Within You, Without You

by Harddaysknight

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Harddaysknight

Humor Sex Story: Will knowing the truth set a husband free? It sure seems to help!

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .


At first, I thought my trip was a disaster. I had driven three and a half hours for a series of meetings in Center City, Philadelphia. I had a room booked and was planning on spending three days in conference and two nights in the hotel. The first meeting was Monday morning. When I came back from lunch, I learned that my schedule had been cleared.

It seemed the manufacturing complex of Sterling Enterprises was on fire. Not knowing how much damage they would suffer, or even if they would be in business after the blaze, Sterling representatives cancelled any further discussions. I was suddenly freed from any obligations. Once I got over the disappointment of driving so far for nothing, I decided to make the best of it.

My in-laws had a beautiful cabin in the Poconos on a remote lake an hour from my home. It was, more or less, on my way home, so I decided to stop in, stay overnight, and spend Tuesday fishing. My wife and I had a standing invitation to use the cabin like it was our own. To that end, I determined it would be simpler to neglect to inform my work, or my wife, that my meetings had gone up in flames. It would give me a quiet day on the lake, and I really felt I could use it.

I had been working for Simpson Tools for 25 years. I had started out at the very bottom after I had graduated from high school and had worked my way to a good paying sales position. I had been given that position four years ago. To my consternation, I had stagnated there. Newer, younger employees had passed me on the climb up the corporate ladder. I knew the reasons. The first one was because I was very good at my job, so management was reluctant to move me. They had never had a salesman able to secure so many large orders before I took the position.

The second thing against me was that I wasn't an engineer, or even a BA. The company obviously felt that college degrees were necessary for advancement. Since I had started with Simpson right out of high school, I never went to college. It wasn't that I was stupid or anything, though sometimes I wondered. I just hadn't been interested in any further schooling back then. Two years after leaving high school, I married Olivia. Within three years of marriage, we had two children and I knew I had to keep my nose to the grindstone. In my family, and in my area, a man supported his family the best way he could. So I did my best.

Now, 25 years later, I had one kid out of college and one in her last year. They were doing well. When the kids first left for college, my wife, Olivia, found employment in the office of a new car dealership. Our income was now enough that we were able to put some money away for our retirement and enjoy an occasional vacation. On the surface, it would seem that things were going well.

The problem was that I was not happy with my position at work. That seemed to make everything else in my life less enjoyable. I wasn't sure if I was simply burned out, or if being passed over for promotions was the root of my discontent. Possibly it was a combination of the two. A day floating on the lake would help relieve the stress.

By the time I repacked my bag and checked out of the hotel, it was after two. Then I was stuck behind an accident on the Schuylkill (Sure-kill) Expressway for a couple hours. I stopped in Allentown to eat a light dinner. By the time I drove up the wooded private lane to the in-laws' cabin, the sun was setting.

Long before I reached the cabin, I saw a new SUV sitting in the parking area. I swung my car into an old logging road that I had walked many times in the past. I followed it to a thick stand of blue spruce, effectively concealing my car from the cabin and the driveway to it. I had decided to quietly approach the cabin to determine if my wife's family had given friends permission to use it, or if someone was trespassing. They had suffered a couple break-ins over the years, so I was cautious.

I walked to the cabin from the north side. There was only one window on that side and it was in a small bedroom. It was unlikely anyone would be looking out into the darkening forest, so I was reasonably certain I could approach the building unnoticed. I kept close to the wall and worked my way around to the west side. There were several windows at eye level on that end of the cabin. One opened to the master bedroom and the other two windows were meant to bathe the large family room and stone fireplace with afternoon sun. Although it was a warm evening and the windows were opened halfway, I immediately noticed a small fire had been started in the fireplace.

Sitting in front of the fire were two naked people. I recognized the man as Bill Hesser. His father was the owner of the dealership at which my wife was employed. Next to him on the big throw rug was my loving wife, Olivia. She was sipping wine and stirring the fire to life with a poker. Her left breast was in Hesser's grasp. He held one of my father-in-law's imported beers in his other hand.

