Afternoon Adultery

by Carrot74

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Hermaphrodite, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young blonde is waiting for her fiancee to get home so she can surprise him with her planned evening. Plans have a habit of being altered, and not always the way we want them to...

Synopsis: A fantasy about a young horny woman named Ellen, who ends up letting her lustful desires seduce her in various situations. She seems and comes across sometimes as shy and innocent and definitely seducible by either sex. But underneath lays a lustful young woman.

A young blonde housewife is at her home, alone and very horny, waiting for her fiancée to show up, but he has called to say that he will be working quite late. She is dressed in some real sexy looking lingerie, as she was going to surprise her fiancée when he came home, but all for naught at the moment.

The young blonde — 21-year-old Ellen Vande — is wearing black silk garters with hose, and sheer panties — all covered by a short and sheer black silk robe. At 5foot 2 inches and 130 pounds she is a average looking young woman, but underneath she is a very horny young woman of Dutch ancestry. Her figure is a pleasing 34C — 28 — 34, and she knows how to use her body to attract men. Unknown to her she has also attracted a few women, but nothing has come of it — yet.

She has shaved her pussy so it is bald and very soft to the touch; she got rid of the itchiness by applying some scented oil to her pussy area. The outfit she is wearing is finished with the plain but well kept black 3" pumps that she has cleaned up; it has been since the morning that she has made love and she wants to feel and look sexy. While she is sitting waiting impatiently, there is a knock at the front door.

Ellen puts on a housecoat over her lingerie in case it is someone other than her fiancée — which it is. Ellen looked through the peephole and saw an attractive professionally dressed woman carrying a sample case. She saw a well-proportioned, middle-aged woman with a pleasant smile dressed in a rose-colored dress suit and a pair of matching high heels. Her auburn hair was sparsely flecked with grey and styled in a bouffant, while her suit revealed just enough of her bountiful cleavage to draw attention.

She opened the door and asked what the woman was selling. "My name's Martha Howard, and I'm with 'My Special Wardrobe'," the woman began. "I'd like to show you this year's catalogue of fine affordable hosiery and lingerie for the woman without time to shop for herself." The woman reached into her inside jacket pocket to hand Ellen her business card, and flashed her a view of a colour catalogue.

Ellen opened the door as it was quite cold and ushered the saleswoman into her landing, closed the door, and then led her to the living room. "You'll have to excuse me, I've been working..." she started. "Don't feel any need to apologize," Martha responded, "if you had time to keep a meticulous house you wouldn't need my services." Then she was standing there inside with a grin on her face, and she kept on staring at Ellen and asked if she was expecting someone else. Ellen blushed as she said that was expecting someone else and started to carefully explain her motive.

Then as if a switch was turned on, the mood changed, Martha stated, "You look terrific - I just love your outfit — what I can see, that is." Ellen was now feeling a sudden wetness grow in her pussy again and started looking more closely at Martha. The brunette saleswoman was dressed very nicely in a business dress suit with high heels like Ellen's, except they were red, which Ellen found to be very sexy looking on this woman.

Martha is carrying two rather large cases, presumably with samples and stuff like that needed for her sales. She offered her some choices for liquid refreshments; they both decide on some tea, as it was cold outside and even a bit chilly inside too. Martha and Ellen have some small talk about what the blonde does with her day, what her tastes in clothes are like; some of her other likes and dislikes — the usual woman chat.

Martha starts her spiel with some perfumes, as she has already got a special one picked out for Ellen. She puts 3 bottles on the table and has Ellen smell them before being applied to the skin; the blonde really likes all of them for one reason or another. Before she forgets, Martha opens the one case and shows the blonde the selection of lingerie inside. The lingerie ranged from sensible support bras to some delicious kinky teddies and camisoles, likely for the ladies who want to give something a little extra special for their man.

Once they are done looking at prospective purchases, Martha gets the blonde to allow her to apply some perfume to her neck and then gets the blonde to apply some at the top of her nice cleavage. This first one perfume contains a formula that makes the recipient very susceptible to the power of suggestion. It takes only a couple of minutes before the odour has penetrated to the brain cells of Ellen, so now she is open to suggestions. They both fell silent for a while as Martha worked on the blonde's lovely face, smoothing out the tiny imperfections with her delicate fingers and accentuating her high cheekbones, large eyes, fine brow.

