The Arrest

by Rushmore Judd

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Mind Control, BiSexual, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: She was stopped and arrested for drug possession in a small town in New Hampshire. It was her first time in trouble but now she was at the mercy of her arresting officer. BDSM, humiliation, mind control, abuse.

Chapter 1

It was a Friday night. She was arrested for drug possession. She was carrying some cocaine and some amphetamines. She was bringing them to a party for a friend who would be there later. But now she was in deep shit and she knew it. Funny, she never ever had a lot of drugs with her or in her home. She never bought the stuff. It was always available to her through men who wanted to get into her pants. She had a number of boyfriends and others who just wanted her to be nice to them, especially older men. But here she was in the back of a police car, handcuffed heading for some rural hick station in the middle of vacationland New Hampshire.

The policeman told her on the way, that he would have to search her thoroughly, fingerprint her, take her picture and then he would book her. He said it in a matter of fact way. She didn't know if he had any sexual thoughts in mind. Most men did of her, of course. She was a beautiful woman. She was able to retain her natural breasts without any enhancement and they seemed perfect to her. Plump, perky and with a natural softness that some men really appreciated. Together with a thin waist and ample hips gave her a real hourglass look. And she loved to sashay it around in a sexy outfit in front of the men. She wondered if she was hoping that he wanted sexual favors for letting her get away. As they approached the well light bright station, she was beginning to think that she wasn't going to get away. My god, she thought, she might go to prison.

"When there are drugs involved," he said, "We have to be careful that they don't smuggle any into the jail. So a complete body cavity search is necessary." Woo, what was this, she thought. "Will you have a woman policeman do it to me?" "Sorry no women police officers here in West Conrad." "So will you be doing the search yourself?" By now they were parked and exiting the car. He ignored her last question and pulled her by the arm into the station. In the first room there was a desk facing in front of a plastic fireproof glass. They had entered by a door that led in behind the front desk where there sat a heavy set older man. "Hey, Charlie, I've got a perp here for questioning and booking. It'll be a while before I'm done." He tossed her purse on the desk in front of Charlie. Charley shrugged, he never even looked at her and never left a crossword puzzle he was doing.

He brought her into a windowless room. It was plainly furnished with a wooden table and swivel chair as well as a stainless steel cabinet. Before he entered behind her, he unholstered his gun and hung it on a hook outside the room. Once inside with her he bolted the door. He told her to lean against the wall with her hands above her head. When she complied he thoroughly frisked her, feeling all around her breasts, under her arms, down her sides, along her legs, across her belly and in between her leg, even touching her crotch carefully. She got a buzz from his hands and while she was a bit embarrassed at the extent of his search, she began to get excited. She was also feeling the effects of a couple of drinks and a few snorts she had had earlier.

"OK, get completely undressed and hand me each piece of clothing" he instructed her. The thought of undressing in front of him gave her an idea. "Don't you have any music?" she asked. "No," he said gruffly.

"There's been a terrible mistake here" she said. "I never buy drugs; I was holding them for a friend. This is all a mistake. Can't you let me go?" she said in her sweetest, most imploring voice. She would have to convince him to let her go!

"Just get undressed." And so she did, but she played a song in her mind and began to strip sexily in front of him while he sat in the swivel chair. He said nothing and she felt that no reaction was probably approval, afterall, she had a great body and men loved her sexy moves on the dance floor. First, off came her top — a loose fitting cashmere sweater which she pulled slowly up over her head while her legs swayed her body to the "sound" of the music. As her top cleared her head she looked right into the uniformed cop's eyes and she immediately was the lust in his eyes.

What was she doing? She thought. He could do anything to her that he wanted to. Especially in here with the door bolted from the inside and no windows. And she was teasing him, not planning to give him anything, just a show and some flirting. But he could take from her what he wanted probably and she didn't know anything about him. He hadn't been friendly to her. In the whole trip to the station, he didn't say anything. Although she sensed some friendliness in his hands when he frisked her. Then the thought of jail entered her mind. How terrible it would be to go to jail. She had to do anything that she could to get out of this and that meant going all the way if she stood a chance.

