The Reward

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Joyce is a mature woman whose husband isn't interested in sex any more and she feels she is sexually repressed. On a business trip, Joyce connects with her boss Michael and then a business associate named Paul and finds out that she isn't as repressed as she thought she was.

Joyce walked into the master bathroom and saw that her husband Jeff was already in the shower. She stripped off her robe and glanced through the opaque shower doors and could just see the outline of his body as he washed. She thought that for a 63 year old man her husband still looked damned good. He stood 6'3" and she suspected that he weighed around 225 though she wasn't positive; recently he was tending to hide his real weight from her. She watched as he washed his genitals and could see his cock swinging back and forth, the cock she had loved for so many years, the cock she loved to have in her mouth, the cock that filled her so deeply and made her whole body shake with pleasure - that is until his triple by-pass surgery two years ago. Since that surgery Jeff had lost all interest in sex and she wasn't sure if it was because he was afraid of having another heart attack or if it was something to do with his medications but whatever the cause it was wreaking havoc on their sex life and their relationship.

She turned and looked at herself in the mirror and thought that she still looked pretty good ... at least for a 53 year old woman. At 5'6" and 129 pounds she still looked damned good in her clothes although she did have just a hint of fat around her waist. Her breasts didn't sag ... well not too much but then with a 34C bust line there had to be some sag given her age. Her butt still looked nice and tight and her legs were those of a much younger woman probably due to the three miles she walked every weekend. Joyce reached into a drawer and took the pair of small scissors and began to neatly trim her pubic hair, short but not so short that it concealed her labia. She used to shave herself completely because Jeff like her that way but since he had lost interest in sex she just kept herself trimmed neatly. She cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples and was pleased that they still responded to her touch. The shower stopped and she looked over as Jeff's hand reached out, grabbed his towel and then dragged it back inside and he began drying off. Finally finished he stepped out of the shower and walked across the room and gave her a peck on the cheek. Joyce took that opportunity to wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled him to her, her bare breasts pushing flat into his chest, her hard nipples trying to burn a hole in him and then when she kissed him her tongue snaked in between his lips and she moaned as she felt herself getting wet.

Jeff pushed back and away from her. "For Christ's sake Joyce, stop that ... you know that I have to get ready for work!"

At first she was shocked at his rejection, then angry. "Jesus Christ Jeff what in the hell is wrong with me? I keep my self in good shape, I think I'm still the sexy woman you married but I'm a woman who has needs too. Do you understand me? I still need to be loved and if you can't or don't want to then maybe I should find someone who will!" She regretted her words as soon as she said them but it was too damned late.

He spun and looked at her, anger in his eyes. "Fine Joyce! You want to run around and fuck someone else, that's fine with me, go ahead and make a whore out of yourself, I don't care!" He turned and walked into their bedroom and began dressing for work and that's when he noticed her suitcase on the end of the bed. With a frown on his face he called out, "What in the hell is this! Where are you going Joyce ... what's the suitcase for?"

She sighed and walked into the bedroom. "I told you Saturday, the company was so pleased with my last proposal that when they got the contract they invited me to go along for the signing, I guess it's their way of giving me a little bonus for all my good work." For some reason she didn't want to tell him that she was going with her boss, Michael Stone. Michael was only 31 years old and was generally thought of as the 'most eligible bachelor' in the company and she didn't think that Jeff would appreciate that she was going to be alone with a sexy bachelor for three days.

"Really? Oh yea ... I guess I forgot, well when are you coming back?"

She just wanted him to leave for work, to get out of her face but she didn't want him to be angry and raise his blood pressure so she kept up a positive banter. "Well honey, I'm leaving this afternoon and will be staying at the Seattle Marriott for two nights then I'll be home on Friday afternoon. My flight schedule and reservations are under the magnet on the refrigerator. All-in-all I'll be home early enough on Friday that I can make dinner unless you would like to go out to eat?"

