The Reward

by TheMoose63

Copyright© 2008 by TheMoose63

Erotica Sex Story: Joyce is a mature woman whose husband isn't interested in sex any more and she feels she is sexually repressed. On a business trip, Joyce connects with her boss Michael and then a business associate named Paul and finds out that she isn't as repressed as she thought she was.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   .

Joyce walked into the master bathroom and saw that her husband Jeff was already in the shower. She stripped off her robe and glanced through the opaque shower doors and could just see the outline of his body as he washed. She thought that for a 63 year old man her husband still looked damned good. He stood 6'3" and she suspected that he weighed around 225 though she wasn't positive; recently he was tending to hide his real weight from her. She watched as he washed his genitals and could see his cock swinging back and forth, the cock she had loved for so many years, the cock she loved to have in her mouth, the cock that filled her so deeply and made her whole body shake with pleasure - that is until his triple by-pass surgery two years ago. Since that surgery Jeff had lost all interest in sex and she wasn't sure if it was because he was afraid of having another heart attack or if it was something to do with his medications but whatever the cause it was wreaking havoc on their sex life and their relationship.

She turned and looked at herself in the mirror and thought that she still looked pretty good ... at least for a 53 year old woman. At 5'6" and 129 pounds she still looked damned good in her clothes although she did have just a hint of fat around her waist. Her breasts didn't sag ... well not too much but then with a 34C bust line there had to be some sag given her age. Her butt still looked nice and tight and her legs were those of a much younger woman probably due to the three miles she walked every weekend. Joyce reached into a drawer and took the pair of small scissors and began to neatly trim her pubic hair, short but not so short that it concealed her labia. She used to shave herself completely because Jeff like her that way but since he had lost interest in sex she just kept herself trimmed neatly. She cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples and was pleased that they still responded to her touch. The shower stopped and she looked over as Jeff's hand reached out, grabbed his towel and then dragged it back inside and he began drying off. Finally finished he stepped out of the shower and walked across the room and gave her a peck on the cheek. Joyce took that opportunity to wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled him to her, her bare breasts pushing flat into his chest, her hard nipples trying to burn a hole in him and then when she kissed him her tongue snaked in between his lips and she moaned as she felt herself getting wet.

Jeff pushed back and away from her. "For Christ's sake Joyce, stop that ... you know that I have to get ready for work!"

At first she was shocked at his rejection, then angry. "Jesus Christ Jeff what in the hell is wrong with me? I keep my self in good shape, I think I'm still the sexy woman you married but I'm a woman who has needs too. Do you understand me? I still need to be loved and if you can't or don't want to then maybe I should find someone who will!" She regretted her words as soon as she said them but it was too damned late.

He spun and looked at her, anger in his eyes. "Fine Joyce! You want to run around and fuck someone else, that's fine with me, go ahead and make a whore out of yourself, I don't care!" He turned and walked into their bedroom and began dressing for work and that's when he noticed her suitcase on the end of the bed. With a frown on his face he called out, "What in the hell is this! Where are you going Joyce ... what's the suitcase for?"

She sighed and walked into the bedroom. "I told you Saturday, the company was so pleased with my last proposal that when they got the contract they invited me to go along for the signing, I guess it's their way of giving me a little bonus for all my good work." For some reason she didn't want to tell him that she was going with her boss, Michael Stone. Michael was only 31 years old and was generally thought of as the 'most eligible bachelor' in the company and she didn't think that Jeff would appreciate that she was going to be alone with a sexy bachelor for three days.

"Really? Oh yea ... I guess I forgot, well when are you coming back?"

She just wanted him to leave for work, to get out of her face but she didn't want him to be angry and raise his blood pressure so she kept up a positive banter. "Well honey, I'm leaving this afternoon and will be staying at the Seattle Marriott for two nights then I'll be home on Friday afternoon. My flight schedule and reservations are under the magnet on the refrigerator. All-in-all I'll be home early enough on Friday that I can make dinner unless you would like to go out to eat?"

