Superheroes Need Love Too

by Serena Jones

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Superhero, Black Female, White Male, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: You would think that flight, strength and a cape would be enough... This is based on Genxorcist's online comic The Cabal and the names have been changed by Genxorcist's request. He has read this story and has approved it's posting here.

This is ridiculous. I am one of the strongest men on the planet - over class one hundred strength. I have quite literally stopped speeding trains bare handed. I have fought hand to hand with a God - I lost but damn it, we rocked for ten minutes before I went down and he was bleeding when I did. The point is, that I'm not afraid of much because there's damn little on this world or any other that I can't kick to Hell and back.

So why I'm standing in a closet terrified that someone will find me, I can't really say.

Except that, it's her closet. Except that my best friend - ok, my only friend - is her husband. Ex-husband. Which doesn't explain the stupid grin he gets when he sees her or the conversation I overheard last week. Damn it! Why doesn't he just go back to his own room? I can't not hear them cooing - I have super-hearing along with super-damn-everything else. Which is why my ears are still ringing. Which is why he's in here in the first damn place.

Who knew she could scream like that?

Finally, she convinces him she's ok. Finally, he reluctantly leaves her. Finally, she opens the closet door. Finally, we can pick up where we left off...

I have trouble sleeping. Especially after our battle in Hell a week ago. Not a euphemism, Hell. That's where a lot of shit happened that I'm not all ok with, yet, but perhaps most important, that's where LaTonya was...

Ok, you have to remember that in the spandex world of superheroes, a lot of bizarre shit happens and your choices are either to deal with it or to retire. I was born (created) into it by a madman who wanted a new super soldier. LaTonya went on vacation and was possessed by the spirit of an ancient warrior who gave her super strength and a few other abilities. Par for the course, in our line of work. So, when I say that she was killed by Satan and spirit moved to the body of a demon, I'm not being funny. Or clever. Hell. Satan. Demon.

Anyway, whenever I can't sleep, I hit the gym and do a few hours worth of reps to try and exhaust myself. Shortly after she joined the team, I learned that LaTonya does the same thing. Back then, she was an ordinary black woman and when I say ordinary I mean extraordinary but, well, human. Tall (close to my height and I'm 6'4"), strong - we fought a couple times in the past and she couldn't beat me, but she left bruises. A body that was all woman and a costume that left damn little to the imagination. Working out next to her used to leave me in a cold sweat. Watching her lift weights was suggestive but watching her jog or - God help me - jumping rope ... I'd have to leave the room and shower sometimes; I have super - everything.

And she's my best friend's ex. And she joined the team to be with him. He is my only friend - I wasn't always classified as a Hero and a large number of people still don't consider me one.

After the battle in Hell and LaTonya's change, she looks different. Very different. Enough to change her code name from Power Ms to Demoness. Red scale skin, glowing red eyes, clawed bat wings. Same incredible, well endowed, powerful body though. She wears skin tight leather now wrapped around the body reeks of sin. She looks like temptation walking. And tonight she can't sleep so she's in the gym. Rowing. I can't count my own reps. Hell, I can't keep my eyes off her. I am suddenly reminded of a horrifically embarrassing incident during my puberty when I learned that all of my skin is nearly invulnerable but most of my pants are not. That is not a moment I look forward to reliving so I move to an exercise bike that doesn't face her. I can still see her reflection. She pauses to wipe the sweat from her face. From her neck. From her chest. She arches her back to stretch.

Oh, Christ.

I need a very cold shower. I need a fucking ice bath. I need a very strong drink but I don't do that anymore. Not since Ted found me and gave me a little self respect.

Which is why I can't touch her, can't think about her, can't look at LaTonya without thinking about Ted. She's his. Period. End statement.

I head for the locker room. It's got to be my imagination; she smells like temptation from across the room.

"Sam." Her voice is the same as it was. Still rich, still strong.

I stop with my back to her, "Yeah?"

"Spot me?"

Shit! Say no. Say no and keep going. I don't have that kind of strength, "Sure."

We both move to the weights. She stacks double her usual and lifts it easily. "More." She says. I comply. She's well into my weight range when she finds a level she's satisfied with. Normally, I keep from losing my mind when I spot for her by keeping my eyes directly on hers and counting aloud. Tonight I can't keep count - her eyes are hypnotic.

"What's wrong, Sam?"

She knows damn well what's wrong. She's lying flat on her back, looking up at me. A blind man could see what was wrong from that position. Ted's wife. I swallow, "Nothing. Long day. Think I'll turn in. You through, here?"

"Yeah." She stands up and flings her hair back. I can't remember that last time I wanted a women this badly. Shit, I can't remember the last time I wanted a women and not a bottle. Not before her, anyway. This is very bad. She's slowly drying the sweat across her body.

"Sam," she's looking at me and I can't look away. Is it her? Is it the demon? Do I care? "You know about me and Ted, right?"

