Franc 1: No Geek Policy

by Serena Jones

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Bobby had one simple rule about the women he dated - no geeks. Then he meet Franc...

This won first place in's 'Nerd Love' Contest

"The Federal Reserve?"

"Uh huh. I specialize in currency exchange policy."

"Is that a fact." I'm going to need a whole lot more beer if I'm going to have to listen to this for the rest of the night. She drones on like I could actually care about what she does for a living. Like anybody gives a shit about coin collecting or whatever.

I look out at the dance floor. My buddy and her sister are practically doing it in public. 'Oh, he so owes me for this.' I think. I admit it, I'm taking one for the team tonight. He wanted the hot sister and needed someone to occupy the other one. I saw her picture and thought well, she kinda cute so what the hell? Better than staying home and watching the Wizards lose again.

No one mentioned the dinner-plate size glasses she wasn't wearing in the picture. No one mentioned that she's a total card-carrying geek fer-criss-sake. The works: math wiz, Star Trek fan. The kind that spend Friday nights in basements playing dice games with elves. I didn't know black chicks even did that kind of stuff. If I had known that, I'd have said 'no'. Flat No. I don't care how cute she is, I have a strict No-Geek policy.

Over dinner, she explained in excruciating detail the difference between Kirk and Picard as captains. Now, while everybody else in the place is movin' to the groovin', she's giving me some dissertation on coins.

" ... like the new quarters, for instance." She says.

"What about them?" I have no idea what she's talking about but then I didn't understand about half of what she said when I was listening.

"Well, where were they minted?"

"Uh, it matters?" I must have missed something.

"Well, see that depends on the collector. If you just want all 50 states, then no not really. But I have a friend in Arvada, Colorado, and it's hard for him because he started his collection here so they're all the Philadelphia mint. But out there, all his coins are from the Denver mint. You can tell because the face has a little 'P' or 'D' stamped on it. See?" She holds a coin out to me.

"Oh, yeah. Mail 'em."

She nods vigorously, "That's what we do! I send him Phillys and he sends me Denvers. I have another friend in..." she keeps going so I guess I said the right thing. I look at the dance floor again. My buddy and the sister are nowhere to be seen. Great.

"I think we got ditched." I say cutting over whatever she was saying.


"Where'd your sister go?"

She looks around. "Oh." She smiles wanly at me, "Sorry. She does this all the time. I know she's the hot one. She always tries this and it never works out. What do I owe you for dinner?"

It's sad. I can't see her figure under the Velma-from-Scooby Doo-sweater she's wearing, but she not bad looking aside from the glasses. She just needs to stick to her own geek-ish kind. I'm not a complete prick, I guess, "Look, dinner's on me."

"Really?" she squeals the 'ly' part. It's sort of innocent. Cute. "I don't mind. I always pay half."

"Next time." I say waving the waiter over.

She laughs, "Right. Next time." She knows just like I do, there is no chance of a 'next time'.

We get outside and she heads over to the bus stop. I check my watch; it's 2:15am. Yeah, I'm a prick; sure, I'm gonna let her wait for a bus at this hour.

I start to call out to her then realize I have no clue what her name is. I walk over, "Hey, uh, what is your name, anyway?"

"Franc?" she says with that tone like she answered that a couple times before.

"Right." I remember, she has, "Spelled like the currency."


"Right, Franc. Come on, I'll give you a lift."

"Really?" she squeaks again.

"Yeah. No problem."

She gives me this big, bright, cheesy grin. "Thanks." She starts digging in her purse as we walk to my car, "I've got gas money in here somewhere."

She seems determined to contribute so I just accept it. "Thanks. Where to?" She tells me her address. It's not too far out of my way, so it's not a big deal. She doesn't say much in the car which is a relief after the long winded garbage she's come up with so far.

Just the same, when we pull up to her building, she gives me that silly grin of hers.

"You've been really cool."

"You're a nice kid." I say. It's true. If I hadn't wanted to slit my wrist during the 'Picard as borg' discussion, I'd be all over her by now. But, like I said, no geeks - ever.