"Hummm, maybe a dinner out would be nice! Look, you go and have a good time, maybe the trip will be good for you ... give you time to get over all this silly sex stuff." He finished dressing and walked over and gave her another peck on the cheek. "See you on Friday."

Joyce stood there stunned, so stunned she couldn't even think of a retort. Go have a good time? Get over the silly sex stuff? She was so stunned that she just sat down on the bed and watched him leave then she started crying. What she wanted was her husband to tell her... 'don't go to Seattle, stay home with me! I don't want you a thousand miles away in a hotel with a strange man!' What she got was Jeff walked out of the house on his way to work.

Frustrated with his nonchalant attitude she took a deep breath, wiped her eyes and walked into the bathroom and took a shower. Finished she went into the bedroom to pick out her traveling clothes. Looking through her dresser she pulled out a nice lacy white bra and matching pair of panties and put them on. She decided on a pair of slack so she didn't have to wear pantyhose, put them on then scrounged around for a decent blouse. In the back of the closet she found an older blue blouse that was cut just a bit low but then she was just traveling so what was the harm in showing off just a little, maybe even Michael would notice. Dressed and packed she drove down to the office and parked on the third floor of the parking garage where she had agreed to meet Michael. She didn't have to wait long as his sleek black Mustang convertible pulled up beside her, parked and he got out of his car. He looked at her and whistled.

"Wow! Hey sexy, you ready to fly to Seattle?"

Joyce smiled at his wolf-whistle and tried to sound cheerful. "You bet Michael, let's blow this town!"

They took a cab to the airport, check-in and didn't have to wait long before their flight was called. She was surprised when she found out that the company had sprung for First Class tickets. She was in a window seat and she stuffed her purse underneath the seat in front of her then leaned back and watched the rest of the passengers as they boarded the plane. She noticed that several men and a few women too, looking interestingly at her and Michael. At first she thought they might be jealous that she was with such a good looking man but then her mind changed gears and she wondered if they thought that she might be his mother! Well, there wasn't much she could do about that ... let them think what they want.

Michael and Joyce chatted easily for the three hour flight and even enjoyed a glass of wine with their lunch. Well, there certainly wasn't anything like flying First Class to make a girl feel like a queen!

Michael had turned toward her and was sipping his wine and chatting and trying not to look down Joyce's blouse but that was hard to do given that her blouse was cut deep enough to show off the tops of her breasts. He had always thought that Joyce was a sexy woman, even for her age, and on several occasions he had invited her out for drinks but she always refused, claiming that she really needed to get home and be with her husband. The message was clear enough to Michael; she was married and not interested. Still he always held out hope that maybe someday ... and now that he was going to have her all to himself for the next three days maybe he could loosen her up a bit. He had personally reserved their rooms at the Marriott and made sure that they had adjoining rooms with a connecting door ... just in case. As they talked she shifted positions and he suddenly had a clear view down her blouse as one of her areolas and a beautiful brown nipple peeked out and he almost dropped his wineglass.

Without realizing what was happening Joyce saw his glass starting to slip through his fingers and she sucked in a deep breath preparing to be the recipient of the wine spill that was surly coming but he must have heard her and he clenched the stem and saved an embarrassing moment. At first she just thought it was an accident then she noticed where his eyes were focused and she looked down and saw why he had almost dropped his glass. Embarrassed at her herself she casually tried to adjust her blouse which didn't work and if anything showed even more of her breast. Trying not to be obvious, she shifted in her seat then adjusted her blouse and bra and covered herself. She sat there listening to him and was secretly pleased that at least someone thought she was worth a second look!

The plane landed at SeaTac International Airport and after gathering their luggage and the long cab ride downtown they were standing at the reception desk at the Seattle Marriott. The front desk concierge was helpful and just smiled at Michael when he whispered his question about the connecting doors.

"Oh yes sir, I made sure that you got exactly the two suites that you reserved." He looked at Joyce standing there and for a moment wished that he was in the adjoining suite. He handed Michael the plastic keys to both suites and pointed him towards the elevators. "Twenty-first floor sir and you'll have a great view of Puget Sound."