"Yeah." I want to say something else but my super-intellect has deserted me, "Yeah."

"I still love him, you know." She bits her lower lip. A fang pees out. Somehow the unconscious gesture is even more arousing. "Sam?" She takes a couple steps closer to me; I can feel the heat of her, "Do you find me ... attractive?"

"LaTonya." My throat is suddenly dry, "You're his wife."

"Ex, Sam. Ex-wife."

"He's my current friend." I move away from her. I get nearly to the door.

"You didn't answer the question." Her voice is seduction.

I stop, "I don't think I need to."

"So that's a 'no'?"

I turn to look at her. Her head is hanging down. For all the power and appearance of the form, she looks lost. Alone. Scared. I find myself beside her. Lifting her chin. Kissing her.

I pick her up without releasing her lips and fly to her room. No, really; I can do that. I stop in time to keep from breaking her door in. Once inside, what little clothing we have on goes flying. Her skin feels like a snake, scaled and supple; it tastes like sweat and something - something I don't know. I can't stop running my lips over her. She moans; it has a slight sobbing sound. I look at her face.

"Ted can't..." her eyes are teary, "The scales. They're sharp."

"Oh." Ted can't touch her, I guess, without getting cut. My skin's damn near invulnerable, "Oh, LaTonya, I'm..." I'm at a loss, "I'm so sorry."

She shrugs, "I just thought you should know."

Then she kisses me again and I don't care who's wife she is or why she's here. She pulls away, working her lips down my body. I start to argue but when she wraps her lips around my erection, I groan. It's probably juvenile, but all I can think is 'oh, shit, Power Ms. is giving me the best blowjob of my life!' I run my fingers through her hair and groan again. This won't take long. I try to hold off cumming as long as I can but when her tongue strokes my anus, I swear aloud. How can she do that? I try to pull back but she almost as strong as I am - right at this moment, she's probably stronger - and holds tight while I explode into her mouth. She swallows. Holy crap, she swallows. And she groans while she does it.

She stands up again, and I kiss her fiercely. I pick her up and put her on the bed. I start with her toes, kissing and sucking my way up her body. At some point, I'm going to identify that taste; it's driving me crazy. When I reach her slit, she is already wet and moaning. I'm not a big fan of pussy but I'm not stupid. I eat her. Her cries become louder, their pitch higher. I plan to stay put until my jaw aches. She thrashes wildly. When she cums, I don't stop; I want to hear her scream. Her body arches, stiffens. I could become a big fan of pussy if she's going to do this every time. Then she screams.

And cuts a hole through two floors of reinforced steel.

Every alarm on the rig goes off. Neither of us even notices. I can't stop kissing her. Not until Ted calls battle stations. I pull away then and fly through LaTonya's new skylight and check the damage. It's impressive. But thankfully not critical. We're going to need a few things from Home Depot. MechTech's going to have a fit. I call in over the nearest intercom.

"Firefight? Avatar here. It's all clear. There's some internal damage but nothing's going to fall apart, flood or catch fire tonight." I pause and steady my voice, "What happened?"

"Demonness." Ted's voice comes over the line, "She discovered a new ability."


The alarm system cuts off. Ted gives the order to stand down, "We'll do a complete survey in the morning. Firefight out."

I take that as my cue and return to LaTonya's room. She's sitting on the edge of the bed with her face in her hands. I move her hair and kiss the back of her neck. "That was amazing."

"The damage?"

"You." I kiss her hands then move them and kiss her lips. I can't keep my lips off her. "I think..."

I'm interrupted by a knock on her door and Ted's voice calling her name. For some damn reason both of us look at the closet. Why I didn't go upstairs, I will never know. Super-everything must include super-stupidity.

"Sorry 'bout that." She whispers shyly as I step out of the closet.

"No problem." I answer. I'm not sure what she wants now, "He was worried."

"I told him it was a nightmare. He didn't believe me but he didn't ask."

I heard all of it but I don't tell her that.

"So." She says.

"So." I repeat. I really want to ask if I can fuck her now but I can't think of any intelligent way to ask the question.

We stand there. She naked, I'm erect. If she tells me to leave, I will. Of all my crimes against humanity, rape is not included.

She turns away suddenly. I can take a hint.

"It's ok. I'll go. I'll see you in the morning." I can't find my pants.

"There's been no one since Ted."

I stop and look at her, "I though you and Mighty Man..." MM's my 'arch enemy'. Well, he hates me; I couldn't care less about him.

Those hypnotic eyes glow a little brighter, "So you figure I do this with just everybody."

"No!" I really hope I'm invulnerable because she's going to hurt me, "I just meant that, I thought you and the two, just him - them - individually. Don't kill me!"

"You just thought a sistah's got to get her groove on with anybody."

"No! I thought Mighty Man was smart enough to pick you up when Ted was stupid enough to let you go."

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