She blushes. I haven't known a chick who blushed since junior high school. It's kinda cute. "Listen, um I don't usually, you know."

I don't want to hear the 'I'm saving myself' speech. "Hey, I don't want anything. Dinner was great. You paid for gas. We're even."

She laughs again, "No. Drive down that alley. There's a parking lot around back."

The geek puts out? Ok, just this once, this could work.

She points out a nice dark parking space. Two minutes after the car's in park, my dick's in her mouth and I don't have to say or do a thing. She just whips it out and sucks it in. Her mouth is wet and warm and I groan as she bobs up and down. She's pretty good too; like she knows what she's doing. I'm always slow with blowjobs so a lot of chicks give up just because they get tired. But her thick lips are wrapped so tight around me I feel like I'm in her cunt. I pop in her mouth much sooner than usual, swearing like a sailor. She swallows, wipes her lips on a napkin from the glove box and says good night. Then she gets out of the car and that's it.

That's it.

I drive home. I can still feel her lips on my dick. I can still feel them the next morning on my way to work. And while sitting at my desk while making my morning sales calls. Finally, at lunch, I go find my buddy and bust his chops about ditching me with 'geek girl'. Then I harass him for the sister's phone number. I go back to my desk and call her.

"Hi, I don't know if you remember me but we met last night and your sister left her, uh" I try to think of anything she might have dropped, "her uh, I don't know some damn Trek thing. Uh, anyway, if you could have her call me, I'd appreciate it." I leave my number and hope that didn't sound as lame as it felt.

Just before I leave for the day, my voice mail light goes on. I check and it's from the sister. Call Franc at work. I can't believe I'm gonna ask her out. Well, not on a date - no dinner, just sex; I can't listen to another evening of quarters and space ships.

I call her.

"Franchesca Baker."



"Bobby." She doesn't respond. "From last night." I can hear noise on the other end but it's not her. "I gave you a lift home."

"Yeah, I remember. I don't need a flashback." She doesn't sound happy to hear from me, "What do you want?"

I think I've made a strategic error but it's too late now, "I wanted to see what you were doing tonight."

"Some friends of mine are coming over to watch season one of the new Doctor Who series. I got the DVDs last week."

Oh crap! Kill me now! "Room for one more?" I pray she'll say no like any sensible woman.

"Really?" Little things excite this chick.

"Yeah, sure." Was that blowjob worth this? "I mean, if it's a bad night, we could get together another time..."

"No, tonight's great!" she hesitates, "You really want to come over?"

"I really want to come over." I really don't want to watch science fiction crap but I really want to come over.

"'Cause I kinda got the feeling that, you know, you weren't into the whole Sci-Fi thing."

"Can't I just want to see you again?"

"Oh yeah!" She laughs in disbelief at that, which is understandable. "Everybody will be at my place around 7 o'clock. If you want to come by, you can park in the back again." She hangs up.

No coy bullshit. No lies. She's different than most of the woman I date who are either prowling for husbands or prowling for free meals. She's direct. Honest. Kinda cute.

I grab flowers. I don't know why but the gas station had those cheap bouquets by the register and I just impulsively got one. When the cashier gives me the change, I have to wait while she opens a new roll of quarters. She gives me three of them - all shiny newly minted states. The thought occurs to me and I look closely at the coins. I smile at her, "Philly, not Denver. It could make a difference."

The cashier looks at me like I'm crazy - which I might be if I'm actually remembering coin collecting shit. I get to Franc's place around 6pm which I figure gives me plenty of time to get in, hit it and get out before the dweebs arrive.

I should have known better.

Six of them beat me there. I should have just turned around and left but I didn't want to look like the total prick I am. I give her the flowers anyway 'cause I'd look like a jackass if I didn't. They're eating pizza and playing some game on graph paper. "What's all this?" I ask - mostly because I'm too stupid to keep my damn mouth shut.

"BattleTech." Franc says between bites. "You can play my tank commander, if you'd like. I'm just about to lead my mercenaries against Phil's."

"You'll be on the losing side." Says a tall, thin red-haired guy with tape - actual tape - on his glasses.

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