"Thanks." Michael said then slipped him a fifty dollar bill and started to pick up their suitcases.

The Concierge horrified, called out. "Oh no sir, I'll have a Bell Hop bring up you luggage, no charge!"

"Thanks." Michael said again as he led Joyce down the hall to the elevators. When the doors opened Michael noticed that it was a glass elevator and on their way up to the 21st floor the view was spectacular if somewhat scary for Joyce. Once the elevator left ground level she gasped and put her arm through Michael's and almost hugged him as they rose up into the air. "You alright?" He asked.

"Oh yes! My God Michael this is wonderful but it is just a little scary ... I've never been in a glass elevator before."

About halfway down the hallway they came to suites 2121A and 2121B. Michael took a key and opened 2121B and led Joyce inside. The room itself was huge, a living room with a small kitchenette, a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi spa and a separate bedroom. There was also the open door to the other half of the suite. "Is this mine?" Joyce squealed.

"Yup and mine is a duplicate and it's right though that door." Michael answered.

Joyce looked at the open door and frowned. "Uh, look Michael ... about the door..."

"Oh don't worry Joyce, it's just so we can get together for drinks or talk about the contract signing or whatever. Look if it bothers you, you go ahead and lock it from your side." He looked down at his wristwatch. "Look Joyce why don't you go ahead and freshen up for dinner and I'll do the same. I'll bang on the door in about ... oh say twenty minutes ... is that alright?"

She looked at the door again then back to Michael. "Well, alright ... I guess so." She watched him close the door then waited for her luggage. When the Bell Hop arrived she tried to pay him but he refused, claiming that the gentleman in the adjoining suite had already tipped him. When he left Joyce locked the front door then unbuttoned her blouse, took it off and laid it on the couch and went into the bathroom to wash her face.

Michael closed the door then listened carefully. When he didn't hear her turn the door's lock he smiled to himself, a small victory but a victory nevertheless. When there was a knock on his door he let the Bell Hop inside, tipped him for both of them then closed the front door. He listened at the adjoining door and heard Joyce talking to the Bell Hop then he heard the door close. He waited five minutes and then knocked on the adjoining door.

Joyce was in the bathroom and heard the knocking and thinking that it was Michael at the front door stuck her head out of the bathroom and yelled, "I'm almost through."

Michael opened the adjoining door and stepped inside the room. He saw her blouse on the couch and smiled. A few seconds later Joyce stepped out of the bathroom drying her face with a hand towel. Michael was impressed with the size of her breasts and the lacy white bra that encased them, damn she was sexy as hell.

Joyce dried her face then dropped the towel and saw Michael standing there looking at her. "EEKE! What the hell?" She quickly put the small towel in front of her trying to hide her breasts. "Michael ... what are you doing in here?"

Like a gentleman and not wanting to scare her, Michael turned his back to her so she could get dressed. "I'm so sorry Joyce ... I knocked and thought you said something about being ready so I came inside. I apologize." He was lying and had a grin from ear-to-ear but she couldn't see that, not with his back to her.

Her breathing returned to normal and with his back to her she walked over to the couch, grabbed her blouse and quickly put it on, buttoned it up and tucked it into her slacks. "Oh that's alright Michael, no harm done." Still as he turned around she remembered the look on his face as he had stared at her breasts and she thought it was pure lust!

Michael smiled at her and took her arm. "Come on Joyce, let's go down to dinner."

As they walked down the hallway to the elevator bank Michael casually put his hand on the small of Joyce's back — in a gentlemanly fashion. When the elevator doors opened and they stepped inside they were again drawn to the beauty of Puget Sound and Michael stepped close to Joyce and put his arm over her shoulder much like a man would do to his wife or a date. "My God Joyce will you look at that view!" Michael exclaimed.

She felt his hand on the small of her back and didn't think a thing about it; it was just Michael being a gentleman. When the doors opened and she saw the beauty of the Seattle landscape she drew in a deep breath ... then his hand went around her shoulders and he pulled her close to him. She thought about asking him to remove his had but it felt so nice, and in fact made her feel like a woman who was wanted so she didn't say anything. The lights were flickering from a variety of ships and boats on the sound and it was indeed beautiful. "I don't think I've ever seen anything as pretty as that!" She exclaimed pointing with her finger.

