Afternoon Adultery

by Carrot74

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Hermaphrodite, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young blonde is waiting for her fiancee to get home so she can surprise him with her planned evening. Plans have a habit of being altered, and not always the way we want them to...

Synopsis: A fantasy about a young horny woman named Ellen, who ends up letting her lustful desires seduce her in various situations. She seems and comes across sometimes as shy and innocent and definitely seducible by either sex. But underneath lays a lustful young woman.

A young blonde housewife is at her home, alone and very horny, waiting for her fiancée to show up, but he has called to say that he will be working quite late. She is dressed in some real sexy looking lingerie, as she was going to surprise her fiancée when he came home, but all for naught at the moment.

The young blonde — 21-year-old Ellen Vande — is wearing black silk garters with hose, and sheer panties — all covered by a short and sheer black silk robe. At 5foot 2 inches and 130 pounds she is a average looking young woman, but underneath she is a very horny young woman of Dutch ancestry. Her figure is a pleasing 34C — 28 — 34, and she knows how to use her body to attract men. Unknown to her she has also attracted a few women, but nothing has come of it — yet.

She has shaved her pussy so it is bald and very soft to the touch; she got rid of the itchiness by applying some scented oil to her pussy area. The outfit she is wearing is finished with the plain but well kept black 3" pumps that she has cleaned up; it has been since the morning that she has made love and she wants to feel and look sexy. While she is sitting waiting impatiently, there is a knock at the front door.

Ellen puts on a housecoat over her lingerie in case it is someone other than her fiancée — which it is. Ellen looked through the peephole and saw an attractive professionally dressed woman carrying a sample case. She saw a well-proportioned, middle-aged woman with a pleasant smile dressed in a rose-colored dress suit and a pair of matching high heels. Her auburn hair was sparsely flecked with grey and styled in a bouffant, while her suit revealed just enough of her bountiful cleavage to draw attention.

She opened the door and asked what the woman was selling. "My name's Martha Howard, and I'm with 'My Special Wardrobe'," the woman began. "I'd like to show you this year's catalogue of fine affordable hosiery and lingerie for the woman without time to shop for herself." The woman reached into her inside jacket pocket to hand Ellen her business card, and flashed her a view of a colour catalogue.

Ellen opened the door as it was quite cold and ushered the saleswoman into her landing, closed the door, and then led her to the living room. "You'll have to excuse me, I've been working..." she started. "Don't feel any need to apologize," Martha responded, "if you had time to keep a meticulous house you wouldn't need my services." Then she was standing there inside with a grin on her face, and she kept on staring at Ellen and asked if she was expecting someone else. Ellen blushed as she said that was expecting someone else and started to carefully explain her motive.

Then as if a switch was turned on, the mood changed, Martha stated, "You look terrific - I just love your outfit — what I can see, that is." Ellen was now feeling a sudden wetness grow in her pussy again and started looking more closely at Martha. The brunette saleswoman was dressed very nicely in a business dress suit with high heels like Ellen's, except they were red, which Ellen found to be very sexy looking on this woman.

Martha is carrying two rather large cases, presumably with samples and stuff like that needed for her sales. She offered her some choices for liquid refreshments; they both decide on some tea, as it was cold outside and even a bit chilly inside too. Martha and Ellen have some small talk about what the blonde does with her day, what her tastes in clothes are like; some of her other likes and dislikes — the usual woman chat.

Martha starts her spiel with some perfumes, as she has already got a special one picked out for Ellen. She puts 3 bottles on the table and has Ellen smell them before being applied to the skin; the blonde really likes all of them for one reason or another. Before she forgets, Martha opens the one case and shows the blonde the selection of lingerie inside. The lingerie ranged from sensible support bras to some delicious kinky teddies and camisoles, likely for the ladies who want to give something a little extra special for their man.

Once they are done looking at prospective purchases, Martha gets the blonde to allow her to apply some perfume to her neck and then gets the blonde to apply some at the top of her nice cleavage. This first one perfume contains a formula that makes the recipient very susceptible to the power of suggestion. It takes only a couple of minutes before the odour has penetrated to the brain cells of Ellen, so now she is open to suggestions. They both fell silent for a while as Martha worked on the blonde's lovely face, smoothing out the tiny imperfections with her delicate fingers and accentuating her high cheekbones, large eyes, fine brow.

At last Martha came to her luscious lips. When she drew out her pale nude lipsticks, Ellen drew back. "None of those, please", she said. "Oh honey, not to worry. These won't even kiss off", she assured her.

"That's what they all say."

