A Late Night At The Office

by Mike Ringer

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Claire finds out that there is more to life than her career.

Claire sat at her desk, recalculating the spreadsheet she was working on for the umpteenth time. 'God I hate annual budgets' she muttered to herself and scrolled to the bottom to see the effect her latest changes had made. 'That's better', she said as she compared the new figures to her targets with a mixture of pride and relief in her voice, stretching to relieve the cramp in her arms and shoulders.

The glass fronted office she was sitting in was a pool of light in the midst of the rest of the dark building, broken only by the dim glow of the night lighting in the corridor beyond.

Claire got up and went across to the window, high above the city streets. The traffic was lighter at this time of night and the image of a nicely chilled glass of Chablis and an intimate meal at her favourite Italian restaurant with her husband Andrew entered her thoughts and was immediately appealing. The view was superb from the top floor and as she looked down towards the parking lot she could see the roof of her Porsche gleaming in the harsh sodium lighting — a reminder of why she was here when most other people were at home and also of the rewards that her high powered position enjoyed. Success had come quickly on the back of the growth in environmental expenditure she had anticipated a full year before it happened, and now in her mid twenties Claire was one of the Company's highest paid executives As she turned back towards her desk, her thoughts were interrupted by the staccato beep from her mobile, indicating an incoming text message. 'Won't be home 'til late, have to take clients to dinner' was the curt message causing Claire to swear silently under her breath, the vision of a pleasant evening with her husband evaporating as quickly as it had arrived.

She sank back in her leather chair and wondered how she would spend the evening as her PC closed down, staring absently at her reflection in the glass, curling her long blonde hair around one finger and then letting it unwind. Claire stood up and smoothed her business suit over her slim 5'7 inch frame, now admiring herself and posing for the greatest effect, imagining that she was a fashion model on the catwalk, pouting at her reflection through her big blue eyes and sliding her skirt up to reveal a long, shapely leg. Laughing at her vanity she sank back into the chair and sighed, almost unconsciously reaching for the small drawer at the right hand side of her desk, searching for the small vibrator she kept in a compartment at the back. She withdrew the sex toy and contemplated it, turning it in her fingers. Claire had been given it as a joke in the office secret Santa the year before and although she found it far from funny at the time, she had not thrown it away but had stored it in her desk. Months later, during a particularly involved contract negotiation when she was even sleeping at the office and feeling incredibly stressed out, Claire had remembered the little black and silver vibe and used it for the first time, enjoying the way she could stimulate herself slowly at her own pace and totally lose herself for an hour or so. The vibrator was around 5 inches long, about the same size as her husband she thought, and she thought back and wondered if the locker room boasting of her girlfriends at University as to their boyfriend's size was just so much crap. Claire had not dated seriously at University, preferring to concentrate on her Degree and then her career. She had met Andrew during her final year and the two of them had so much in common that they had quickly become engaged and then married. She remembered being slightly disappointed by Andrew's manhood when she first saw it although she had to admit she didn't have much to compare it to, but he was a considerate lover and never failed to get her off when they made love, although due to the pressures of work this was becoming an increasingly rare event.