They were seated in the Marriott's elegant up-scale restaurant and looking at the menu. "Good evening." The waiter said in a greeting. "Before dinner cocktails or perhaps some wine?"

Joyce deferred to Michael. "What ever you want Michael."

He looked over the wine list then pointed to a selection. "I think a bottle of the 87 Silver Oaks Cabernet would be acceptable."

The waiter nodded in approval. "A very nice selection sir." Michael started to hand the wine menu to the waiter but Joyce stopped him.

"May I see that please?"

"Yes ma'am." The waiter handed the menu to Joyce then left to get their selection.

Joyce opened the menu and it didn't take her long to find the bottle of Silver Oaks. Jesus it was $375! "My God Michael... $375 for a bottle of wine?"

"Well," Michael smiled, "I think you're going to find that this wine is spectacular ... and beside, with the money we've made off of this contract this is just a drop in the bucket. Besides it's a gorgeous wine for a gorgeous woman!"

They spent almost two hours talking and eating and enjoying the wine. At one point Michael was smiling at her, a grin on his face like a schoolboy with a crush on a girl. She looked at him, smiled back then said, "What?"

"Well I was just thinking that I'm having dinner with the most beautiful woman in Seattle."

She was taken aback. "Oh! Well thanks for the compliment but I think you've overstated your case."

Michael wasn't about to quit. "Really? Look at everyone in here Joyce, there isn't a woman half as spectacular as you are and if you sneak a peak at the males in here you'll notice that they are all admiring you!"

She slowly looked around the restaurant and saw that indeed several of the male patrons were watching her and Michael. "Well thanks again for the compliment and I'll take it ... after all it's not every day that a woman my age gets ogled by a handsome man such as yourself."

"No problem Joyce you deserve it and I'm proud to be seen in public with you!"

She blushed at the compliments and as her face glowed in the pale light something else happened ... she felt herself getting wet. My God, a couple of compliments from a sexy man and I'm already wet, what in the hell is going on? Has it been that long since I've had sex that a compliment will actually turn me on?"

Joyce wasn't much of a drinker and after a couple of glasses of the expensive wine she was feeling more than a little giddy and by the end of the meal she knew that she needed to get some sleep. "Michael, I really need to get to bed ... what time are we due at the offices tomorrow?"

"There really isn't any hurry Joyce, we're not due there until 1:00 ... that means that we can sleep in if we want to."

"Oh..." One o'clock she thought ... so why did we fly up so early ... we could have flown up tomorrow morning, made the meeting and flown home the following day. Things didn't come together in her mind and perhaps it was the wine but she decided it didn't really make any difference ... she had enjoyed flying First Class, the elegance of the Marriott and now a $700 dinner ... it just didn't seem to get better than that! She started to push back her chair and the back caught on the rug, tilted a little and Michael was on his feet and caught the chair before she fell. "Oops."

"Easy Joyce ... let me help you."

"Thanks, I guess I've had enough to drink but you were right, it was an excellent wine."

Michael helped her to her feet and took her by her elbow. "Come on, I'll help you." They walked out of the restaurant and down to the elevators. While they waited for the elevator Michael brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes. He looked at her and smiled. "You know something Joyce..."

She looked up at him and started to reply ... what ... but when she tilted her head up he kissed her. She wasn't sure how to respond to that after all she was married and almost old enough to be his ... whatever, still it was a nice feeling, having someone as sexy as Michael kissing her ... actually wanting to kiss her. Damn Jeff, damn him for this.

Michael smiled. She had fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the books ... ask a woman a question and when she looks up, kiss her. If she didn't pull away or slap your face you were half way home. Joyce did neither ... she didn't pull away or slap his face but he could tell that she was confused. It was better not to push his luck, at least not yet. He pulled back, looked into her eyes then kissed her forehead. "I'm sorry Joyce but you looked so sexy I just had to kiss you."