"I'll prove it." Martha applied the colour to her own lips, smacked them together, and puckered up. "Now, pretend I'm your husband. Kiss me. Kiss me like you haven't seen me for a month."

Ellen looked at the saleslady in surprise. "You're a woman! And besides..." Martha could see the blush reddening her cheeks beneath the light layer of make-up she had applied (that she didn't need). The blonde was thinking about it.

"Oh, don't be silly. It doesn't mean anything. You don't think this stuff will stay and this is the best way to prove it to you."

"Okay, I believe you," Ellen said finally.

Taking a deep breath, Martha said "Are you afraid you'll like it?"

"No! I mean I know I am not attracted to women. You're obviously lovely, I mean, I can see that, but it's not, girls I can't kiss-".

They sat so close, that when one turned to say something to the other they could easily kiss. Ellen could smell Martha's scent and it made her dizzy with a yearning to actually kiss Martha's lips and taste her lipstick. She held herself back. You're going off the deep end, Ellen thought. She hadn't realized how hungry she was for physical contact with this woman. Or maybe she had realized it and had suppressed it.

"Ellen, I know you want me to continue so kiss me, right now." Martha leaned forward and pressed her lips to the young blonde's and Ellen felt her tongue against her lips. She opened her mouth slightly and felt the passionate kiss just sear through her, with her incredibly beautiful, soft lips against her own. This was the most erotic kiss Ellen had ever had. The blonde is thinking, "Her kiss makes me dizzy; her mouth is so open and accepting. This kiss gets hotter and hotter, and I'm getting wetter and wetter. Oh, we should stop." They pull apart and look at each other for a long and awkward moment.

Once Martha notices that Ellen seems quite amenable, she asks the blonde if she can apply the next perfume herself, as she feels that it should be put in the right places. This time Martha puts some on the front of Ellen's pretty neck, a bit behind her ears, and then puts a bit on the top of Ellen's nice cleavage herself.

She likes the feel of the roundness that is hidden under the thick housecoat, and she is now waiting to see the effects of this particular bottle of perfume. This one contains a subtle but effective sexual stimulant, which it takes a few minutes to take effect. The sensation of Martha's body so close to hers was making the young blonde both nervous and excited at the same time.

"Oh, I just don't know," she thought. "Can it really be that I want another woman to touch me?" Her mind was filled with hot lust. Martha suggests to Ellen that it is becoming too warm in the house and maybe she would feel more comfortable if she removed the heavy housecoat and cooled down a bit. The blonde readily agrees, and starts removing it as she stands up, and reveals a luscious young body to Martha's hungry eyes.

The older brunette looks excitedly at the young blonde as she is standing there in front of her dressed in her sexy lingerie outfit. On a whim Martha asks the young blonde if she could snap a couple of pictures, as the lingerie she is wearing is exactly like what Martha was going to show her anyways. Ellen agrees, asking that she be able to have them for her fiancée, which Martha agrees to also.

The older woman sets up not just one camera but 3 cameras, in 3 different locations in the living room, which are all auto-focus and auto-tracking once the parameters are set, which Martha does by focusing on Ellen. Unknown to the young blonde is that the cameras are also already recording everything that is going on in a high-tech format just becoming available on the market.

"So what am I supposed to do?" asks Ellen.

"Relax, for a start" replies Martha.

"I am relaxed."

"Oh really?" She grins at the blonde as though she knows her better than Ellen has thought, and of course she does. Martha gets the blonde to do some of the usual standing poses, then starts moving in and touching her body to get the blonde to stand in a particular stance.

"It just feels a bit weird, you know..."

"Sure it does. But it's okay; it's just the two of us. No one else will be looking."

"Other people will see the photos. You said so."

"I only have to show the lecturer. As far as she's concerned you're just another body."

Ellen thinks in her head "Why did I allow her to talk me into this?" Meanwhile Martha pours a glass of wine and presses it into the blonde's hand. Ellen takes a large swallow. Martha takes it back and does the same, then hands it back again, leaving a lipstick smear on the rim. Ellen drains the glass, feeling the alcohol go to her head immediately. Then she tries one last time to back out...

"I haven't even done my bikini line."

"I don't care about your bikini line. This is art, not a Playboy shoot." The walls are echoing with the flash from the cameras, and Ellen doesn't even notice that she is being moved into some suggestive poses.

"Lift your left arm ... put it behind your head."

Ellen obeys while Martha snaps more pictures.

"Good ... now another one with the other arm."