Olivia's father really got pissed when anyone used his private stock! I couldn't remember how many times he told me and my brothers-in law to drink the damn Budweiser and leave his beer alone. None of us had dared drink one of his beers in the last five years. He was that anal about sharing it.

Then there was the matter of me sharing my wife. I never indicated I was into the kind of shit. Olivia and Hesser were not going to gain any points with Olivia's father, or with me!

I suddenly felt exhausted and lonely. I had to consider how I should react to this betrayal by my wife. The game had changed instantly. The rules I had lived and played by were no longer in effect. What was real, what was fact, and who could I trust? Was I a laughing stock, a joke, to everyone at my wife's work, to her family? Who knew I was a cuckold? Was my marriage over? Had it been over for some time and I just didn't realize it? Did Olivia love the guy? Would she divorce me for him? Would that be such a bad thing?

I had to fight to keep my dinner down as I listened to the conversation between the two lovers. Their words seemed to sear into my brain.

"I can't wait to fuck you on that big bed, Olivia. I should be able to last a long time after that wonderful blow job you just gave me. I love the thought of waking up in the morning with you lying next to me. I'd like it to happen every morning," he added with a seductive smile.

"Bill, you know that isn't possible," corrected Olivia. "We're both married to wonderful people. We both have children and family we love. This is just a little adventure. Neither of us wants to hurt our spouses. They deserve better than that."

"To tell the truth, Olivia, my wife deserves better than me sneaking up here to spend the night in bed with you, yet it didn't stop me, or you," added Hesser. "You may be right that we don't want divorces, but we're certainly taking a chance on hurting them. Very few men are pleased to have their wife lie to them, or to fuck other men. Do you think Jack would just accept it?"

"Not "other men", Bill. You're the only man I have ever slept with, other than Jack. Don't make me out to be worse than I am," protested Olivia. "Would Jack accept it? I know he wouldn't actually accept it, but I think he could forgive me. We've been together forever. He loves me unconditionally. I'm sure of that."

"Olivia, is there really that much difference between cheating with one person and cheating with several?" asked Hesser. "If my wife told me she only had slept with one other guy since marrying me, I doubt I would feel relief that it wasn't more. Splitting hairs about the degree or extent of your infidelity isn't an argument I would recommend."

"Jack is in Philadelphia for a couple days, so this is a moot discussion. He will not know that I have a lover. He will never find out. This affair will run out of steam shortly and I'll never do it again," promised Olivia.

"I promised myself the same thing when I first strayed. That was five years and three lovers ago," revealed Hesser. "The truth is that every time I got away with it, I felt more and more invincible. You may drop me in a few months, but you'll be looking for the next hard cock to play with on the side. This is addictive, Olivia."

"Maybe for you, Bill, but not for me," countered my wife. "While this has been exciting the past several weeks, it's also been extremely nerve racking. I have felt guilty whenever I'm with Jack, or even when I speak to my kids. That bad feeling is beginning to outweigh the excitement I enjoy when I'm with you."

"Then I'd better get you into that king size bed and screw your brains out before you change your mind!" laughed Hesser as he scooped up my wife and carried her into the master bedroom.

I decided I had seen and heard enough. I felt no desire to go to the next window and watch my wife make love, or more accurately, fuck Bill Hesser. I felt depression sweep over me. How had I come to such a low point? Why did my wife have so little respect for me? Did I even want to continue my life? It was all fucked up and I saw little chance of transforming it into something even tolerable.

I turned to go back to my car. Then I got mad. Why had it taken so long for me to get angry? Had I become a man devoid of emotions? If I had troubled getting angry when I found a man fucking my wife, there was something wrong with me. I decided to explore my emotional state when I had the opportunity. At the moment, I had more pressing concerns.

I walked to the left side of the deck and reached under the apron. I found a nail and slid the key off that was suspended on it. Then I went up on the porch and opened the front door. The cabin was fairly large and I knew from experience that people sleeping, or fucking, in the master bedroom would never hear anyone enter the structure.

