Fire Drill

by Serena Jones

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Gay, Lesbian, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: One office building. Three seperate couples. How do they handle the heat? Told in first person and a little quirky.

Eighth Floor - FM

It's a quiet slow afternoon in the office when the fire alarm goes off.

"This is a test of the emergency evacuation system. This is only a test. Please exit the building and..."

The message blares from every phone in the office and speakers in the hallway. The accompanying siren insures that every one - even the deaf, even the dead - knows that an alarm has been tripped.

I groan and shut down my desk. I grab my purse; I refuse to be stuck outside without my keys and wallet so I can go home. In the hallway, I bump into you and the rest of our office. We get checked off the list as 'safe' and sent outside to wait with the other drones until the fire department or security or whomever was being drilled give the all clear.

You chuckle.



I punch your shoulder. I love the fact that you can take a hit. "Whaaat?"

"Nothing." You chuckle again. "I just wouldn't mind being drilled. Or, at least doing some drilling."

"Pervert. I should hit you again."

"Hey, HR manager's right there. Go report me."

"I'll wait till you do something egregious."

"I should report you."

"Me? Why?"

"You assaulted me." You lean into me conspiratorially. "Besides being near you always makes me..." you hesitate and in that few seconds, I imagine your warmth around me " ... uncomfortable."

"Really?" I shiver even though it's 75 out here. You make me uncomfortable too. Too hot. "So go away."

"Nah." You grin. "Glutton for punishment."

We get the all clear and slowly the office begins to file into the building. Five thousand drones surge toward the doors at once. You pull me out of the crowd.

"We could take the stairs."

We both know that the door is locked on our floor. I don't think you plan to walk to the eight stories. I let you lead me aside. No one is watching as we slip into the side door.

I pull you to me and fall back against the hard, cold concrete wall. You take the hint and crush my lips with yours. I want this to take forever but I'm too hot.

"This is an emergency." I whisper.

"A fire drill." You gasp.

"Use the hose." I fight your belt buckle for only a second while you lift my skirt and slip your fingers past my panties. "Put it out."

"So hot." You sigh as I drench your hand already. "Melting."

I stretch almost painfully to wrap my leg around your waist and allow you deepest access as you cock glides into me. My clit gets tickled by your hair. The fire burns hotter. I've never been this hot.

"Drill me." I moan. "Drill me. Drill me. Drill me." I feel you so deeply, you must be drilling the wall too.

"Oh God." You groan against my lips. "I'm sorry. I'm there. So hot."

I can feel you throbbing inside me. The hose bursts and liquid fire fills me. I push my tongue more deeply into your mouth but I still can't help crying out loudly. I can feel myself cumming, tipping over the edge and crashing down in waves of flame. My leg slips down. If you weren't pinning me against the wall, I'd probably fall.

"You should have been a fireman." I pant.

"You should be arrested for arson." You answer.

Ninth Floor

I am washing my hands in the bathroom the fire alarm goes off.

"This is a test of the emergency evacuation system. This is only a test. Please exit the building and..."

"Oh!" I hear from the anguished occupant of the other stall. "Eat me."

I can't help grinning as the image of a juicy, flame-broiled, 'patty' is served up in my mind. I suspect that's not what you meant.

You come out, and I duck my head so you don't see my grin.

"I saw that look." You bump me playfully away from the sink to wash your hands. "Confess."

I shake my head, "It's bad."

"Knowing you, it's dirty," You laugh, "but it's just us in here; give."

"OK, OK! I was just thinking, y'know, you said 'eat me'..."

You laugh, slightly embarrassed but more caught.

" ... and fire alarms so I thought 'flame-broiled'."

"Mmmm. Juicy and hot."

We eye each other for a moment. I think I'm caught too.

"You know," you say after a moment, "if we leave this room, we'll have to waste our afternoon going outside for no reason."

"You think they'll check the bathroom?" You shake your head. "What if there's a real fire?"

"I think there is." You say softly. "I'm certainly feeling flames."

"Yeah." Suddenly I'm breathless. Hot. The cool pull of you mouth is irresistible. You tongue caress mine hungrily as I find myself pushing you against the cool tile of the bathroom wall.

You fingers slip into my hair, holding me in place. Our breast rub together and even through all the layer of clothing, I can feel a thrill as my nipples tease yours. I can't taste enough of you, I'm too frantic. Too hot. I want something cooling - soothing...

I pull away from your mouth and slid down your body. Even the skin of you arms and legs is hot to touch. The heat from you pussy, under your skirt, inside your panties, melts me. I suck softly. "Juicy." I whisper just loud enough for you to hear me.

"Flame broiled." You sigh in response. Your leg moves over my shoulder, propping you up, wedging you between the wall and my burning lips and tongue and giving me access to lick and suck everything in sight. I hear you sigh softly; a small smoldering sound not bold enough to express the molten lava you are bathing my face in. The more I drink of you, the hotter I burn. "Oh God," you moan as you melt down the wall, "I'm burning up."

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