Ellen is standing with her hands running up and down her luscious body, feeling how firm her breasts are standing up from the excitement and attention of Martha's directions. Then Martha removes the camera from the tripod and crouches, looking for another angle. Ellen notices the woman's short dress riding up her thighs, exposing her red knickers and garters. Surprised at herself for looking, the young blonde glances away and thinks about something else.

Martha convinces the blonde to start some sexy poses, and manages to make a point of touching the blonde all over her body while adjusting her poses. As the blonde is directed into more suggestive poses, Martha removes her blazer, as she is getting a bit warm from the lights and Ellen. Fifteen minutes later, they take a break and sip more wine while Martha reloads the camera yet again.

"Let's get rid of the bra, huh?" Ellen hesitates for a moment - she was hoping she'd given up on that idea. But she did promise her, so she gets up, turns her back and unclips the bra, tossing it on top of the couch. So now just looking at the blonde dressed in the black sheer see through silk robe is arousing Martha.

"Now that wasn't so hard, was it? You're beautiful, you know. Let me get this down on film ... Just stand like that..." She crouches, moves in and photographs head, shoulders, and following up with several different angles. "Hands on head." Ellen hooks her hands behind her head, making her breasts jut out. Martha takes a series of photographs, moving closer each time, until she is virtually crouching between the blonde's legs. "Close your eyes." She doesn't know why but she does so. Martha takes her limp right hand and places it over her pubic mound. Ellen pushed against the warm hand, trying to cure the burning desire developing in her loins. Martha held her hand still and only allowed a light touch, however, teasing her on to even more passion.

Martha pulled away from Ellen abruptly, deliberately depriving her of what she wanted. "There, now you're decent." She concentrates on taking a few more shots. "How are you feeling?"

"Okay, I guess..." the blonde managed to reply softly.

Martha whispered, "I'll bet your breasts are big and soft just like mine."

On impulse the saleslady boldly comes behind the unknowing blonde, cups the blondes firm breasts through the silk lingerie, and squeezes them lovingly. Martha gets Ellen to turn her head so she can kiss the blonde while massaging the breasts and squeezing the erect nipples softly. Ellen became impetuous in the given situation as the blonde turns into the saleslady, wrapping her arms around Martha as lust fills her young body. Ellen's nipples were aching as Martha stepped closer to her and asked if she had ever been with a woman. Ellen told her she hadn't and asked if she had. "A couple of times in the past" Ellen flinched, but did not pull away.

Now taking Ellen by the hand, Martha pulled it to her breast and asked softly, "Don't they feel full and heavy, mmmmm, you have such a nice touch, I just knew you'd like them." While Ellen had a full chest, it was nowhere near as large as Martha's, and even though she was initially repulsed at the thought of touching another woman's body, she had to admit that her resolve was weakening.

Instantly sensing that Ellen was now wavering, Martha gently but firmly led the young blonde's mouth to her nipple and fed it to her. "Ohhhhhh Ellen," she sighed, "you must have done this before, mmmmm, you do it so well!" Ellen's head was spinning like a top out of control, she'd never even considered having sex with a woman, but incredibly, this dark haired beauty had taken less than five minutes to put her totally in her thrall, and for the first time, she realized what it was that men found to enchanting by the female breast.

After a few more minutes, Martha lifted Ellen's head from her nipple and whispered, "You're so beautiful, now it's your turn." Ellen felt her free hand on her thigh, and in no time she felt a finger on her clit. Martha sucked in her breath in admiration at the smooth baldness of the young blonde's pussy, and then her breath came in gasps of excitement as she fingered the young blonde.

"Do you finger yourself Ellen?" who could only nod affirmative as a mini shock wave went through her pelvis. "Doesn't it feel a lot better when someone else does it?"

She moaned in response as Martha pulled her finger out of the slippery slit and back to the sensitive clitoris. She didn't want her to stop it felt so nice.

She knew that now she would do anything Martha told her to do. She wanted Martha to give her the gratification her lust-filled body so urgently needed. She somehow knew that Martha had deliberately manipulated her into needing her so badly and into her embarrassing nakedness, but she didn't care now. Ellen felt the pressure build in her abdomen and pelvis; she was close to orgasm. Martha sensed it and sped up her finger action.

She was on the verge of orgasm, then Ellen came like she hadn't in years, it was an orgasm that was earth shattering. Her juices flowed into Martha's hand like crazy as she clung to the older woman's shoulder. As she finally stopped cumming and began coming down, Martha kissed the blonde on the lips and then bent and took each of Ellen's stiff nipples in her mouth and briefly sucked each one.