After the last break-in, Olivia's father, Hank, had installed a security system. Olivia had obviously turned it off. Her dad had spent more than a few minutes explaining it's workings to me. He could have gotten one that made all sorts of noises in an attempt to scare the intruders off. He opted for a silent alarm that went directly to the local township police department.

"This is in the middle of nowhere," he had proclaimed. "What kind of chicken shit would worry about a recording telling them to leave immediately? Besides, I want to catch their asses, not scare them away. This will alert the local cops and they'll respond within 15 minutes, as well as call me and Sam. We'll be here right behind the cops and we'll be fucking loaded for bear!"

'Wow, I guess I'd better not come here without you," I worried. "You'll have me arrested or shoot my ass before I know what's happening."

"Don't worry about that, Jack," laughed Hank. "They will call the cabin first and see if you answer the phone and use the code. All you have to do is say "the fish aren't biting" and identify yourself and you'll be okay."

I thought about that conversation as I tip-toed into the family room and disconnected the phone. Then I did the same with the kitchen phone. There were no other phones in the cabin. Next, I set the alarm.

For some reason, I forgot to close the door when I left. I returned the key to its hiding place. Then I hustled back to my car and sped down the lane to the paved road. I was a mile away from the lane when I met a police cruiser headed in the other direction. I pulled between a couple cars in the parking lot of a bar and watched the highway.

About three minutes later, I recognized Hank's Explorer speeding up the road. I couldn't tell if anyone was in the vehicle with him. I knew that Olivia's brother, Sam, lived in the other direction, so it was unlikely I would meet him on the road. I pulled out of the parking lot and began the hour drive to a place I had once considered my home. As I drove, I wondered if it would remain my home very much longer.

I was awakened by sounds in the kitchen and realized that Olivia must have come home. A glance at the alarm clock told me it was just after three AM. It must have been an interesting few hours for her. I chuckled without mirth at the thought. Then I fell back asleep as I wondered if I would ever know exactly how events unfolded in the cabin after I left.

I woke up early and looked over at Olivia. She was asleep. Was it my imagination or were her cheeks streaked with dried tears? I shrugged and quietly dressed and left the house. It was still early, so I stopped at a small diner and had a good breakfast. Feeling as ready as I ever would, I drove to work.

Ralph Simpson didn't look very happy when his secretary ushered me into his office. By contrast, I felt quite relaxed.

"What's this shit about you retiring, Jack?" demanded Ralph before I could even take my seat. "If you want a goddamn raise, why don't you just ask? I don't appreciate being threatened by my employees!"

Where the hell was this coming from? How could my retirement be construed as a threat of any kind? I was now curious.

"Ralph, your own father retired a few years ago. You didn't give him holy hell for it, did you?" I asked. "What the fuck is the problem with me wanting to spend my old age someplace besides that shit hole you have me stuck in?"

I could see the surprise in Simpson's eyes as I spoke. I had always been the model employee. He had expected me to cower and stutter in his presence. Instead, I had out cursed and out-bitched him. This was something new and he was watching me closely.

"My father was 75 years-old, Jack! You're what? Almost 44? You won't be able to collect a pension for years. You can't retire at your age!" he almost shouted back at me.

"That isn't your decision, Ralph. I have just over 25 years in here and I qualify for a pension when I hit 55. I have two weeks vacation stored up. I'm giving you my two week notice and using my vacation time to cover it. It's done all the time around here. As I recall, your dad drew for six months after he left here. I don't think there's much else to discuss," I finished.

"Is it the office, Jack?" asked Ralph. "I've been thinking about moving Benson to the third floor and giving you his corner office, along with a nice raise."

I knew he had planned no such move and was pulling the idea out of his ass. I suddenly realized Ralph Simpson appreciated my work more than he had ever indicated, particularly in my pay check. It's funny how easy it is to negotiate when you just don't give a shit about the outcome. Once you have no fear of losing, it's amazingly simple.

"I'll tell you what, Ralph. I'm taking two weeks vacation starting this afternoon. I'll come back at the end of that time to listen to any offers you may want to make. I'm not promising that I'll accept, but I'll listen and consider what you have to offer me. I won't counter or negotiate. I'll either accept your offer, or retire from this company. That's fair, isn't it?" I asked.