She didn't know how to respond. She should have stopped him right there! No fooling around ... but his lips had opened a bit of a floodgate inside her ... it had been so long since her husband had shown even the slightest bit of enthusiasm for her and now here was the sexiest man she knew kissing her. "Uh ... well thanks Michael." How dumb was that comment she thought! The elevator doors opened and they stepped inside. There wasn't anyone else going up and when the doors closed Michael pulled her to him and she thought he was going to kiss her again, but he didn't, he just cuddled her into his side and held her tightly as the elevator ascended up the side of the building. When the door finally opened Joyce sighed a sigh of relief, she hadn't had to fend him off after all.

As they walked down the hallway Michael held her tightly until they came to her suite. "Your key?" He asked. She looked through her purse but couldn't fined it then she remembered setting it down on the counter in the bathroom.

"Oh! I think I left it in the bathroom when I changed."

"No problem, we can get in through my room." He guided her and opened his door and they went inside. The room was pitch black except for the opened drapes that revealed a spectacular view of downtown Seattle complete with several well lit skyscrapers and a spectacular view of the Space Needle. He took her hand and kissed the back. "Can I get you something to drink?"

She looked out the window and just wanted to melt into his arms. "Oh, no thanks Michael, I think I've had quite enough for tonight."

"Do you mind if I have one?"

"No, not at all."

Michael walked over to the mini-bar and took out two chilled two ounce bottles of vodka, poured them into a small glass and sipped on it. The romantic scenery drew both of them back to the window and hand-in-hand they stared out through the window. She knew what was going to happen as soon as Michael set his drink down on a side table, he was going to kiss her and she prepared herself.

Michael set his glass down, turned and pulled her into his arms. His head dipped to meet her lips and when their lips touched she put her arm around his neck and they kissed. At first it was just two lips touching another two lips then her tongue touched his lips and he opened his mouth and in that moment everything changed. He pulled her tightly to him and felt her breasts mashing against his body and she began to rub his back. As they kissed he worked his sport coat off and let it fall to the floor then he loosened his tie. The kiss broke for a moment and he could hear her breathing hard. "Oh God Joyce you taste wonderful."

She knew that this was wrong, that she should stop but it had been so long since Jeff had wanted her that she just couldn't break away from him — not now, not while he was kissing her and turning loose her sexual impulses that were shooting throughout her entire body. She felt his fingers on her blouse, and then one by one her buttons came undone. She shrugged her shoulders to help him take her blouse off without breaking their kiss she then she was standing there in her sexy white bra. She felt the fingers fumbling for her bra snap and she reached behind her and undid the bra herself. The garment was being held in place by their bodies but Michael slipped his hand up and pulled the bra off and her breasts were finally free. He bent down and took a breast into his mouth and sucked on it, her hardening nipple responding to his lips and tongue. She reached down and rubbed on the front of his pants and felt his hardness. As she rubbed up and down she wondered how it would feel to have him inside her, to make love to her, to screw her!

When he unbuttoned her slacks and unzipped them and slipped his hand inside he felt her wetness and his finger searched for her clit. When he found it he gently rubbed small circles and suddenly felt her tense up then her whole body shivered and he realized that she had just had an orgasm. "Sweet Jesus Joyce, you came!"

"I know." Indeed she had and when she did it awakened something inside her something that she wasn't expecting - buyers' remorse. Jesus Christ what in the hell was she doing in a man's hotel room, half naked with his finger buried in her pussy? Oh God she was married and about to have sex with a co-worker. NO, she couldn't! She pushed him back. "I'm ... I'm sorry Michael, I shouldn't have led you on like this ... oh God I'm so sorry." She pulled her pants up then bent over and picked up her bra and blouse and raced across the room, opened the adjoining door and escaped into the safety of her own suite. She closed the door and leaned back against it and took deep breaths and thought about what she had almost done. In the darkness of her own room she could feel her naked breasts rising up and down and as she touched them she felt her hard nipples and when she closed her eyes Michael's face entered her mind. God, I've got to take a cold shower and go to bed!