"Hummm, maybe a dinner out would be nice! Look, you go and have a good time, maybe the trip will be good for you ... give you time to get over all this silly sex stuff." He finished dressing and walked over and gave her another peck on the cheek. "See you on Friday."

Joyce stood there stunned, so stunned she couldn't even think of a retort. Go have a good time? Get over the silly sex stuff? She was so stunned that she just sat down on the bed and watched him leave then she started crying. What she wanted was her husband to tell her... 'don't go to Seattle, stay home with me! I don't want you a thousand miles away in a hotel with a strange man!' What she got was Jeff walked out of the house on his way to work.

Frustrated with his nonchalant attitude she took a deep breath, wiped her eyes and walked into the bathroom and took a shower. Finished she went into the bedroom to pick out her traveling clothes. Looking through her dresser she pulled out a nice lacy white bra and matching pair of panties and put them on. She decided on a pair of slack so she didn't have to wear pantyhose, put them on then scrounged around for a decent blouse. In the back of the closet she found an older blue blouse that was cut just a bit low but then she was just traveling so what was the harm in showing off just a little, maybe even Michael would notice. Dressed and packed she drove down to the office and parked on the third floor of the parking garage where she had agreed to meet Michael. She didn't have to wait long as his sleek black Mustang convertible pulled up beside her, parked and he got out of his car. He looked at her and whistled.

"Wow! Hey sexy, you ready to fly to Seattle?"

Joyce smiled at his wolf-whistle and tried to sound cheerful. "You bet Michael, let's blow this town!"

They took a cab to the airport, check-in and didn't have to wait long before their flight was called. She was surprised when she found out that the company had sprung for First Class tickets. She was in a window seat and she stuffed her purse underneath the seat in front of her then leaned back and watched the rest of the passengers as they boarded the plane. She noticed that several men and a few women too, looking interestingly at her and Michael. At first she thought they might be jealous that she was with such a good looking man but then her mind changed gears and she wondered if they thought that she might be his mother! Well, there wasn't much she could do about that ... let them think what they want.

Michael and Joyce chatted easily for the three hour flight and even enjoyed a glass of wine with their lunch. Well, there certainly wasn't anything like flying First Class to make a girl feel like a queen!

Michael had turned toward her and was sipping his wine and chatting and trying not to look down Joyce's blouse but that was hard to do given that her blouse was cut deep enough to show off the tops of her breasts. He had always thought that Joyce was a sexy woman, even for her age, and on several occasions he had invited her out for drinks but she always refused, claiming that she really needed to get home and be with her husband. The message was clear enough to Michael; she was married and not interested. Still he always held out hope that maybe someday ... and now that he was going to have her all to himself for the next three days maybe he could loosen her up a bit. He had personally reserved their rooms at the Marriott and made sure that they had adjoining rooms with a connecting door ... just in case. As they talked she shifted positions and he suddenly had a clear view down her blouse as one of her areolas and a beautiful brown nipple peeked out and he almost dropped his wineglass.

Without realizing what was happening Joyce saw his glass starting to slip through his fingers and she sucked in a deep breath preparing to be the recipient of the wine spill that was surly coming but he must have heard her and he clenched the stem and saved an embarrassing moment. At first she just thought it was an accident then she noticed where his eyes were focused and she looked down and saw why he had almost dropped his glass. Embarrassed at her herself she casually tried to adjust her blouse which didn't work and if anything showed even more of her breast. Trying not to be obvious, she shifted in her seat then adjusted her blouse and bra and covered herself. She sat there listening to him and was secretly pleased that at least someone thought she was worth a second look!

The plane landed at SeaTac International Airport and after gathering their luggage and the long cab ride downtown they were standing at the reception desk at the Seattle Marriott. The front desk concierge was helpful and just smiled at Michael when he whispered his question about the connecting doors.

"Oh yes sir, I made sure that you got exactly the two suites that you reserved." He looked at Joyce standing there and for a moment wished that he was in the adjoining suite. He handed Michael the plastic keys to both suites and pointed him towards the elevators. "Twenty-first floor sir and you'll have a great view of Puget Sound."

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