"I feel like I'm being blackmailed, Jack. I'd prefer to settle this right now. You know that the company considers you one of our most experienced people," schmoozed Simpson. "We don't want to lose you."

"Keep that in mind when you formulate the offer, Ralph," I suggested with a smile as I stood and walked out the door.

I stopped at the bank next and spent half an hour moving some money around. I wasn't sure where things were headed, but I didn't want to be stupid about everything and wind up with nothing. Next I went home and backed my bag. I wrote a brief note and placed it on the kitchen table. Then I took my cell phone and placed it on top of the note. That would make it obvious to Olivia that she wouldn't be able to call me.

I once again found myself at the cabin on the lake. This time, however, it was unoccupied. I carried my bag in and put it in the guest bedroom. Then I went back out and carried in my supplies, which consisted of three cases of beer. I stuffed as many as I could in the refrigerator, filled up a cooler, climbed into the aluminum rowboat, and went fishing.

I was surprised at how well I was doing. I had to return to the cabin in a couple hours for more beer. It looked like I was finally going to reach my limit! I had yet to catch a fish, however. Around dusk, the gnats started bothering me, and I was having difficulty casting, so I headed for shore. My somewhat fuzzy thinking brought me to the wrong side of the lake. I realized I was more fucked up than was safe on the water.

I pulled along side a dock and crawled out of my boat. There were several cabins on this side of the lake, along with docks. I managed to secure my boat. Then I covered my face with my jacket to keep the bugs away. I stretched out on the dock and fell asleep.

"You're trespassing on private property!" droned a voice. "You can't stay here. I'll call the police if you don't move!"

That was all I needed! I slowly sat up, pulled the jacket off my face, and looked around. It was now dark. I had picked a pretty nice place to pass out. The dock extended in various levels all the way to the cabin and became part of the deck. There were lights glowing all along the way to what I realized could not be considered a cabin by any stretch of the imagination. It must have been over three thousand square feet and the front was almost all glass. The inside was lit up and looked rustic, yet modern, if that makes sense. A blonde woman was standing near me, as I struggled into a sitting position. She looked vaguely familiar.

"No need to get your panties bunched up," I replied with only a slight slur. "I had a beer or two more than my limit and I thought I'd relax here until my head cleared. I'll get in my boat and leave right now."

"No!" the blonde almost yelled. "I'm sorry if I raised my voice, but I will not let you get in your boat in your present state. I've seen you around the lake. You're related to Olivia Reynolds, aren't you?"

"I guess I am, at least for the moment," I replied slowly as I mulled over the fact that she called Olivia by her maiden name. "You don't have to worry about me. I can make it across the lake. It looks like I have just enough beer left, if I row fast."

As I spoke I nodded toward the six cans of beer sitting in my open cooler. Then I noticed all the empties scattered around the boat. I would make a fortune recycling!

The blonde woman chuckled a little as she took me by the arm and led me up to her mini mansion. In a little while I was sitting in her kitchen, drinking coffee and eating a delicious steak. I began to feel better immediately.

When the blonde told me her name, I recognized it from the stories my wife and in-laws had about the various people on the lake. Janet Hone had gone to school with Olivia and was now a widow in her early forties. Her husband had been very successful on Wall Street, but the stress had taken its toll and he died of a massive heart attack in his sleep at the age of 45.

Janet had moved to the family vacation home for good. She sold their brownstone and had settled into the lakefront home a few years prior. I had seen her a few times over the years while I was fishing. She cruised past me in her rather large motor boat a few times over the years.

I never realized what an attractive woman she was. She had her hair in a pony tail and she wore a light shirt, unbuttoned almost all the way down with a low cut, frilly looking thing under it. I could see the swell of her breasts and they looked perfect. She seemed like a regular, if exceptionally good looking, woman and not some rich bitch.

"I can't thank you enough, Janet. You have been far too good to me, especially under the circumstances. I will repay this kindness first chance I get," I promised as I slowly stood. "I'll be on my way now."