She turned her body gracefully with her back to him while she unhooked the back to her bra. "Don't you have any music," she asked? While she had her back to him, she heard the cabinet door open and he switched on some music. It was a nice driving danceable beat. As she took off her bra, still with her back to him, she began dancing slowly — every other beat. She tossed her bra over her shoulder at him, turned around, and slid her hands from her hips to her breasts. Covering both breasts with her hands, she posed at different angles from front to back and each side, saying: "Do you see any drugs or weapons here Officer? Or here?" She pushed up her breasts and showed him the bottom of her breasts. "Do I look dangerous, Mister Officer?"

His eyes were smiling now and his face frozen intently watching her. I'll bet he's done this before with some other pretty women, she thought.

She leaned forward and let her hands offer her breasts up to his eyes. "Or anything here?" Her nipples were nice and hard. She was squeezing and pressing her breasts while they were in her hands, occasionally getting a direct nipple squeeze between her fingers.

"Keep going," he said. So she used the surface of the table to take off her shoes one at a time with each foot positioned for maximum viewing. She danced into each position in her sexiest way. She seemed to have a natural fluidity. She always did but she was surprised that she seemed to be at her best under these circumstances.

She faced him as her fingers opened her belt, slid it out of the loops of her jeans and handed it to him. He was stretched out with his legs apart, leaning backwards in the swivel chair. Her fingers worked the button and the zipper of her jeans open, all the while, she swayed and hip thrust to the music. As she pealed the tight jeans down over her legs, she found it difficult to keep her white plain (who thought she would get arrested) clean panties on. Nonetheless she succeeded in getting her jeans off without loosing her total poise or her panties. They were bunched up at the top but stopped from rolling off but the thin side-cut of the bikini shape kept them on. She handed him her pants and moved in between his legs, very close to him. "You better check these out carefully" she said.

She danced in front of him as he tossed the jeans aside. "You're enjoying this aren't you" she said. He remained quite. She put her hand on his shoulder and gave his muscle a quick squeeze. "Wow, you work out everyday, don't you?" She let her open palm run across his shoulder to back and along the length of his shoulder. She put her other hand on his other shoulder and leaned forward even closer. Her breasts were within a foot of his eyes, a nipple pointing at each eye. "Don't you have to search my cavities Officer? Do you want to start with my mouth?" She leaned closer to him, putting her mouth within inches of his face. She licked her lips. Her naked breasts were leaning on his neck, touching the flesh of his chin. She opened her mouth and breathed hot air along the side of his face. She stuck her tongue out and moved it up and down and side to side while she moved her breasts back and forth lightly over his chest and neck.

"Stand back and straighten up," he barked. She did as she was told, suddenly shocked back into the reality of her situation. "Stand straight. Now take off those panties." He reached into the cabinet and pulled out a pair of medical gloves and began putting them on. She took off her panties with no more dancing, a little hesitant about the impending search.

"Please don't do this, sir," she pleaded. "This is all a mistake."

"Turn around, bend over and put your hands on the table." She did as she was told, filled with humiliation as she did. I'm here in a fucking police station with some cop sticking his fingers up my ass, she thought. He dabbed a finger on his gloved hand with a lubricant. "Your ass is all tense," he said. "That's the hard way to do it. Relax your ass." As he said this, he put both of his palms on the cheeks of her ass and spread her cheeks. His hands gently moved into her crack. Then she felt his finger poke at her hole and he spread the cold lubricant slowly around the rim. The first shocking touch turned quickly into enjoyment. She seemed will-less and was enjoying the feel of his finger making circles around the edge of her rim. He continually circled and was pressing up against the very inside. She could feel her hole opening to his finger seeming to get more pleasure as her hole expanded. She was thrilled by the feeling of the expanding. He removed his finger to get more lubricant and when he returned he entered her hole directly.

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