Call Me What You Will

by Serena Jones

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Romantic, Gay, TransGender, CrossDressing, Swinging, Black Male, Oriental Male, First, Anal Sex, School, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: He's Brandon. Unless He's Brandy. When she's not Ping Lo, that is. It's a bit confusing. How one crossdressing boy finds true love. A sweet, sappy story about a boy meeting a, uh, er, well They figure out something by the end!

His parents had been so happy to see that he registered under his real name — not the American 'Brandon' that he used all through school but 'Ping Lo'. They thought he was finally accepting the family heritage of which they were so proud. It was enough of a big deal for them that they didn't complain about him attending a school in up-state New York. A ten hour drive from Reedville to Buffalo. In truth, part of the scholarship fund had been because he was an Asian-American student so using his real name had helped.

However, the reason for the name and the far away college and several other details had nothing to do with heritage and everything to do with Brandon himself.

It had taken careful planning to get everything set up properly. His friends had told him, warned him. If he did this, it was for four years. Once he started, there'd be almost no way to go back without a probable lawsuit. False registration could get him expelled or worse. But once they were sure he wanted to go through with it, they all helped. Now, with his boxes and suitcases and his parents leaving for home soon, he wished Alex and Sheila, Beth and Lisa would just appear and tell him again. "You'll be fine."

"People will believe you're a girl."

Finally, they left and he immediately drew the curtains shut. Change clothes first. Panties. A bra — not that he needed one, he just liked them. Simple but feminine tops and A-line skirts. And heels. He had feminine legs and high heels showed them off well. He styled his hair, pulling the top into a clip and letting the back and side fall free. A little lipstick but no other makeup.

Then he opened the window and began to unpack. A closet full of dresses and skirts. Hair ribbons. More lingerie than he could possibly wear but Alex had been right about that — wearing it made him feel like a 'pussy'.

Finally, he left his room and made his way down to the building's lobby.

"Hi!" said a perky girl in pink. "We're having a welcome party. Are you new? Come join us."

He took a breath. "Thank you." He could barely whisper. Fear and excitement nearly overpowered him.

"What's you're name?"

"Brandy Dixon." He said out of habit. She looked at her list and frowned. "Oh. You have Ping Lo. My Chinese name."

"OH! Yes. Here you are. Would you rather be Brandy? It might be easier." Without waiting, the girl wrote 'Brandy' on a nametag and stuck it on his chest. "There. I'm Cindy. Welcome to Buffalo." She took his hand and pulled him into the party room. She introduced him to Carl and left them to get acquainted. Then he met Steve, Chris, Karen, and many more names than he could keep track of. Mostly freshmen. All living in this building, a mixed gender dorm. Brandon had scrambled to get a room in this building. An all-girl building would have been too much pressure. And an all-boy building would have been too much temptation. Here, he had a single room, practically a closet, on a girl's floor.

Over the next week, he attended Introductory Breakfasts, Orientation Luncheons, New Student Dinners and First Year Socials in between registering, completing, filing, testing, and suffering in every line on campus. Brandon worried frequently about being found out. Then classes started and everyone accepted him as a 'her'. It was almost easy. People simple accepted that he was who he said he was. By the end of the first month, he was almost able to relax. He was beginning to form a circle of friends, some at the dorm, some in his classes. All of them treated him like a girl.

The first conversation on menstruation caught him off guard but he knew enough from Beth and Lisa to not be shocked and synchronized his 'cycle' to one of his new friends. He bought a box of pads and just for the novelty of it, actually used them for a week. He got used to peeing sitting down in the girl's room. He got used to showering in the last stall, very early or very late and always wearing a full-length robe zipped — not tied — shut. He got some Nair and used it every four days — not that he was particularly hairy. One more thing to thank his heritage for.

"Hey, you wanna go out?"

Brandon was packing his book bag after class and the male voice behind him caught him completely off guard. He looked around slowly to see Eric, a classmate and dorm mate, smiling at him. Eric was mocha-brown with dreadlocks. Not too tall, not wide, beefy but not body-builder-overstuffed. He was a bit shy but not afraid, just reserved. Brandon felt his dick twitch looking at that smile. And those tight pecs under a tight t-shirt.


Eric's smile faded to something more earnest. "I mean a bunch of us are going off-campus for pizza and beer. You wanna come with us?"