I took a somewhat unsteady step as I spoke. That was all it took. Janet was quickly at my side, supporting me with her hands.

"Jack, let me drive you around the lake to your place. Its pitch black outside. And it's quite late. I would never forgive myself if something happened to you."

I was sober enough to realize that it wouldn't be a good idea to try to navigate across the lake under the circumstances, so I took Janet up on her offer.

It was after eleven when Janet helped me through the door of the cabin and guided me toward the sofa in front of the large fireplace. I was pretty well able to make it on my own, but she seemed to feel better leading me around and getting me settled. As I approached the sofa, I turned to thank Janet. This brought me very close to her. Our faces were only inches apart as I tried to articulate my appreciation. For some reason, I couldn't find any words. We stood like that in what the novels would describe as a pregnant pause.

That was when we heard someone clearing their throat. We both swung our heads as one to see a woman standing just inside the bathroom doorway. It was Olivia! Janet stepped back a little and gasped.

"Olivia! Jack told me he was here alone," Janet explained, perhaps a tad too quickly. "I just gave him a ride home."

"I came up on a whim, Janet. Jack had no idea I was here, and I had no idea where he was. He left a note telling me he was going fishing, so I guessed he would be here. I was becoming quite worried. His car is parked outside and the boat is gone. I thought he was on the lake and it's pretty late to be fishing. How did he wind up with you?" asked Olivia bluntly.

"It was getting dark and he was fishing by my house, so I invited him in for a late dinner, just to be neighborly," replied Janet with a straight face.

I admired what Janet was trying to do for me. She had made the snap decision that she shouldn't tell Olivia that I was drunk and sleeping on her dock. She glossed over that part of the story. She didn't know that I didn't give a shit what Olivia thought.

"Thanks, Janet. I appreciate that you skipped the more embarrassing part of the story," I told her honestly. "The truth is, Olivia, that I had a few beers too many and Janet found me sleeping on her dock. She could tell I was too wasted to come back in the boat, so she fed me, sobered me up some, and brought me home. I'll pick up the boat tomorrow."

Olivia seemed to mull my story over, watching me for any of the little tips I give when I lie. Apparently my story had the ring of truth.

"Jack, what are you doing drinking so much while you're on the lake?" she demanded. "You probably weren't wearing a lifejacket, either, if I know you. Are you trying to make me a widow?"

I saw Janet jerk at that question. Being a widow, that comment of Olivia's had struck a nerve. Olivia must have noticed it, too.

"I'm sorry, Janet!" she apologized. "That was thoughtless of me. Let me make some coffee and we can visit for awhile. I haven't seen much of you lately. Please tell me you aren't upset by my insensitive remark."

As she spoke, Olivia led Janet toward the kitchen. I heard Janet respond, but had no idea what she said. I saw an opportunity, so I headed for the second bedroom, stripped, and climbed between the sheets.

Sometime later, I felt Olivia slide into bed beside me. I was mildly surprised since she normally would have insisted on using the master bedroom with the bigger bed. That was as far as my thoughts traveled before I fell back asleep. As usual when I drink too much, I slept soundly for a couple hours. After that, I could only manage short intervals of sleep. I was up with the sun, and with a big head. I failed in my first attempt to drown out the cotton mouth I had acquired.

Knowing I would not be able to sleep any more, I left Olivia in bed, dressed and began the trek around the lake in search of my fishing vessel. Even taking shortcuts through the woods, it took me almost an hour to reach Janet's place. Not wanting to bother her, I walked around her house, went down to the dock and climbed into my boat.

An hour later, I was actually pulling in a few bass. There were six cans of beer left in my cooler, so I decided to have one for breakfast. It went down so well that, like Johnnie Cash, I decided to have another for dessert. By 10:30 that morning, I had six bass and was out of beer, so I headed to shore to replenish my supply.

For some reason, I dropped a can as I was transferring it from the refrigerator to my cooler. It hit the corner of the table on the way down and began spraying foam all over as it circled the kitchen floor. I couldn't help but break out in laughter at the sight.

