The Shortstop

by Meahana

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: She had been the best little league shortstop on the entire island and he could never even get to first base with her.

Edited by Dave

Lori was sitting alone in the small conference room waiting for her partner. She had the big monitor plugged into her laptop and was doing a little online window shopping before their meeting. Eventually, she heard the door open and her business partner, Brent, take a chair to her right and in back of her.

"You're late," she said without turning around.

"There was an accident coming down this morning."

"Sounds like you stayed in Lahaina and needed one last blowjob this morning to me."

"Where ever your imagination takes you Billings."

So the morning started at Windward Business Services. Nothing unusual about the exchange between Billings and Brenton. They had been partners for nearly eighteen years when he was the second baseman and she was the shortstop on the little league team. They went all through school and college together and had gone into business after school. Lori Billings remained single. Abel Brenton (Brent) was single too, but had a long time girlfriend. Brent hated the name Abel and would dare anybody except customers to use it.

Brent took a closer look at the screen and said, "What the heck are you looking at?"

"Lingerie. Since Penney's left, I buy some of my underwear online. What business is it of yours anyway, Fuckhead?"

"Excuse me, but those are some hot panties. Gonna buy some of those?" he said.

"Maybe. They are kinda cute," she said still looking at the screen and letting Brent see over her shoulder.

"Cute my ass. I never imagined you in tiny little panties like that before, Billings. Fucking sexy is what they are."

"Shut up, Fuckhead," she sighed. "Let's go over this Maui County project now if you don't mind." She lowered the shopping screen and raised a document list on her large LCD monitor. She had two stacks of papers in front of her and pushed one stack to her right for Brent.

Lori was medium height, had shoulder length light brown hair with natural sun highlights and deep blue eyes. She was no great beauty maybe, but her figure turned plenty of heads. Lori was one of those that needn't, and didn't, always wear a bra. Brent was tall. Maybe 6'1" was in good shape. He was a wonder of nature that didn't have to workout to stay fit. He had blue-gray eyes that made many women catch a breath if they fell into them.

As the pair were pouring over the papers and Lori was looking over the top of her reading glasses at her notes, she suddenly said, "She's a bitch anyway."


"You heard me."

"Who's a bitch, Lori?"

"Wendy, your lover. She has you pussy whipped."

"She does not."

"She so does too."

"She isn't even a lover really. More of a fuck buddy. And I am not pussy whipped," Brent responded.

"I don't like how she treats you is all." Lori paused a minute and said, "Why did you make that crack?"

"Huh? What crack?"

"About me not wearing panties like these." And Lori raised the screen with the subject panties.

"I guess that I didn't know lesbians were into that sort of thing."

"Dammit, Brent. For the last time, I am not a lesbian! Besides, I think lesbians want to feel sexy too."

Brent leaned back on his right elbow and said, "I can't imagine why I still think that. Maybe it's because you've never explained that evening at your apartment when I woke up on the sofa and heard you groaning. I looked in at your bed and Robin had her face buried in your pussy and you were fucking her back."

"I was toasted. It was a mistake. I've never been toasted or made that mistake again. Robin is my roommate, she has a lover, and we don't sleep together."

"You never date. People talk when you don't even go to dinner with guys."

She looked down and saw that one too many buttons were unbuttoned on her white top and buttoned it. She also saw that Brent's eyes suddenly shifted. "I go to dinner with you," she answered.

"Not the same."

"Okay then. I make monthly trips to The Big Island. I have a friend to fuck too."

"Okay, Billings. I'm not judging you anyway. None of that is my business."

For some reason that she never really understood, Lori was a little disappointed. Nearly sad. And for no reason. "Is this going to work Brent. I mean our whole business could go tits up if it won't work."

Brent had to smile at her "tits up" remark. "I was a shitty second baseman, Lori. You always made me look good. I'm depending on you to look this over and if you have reservations then you must say so."

"I like those panties a lot."


"The panties in the picture. I like them and I'm going to buy them."

"Okay." Brent paused and said, "Can I see?"

"Don't be silly, you've had plenty of chances to see my panties."

"I looked too."

"Did not."

"Did so."

"What kind did I wear then?"

"Lots of kinds. Pink Barbie's."

"I never owned Barbie panties, Brent."

"A bear. A little brown bear on one pair. I wished so many times that I was that bear."

"Gross! You wanted to be a bear on my panties?"

"What's wrong with that? It's not like I was some old pervert in the park after school. Maybe a young pervert in the park after school. You know, thinking back, you never seemed to mind my looking at your panties, Lori."

"I didn't think that you'd be interested in a shortstop's panties," she said. And thought about he had called her Lori three times this morning.

She clicked on one of the documents and opened it full screen. "I made changes in a couple of places marked in yellow and changed the flow chart. I want you to explore one of the new Cisco routers too, Brent."

"Fantastic, Lori. What a shortstop! Always have had my back." He was looking over her shoulder and his warm breath was caressing her neck. Her bra strap was showing a little and his finger tip was idly toying with it.

"You're breathing on my neck," she said with a husky voice.

"Bring the panty picture back up."

She started to ask why, shut up, and made the Penney's web page full screen.

"Her body is almost the same as yours."

"How do you know?"

"I look at it everyday and think about it almost every night."

"Do not."



"Yes." His lips touched the bare skin between her neck and the exposed bra strap.


"I saw your body when we were in college. Home for the summer. In panties. And, geez, some of your bikinis."

"You couldn't have liked it," she whispered.

"Oh no? It made me so hard I could hardly stand it."

"Me? In panties? In a bikini?"

"You. Not just the panties," he whispered back. His hands had wormed their way between her arms and around her waist.

"Oh damn, Brent. Dammit." His hands were directly under her breasts now and she wasn't about to stop them.