At last Martha came to her luscious lips. When she drew out her pale nude lipsticks, Ellen drew back. "None of those, please", she said. "Oh honey, not to worry. These won't even kiss off", she assured her.

"That's what they all say."

"I'll prove it." Martha applied the colour to her own lips, smacked them together, and puckered up. "Now, pretend I'm your husband. Kiss me. Kiss me like you haven't seen me for a month."

Ellen looked at the saleslady in surprise. "You're a woman! And besides..." Martha could see the blush reddening her cheeks beneath the light layer of make-up she had applied (that she didn't need). The blonde was thinking about it.

"Oh, don't be silly. It doesn't mean anything. You don't think this stuff will stay and this is the best way to prove it to you."

"Okay, I believe you," Ellen said finally.

Taking a deep breath, Martha said "Are you afraid you'll like it?"

"No! I mean I know I am not attracted to women. You're obviously lovely, I mean, I can see that, but it's not, girls I can't kiss-".

They sat so close, that when one turned to say something to the other they could easily kiss. Ellen could smell Martha's scent and it made her dizzy with a yearning to actually kiss Martha's lips and taste her lipstick. She held herself back. You're going off the deep end, Ellen thought. She hadn't realized how hungry she was for physical contact with this woman. Or maybe she had realized it and had suppressed it.

"Ellen, I know you want me to continue so kiss me, right now." Martha leaned forward and pressed her lips to the young blonde's and Ellen felt her tongue against her lips. She opened her mouth slightly and felt the passionate kiss just sear through her, with her incredibly beautiful, soft lips against her own. This was the most erotic kiss Ellen had ever had. The blonde is thinking, "Her kiss makes me dizzy; her mouth is so open and accepting. This kiss gets hotter and hotter, and I'm getting wetter and wetter. Oh, we should stop." They pull apart and look at each other for a long and awkward moment.

Once Martha notices that Ellen seems quite amenable, she asks the blonde if she can apply the next perfume herself, as she feels that it should be put in the right places. This time Martha puts some on the front of Ellen's pretty neck, a bit behind her ears, and then puts a bit on the top of Ellen's nice cleavage herself.

She likes the feel of the roundness that is hidden under the thick housecoat, and she is now waiting to see the effects of this particular bottle of perfume. This one contains a subtle but effective sexual stimulant, which it takes a few minutes to take effect. The sensation of Martha's body so close to hers was making the young blonde both nervous and excited at the same time.

"Oh, I just don't know," she thought. "Can it really be that I want another woman to touch me?" Her mind was filled with hot lust. Martha suggests to Ellen that it is becoming too warm in the house and maybe she would feel more comfortable if she removed the heavy housecoat and cooled down a bit. The blonde readily agrees, and starts removing it as she stands up, and reveals a luscious young body to Martha's hungry eyes.

The older brunette looks excitedly at the young blonde as she is standing there in front of her dressed in her sexy lingerie outfit. On a whim Martha asks the young blonde if she could snap a couple of pictures, as the lingerie she is wearing is exactly like what Martha was going to show her anyways. Ellen agrees, asking that she be able to have them for her fiancée, which Martha agrees to also.

The older woman sets up not just one camera but 3 cameras, in 3 different locations in the living room, which are all auto-focus and auto-tracking once the parameters are set, which Martha does by focusing on Ellen. Unknown to the young blonde is that the cameras are also already recording everything that is going on in a high-tech format just becoming available on the market.

"So what am I supposed to do?" asks Ellen.

"Relax, for a start" replies Martha.

"I am relaxed."

"Oh really?" She grins at the blonde as though she knows her better than Ellen has thought, and of course she does. Martha gets the blonde to do some of the usual standing poses, then starts moving in and touching her body to get the blonde to stand in a particular stance.

"It just feels a bit weird, you know..."

"Sure it does. But it's okay; it's just the two of us. No one else will be looking."

"Other people will see the photos. You said so."

"I only have to show the lecturer. As far as she's concerned you're just another body."

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