But the saleslady doesn't give Ellen much of a break — she starts kissing her way down the front of the luscious blonde body and ends up kneeling in front of her, with her face right at crotch level. She smiles at the young blonde as she puts her head down to the pussy and she slowly licks up across the wet inner lips, up to her tender clit. Ellen wiggles, she squirms, but Martha pushes her tongue against the clit and Ellen gets hotter. The brunette moves her tongue down to her love hole and pushes it in.

Ellen whimpers as she surrenders to this hot lesbian and pushes her pussy against the probing tongue. Martha pumps her tongue in and out making the pussy juices flow. Ellen squirms again, but this time in passion. She wants to cum and this woman's tongue is going to do it. Martha slides her tongue to her clit and licks at it very fast. The tension in Ellen's pussy builds with each flick at her passion button. She closes her mouth on the clit and sucks it into her mouth. This pushes the young blonde over the edge. Her muscles tighten, her pussy juices flow, and she orgasms again like she has never cum before — all this while Ellen is barely able to stand on her heels. She licks at the blonde's open pussy, lapping up her flowing love cream.

Once she is done that, Martha stands up and kisses Ellen gently at first, then passionately as they both taste the blonde's pussy juices. The kissing arouses the horny blonde wife even more — she finds her voice offering to return the favour to the saleslady. Martha smiles knowingly and says, "Not yet — I have something ... else more along the lines of what you really want."

The saleslady has the blonde housewife just about where she wants her, so she takes the initiative and moves Ellen over to the dining room cabinet. She tells the blonde to lean forward on the cabinet, runs her soft hand up Ellen's thighs to get her to spread her legs apart a bit, and then removes her skirt quickly. Ellen tries looking over her shoulder to see what Martha is going to do, but the saleslady tells her, "Uh uh — you'll ruin the next surprise."

The frustration only amplified her desire, and the heat between her thighs seemed to become a raging flame; yet she didn't want to be free of Martha's control. Ellen moaned, softly ... but the sound was enough to stir Martha's own desire for her to the breaking point. Martha's fingers were already there between her thighs, stroking her swollen labia, then swirling her folds around, taking her time. Ellen was grateful when she felt Martha's smooth, long finger enter her, and begin to swirl inside of her, the tip of the woman's finger rubbing over Ellen's inner ridges from the forefront deep down into her, and then back again.

As Martha withdrew her finger, Ellen followed with her hips, hoping to keep it inside her. The young blonde then feels something hard yet smooth and very familiar feeling sliding along her wet pussy lips. Martha cupped her buttocks, and Ellen was unable to move as the older woman's hard cock began to slide into her. As the head disappeared inside of her pussy, Ellen felt her pussy lips stretch, pulling down on her clit. She could feel that inane sense of fullness that only a cock could bring.

Her mouth opened, and she gasped as Martha slid her cock through her moist folds, but the woman's grip was firm and insistent, and as her swollen wetness strained around the warm length sliding inside her body, Ellen could only open her legs and arch her hips to accommodate Martha. Ellen gasped as she felt the cock burrow deep inside her just like her own dildo or any guy she had ever been with.

It is not until the cock is fully inside of her pussy does Ellen realize it is a real cock — not a strap-on dildo - buried in her moistness. She tries to turn around and protests "Oh no!" but the saleslady has her hands on the blonde's hips, holding her cock deep inside the luscious blonde. Martha let it lie in her for a moment before slowly retracting and beginning again, and Ellen could feel her desire rise and with it an oncoming orgasm.

"Are you OK?" Martha asked, somewhat concerned about Ellen's reaction.

"Yeah, j-just surprised and oh God I never expected anything like this! You're so big!" she gasped.

Martha smiles and flexes her excited cock and can feel the blonde's overexcited pussy spasm around her hard cock in return. Ellen's body shakes with the force of each stroke, the friction inside of her making her gasp every single second; she felt Martha's cock sliding in and out of her pussy, touching her in places that a vibrator could never touch.

Martha loves seeing the young blonde arch her body onto her cock, her hips bucking back and forth on her hard cock as her eyes and mouth held open with sensory overload. Ellen could not believe the sensations of immense delight that she had running through her body, as this gorgeous older woman made love to her.

Martha was very excited while enjoying watching this sexy younger woman go crazy, running her tight pussy along the length of her cock. The girl's tight pussy pulled at her cock, the fit was so tight. Martha for her part couldn't believe how tight the blonde's pussy was! The head of her cock felt like it was ready to blow off at any second due to the velvety friction that was being applied by the luxurious insides of her pussy! With each slow deliberate thrust, she felt Ellen lose control until she stiffened up and her pussy started to squeeze her cock even tighter, almost crying through the waves of her cum.