"My I touch your titties, Lori."


Brent's large, but gentle, fingers began to unbutton the tiny buttons of her top from the bottom upward. Lori made no move to stop him. He got braver and took a breast in each of his big hands and squeezed them through her soft white bra. He said, "I get to see your panties again today." And he kissed her twice more on the side and back of her neck. The tiny toast brown hairs on her neck stuck out.

"No ... ummm ... no," she said, "you can't see my panties."

"You're going to want to pull up your skirt pretty soon and show them to me."

"Damn. Oh no ... maybe." Lori bent her head back and closed her eyes. Brent had just lifted her bra and exposed her breasts and her full dark red nipples.

He was kneading a tit, kissing each side of her face and trying to find the hem of her loose skirt all at the same time. When he did find the end of her skirt, she didn't fight him. He asked her to lift her butt a little and she told him no as he managed to wiggle the skirt under her bottom through the space that she left. The skirt was now up to her waist and his fingers were trying to create a space between her thighs.

"You're going to fuck me."

"For sure."

"You can't do that."

"Really? Why not?"

"Because ... don't know ... just because."

"But you want me to fuck you," he said kissing her ear.

"No ... yes ... but..."

"Stand up and turn around, Lori" She did and when she did, she stood directly in front of him and pulled up her skirt.

"They aren't sexy," she said quietly.

These panties may have been no more than pale blue Jockey For Her string bikini, but Brent thought they were the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He kissed her right in the middle of her navel and breathed in her amazing aroma. He ran his tongue up from the meeting at the Vee, up over her tight little brown curls and back to her navel. A loud sigh escaping his lips.

Lori took off her top and bra and then looked down at Brent's face. She watched him pull her panties down over her knees and then she kicked them away. His face had strange look on it as he stared at her pussy. "Is there something wrong? Don't I look okay?" She pleaded.

"It is perfect. Your breasts are perfect. You are perfect," he said standing up. He put his hands to his side cluing Lori to undress him now. Lori didn't protest. She pulled him up, pulled his shirt off over his head and went directly for his belt. Brent took a second to wiggle his shoes off and lift each foot to remove the socks. Otherwise, she was his and took advantage. His pants hit the floor and his briefs followed in a second. His cock was hard. As hard as it had ever been in his life.

She took his cock in her hand and looked into his face. "I've never sucked one before."

"You don't ever have to," he said.

"What if I want to? Is that too slutty or something? Just you, I just want to do it with you."

He took her face in his hands and kissed her pretty full lips and said, "You are not slutty. You sucking me and me sucking you is perfectly okay and not slutty. Just not now sweetheart ... later." He took a tit in one hand and bent down to suckle the captured nipple.


Releasing the nipple from his mouth, Brent said, "A great shortstop, a great friend and a sweetheart too ... how lucky am I?" His cock was still in the palm of her tender hand and she was stroking him. His finger tip found the opening to her wet, warm tunnel and he stroked her.

"Don't make me say it, Brent."

"Say what you need to, Lori."

"Fuck me first."

"Then you'll tell me?"

"Promise," she answered.

Brent pushed the laptop down the table and the monitor behind it. Then he held Lori tight and gently lowered her to the table. She didn't release his cock until she was laying flat and then she inserted it into her pussy. Three easy strokes and his cock was buried deep inside her. She groaned, sucked her breath and groaned again.


"Yes, Baby?" She wondered where that came from.

"I love you too."

"I know. Fuck me."

"You keep saying that."

"Fuck me and I'll stop ... for awhile ... maybe."

He watched her face as he leaned over her body. Her nipples brushed the hair on his thick chest as his steady pace created friction. She made little noises as he fucked and it turned him on so much that it was difficult not to cum in her. The large conference table creaked and groaned too. It wasn't made for people to make love on. Lori had never had sex anything close to this. She was stimulated to the point of not thinking. Without thinking, she put one leg over Brent's waist and then the other. Without thinking, she started to pull him to her and push him back. She was using his body to make herself feel good. Fucking herself with his body. A pleasure that she had never had cause to understand. She looked at him with half open eyes, her face contorted. Her legs unwound and she raised her hips. Brent knew and fucked her with as much force as he could gather on flimsy table top. "Cum Sweetheart," he said. She came. She looked into his eyes like a puppy that had just been spanked on the bottom. A 'What did you just do to me?' sort of look.

Brent came. One hard push and he felt a stream go into her. Another push and less. A final push and he collapsed on top of her and she just said, "oof."

"Oh my God," Brent said.

"You're still hard," she said.

"I guess. Not sure."

"Me either, but I think so. Didn't you just cum in me?"

"I for certain did that."

"Are you still supposed to be hard? I did it all wrong."

"You didn't do anything wrong! Why do you say that?"

"How could it be good and you still be hard?"

"Maybe good is why. Maybe it's because it's greedy and wants more."

"You fib to me."

"Turn over," he said.


"Because. Just turn over." He pulled his, still hard, cock out and helped her roll over.

"What are you doing?"

"Going to fuck you some more."

"Oh ... yes."

Brent got her situated and slid his body over her back until his head was about even with hers. His erect cock was pushing into the crack of her butt.

"Going to fuck me there?"

"In the ass? You want me to fuck you in the ass?" he asked.

"I don't know. Nobody has ever done that to me. I guess it's okay." She thought for a moment and said, "Pretty slutty I guess."

"Do you have a fixation with slutty, Lori?"

"Don't guys like slutty?"

"Maybe some guys. Maybe sometimes I suppose," he answered. "We have all the time in the world for whatever we want to try. Right now I just want to put my cock back into that hot pussy of yours and fuck it some more."

"The staff will hear us if we aren't more quiet," Lori half whispered.

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