"Oh. Uh..." Dating. Brandon hadn't even considered the realities of dating. He hadn't thought anyone would actually ask him out. "Uh..."

"It's cool to say no."

"No!" Brandon almost shouted. Then blushed and looked away. "I hadn't expected ... I mean, I didn't think..." He laughed at his own embarrassment. Alex would have told him to 'grow a pair.' He looked back at Eric and smiled. "I would love to go. Thank you."

Eric's smile returned, brighter than at first. Brandy was quiet, very un-like any of the girls he had met so far at school. Maybe it was the Far East mystique of her — he preferred to think of her as 'Ping Lo' with her round face and almond-shaped eyes. 'Brandy' seemed so common. She was defiantly uncommon. She was blonde, for a start. Not that clearly dyed white blonde but a dark honey color that seemed weird and perfect at the same time. The southern Virginia accent and long blond hair didn't match her clearly Asian features but lent her a different charm altogether. She wasn't pretty in a conventional way. Her face was too round, her figure too flat to be sexy. She would be boyish if she weren't so delicate and graceful. He had been terrified that she would say no to this first overture. Maybe tonight he'll find the nerve to ask her on a real date. There was a Labor Day mixer coming up. "Good. We're meeting at the dorm lot at 5. I'll see you there." He paused a moment. If this were still high school, he would have carried her books to her locker. This wasn't high school. "OK. Uh, later." He left the room and headed to his own next class.

Brandon sat there, still stunned. What the hell do I do now? He thought. Then his first move stuck him.

He called Lisa. "OMG! A cute boy just asked me out."

Lisa squealed. "Tell me, tell me, tell me! What's he look like?" They talked until the next class began arriving and Brandon had to rush or be late himself.

After his last class, Brandon hurried to his room and changed clothes. Twice. Something casual, Lisa had said, but pretty. Something that says this isn't a real date but you could ask me on one if you wanted to. Brandon had no idea what that meant really. He just really wanted to look like a girl. A pretty girl. In the hall, he stopped one of his study buddies "How do I look?"

"Oh for gosh sake, it's just pizza, Brandy."

"Yeah, but it's pizza with Eric." He said, not really meaning to put his heart that far on his sleeve.

"Oh." She said. "Well. Hhmmm. I think you'll pass." She said with a trace of humor.

Brandon had to laugh at himself. "I'm being a wreck, aren't I?"

"I don't know. Eric's pretty cute."

Eventually three car loads of them wound up at the local pizza shack. Brandy sat in the back seat wedged between the perky Cindy and Eric, who looked out the window most of the ride. Brandon began to think he had the wrong idea until Eric took his hand to help him out of the car. The electricity was unmistakable. For a moment, Brandon held his breath, thinking Eric was going to kiss him right then. But the moment passed and they all went inside.

Alcohol. Alex and Lisa both said to avoid it. All you need to do is get trashed enough to forget which bathroom to use. He demurely passed, saying that he wasn't much of a drinker and no one questioned it. The conversation covered mostly the cost of books and what they all missed from home. Through it, though, Brandon had the feeling that Eric was talking to him, just him and not everyone else.

Eric liked the way Brandy's eyes sparkled when she talked. They were a brown only a shade darker than her hair. Honey hair, honey eyes. Sweet. When she passed on the beer, he passed as well. He liked the way her hair fell into her eyes. Blonde girls. Something about them always appealed to him. When he went to the bathroom, Steve followed him.

"Dude, take a picture."


"Of Brandy. You're practically drooling."

"That obvious, huh?"

"Well, if she hadn't noticed it's 'cause she's just as hot for you."

"Think so?"

"Dude. Trust me, you are in."

"Maybe not." Eric laughed. "She's probably a virgin."

"Hey, that just makes it easier. First college guy, right?"

It was a tempting thought. But Eric didn't want her to think that he was just looking for a 'good time'. It was too much too fast. Finding a girlfriend before he's even picked a major. He went back to the table in time to hear her saying that she was heading back to campus.

"It's early." Brandon said. "I'll walk."

"I'll walk with you." Eric chipped in for the pizza and escorted Brandy into the early evening.

It was still warm enough to walk. They didn't hold hands but Brandon thought if he reached out Eric would take it. The idea made him shiver. And got him hard. I've got a boner for a straight guy. What the fuck do I do with this? He thought. Alex is gonna love this.

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