"Jack! What is wrong with you?" barked Olivia as she swept past me and clamped her hand over the source of the foam. She held the can over the sink and popped the top to drain the remainder in the sink.

I returned back to my chore of refilling my cooler. Olivia was having none of it.

"Damn it, Jack! You've had enough to drink. It's not even noon and you're three sheets to the wind," snarled Olivia. "I'm going to go shopping for some food since all you seemed to have brought with you is beer. While I'm gone, you clean this mess up and stop drinking! Be sure you get everything off the cabinets and floor."

I stepped back from the refrigerator, opened the beer in my hand and took a long pull. Then I scooped up the cooler and headed for the dock and my water chariot. Once Olivia determined my intention, she rushed past me to stand in front of the boat with her arms crossed.

Catching her completely by surprise, I had no problem giving her a little shove into the lake. It was early June, but the water in that mountain lake was still pretty cold. Hell, people had been ice fishing on it a couple months ago!

Olivia sputtered and cursed when her head broke back above the surface. The only thing I can compare it to is Sea World. As I placed my cooler in the boat and then tried to step into it, Olivia seemed to rise way out of the water and grab my shirt. It reminded me for all the world of Orca leaping out of the tank. On her way back down, she managed to drag me with her. That was when I fully understood how cold the water was. My balls bunched up in my abdomen. I sobered up immediately.

My shirt had ripped in Olivia's grasp. Half of it was still in her hand and the other half was draped across my shoulders. I reached over and grabbed a hand full of her blouse and gave it a hard yank. She wasn't as lucky as I had been. The entire garment wound up in my hand. Olivia wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples looked hard as pebbles.

I laughed and turned to climb up the ladder at the end of the dock with the blouse still in my left hand. I was just about to step onto the dock when Olivia managed to gain a grip on the waist of my pants. I felt the button in front give and my pants began traveling south. I thought I would still make it onto the dock, but she was relentless. My pants were bunched around my ankles and I couldn't raise my foot to make the last step.

I never realized how strong Olivia was. Even as I struggled to get onto the dock, she gave a mighty pull and back I went into the water. I couldn't even swim because my pants had my ankles bound together and she was still holding them. I squirmed like crazy and managed to free myself from them.

When I surfaced, I immediately saw Olivia climbing the ladder with my pants in her hand. She was laughing like a maniac. I lunged for her and grabbed her shorts and pulled her back off the ladder. In a matter of seconds, I had turned the tables on her. She was now the one thrashing to free her self from clothing that had slid down her body to bunch around her feet.

I was once again laughing as she surfaced. I had not only removed her shorts, but her panties as well. I tossed them into my boat and headed for the ladder again. Olivia and I reached the ladder at the same time. I could see that she had cooled off, literally and figuratively. I motioned for her to precede me up the ladder. As she started up, I notice my boxers floating by. She must have pulled them off with my pants.

Once her bare ass cleared the water, I grabbed her waist and began spanking her bare bottom as the top of her torso leaned over the dock. Unable to go ahead and unwilling to return to the cold water, Olivia remained motionless with moans escaping her lips.

I released her waist and slid my hand up to Olivia's tits. Her nipples felt as hard as they looked. I began pinching them with one hand as I slapped her ass with the other. After about a minute of warming her ass with my palm, I noticed my cock had defied the temperature of the water and was rock hard. I stepped on the rung below Olivia's feet. Now my throbbing cock was even with her quivering ass. With one hand holding the ladder, I used the other to guide my cock into Olivia's steaming pussy.

I couldn't determine which emotion had more control of me at the moment, lust or anger. I was pissed at Olivia like never before, but I couldn't deny the tremendous desire I had to fuck her. Perhaps I was attempting to reassert myself as the alpha male in her life. Maybe it was a good-bye fuck. All I knew for sure was that I had a raging erection and I wanted it inside my naked wife.

I was stunned when Olivia had an orgasm on my first stroke. For a woman almost blue from the cold water, her center was incredibly hot. When my stomach made contact with her ass, I could feel the heat radiating from the spanking I had administered. I only managed a few strokes more before I felt my balls drop back into my scrotum and begin to boil.