Suddenly she felt Ellen moan "Oh yes" loudly then her mouth gets quiet as the orgasm overloads her senses. The young blonde wife is still half-heartedly protesting as orgasms run through her sexy body repeatedly. She is having trouble staying balanced on her feet, as she is in high heels — with shaky legs. Once the blonde has finally stopped her shaking and orgasming for now, Martha pulls her still hard cock out with a soft plop, and then stands the blonde up on her very shaky legs. "Don't worry," she reassured me. "I'm not going to do anything you don't want to, you know."

Martha moves the two of them over to the big couch and sits herself down on it, spreading her legs and now exposing her pubes to the blonde housewife. Martha brings Ellen to a kneeling position, and it is now that the blonde sees that Martha has a pussy under her erect cock; she finds it fascinating and erotic. "Oh my, isn't that neat! This isn't something I see everyday" Ellen commented almost offhand.

Martha says, "You could repay me the favour by using your pretty mouth on me. I love watching a beautiful woman using her mouth on me." With a bit more encouragement Ellen places one hand on the blonde's thigh and the other tentatively at the base of the slippery cock.

The cameras have zoomed in from all angles but the blonde wife has become oblivious to them as she has become quite aroused. She moved her face closer and closer to Martha's cock. Tentatively she stuck out her tongue and made contact with the cock. Ellen gradually opens her pretty mouth and lightly flicks the cock eventually towards her mouth. Martha let out a loud moan as the tip of Ellen's tongue brushed against her cock head. The blonde licked up and down her cock over and over again before taking as much of it as she could into her mouth.

Ellen had to really stretch her mouth to fit the huge thing into her mouth. Martha gasped as she felt the blonde's warm mouth engulf her cock, and then the blonde swirled her tongue as close to the bottom as she could get. Ellen started to bob her head up and down the length of her cock, sucking in as she pulled her head up; she never let the cock slip out of her very talented mouth. Martha had begun to babble and wiggle her hips up and down pumping her cock deeper and deeper into Ellen's waiting mouth. She could hear her saying something about it feeling so good.

The blonde reached under the balls and started to stroke a finger up and down over the entrance to her vagina. She could feel the juices flowing making the pussy lips wet. She placed a finger at the entrance to Martha's pussy and pushed it in gently until she heard her moan in delight. At this sound Ellen opens her eyes to see the brunette fondling her own breasts while watching the blonde sucking her cock expertly. In turn, that only aroused Ellen even more: the thought that she was sucking Martha's cock at the same time she was finger-fucking the saleswoman's pussy!

Never in her strangest dreams would the young wife have imagined she could find such enjoyment in the sexual embrace of another female, especially under such circumstances, but there was no question but that her helpless body was responding with shameless delight. It was strange, yes, but not as terrible as she had expected, and she found she could endure it without too much difficulty. She feels like she wants to please and be pleased by this attractive older hermaphrodite until her aroused lust is satisfied.

Ellen notices happily that Martha is shaking a bit with the pleasure as the blonde then pushes 2 fingers into the warm moist pussy. It takes just having the two fingers pushed into her pussy to send the saleslady over the edge without much warning except for the low moan and arching of her back. At that moment Martha came in Ellen's pretty mouth. She could feel the cum shooting against the back of her throat as she started to swallow, and she had to swallow vigorously while she deliberately held her pretty mouth down on the cock. Ellen gulped down the hermaphrodite's cum as she continued to rub the pussy. There is so much cum juice from the head of the cock that the pretty blonde is gulping and trying not to lose a drop.

Ellen can also feel Martha was now humping the blonde's face frantically and screaming from her cum. Some of her cum started to drip down the sides of her cock over the hand. Still, she was surprised when she felt Martha's already tight pussy clamp down on her finger as a slightly salty liquid squirted out of the penis between her lips - all accompanied by Martha's soft, deep moans as her body was wracked by an obviously very strong climax.

Finally Martha stops her writhing and convulsing from her tremendous orgasms under the blonde wife's very talented mouth. Ellen pulls her fingers out, stands up and goes to the washroom where she washes her hands of the juices, and then goes to the kitchen.

Martha stays on the couch regaining her composure when the blonde returns with a glass of juice each for the two of them to regain their strength. They are both breathing a bit rapidly from the exertion of their pleasure; Martha comments, "That was so ... mind-blowing. Thank you very much." Ellen smiles down at the still sitting saleslady and replies, "You are welcome."

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