Claire removed her jacket and unbuttoned her crisp white blouse half way, twisting the knurled ring at the vibe's base, making it spring to life with a low hum, moving it on to her nylon clad thigh, just below the hem of her skirt. She worked her free hand inside her blouse where she caressed her generous breasts through her bra, giving each nipple a gentle tweak. Sinking into her large leather swivel chair, Claire closed her eyes and parted her legs, moving the vibe in slow lazy circles, gradually working higher towards the ultimate goal, increasing the intensity of the machine as it passed over the lacy tops of her stockings on to the smooth bare flesh of her inner thigh. The beam of a flashlight in the corridor beyond caught her attention, snapping her back to reality in a moment and she hurriedly switched the vibrator off, doing up a couple of her blouse buttons before the security guard came into view. 'Sorry if I startled you' he said 'I thought I could hear some electrical noise and I wondered if something was short circuiting'. Claire felt herself blush and hoped it wasn't too noticeable, she was fairly sure that the guard hadn't seen anything. 'I didn't hear anything' she said nonchalantly 'maybe it was somewhere in the outside office'. 'Well I better check around, I don't want a fire on my hands' he mumbled and began to inspect the sockets on the nearest wall. The guard was a handsome, heavily built West Indian in his thirties, with an obvious love of the gym judging by the bulging muscles that were threatening to burst out of his ill fitting uniform. Claire bit her lip, wishing he would just go away but the moment had been destroyed and she began to gather her things together to go home. The guard seemed in no hurry as he checked each piece of plugged in equipment in turn looking for signs of burning or scorching. She cleared her throat, hoping that he would take the hint and leave but he continued his checking until he got to her desk. 'I need to check under there too, won't be a minute' he said. Claire rolled her chair back and the guard bent down to look underneath, knocking the table as he did so and dislodging the vibrator which had been stuffed under some papers. She watched in horror as it rolled off the table, landing beside him on the plush office carpet with barely a sound. 'Yours?' he said with a wide, face splitting grin that showed off his white teeth and Claire went a deep shade of red and just wished hat the ground would swallow her up. She tried to snatch it back but the guard held it just out of her reach. 'Now what would a nice girl like you be wanting with a little bitty thing like this' he chuckled, enjoying her discomfort. 'Just give it back and leave' she snapped recovering a little composure. 'Hmmm, not sure I can'. The guard stood and planted a huge hand on her shoulder pinning her to the seat as he activated his walkie talkie with the other. 'We have a situation, executive floor, require assistance, repeat require assistance' he intoned calmly. 'What the fuck are you doing, just let me go now'. Claire was angry and for the first time a little frightened as well as there was nobody in the office to hear her cries. Three more black security guards arrived within a minute and looked slightly puzzled as they saw Claire pinned to the chair. 'What's going on Mike' said the eldest one. 'She works here, I've seen her around'. 'I think she needs help Walt' he said gravely tossing the vibe on the table. The three men looked wide eyed and began to understand what Mike had in mind. Leroy and Ken were both in their early twenties and had not been working for the Company very long but were typical of the rough, poorly educated youth that tended to end up in the security industry these days. Walt was older, in his forties and nominally the senior security guard although he nearly always deferred to Mike. The squirming blonde under his massive hand was one of the most gorgeous women they had clapped eyes on and despite the incredible risk they all wanted her. 'Leroy, Ken, help me get her on the table' ordered Mike. 'I'm not sure about this Mike', said Walt slowly. 'Then get the fuck out of here, either you're in or not' he shouted and Walt decided he would be in as they laid the struggling girl on top of the desk. Leroy and Ken had her arms pinned easily above her head and Mike had caught hold of her ankles, holding them against her struggles with his well muscled arms. 'Let me go, you bastards' hissed Claire. 'You wont get away with this'. 'Well now' said Mike smoothly 'lets see what you got girly'. 'Undo her blouse Walt and let's see those titties'. The older man quickly unbuttoned her blouse and Ken and Leroy pulled her arms out of the sleeves, discarding it on the floor. Mike whistled as he saw her generous tits straining against the white lacy bra and motioned Walt to get rid of this too. The older man slid his hands under her back and unfastened the bra, quickly removing the garment as Claire's tits were exposed to their gaze, the large pale pink nipples jutting out in the cool, air conditioned office. The guys stared open mouthed at the sight before them while Claire burned with shame, fighting back the useless tears that were beginning to well up in her eyes and turning her head to avoid their gaze. There didn't seem to be much point in trying to fight back as they were much stronger than her so she relaxed her struggles and just hoped that the men would not hurt her or worse.

Mike now ordered Walt to hold her while he ran his hands up her long shapely legs, unfastening her skirt, whooping with delight as she lay before them in just her black stockings, suspender belt and tiny pale blue silk panties.

'Jesus Christ', mumbled Leroy running his eyes over her perfect body. 'Get her knickers off' said Ken excitedly. 'I want to see if she is a genuine blonde'. With a chuckle, Mike hooked his thumbs in Claire's knickers and slowly pulled them down her legs. Her sparse patch of blonde curls did little to hide the swell of her sex and Mike could clearly see her gash framed by its prominent outer lips. 'Perfect, I ain't ever seen anything as pretty as that' said Walt as Mike pushed her legs wider apart and ran his thumb up her slit from bottom to top.

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