As fast as it began, it was over. I fell out of Olivia and she scampered up the ladder and trotted toward the cabin. I admired the jiggle of her ass while I pulled my body onto the dock. Suddenly worried about being seen, I looked around and could see no one, at lease until I looked toward the water. I saw a small boat drifting less than a hundred yards out. It contained a couple with fishing poles in their hands. Had they seen Olivia and me? If so, how much did they witness? As I looked at them, they both waved to me! I could hear their laughter as I quickly turned and walked rapidly to the cabin.

I heard the shower running, so I opened the door and stepped in. How the hell can women stand in scalding hot water? I reached over and adjusted the temperature slightly. Olivia watched me but remained silent. I began soaping her back and then gently ran the soap over her still pink ass. As I rubbed her ass, I once again reached around her to heft her breasts in my hands. Her nipples had softened but under my ministrations, they soon began to harden again.

My balls had dropped lower and my cock began to swell again. I wondered when was the last time I went for a second piece so soon after the first even as I slid my hand down to Olivia's stomach. I used the hand I had been petting her ass with to push her upper body forward as I pulled her bottom close to me. Once again, my cock was greeted by a very hot, wet tunnel. It slid in and was fully seated immediately.

Olivia held on to the faucets as I slowly worked my cock in and out of her clenching pussy. I moved my hands around to grab a tit in each hand and began to roll her nipples between my fingers. Soon I felt spasms from deep inside Olivia. I released her tits and grabbed her hips to help steady her as I quickened my thrusting. For the second time in a matter of minutes, I came in my unfaithful wife's incredible pussy.

As I pulled out of her, Olivia swung around and dropped to her knees before me and took my cock into her mouth. This really took me by surprise. I knew I had given her an orgasm both times I had entered her, but her taking me orally demonstrated her acceptance and forgiveness for my actions. As my wife pleased my cock, I wondered what it would take for me to forgive her.

Then she stood and leaned against me as the water cascaded down on us. It was times like this that make men weak. I had a beautiful naked woman leaning in to me, apparently willing to accept whatever I wanted. I put my arms around her, even as part of me felt repulsed by her. I was unable to sort out my emotions and it made me uncomfortable.

"Let's go out for a lunch," I suggested a little later as we dried ourselves. "All that activity has made me hungry.

Olivia just smiled her agreement and quickly dressed. I noticed that she once again neglected to wear a bra. It wasn't too obvious with the top she wore, unless she mover quickly. Then her breasts would bounce around just enough to attract attention.

We had ordered our meals at a local diner before Olivia began asking the questions I knew had to be driving her crazy.

"Jack, why is it that you aren't in Philadelphia. You told me that you wouldn't be home until Wednesday night. Is something wrong?"

"I guess there is," I allowed as I took a sip of the soda sitting in front of me. "The company I was going to be dealing with had a fire in their manufacturing plant. They had to cancel everything, so I came home Monday night."

I watched Olivia consider what I had just told her. Monday night was the evening she had her lover at the cabin and, I hoped, all hell had broken loose. She was probably wondering if I was somehow connected with the incident.

"Did Mr. Simpson give you a few days off, or haven't you told him about the fire yet?" asked Olivia quietly.

"Well actually, I filled out my retirement papers Tuesday morning and handed them in. He knows about the fire. He wasn't too pleased about my retirement, however. He seemed to think it was a ploy to get a raise, or a better office, or both," I added.

"You retired without consulting me, Jack?" asked Olivia with no indication of the anger I would normally expect from an announcement of such magnitude.

"Yes, I guess I did. I wasn't happy in my job. I'm not sure if it's the work, or if it's the lack of recognition and advancement, or a combination of it all," I admitted. "I have not been a very happy man, or very good company, the past few months. I decided to do something about it. Living like that was no longer an option."

"You never told me you were so unhappy with things at your work, Jack. How come you never told me what was bothering you?" questioned Olivia.

