage, kitchen, family room, basement 1 and basement 2 no problems. Master bedroom, guest ro ... and I stopped. I had seen a glimpse of something as the master bedroom flashed on and then off the screen. I selected MBR and as the picture came up on the screen I saw my wife Marcy sucking my brother-in-law's cock. I was stunned. I had always thought that the two of them didn't get along, but then I'd always thought that Marcy was a faithful, loving wife.

I hit the record button on the VCR and then I finished the check on the rest of the system. I was waiting at the front door when my customer arrived - I wanted to make sure that he didn't knock or ring the doorbell and disturb Marcy - and after asking him to keep his voice down so as not to disturb my wife who was sick and upstairs resting, I led him into my den. I demonstrated the system, omitting the MBR (my wife's sickness, you know) and he left after giving me a healthy check as a deposit on the new system he ordered.

As soon as he was gone I turned the TV on and selected MBR. Marcy was sliding up and down on Tom's cock and I wished that the camera system had sound, but of course it didn't. As I watched Marcy tilted her head back in a way that I knew only too well and in my mind I heard the words that she yelled every time that she had an orgasm:

"Yes, oh god yes."

Marcy climbed off Tom and went back to sucking his dick. It took her several minutes, but she did get him up again and then she rolled over onto her back and pulled him on top of her. I watched as Tom fucked her again, her long legs flailing the air and I was amazed that I hadn't gotten angry with the two of them. All that happened was that I developed a raging hardon. I opened my briefcase and took out my cellphone. I waited until they were through and then I called my home number. Marcy took the call on the bedside phone.

"Hey babe. I got off early today and I'm on the way home. Should be there in a couple of minutes. Put on something sexy. I've been thinking of you all day and I'm in the mood. Love you."

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