Michael was stunned when she pushed him away then he realized what had happened, she had thought about her husband and gotten cold feet. He walked over to the adjoining door and quietly tested the door knob ... it wasn't locked. Did that mean she had forgotten to lock it or was it more subtle ... she wanted it left open. It crossed his mind to lock his side and keep her out and thus keep her frustrated then, after a deep breath, common sense prevailed and he left the door unlocked. After all, he reasoned, maybe she would have second thoughts and come back.

Joyce was indeed having second thoughts. Having undressed, she was standing in the shower letting the cool water run over her body. She was so horny and so hot that she imagined the water cascading down her body making steam. She was afraid to touch herself because she knew that if she did there was no way she was going to sleep alone that night. She turned of the shower, toweled off and walked over to the dresser and took out a short nylon nightgown. Slipping it over her head she sat on the edge of the bed and thought about what had happened. She had actually let him take off her blouse and even worse she had taken off her bra herself. When he sucked on her nipples he made her so hot that when he touched her clit she had climaxed! She had actually climaxed to his touch ... imagine what she would do if he actually made love to her? Joyce turned off the table lamp and slipped under the covers and rolled onto her right side. The curtains in the bedroom were still open and she stared out into the dark night and watched lights flickering in the distance. The clock read 9:53, then 10:14, then 10:47 and still she couldn't fall asleep. She wondered what Michael was doing? Was he asleep? Did he sleep naked? Was he stroking himself and thinking about her? Naw, that was absurd, after all he could have any woman he wanted ... still he had chosen her, had told her how beautiful she was, how much he wanted her...

Joyce eased the covers back and sat up and put her feet on the floor. She took a deep breath then walked over to the adjoining door and tried the handle ... it was still unlocked. She opened the door just a fraction to see if any lights were on but it was completely dark inside his room. She opened the door all the way and walked inside. "Michael?" She whispered. "Michael, are you awake?" Nothing. She walked across the living room to the opened door to the bedroom and looking inside. She could see his body curled up under the covers. "Michael?"

He heard her the first time, in fact he heard her when she opened the door but he didn't want to scare her away again. When she stood in the doorway and whispered his name her rolled over onto his back. "I'm awake." He pulled back the covers and patted the mattress beside him.

She felt like a little child at a birthday party. He was awake and he still wanted her! She slipped off her nightgown and slipped in the bed beside him. As she leaned over and kissed his cheek her breasts pressed on the side of his body and she felt a little shudder inside her, God she was going to cum. As she rubbed her breasts on his chest and kissed him she stopped and looked at him, "Michael, please don't make fun of me."

He was confused. "Make fun of you, what are you talking about?"

"Well I'm so much older than you and my body is ... well ... it's..."

He kissed her cheek then took her into his arms. He wasn't wearing anything under the sheets and his hard cock pressed into her stomach. "Christ Joyce, didn't you hear me at dinner, you're fucking beautiful!"

"Yes I know what you said but..."

He took her hand and guided it down until she touched his hard cock then wrapped her fingers around him. "You feel that Joyce? Now do you think I'm making fun of you? God I've wanted you ever since I first saw you ... don't you remember me asking you out for drinks? You're beautiful and you've got a great mind and you have the personality of an angel, now come over here and kiss me."

"Oh Michael that's so ... nice" She pulled him closer, her hard nipples poking into his bare chest and they kissed again. Their lips were pressed together tasting each other then their tongues began poking and prodding until hers finally broke through his lips and entwined with his tongue. She moaned as her juices started flowing and his fingers found their way between her legs and into her womanhood. She pressed her hips forward, encouraging him then her body tensed and her head tilted backward and she let out a low growl as she came. "OHHHH GOD ... SWEET JESUS THAT FEELS..." She didn't say another word as her thighs clamped down on his fingers and she shook with pleasure.

Finally she rolled over onto her back and was taking in deep breaths. "Oh ... oh my God ... that ... that was unbelievable, just unbelievable ... I ... I don't think I've had an orgasm that powerful in years!"