"Olivia, you know me better than anyone. Didn't you notice anything lately? Haven't you noticed that you liked being with me less and less, that you created reasons to not be around me whenever possible? Didn't you ask yourself why I was so miserable that you wanted to avoid me?"

"Jack! I never tried to avoid you. I've just been ... busy. I was so into me that I never felt your discomfort, or pain. That's a sad commentary on me, isn't it? My husband, my best friend, my partner was suffering and I never noticed! I am so sorry, Jack. I've had my head up my ass, but it's out now," replied an emotional Olivia.

"It may not be so bad, Olivia. At least my retirement may be short lived. Simpson indicated he may make an offer to me to lure me out of retirement. I feel a little like Roger Clemens," I grinned.

"I hope you aren't using HGH, unless of course your enhanced performance this morning was a result of its use. If that's the case, we'll contact Balco and get a lifetime supply," laughed Olivia.

I fought back the tears as I marveled at the woman I had married. I had never known another woman like Olivia. She enjoyed baseball as much as I did and was very knowledgeable about the sport. Her sense of humor had been one of the things that had endeared her to me from the beginning. Baseball humor was the best of both worlds.

"Olivia, I should apologize for the way I treated you in the lake this morning," I began.

"You're going to apologize for giving me the best two orgasms and some of the most intense sex of our marriage?" demanded Olivia. "Maybe you're apologizing for straightening me out for being such a miserable, controlling bitch? For showing me that I am your woman and that you insist on me always remembering that fact? I will not accept your apology, Jack, because I should be the one telling you how very sorry I am!"

Olivia had tears trickling down her cheeks as she spoke. It occurred to me that she might be prepared to confess her affair to me. Then a shadow was cast over our table and I looked up to see Olivia's father, Hank standing by our table.

"How's it going, Jack?" asked Hank with unusual sincerity. "I'm glad to see you and my daughter here. Have you two been up to the cabin? Feel free to drink my beer, Jack. I can always get more."

We made small talk for a couple minutes before Hank excused himself and left. He offered his imported beer to me? I could only surmise that catching his daughter with another man had shaken him up more than a little. Maybe the prospect of losing me for a son-in-law bothered him more than I would have guessed.

Olivia no longer appeared to be in a hurry to confess, so I asked her why she wasn't at work.

"When I saw your car was still here this morning, I knew you must be fishing, so I called into work and took a sick day. I thought I might spend it with you on the lake. Of course, I never dreamed we'd be in the lake, or that you would take me so forcefully on the dock!" whispered Olivia.

I was surprised at how much she seemed to have enjoyed the little interaction we had earlier. I marveled to myself that it took me 25 years to realize that my wife might be a bit submissive and she liked spontaneous sex ... and a little spanking! She was my fantasy woman and I had never guessed it?

The afternoon found us drifting on the lake. Olivia wasn't really into the fishing, but she was a lot of company. We probably talked more than we had in the previous six months. She did keep the cooler near her feet, but seemed willing enough to hand me a brew whenever I asked. For my part, I was much more careful about drinking them too quickly.

Olivia had surprised me even more by wearing a halter top and shorts. It was a lot sexier than she would have appeared on the lake in the past. As chatted, Olivia finished off several beers of her own. Perhaps the beer boosted her courage.

"Jack, I have something I have to tell you," confessed Olivia. "Please hear me out before you ask questions or hurt me, okay."

"Olivia, you should know by now that I will never actually do anything to physically harm you, unless you're referring to the spanking I gave you this morning," I replied.

"No, Jack. You'll understand better once I tell you everything," explained my wife. I've been having an affair with Bill Hesser, Jack. It started about three months ago and ended the other night. I slept with him fewer than a dozen times and I truly regret it now!"

I made a few more casts before I asked, "Are you done, Olivia? Can I ask questions now?"

I saw tears running down Olivia's cheeks as she nodded to me. I decided to find out if she were going to answer truthfully or try to bullshit me.

"I have several questions, Olivia. Why did you decide to have an affair? How many men have you slept with since we've been married? Why did it end, if it actually has."

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