Candy's Night Out

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Cream Pie, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He imagined her with other men and he finally told her.

I was sitting in the living room staring out the window when the car pulled into the drive at three o'clock in the morning. Had she done it? Had she actually gone out and fulfilled my fantasy? Had she really made love with another man, or had she just sat in a lounge somewhere sipping on a drink and waiting for last call and closing time? I would soon know.

It had been a fairly quick thing, everything happening in the space of three days. I'd had the fantasy of her fucking another man for years, but I'd never told her about it. We had a good marriage and I loved her, so I hadn't wanted to do anything that would cause things to go bad between us. I just read my magazines, looked at pictures, imagined her with other men and beat my meat to the images in my head. One Saturday we had been at a party and we had been having a great time. We both had just a tad more than our fair share to drink and I was watching her dance with someone I didn't know and I started wondering what she would look like with him between her legs; what she would look like with his cock in her mouth. In my mind I saw her on her hands and knees as he fucked her from behind; on her back with her legs up over his shoulders as he pounded into her pussy, and I even saw him slide his cock in her ass as she screamed out in pleasure. The music stopped and she came back to our table and we had another drink. She danced with four more men that night and I had the same thoughts about Candy and each one of them. The last man she danced with had his hands all over Candy's ass and she wasn't pulling away from him. I knew the signs and I knew that we would be at each other as soon as we got home.

"What are you thinking?"

I looked up to see Candy sitting across from me. I had been so lost in my vision of her being fucked by the man she was dancing with that I hadn't heard the music stop. I shrugged, smiled and said, "Nothing, just sitting her in an alcoholic fog."

"Oh no baby, I know that look. It's your contemplative look and it's the same look I've seen on your face all night when I was out dancing. I want to know what you are thinking."

I'd had just enough to drink and I guess I must have been in just the right mood and so I told her. She looked at me as if I'd just gone mad.

"Me? Me and those guys?"

And then she gave me a wicked grin; "Did I like it? Did they have big cocks? Did I suck them off? Did I let them fuck me in my ass? Do you want to take me home and fuck me, or can we do it in the car right now?" She reached across the table and took my hand, "Come on baby, we need to find some place to fuck and then we need to talk."

We fucked on the back seat of the car out in the parking lot and then on the way home we had talked. I told her of my fantasies and why I had never mentioned them to her. She told me that she had been curious about what other men might be like and that several times she had almost cheated on me, but had backed away at the last minute because, like me, she did not want to take the chance of hurting her marriage.

"I love you baby, and I didn't want to take any chance on losing you."

The rest of the way home she was either stroking my cock or had her head in my lap. When we got home we fucked until I fell into an exhausted sleep. The next morning over coffee Candy asked, "Where do we go from here?"

I must have still had a head full of sleep because I didn't know what she was asking, "What do you mean?"

She looked me right in the eye and said, "You have fantasies of me fucking another man and I'm curious about what another man would be like. Are we going to do it?"

I had looked at her, the surprise evident on my face, and mumbled "I don't know."

She watched me for a moment and then said, "Well think about it baby. Now is the perfect opportunity. I'm willing and two of the guys that I danced with last night hit on me and gave me their phone numbers. But it isn't going to happen unless you say so."

It was three o'clock in the morning when I pulled the car into our drive. I sat in the car for several minutes thinking about what I had just done and thinking about what was going to happen next. As I slid off of the seat of the car I felt the wet spot on my skirt touch my ass. Carl had kept my panties as a remembrance of the night and oh what a night it had been. Carl had a magnificent cock and was experienced in its use. He had brought me to so many orgasms' that I had almost fainted from loss of strength. The man had been insatiable (but then so had I) and except for the times his cock had been in my mouth he had been buried in my pussy most of the night. It was sex! Absolute pure sex. There had been no tenderness, no snuggling, no cuddling on either of our parts; we had simply gone after each other like animals in heat. When he had pulled out of me for the last time I felt a great sadness come over me because I knew I'd never see him again, at least not sexually. I could get too attached to him and as strange as it may sound coming from a woman who had just been soundly fucked by another man, I loved my husband too much to take that kind of a chance.

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