Michael smiled and rolled over onto his side then got up on his hand and knees and leaned down and kissed her. "Jesus Joyce you are so God damned beautiful and I fucking love the way you enjoy your own body!" His lips trailed down her shoulders and found her breasts. He cupped each one, kissed her nipples then pushed her breasts together and sucked both nipples into his mouth and suckled.

"Oh ... oh yes! Oh God Michael ... oh my God ... oh honey that feels wonderful."

His fingers trailed down and again slipped inside her soaking wet pussy, found her clit and teasing her as he continued to suck on her breasts.

She moaned, lifted her butt up into her air to accommodate his fingers and held his head to her breasts. "Yes Michael, Oh yssssssssssssssss!!!!" He hips bucked as she came again. Oh Michael ... please baby ... I want you, please ... make love to me ... PLEASE!"

Michael dropped down onto his back, lifted her right leg then slipped his butt up under her leg. She reached down and grasped his cock and guided him into her. She moaned as he filled her tight pussy, sliding all the way back. God she was so tight he thought, tight like a virgin.

"Ohhhhhhh God! Oh Michael that feels wonderful!"

He rocked his hips back and forth, his cock plummeting her until he felt the familiar feeling deep inside him. "I'm ... I'm ... Joyce I'm almost there!"

Joyce was almost there too. "Oh yes baby, fuck me ... fuck me hard, I want to feel your hot cum inside me!"

He reached around and pulled her onto her side and hammered his cock into her until he tensed, his cock twitched then he shot his hot cum deep inside her. "Ohhhh fuck Joyce, Oh fuck yes!!!!!!"

They lay still, his cock still inside her, cum seeping out the side of her pussy and spreading down her thigh before dropping onto the sheet. Finally she moved, just an inch or two, and his softening cock slipped out of her. She kissed his cheek and he massaged her back. "I have to tell you something Michael..."

He turned and looked up at her smiling face. "What baby?"

"Well ... that was the best ... ah ... oh God Michael I haven't felt that good in a long time ... a long time."

He kissed her and she kissed back then he rolled over onto his side and she spooned up to his back, reached over his side and took his cock into her hand and slowly stroked him. The both fell asleep and didn't wake up until there was a knocking on the door of the suite.

"Room service! Room service Mr. Stone!"

Michael rolled out of bed and walked over towards the door and Joyce sat up ... then realizing that she was naked she pulled the sheet up to cover her breasts. "What is it Michael?"

He turned and smiled at her. "It's just room service Joyce ... I ordered us a late breakfast last night."

"Oh ... okay." Then as she sat there she thought about it she wondered how he could have possibly known that she would stay the night?

Joyce slipped out of bed and wrapped the sheet around her like a kimono and walked from the bedroom into the living room of the suite just as a young man from room service wheeled a cart with their breakfast over to the table. He looked at Joyce, got a huge grim on his face then nodded his head and said, "Ma'am" and set the table. The way the boy grinned at her she wondered if he knew that she and Michael were having an affair then when she looked down she saw that one of her breasts was clearly visible to the boy. Michael signed for the food and the young man left the room but not without one last look at her. Although there was no way for him to know that she and Michael weren't married Joyce was embarrassed nonetheless and she pulled the sheet tighter around her body. Michel, for his part, was wearing just a pair of Jockey shorts as he sat down at the table.

He looked up at Joyce and sensed that she was uncomfortable. "Something wrong?"

"Uh ... well I guess I'm just a little embarrassed by all of this."

Michael got up and walked around to her, kissed her cheek then slipped behind her and put his arms under hers and cupped her breasts. "Jesus Joyce there isn't anything to be embarrassed about, hell the kids doesn't have a clue that we aren't just another married couple on vacation." Michael was squeezing her breasts and playing with her nipples. "Come on let's eat ... actually we have to eat and dress fairly quickly ... we need to be at Wilkes, Bates and Sutterheim just after one!"

"I know ... what time is it?"

Michael looked at his watch. "Almost 11:30!"

"Eek ... Jesus Michael we have to get moving ... a woman can't just make herself beautiful in mere minutes like a man can."

