Outside Chance

by GentleButFirm

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Men deceive themselves sometimes that they are in charge. Not for long, though. "No! You seem to have an issue with understanding. I want someone to take me and give me a proper seeing-to, outside, in the fields. Are you man enough, or should I call for further assistance?"

"I don't want to marry you, stupid boy," she said with a grin.

"No?" I was a little confused.

"No! You seem to have an issue with understanding. I want someone to take me and give me a proper seeing-to, outside, in the fields. Are you man enough, or should I call for further assistance?"

I broke my promise to myself, my vow to her father, and my chance to live a blameless life. When she walked out the front door, I ran after her. I followed her to the edge of the wheat field, and I stood, spellbound, as she removed every item of her clothing but her shoes.

I followed her lead, removing my own clothes while the smiling witch bared her pale skin without even a hint of embarrassment. I walked closer as she finished, and she laughed as she turned and ran off.

I ran after her again, both of us naked, and threw her to the ground in the wheat field. I pinned her to the rough bedding of crushed plants, my body on hers, my hands holding her wrists to the ground. I kissed her unresisting face, brushing my lips over her dark hair, and made my way down to her throat. When it was apparent she really wasn't going to resist, I let go of her arms, and took her breasts into my hands. They were large, pale and firm, and her nipples were hard and dark. I took one of them into my mouth. A sigh escaped her lips, and her knees parted magically.

I lifted myself to look in her eyes. I wasn't at all sure I could stop at this point, but I was sure willing to try if she hesitated. One glimpse at her face was enough. She wasn't kidding. She wanted me.

Lifting my body from hers I looked with appreciation at what I could see. Pale skin, great smile, wonderful breasts, slim stomach. Looking further down, her body flared to her hips, and a dark bushy thatch introduced her widely spread, vividly pink, most welcoming private parts.

There's a temptation to describe this part of her body as her vulva. Or her vagina. Or any number of other terms. But given the circumstances, I think it's more appropriate to refer to it as her cunt. Her sopping, eager cunt. I'm sure she wouldn't mind.

I must have been slightly distracted by looking, because she reached up and grabbed my shoulders, pulled me down against her, and hissed at me to hurry up.

I lifted myself a little on my arms, repositioned myself slightly until the tip of my cock was sitting directly between her labia. Taking a breath, both physically and psychologically, I thrust. I felt my cock slide deep within her, tight but slippery, hot but sweet. She sighed. I groaned.

She pulled her knees up a little then, put her hands on my ass, and thrust back, as though it was a hint. I took it. I lifted myself and pushed again. Her body reacted exactly as it should, and we fell to a wonderfully frantic rhythm, forcing ourselves together and apart, sweat lubricating our bodies, sharply broken plant material preventing any sort of comfort.

We pumped. Up and down. In and out. We didn't speak, unless moans qualify. I'd looked at her for weeks, and we'd only ever done this in my mind. In reality, her breasts were bigger, her thatch was darker, her gloriously desperate cunt was tighter. In reality neither of us were going to last nearly as long as we had when only my mind was fucking her.

Inevitably, we both became even more excited. Our levels of arousal rose beyond reason. The movement, the friction, the heat and the surprisingly smooth texture of her pale skin were too much.

I felt her legs tense, and the semen rise in my cock. I heard the gasp escape her mouth, and loved the bite of her fingernails on my ass. I slowed, desperate suddenly to delay the inevitable finish if I could. I was decidedly too late, and so was she. As her body clenched beneath me, my cock jerked inside her. A flush spread through both our bodies, and she screamed as I found my deep wonderful release.

We lay there for a time, her body sublime beneath mine, my weight presumably not so comfortable over hers. After all, the bed wasn't exactly goose-down. Eventually I lifted myself, and started to speak.

Before I had a chance to actually say anything, she placed a finger on my lips, plainly forbidding me to talk. I stared at her until she took her hands and pushed me off, and over, on my back, on the wheat. She swung herself over on top of me, replayed the finger trick, and lay there for a while, her thatch resting on my waist, my spent cock hanging down between my legs. I was right. It wasn't too comfortable here with a body on top of you. It was nice though, just the same.

She thanked me. She agreed that she'd been seen to. She told me that her father would be away until the evening, and she asked me if I could meet her at the river in the afternoon. I found myself still unable to speak, and merely nodded.

She smiled, kissed me quickly, and then lifted herself from my body and stood. She turned, wiggled her ass, and ran back towards the house. By the time I figured out that she'd gone, scrambled to my feet, and run to the edge of the field, she'd picked up her clothes, and was just disappearing, still naked, into the house.

I dressed and walked around the house, still somewhat bewildered.

That afternoon, after checking that her father hadn't returned, I walked down to the river as I'd promised.

She was standing on the bank, and as she saw me coming, she looked around to ensure we were alone, and then slowly removed her clothing again. I had the chance to admire her properly this time, and she was gorgeous. Firm and solid, full frontal, feet apart, no attempt at modesty.

She turned once she was sure I'd seen her, and walked into the water. I ran after her, threw my own clothes off and followed her into the current, my erection obvious until the river was deep enough to cover it.

The water wasn't terribly warm, despite the nice day, and my body soon decided it wasn't worth keeping itself at attention, so by the time I caught up with her I was less of a threat. She turned to me then, pressed her chest to mine, and kissed me soundly. I might not have been able to retain an erection, but she could certainly feel the momentary attempt. Her hands slid down my sides and she took me between her fingers. She stroked my cock until it was hard again, and then let me go, knowing this wasn't the best place, but unable to resist teasing me.

We swam then, for a while, splashing and kicking at one another. At some point I was holding her tightly, kissing her welcoming lips. Her legs were wrapped around my waist, and she was rubbing up and down against me slowly. Her mouth found its way to my ear, and she nibbled my earlobe for a while before whispering to me.

She told me I should call her Adina, that she needed me more than she had that morning, and that if we floated downstream a little she knew of the perfect place.

I put my hands under her buttocks, held her tightly to me, and lifted my legs from the sandy bottom of the river. We floated precariously for a while, and then the current picked up, and I had to let her go so we could both swim.

Adina pulled me towards the other side of the river, away from any likely interruption. As we floated around a bend in the river, she started swimming seriously towards the other bank. I followed her. What other reasonable options did I have?

As we got a little closer to the bank I could see a small waterfall. The water splashed and bounced on flat rocks at about the surface level of the river. We swam towards them, crawled up on a rock, and then walked to the waterfall. This water, warmed by the sun, was more comfortable, and Adina knew exactly the right spot.

She sat me so the water was falling mostly on my back, and then she climbed on me, facing towards me, and sat herself down. Her buttocks were on my legs, her breasts against my chest, her lips pressed against mine again.

Her movements had exactly the effect you'd expect. I hardened beneath her, and she took advantage of that too, rubbing against it, the feeling of her warm slippery skin wonderful against me. Her nipples hardened with excitement as she moved, and she pressed against me, sighing.

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