They quickly finished their breakfast then decided to shower together. Inside the luxurious shower/tub combination Joyce washed Michael then on a whim dropped down onto her knees and began washing his cock and balls. As she ran her washcloth around his balls she stroked his cock until he was hard. She loved his cock, long and thick and perfectly straight ... no lean to the left like her husbands. And he had a beautiful cock head with a ridgeline that was irresistible as she slipped him into her mouth and began sucking on his head.

"Oh my God Joyce that's incredible!"

She looked up and smiled but she didn't let him go and in less than two minutes he was shooting hot cum into her mouth. She eagerly swallowed all of it and when he finally finished she milked the last of the cum out of his cock then licked off the last remaining drops from his head and let him go then looked up into his smiling face. "So, did you like that ... come on ... tell me did you?"

"Like it? Christ Joyce, I loved it!"

"Well good but now I've got to get washed then back to my suite and get dress for our meeting ... if I stay here another second we'll never make the meeting on time ... if at all."

The taxi dropped Michael and Joyce off at the front door of the seven-story building that housed the offices of Wilkes, Bates and Sutterheim in downtown Seattle. After a short elevator ride they were inside Bill Wilkes conference room with Allan Bates and Paul Sutterheim seated at the table. They all sat there and talked while they reviewed the contract then there was a short conference between the parties and as they talked Joyce sat in her chair behind Michael's listening and trying to learn as much as she could. The contract process had always fascinated Joyce and she was thinking about several options that she might have included in the contract and because she was thinking she didn't hear them talking to her.

"Earth to Joyce ... Earth to Joyce?"

She finally realized Michael was talking to her and she looked up to see everyone staring at her. She turned red when she realized that everyone's attention was focused on her even though she didn't know why. "Uh ... I'm sorry ... my mind was somewhere else, did you ask me something?"

They all laughed then Michael started. "Well Joyce I was just telling everyone about your promotion, that's all."

She was confused ... promotion? What promotion? "I'm sorry but I'm not following you."

Michael made sure he had everyone's attention then he started. "Well, you see this whole trip was a ruse of sorts to get Joyce out of the home office. She thinks that the company let her come along with me as a reward for getting this contract onto the table but that couldn't be farther from the truth. You see my boss and I decided that Joyce had done such a good job in her current position that it was time for her promotion to Vice President of Acquisitions and in that light she will be responsible for the entire sales force and report to me directly. Getting her out of the home office gave us time to get her new office put together so she can hit the floor running when we get back. So what do you think Joyce?"

She couldn't believe it ... Vice President! She had worked hard and knew that she deserved it but still to be promoted over all those men ... wow! Blushing she said, "Well I'm flattered ... amazed actually, but I am so happy that I could just cry!" What she wanted to do was rush over to Michael and take him into her arms and kiss him but that certainly wouldn't have been very prudent.

It was Paul Sutterheim that really made her day. "Well this is indeed a pleasure. Look Michael our firm has a private room at an exclusive restaurant over in Bellevue that overlooks Lake Washington and I would be extremely please to take you and Joyce out for a celebratory dinner tonight ... what do you say?"

Jesus, an exclusive restaurant like that how could they resist she thought. "Oh Paul, that would be wonderful, thank you so much!" Then she realized that Michael should have agreed, not her and she sheepishly looked over at him for his approval and he simply nodded his head yes.

"Good," Paul said, "Then I'll pick you two up at ... oh say seven this evening?"

They finished off the contract and then went back to their hotel and got ready for that night festivities. It was just a little before seven when Michael gathered up Joyce and they took the elevator to the lobby and then went outside under the Marriott's green canvas cover and waited for Paul.

"Well there's Paul now." Michael said.

Joyce looked around but didn't see him anywhere. "Where ... I don't see him?"

Michael pointed. "There, in the limo."

Jesus, she thought ... I've never seen a limo as fancy as that one! It was a huge white Cadillac and when Michael opened the back door Joyce slid across the seat and her elegant cocktail dress slid up high enough that Paul had an excellent view of her thighs. She saw him looking and was a little embarrassed as she tugged her dress back down and moved over so that Michael could get in beside her.

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